Chance Meeting Ch. 02

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Sara’s plane landed a half hour late due to a equipment malfunction. Kate was waiting for her when she disembarked the plane and hugged her as if it had been years since they last seen each other instead of only a week.

Sara’s boss had threw a fit when she told him she needed to take another week off. He demanded that she bring him proof of her family emergency or she would be fired on her return. When she told Pete what he had said he told her not to worry because he could get his family doctor, an old friend of his to give her something that would satisfy her boss. Then he told her he hoped after spending the week with them that she could tell her boss she quit instead.

Kate had Sara give her baggage ticket to her driver to collect and led Sara outside to the waiting limo. She told Sara that they had about a forty minute drive before they would get to her home.

The driver returned with Sara’s luggage, putting it in the trunk of the limo after helping the ladies into the car.

The limo driver was unseen behind the privacy window so he was not able to see the very hot kiss Kate gave Sara as soon as he had closed the door. Kate kissed her hungrily, her tongue diving deep into the recess of Sara’s mouth. Their tongues dueled for a long time in the very erotic kiss and Sara found herself getting wet already.

“God Sara, I’m so excited that you will be spending an entire week with us. Pete and I are going to do our very best to make sure that by the end of your stay you will decide to come live with us,” she told Sara as she reached to unbutton Sara’s blouse.

“Kate you’ve made me wet already and we are hardly out of the airport parking lot,” she told her smiling. Sara watched as Kate lifted her bra away from her breasts freeing them for her pleasure. Sara’s huge tits came spilling out of her bra and Kate was quick to lift one to her mouth as soon as they were free.

Kate loved sucking on Sara’s nipples, especially because she knew that it turned Sara on so much as well. She heard Sara’s intake of breath as she wrapped her lips around her nipple and began sucking it. She felt Sara’s hand on the side of her head urging her more fully into her breast as she suckled at her nipple. Her nipple now hard and firm in her mouth as she sucked and nipped at it gently.

When she had made the reservations for Sara’s flight she had made sure it was a morning flight so that she could have the entire day alone with Sara before Pete came home from work. She was going to make love to Sara all day so that this evening Pete would be free to fuck her brains out all night long without having to share her to much with his wife.

She would help him get her off and then eat her husbands cum from Sara’s pussy each time he came inside her. She knew that Pete was looking forward to a long night of fucking Sara.

Years ago during a time when it had been well over a year since she and Pete had anyone to play with she had told Pete that she would give anything if they had a live in playmate for them to use.

She would let Pete fuck her every night but always in the back of her mind she was fantasizing that she was eating some woman’s pussy as her husband fucked her. When they were younger it was easy to find other women to play with them, but as they grew older it became harder and harder to find someone.

Kate was getting very wet herself as she sucked Sara’s nipples thinking of how much she would love it if Sara would agree to move in with them during her visit. She would have Sara all to herself for most of the time, filling her need to pleasure another woman and it would also fill Pete’s need as well by having a woman who he knew really enjoyed him fucking her at his disposal everyday as well.

Pete had thought better of calling Kate to make sure that Sara had arrived safely. He could envision his wife right now kissing Sara, sucking on her nipples, and playing with her pussy as he felt his cock stir in his pants with that vision.

Pete had also thought of taking off early today to welcome their guest but he knew that Kate would be disappointed if she did not have this time alone with Sara. Sara must have arrived safely or Kate would have called him so he was going to have to spend a very long day thinking of how wonderful it was going to be to fuck Sara again.

“Sara, I can’t wait much longer dear, I really need to have a little taste of you before we get home.” Saying that she tugged on Sara’s slacks pulling them down to her ankles. Kate slipped her finger in Sara’s wet pussy and began a slow finger fuck, using two fingers in her.

Kate kissed Sara deeply as she fingered her pussy, loving the feel of her wetness on her fingers. “Your going to be our slut for the entire week dear Sara, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Kate. I’ll be a slut for the both of you every time either of you want to use me,” she told her breathlessly.

“That’s right baby, we want to use your body for our pleasure all day and night. Your going to be a very nasty nişantaşı escort slut for us, letting us do what we will to you. Tell me that you will never refuse us when we want to take you Sara?” Kate shoved her fingers hard and deep into Sara’s pussy driving her nuts.

