Candace’s Summer Internship Pt. 02

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Still coming down from her self-induced orgasm, Candace shakily grasped her iPhone and touched the screen with her manicured finger to view the text message:

“Candace – It’s Danielle Charante from Sommet Partners – I’ve conferred with Monsieurs Diarra and Bienfait and we’re delighted to offer you an internship for this summer. We will need you for 12 weeks, so we’d like you to come in tomorrow morning. Will that work?”

Candace shrieked in excitement and hurriedly typed a response:

“Definitely – thank you so much! I won’t let you down!”

“Wonderful – see you tomorrow at 8:30.”

Candace contemplated her phone, deliberating on whom to call first. It would be her uncle, Todd, who recommended her in the first place. She dialed his mobile and a deep voice on the other end said “Hello, Candace?”

“Hi Uncle Todd – I’m calling because they gave me the internship at Sommet! I’m so excited and I owe it all to you!”

“Candace, that’s great news! I’m so glad they liked you – of course, how could they not?”

“I mean, I interviewed this morning and they already made me an offer – I have to start tomorrow as they want me to work 12 weeks. How awesome is that?”

“Wow that’s great – you will have an incredible experience, I’m sure.”

“Uncle Todd – thanks again so much – I don’t know how to repay you!”

“Oh, Candace – I’m sure you’ll find a way at some point. Let’s meet up at the end of the summer – I can’t wait to hear how it goes!”

“Sounds good – thanks again!”

“Happy to help. Bye now.”

Candace texted her friend Hannah – “Hey – just got that internship! You feel like laying out?” “Sure thing – cya soonest – btw Ellie here too – ordering salads.” Candace smiled, replying “b there in 5 – get me a greek salad”

Candace swung by her parents’ home and grabbed a bikini, then drove to her friend Hannah’s house.

Hannah Mobley and Ellie Nguyen were already in their bikinis and lying on chaises by the pool at Hannah’s parents’ house. Hannah, a 5’8′ tall, very slender brunette with highlights, wore a tiny string bikini in black, the top filled by some B-cups. Ellie, a mere 4’11”, wore an orange bikini with white polka dots. Her small A-cup breasts were highlighted by the tight strapless knotted top. Both girls’ bottoms were string thongs with a small patch to cover their pubic area.

“Heyyyy bitches!” hollered Candace as she entered through the fence door. “Candieeee!!” they both hollered back in unison.

“Let’s get some sun girls!” Candace whooped.

She ran inside and changed into her white halter top bikini – also with a tiny patch on the bottoms and a mere string through her perfect ass cheeks. She soon sauntered back outside and slid onto a lounge chair next to her two hot friends.

“So, how was the interview, Candie?” asked Hannah.

“Guys, you won’t believe it – I already got the job! Isn’t that crazy?” Candace exclaimed.

“Wow that WAS fast,” said Ellie. “How the fuck – did you blow the interviewer?”

“Haha no – well first off, it was a chick – this really glamorous woman named Danielle. She was interviewing me because the two partners couldn’t be there. She was like model-hot. I felt really intimidated. She had like this really sexy way about her, I can’t explain it.”

“So what’s the office like?” asked Hannah.

“It’s like super-modern, but kind of Euro, I guess. I’ve never really seen an office like that. They must have spent a lot of money on it,” Candace said.

“So what kind of questions did they ask you?” Ellie asked.

“Um, like, not that many questions really. But she did take a picture or two of me almanbahis and look at all my social media accounts.”

“What?” said Ellie. “I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, Candie.”

“Whatever, Ellie. She was nice and there was no harm.”

“Uh, is the Halloween picture still on your insta? The one where you’re an angel and I’m a devil?” asked Hannah with some alarm in her voice.

“No. Didn’t I take that down? Wait a sec.” said Candace. She snatched her phone out of her bag and scrolled through her account. “Oh shit. I forgot about that one. Well, maybe they didn’t see that. It was a bit outrageous.” Candace laughed nervously. “Well, I still got the job.”

“Yeah, I wonder why,” Hannah said. “You’re just hot as fuck and they want eye candy around the office.”

“Fuck you, Hannah – I got that job because I’m a hard worker – Danielle said so. And she is a woman so unless she’s a lipstick lesbian she didn’t hire me for my tits.”

“I guess you’ll soon find out.” Ellie smirked. “Well, it’s better than lifeguarding at the pool.”

“Ok so guys – this is going to sound, like, kind of weird probably, but the office is like really sexy. Like, all the women wear really tight but tasteful outfits and high heels. I’m pretty sure Danielle was wearing Loubs.”