“I’ll never say no Kate to either of you, no matter how many times you want me to be the slut for you. I enjoy being your slut.”

Kate wasted no more time and buried her face deep into Sara’s waiting pussy. She licked her pussy walls then shoved her tongue deep into her pussy, gently sucking at her lips till she had made her way to Sara’s bulging clit. She licked it, teasing it with her tongue, making little circles around it as Sara squirmed in the seat.

Kate knew she would cum the moment she latched onto Sara’s clit and felt her orgasm beginning already. She wrapped her lips around her clit and began sucking it gently as the first spasm of her orgasm overtook her. No mans cock could ever make her have the intense orgasm she had as she sucked on Sara’s clit. She sucked harder and felt Sara wrap her hands around her head urging her deeper into her pussy.

“Oh god yes Kate! Please don’t stop. Harder Kate, suck it harder I’m going to cum!” She had no sooner said cum then she was filling Kate’s mouth with her cream. Her body convulsed as her orgasm took her higher until she reached the top and exploded.

Kate licked her pussy dry then helped Sara to pull her slacks back up and make herself presentable again. Five more minutes and they would be home and Kate could hardly wait.

Sara could not believe the home they had. She had only ever seen houses this big from a distance or on TV. She wondered what two people did with such a big house for only two people living in it.

Kate told her that they had five bedrooms that they used as guest rooms for when the kids came for the holiday’s. She told Sara that she and Pete would have all their grandchildren come for a two week stay every summer in June shortly after school let out. They always came during the week that the fair was in town so they enjoyed a week filled with fun times at the fair their first week.

The driver helped them carry Sara’s luggage to the small guest house to the right, and behind the house. It was lovely, secluded from the rest of the house with tall pine trees framing it on all sides. It had it’s own small garden area with intimate seating near a small man made pond. There was a bricked pathway that Kate told Sara led to the main house.

Inside Sara was taken back by the beauty of the small house. It had a nice size living room, with a huge couch and three large overstuffed chairs facing a fireplace. A large screen TV was to the left of the fireplace, and a huge bookshelf to the right of the fireplace with all the latest top ten sellers in it. The room was also filled with vase after vase of fresh cut flowers.

There was a small complete kitchen with a well stocked fridge and dishwasher as well as a cozy island in the center of the room. Sara knew she could be quite happy living in a wonderful house such as this if she decided to take them up on their offer. Kate led her to the bedroom and this was a huge surprise to Sara as well.

In the center of the room was a huge king sized bed covered with a thick comforter for cold Vermont nights. There was a dressing area as well as a small couch to relax on in front of one of those flat screen, wall mounted TV’s. To the left of that was another fireplace, Kate had turned the gas fireplace on when they walked into the room, making the room very seductive and with an intimate feeling. Sara noticed the french doors leading outside and Kate opened them to show her the built in hot tub on the small patio.

“Kate this is just beautiful! This is a fantastic house, just perfect for one person. All your guests who have stayed here must have hated to leave it.”

“Good, then maybe you will feel the same way and want to stay here forever, Sara.” Kate had moved up close to Sara wrapping her arm around her waist as she looked around the house she would be living in for the next week. “Do you want to unpack now or can it wait awhile,” she asked her as she cupped her breast and began rubbing her nipple through the material of her blouse?

Sara leaned towards Kate, whispering that unpacking could wait till later as her lips touched hers in a searing kiss. When she broke the sexy kiss they had just shared she told Kate that she would like to take a quick shower though and would she join her?

Kate began soaping Sara’s body slowly with the liquid soap. She spent a long time soaping her breasts and nipples watching as they firmed and hardened at her touches.

Sara had never touched Kate in all their times of Kate and Pete pleasing her. Kate had told her early on that her pleasure came from giving pleasure, but Sara had itched to touch her as well. She wanted to know what it felt like to suck on Kate’s nipples and would she get as turned on by şişli escort having her fingers in her pussy as well.

Sara poured a good amount of the sweet smelling liquid soap on her hands and reached for Kates shoulders, massaging the soap gently and slowly onto her skin. Kate was now rubbing her lathered hands over Sara’s round belly, now and then reaching under her belly to touch her pussy with gentle fingers.

Sara moved her hands down to Kate’s breasts never taking her eyes from Kate as she did so. She rubbed both nipples with her fingertips, feeling them firm at her touch. Kate said nothing, nor moved away so Sara continued playing with her nipples.

“Kate, I want to suck your nipples like you do mine. I want to know what it feels like and if you will enjoy it as much as I do when you do that to me?”

“So my slut wants to taste as well huh? I don’t need you to do that, but if it will make you happy go ahead slut and suck away.”

Sara lifted a breast to her lips and licked all around Kate’s nipple, feeling it harden more as she did so. She nipped at her nipple gently and heard Kate’s moan of pleasure which spurred her on. She wrapped her mouth around her nipple and began slowly sucking it, enjoying the feeling of having her nipple in her mouth and feeling the wetness forming between her thighs as she did so.

This was really turning her on and she enjoyed it. Sara was quickly becoming very aroused as she sucked at Kate’s nipples. She had her left nipple in her mouth and lowered her hand down to Kate’s pussy, slipping her finger inside before giving Kate a chance to move or say no. She loved fucking her pussy with her finger and she pressed more deeply into her.

“Sara, stop, let’s dry off and get into the bed where we can finish this in more comfort.”

They dried each other off quickly and Sara let Kate lead her to the huge bed. Kate crawled to the center of the bed laying down and told Sara to lay beside her. As soon as Sara laid down Kate kissed her hard, her tongue demanding her surrender to her. Kate ran her left hand slowly down Sara’s body until she found her wet pussy, slipping her finger inside her. She began to finger fuck her pussy hard and fast then slowed.

Sara let her right hand slide down Kate’s body as well until she too found Kate’s pussy, slipping her finger inside deeply and began finger fucking her pussy as well.

“What a slut you are to play with my pussy Sara. Are you enjoying your finger inside me slut as much as I am enjoying my finger fucking your pussy?”

“I love this Kate, touching you like this is really turning me on, I’ve never played with another woman’s pussy and it’s arousing me totally. I’ve wanted to finger fuck you for a long time and it’s really turning me on.”

“Such a nasty slut you are Sara but I will allow you to play this time so that you know how it feels to touch another woman intimately, but understand slut that I will be the one doing all the pleasure giving from now on and only on special occasions can you play with my body as well. Is that understood Sara?”

“Yes, but I want to do this so very badly.” Sara began rubbing Kate’s hard clit with her finger, pressing and rubbing it in circles and knew that Kate was as close as she was to coming. Kate’s finger was busy at her clit as well and Sara knew she would not last much longer with her expert finger getting her off.

Kate came first, her finger stopping only long enough to have her orgasm. As soon as she had she was making Sara come just as quickly. She pressed Sara onto her back spreading her legs with her hand as she climbed between Sara’s legs so she could eat her pussy. She had an instant orgasm as she took her first taste of Sara’s orgasm, then got Sara off three more times with her mouth before moving back up her body to suckle at her nipples again.

Kate had put her strap on in the bedside table drawer that morning when she was getting ready to go to the airport to pick Sara up. She wanted to fuck her as soon as she had gotten her home and played with her for awhile.

“Get on your hands and knees slut,” she told her while she stepped into the strap on getting ready to fuck Sara. “I’m going to fuck my slut with my fake cock and make her cum for me.” Kate slipped the cock into Sara’s pussy and began to fuck her like Pete would be doing later this evening when he came home from work.

“I can tell your pussy is looking forward to Pete’s cock fucking you later slut. You like his big, thick cock inside your pussy don’t you, fucking you hard and fast?”

“Yes, I love his big cock filling my pussy with it, then filling my pussy with his huge loads.”

“That’s right and he’s going to fill you over and over tonight so I can eat his cum from you slut. Your pussy likes my fake cock just as well. Hell right now I could put just about anything in your pussy and you would love it!”

Sara was close to coming again, with each thrust of the fake cock in her she would get closer and closer mecidiyeköy escort to another orgasm. There was something so erotic about being fucked with a strap on by a woman that she had a hard time controlling her need to cum. She felt her body tense as her orgasm began, as Kate pounded her pussy with her fake cock. Sara came hard, feeling her cream exploding onto Kate’s fake cock.