“Uh, a secretary was wearing $700 shoes?” said Hannah.

“Maybe they were fakes, I don’t know. But in any event I was kind of horny when I left and I went over to Kyle’s house.”

“Oh shit. Here we go.” Ellie rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, I caught him jacking off to porn.”

“That’s like the third time isn’t it?” said Hannah.

“Yeah, I think so. It was pretty hot – I ended up jacking him off, got him all worked up about me fucking someone else -“

“You did NOT!” said Hannah.

“Yeah, I did – I was getting him all worked up about me fucking the pornstar in the video he was watching. Oh my god it got him so horny!”

“You jacked him off to porn again?” Ellie asked.

“Yeah. After he came (all over me, by the way), just when he was about to start giving me a little sugar, his MOM calls – she forgot her purse! So I had to sprint in my heels to get out of there because she’s like around the corner. Shitty timing.”

“Holy shit that’s hilarious Candie. Girlfriend lives on the edge, haha.” said Hannah.

“So you’re still all worked up?” asked Ellie.

“Nah, I took the edge off in the car.” Candace smirked.

“You fucking slut,” said Hannah.

“Takes one to know one, bitch.” said Candace, smiling.

Ellie turned to Candace. “So, Candie – I can’t believe I’m asking this. But how big of a cock was Kyle saying he wanted to see you take?”

“Ellie!” exclaimed Hannah.

Candace ignored Hannah. “I mean, the size of the pornstar – I’m guessing like 8 or 9 inches? Bigger than Kyle. But really I couldn’t possibly. Kyle stretches me and he’s like 6 inches.”

Hannah blurted, “I”ve taken 7 and a half.”

Ellie said, “I haven’t had any dick but probably most I’ve taken is a 5-inch brush handle.”

“You’re so so tiny Ellie.” said Hannah. “You should probably stick with small-dicked guys.”

“Fuck you Hannah.” retorted Ellie. “I’ll fuck what I want.”

“I think we should have a contest. Who can fuck the biggest cock this summer.” said Hannah.

“But I have a boyfriend,” protested Candace.

Hannah lowered her sunglasses and looked at Candace. “Seriously? You have college in three months and you’re going to spend all your summer jacking Kyle off and dodging his mom? It’s not like a month into college you won’t be banging the entire Delta house.”

“Haha fuck you, almanbahis giriş Hannah. I love Kyle. We have great sex. Why would I engage in this cock hunt?

“Because you’re so competitive you can’t help yourself,” shot back Ellie. “Look we all have our challenges – no one wants to fuck me because I’m flat, no one will fuck Candace because she has a boyfriend, and no one will fuck Hannah because they’re afraid they’ll get herpes.”

“Ouch. That’s low, Ellie.” said Hannah. “I’ll have you know I have only fucked four guys – my senior boyfriend when I was a freshman – that was a mistake. Then that guy junior prom, then Ryan a few times before we broke up this spring, and then – oh yeah, nevermind.”

“Wait, what?” said Ellie. “Who was number four?”

“Nothing, nevermind.”

Candace rose up on her elbows and lowered her sunglasses this time. “His name was Nothing Nevermind? C’mon Hannah, time to fess up.”

“You guys can’t tell anyone ok?” Hannah implored them. Both Ellie and Candace nodded their heads. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but it was the hottest sex ever. It was my neighbor, John Vance.”

“WHAT?” exclaimed Ellie. Candace stared, dumbfounded. “Your…your creepy next door neighbor who we saw peeping at us a couple months ago?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“When?” asked Candace.


“PROM????” Candace and Ellie both exclaimed. “Oh you need to spill.” said Candace.

“Yeah, so, my parents were out of town, remember, and I told them I was going to stay with Ellie, right? So I brought Will home after prom and we were locked out. And Will was wasted. We went next door because Mr. Vance – John – has a key to the house and we knocked. It was like 1:30 in the morning. And before he answered the door, Will basically passed out. So here I am in this tight little dress and heels with a passed out date on his front doorstep. So Mr. Vance answers the door in his boxers and he’s like really well built. I’m in full Molly mode, so I’m like instantly wet, basically. He drags Will in and puts him on a couch. Then he’s like, would you like a drink? I’m like, sure. He’s like, aren’t your parents gone? And I’m like yeah, Will and I were going to spend the night together – my parents think I’m going to a friend’s house. And he’s like, you guys were going to have sex? I’m like, yeah. He’s like, have you had sex together before? I’m like, I’ve had sex before but not with Will. We both took Molly, so. And he’s like, you know, older guys do it better – we know a lot more. And I’m kind of like ew, but I’m also kind of horny because of the Molly. So I’m like, really – that sounds a bit self-serving. He’s like, kiss me. I’m like, mmm ok. And so I kiss him – and he gives me like, and I’m sure this is the Molly, a like incredible, soul kiss. Like when we are finished I’m having trouble remembering to breathe. And I’m now so wet, you know?”

“Holy shit, Hannah.” said Candace.

“Yeah. so, like, he takes my hand, and puts it on his lap, like on his boxers, and I can feel his cock – it’s pretty hard, and seems like there is a lot there, you know? And he’s like, have you ever sucked a cock? And I’m like, yeah, of course. And he’s like, no, not a boy’s penis, a real man’s cock. And I’m like, sure, yeah. And he’s like, get on your knees. So I like get on my knees, and he tells me to pull down his boxers. So I do. And this really thick cock springs out. I grab it and I can’t get my fingers all the way around it.”

“Oh fuck.” said Ellie, almost moaning.

“Yeah, I’m like, I have a wide mouth but this is going to be some serious work. And I like start jacking it. I start licking the head, then sucking almanbahis yeni giriş on the head. He’s like mmm, so good. And I’ve pulled my dress up to my waist and I’m fingering my clit now with my left hand and moaning on his cock. And then he takes my head and starts fucking my mouth. I’m so turned on I don’t even fucking care that I’m drooling on my tits. Then he pulls out and pulls me to my feet and has me bend over and hold his dining room table. I had no panties on so I’m totally exposed to him and then I feel this enormous cock head nudging my pussy. And then he’s inside me and I can’t even breathe. I mean it’s taking my breath away. And I see in a mirror I’ve got my dress bunched around my waist, still in my glitter platform prom pumps, getting fucked from behind by this thick cock. It was hot as fuck, to be honest.”

Candace looks at Ellie and can see her fingers insde her tiny bottoms as Hannah is telling her story, her pink manicured feet taut. “Ellie needs to get some, Hannah,” she says.

“No shit. Anyway, then he starts talking dirty to me. He says how many times have you known you were teasing me in a bikini in your back yard. I said never, I never was teasing you. He spanks me. Says bullshit you little slut – I know you get off teasing men. I start whining – no, no I never deliberately teased you. He starts telling me that I dressed this way for prom so I would get him hard. He continues to spank my ass as he fucks me. Tells me how hot and leggy I look in my dress and heels. Tells me to be his slut. I’m working my clit and I have a huge orgasm while he’s fucking me – i almost collapse but he holds me up by grabbing my hips. He then throws me over his shoulders and takes me into his bedroom, lays me on my back and spreads my legs so my heels are on his shoulders and starts fucking me again. I can barely breathe as he fucks me really hard now. I’m looking down and his cock is pulling and pushing my pussy lips. He’s pushing up against my g spot and I have a different orgasm than I’ve ever had. That pushes him over the edge and he scoots forward and makes me jack him while his cock is hanging over my ribcage. He shoots all these jets of cum all over my tits and my chin.”

“Ohhhh goddddd.” moaned Ellie, who cums on the chaise next to Hannah.

“What the fuck – did you just cum, Ellie?” said Candace.

“Oh fuck I’m sorry that was just really hot.” said Ellie.

“Wow.” said Candace. “So was that it?”

“Nah, we fucked two more times that night. Once I just rode him and I must have had like four orgasms just by riding him. And then in the morning, I sucked him to life and then he took me from behind and prone-boned me and battered my gspot and hit my cervix. He totally dominated me and it was insane-hot. I mean, I could barely walk. I’ve just never cum like that. It was way beyond anything I’ve done before.”

“Have you seen him since?”

“No, he has been away on business trips but he has sexted me a couple times. I might have sexted him back.”

“Hannah!” said Candace.

“I know, I know. It’s stupid.”

“How old is he again?” said Ellie.

“42, divorced. But the most important stat is his impossibly thick 7 and a half inch cock.”

“So, that’s the stat to beat?” said Candace – 7 and a half inches long and really thick, huh?”

“I mean, yeah. Good luck, girls.” smirked Hannah.

“Ellie has the best chance because she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Unless Kyle and I break up I can’t win.” said Candace.

“And that ain’t gonna happen, girls.”

The sun started dropping in the west. Soon enough Candace would go home and go to bed early, excited for the first day of her internship, and holding back just a twinge of jealousy about Hannah’s sexual exploits.

To be continued…

*If you like this series, please vote and comment to encourage additional parts. Plot suggestions are welcome.*

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