For the rest of the day Kate pleasured Sara over and over. They stopped playing in the late afternoon so they could both shower and rest before dressing for dinner and getting ready for Pete’s night of fucking Sara.

Pete couldn’t stand it any longer, he had to get home and unload his cock into Sara’s waiting pussy. He was supposed to take the ladies out to dinner first but fuck that! Kate had pleasured Sara all day and he was damned if he was going to wait two or three more hours before he had his cock in her.

He found the women sitting in the living room when he arrived home. He kissed his wife then reached to welcome Sara with a long lingering kiss. His hand went to her breast without thinking and began to fondle her nipple through the material of her dress.

Kate could see that dinner was going to have to wait when she saw the bulge in her husbands slacks. He was still kissing Sara when Kate reached between them to undo his zipper, pulling his hard cock out.

Pete broke the kiss and turned Sara around quickly bending her over the arm of the couch. He yanked her dress up and pulled her pantyhose down ripping them as he did so. He tossed the torn part away and rammed his cock hard and fast into Sara’s pussy.

“I’ve waited all day for this,” he grunted as he pounded her pussy with his huge cock. “That’s right baby take all my cock, swallow it all in that wet pussy of yours,” he yelled at her.

“Our slut has been waiting all day as well to feel your cock pumping her pussy honey. I’ve made sure she was ready for you, now fill her with your cum baby. Shoot that load into her so I can have my dessert before dinner,” Kate told him.

Pete shot his load fast and hard into Sara’s pussy, it was dripping out of her quickly meaning it was a huge load he had let go inside of her. As soon as the last spurt of his jizz had left his cock he pulled out.

Kate had tossed a towel on the couch while they had been fucking and now pushed Sara down onto the couch spreading her legs wide so she could get busy and eat her husbands cum from her dripping pussy.

Sara had came the same time that Pete had, his cock had touched every sensitive part inside of her making her climax with him. Now Kate was busy sucking at her clit as she had lapped up their juices from her pussy. Sara glanced towards Pete to see him standing there now fully naked with his cock hard and ready for more.

Kate stood and Pete came right over pulling Sara closer to the edge of the couch where he was now kneeling at. He pulled her legs up to his shoulders ramming his cock in her pussy again. He fucked her slow and hard this time, reaching for her breasts massaging them in his hands and playing with her nipples as his cock slipped back and forth inside her pussy.

He spread her legs further apart giving Kate a chance to get her finger on Sara’s clit which she began to press and rub hard as Pete fucked her.

“Oh god I’m going to cum Sara moaned.” She was breathing hard as Pete pumped her pussy with his cock. Kate had her clit burning and she knew between the both of them she would explode again any minute.

Pete felt her pussy muscles tighten around his cock as she climaxed. He slowed down to a slow steady pace of fucking her, not wanting to come again to quickly and just enjoy being inside of her. He pulled out then stood, pulling Sara up with him as he led her to one of the guest rooms with Kate following along behind them.

He started removing Sara’s clothes quickly then pressing her down onto the bed so he could slip his cock back into her. He saw his wife undressing out of the corner of his eye as he fucked Sara. He held back as long as he could before spilling his seed into her again.

Kate moved in quickly to lick at Sara’s pussy, eating all his cum from her swollen pussy lips. She slipped her finger inside Sara’s ass making her moan in pleasure as she sucked at her clit and finger fucked her ass. She moved her finger around and around in Sara’s ass stretching her hole wider as she did. She now pressed two fingers into her ass making Sara flinch a little but still press her ass towards Kate’s seeking fingers.

“Look honey, our little slut likes her ass played with as well.”

Kate pulled her fingers out of Sara’s asshole and told her sit on top of Pete’s hard cock. As soon as Sara had impaled herself on Pete’s cock Kate stuck her finger back into Sara’s asshole finger fucking her some more. “Don’t move slut, I want you to stay sitting on his cock.” Then Kate slipped out of the room.

Pete reached up pulling Sara’s head down towards his so he could kiss her passionately again. His tongue mating with hers as she sat only moving slightly on his cock as he moved slowly as well. He broke the kiss and pulled her breast to his mouth, latching onto her nipple, nipping and sucking, making Sara squirm against his cock.

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