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Author’s Note: All characters over eighteen, you know the drill. And hey, would ya look at this, my first foreword. I’m moving up in the world.


A Foreword from the Editor:

Readers, this is it. This is the one that broke me.

I’ve been friends with Xarth for going on 9 years now, and I’ve been editing his work for perhaps half of that, albeit mildly-Xarth’s stories seemingly spring forth fully formed. We talk a lot, spitball ideas, share kinks, and have a pretty good idea of what gets the other off.

A while back, I sent him a clip from the film A Simple Favor; those of you who’ve seen it know which scene I’m talking about. Inspired by the clip, and knowing exactly which buttons of mine to push, he wrote Brotherfuckers, evidently to hit precisely my kinks. Folks, I’ve never read something this gorram horny. I kept having to stop reading entirely, my face and body absolutely burning, completely unable to focus on what was ostensibly my job.

I hope it has the same effect on you.

Lovingly, LizHaze


Steph woke up in the dark. As far as she could tell, it was still full night out. She wasn’t sure what had roused her.

Her best friend, Blake, was snoring softly beside her, still fast asleep by all indications. It had gotten late while Steph was over, and it had been easier just to crash than go all the way home. It wasn’t any big deal.

But now the door was creaking open. Steph frowned and lay still. That wasn’t normal. No one else slept in the room. Not that she’d ever known. Blake’s parents, older brother, and younger sister were all in the house, but none of them should have any reason to intrude.

There was just enough light that with her eyes cracked, Steph could make out the form moving closer. She had a brief panic that it was an intruder. Someone here to do… something. Something bad. She didn’t know what to do if it was. There was precious little she could do to stop an attacker.

Luckily, it was nothing so dramatic as that. The figure crouched down and whispered at Blake. Steph breathed a sigh of relief as she recognized Ezra’s voice. It was just Blake’s brother. Not an ill-intentioned stranger.

“Blake. Psst. Blake.” Ezra gently shook Blake’s shoulder.

Blake awoke with a tired grumble. “Ugh. What?”

“You awake?”

“Obviously I wasn’t. Shush. You’ll wake Steph up.”

Blake turned in the bed and stared at Steph for a long moment. Steph didn’t know that there was any reason to continue feigning sleep, but she did anyway. Whatever Ezra wanted, she probably didn’t need to be involved.

“What do you possibly need at this time of night?” Blake asked, sounding slightly more awake now.

“You know.”

“Oh come on. Obviously not now.”

“You promised. We didn’t have time yesterday. I got you, you know.”

“Yes, I know. If you wanted it that badly, you should have got me earlier. It’s so late.”

“Sorry. But… Steph was around.”

“She still is.”

“She’s sleeping.”

“And I really don’t want her waking up.”

“… we could be quick.”

Blake sighed and ran her hand through her hair. “How quick?”

“Really quick.”

“You promise?”


“Fine. But think next time.”

Steph was confused as all hell about this whole conversation. She couldn’t see very well for a moment as Blake rearranged herself, and she didn’t dare adjust her position as well for fear of being noticed.

Despite her caution, Steph very nearly gave herself away. Even in the dim light, with her bad angle, and Blake still kind of in the way, she figured out what had just happened. Ezra had his dick out.

The lack of light worked in Steph’s favour. Her wide eyes and silent gasp were hidden from Blake and Ezra. They might have noticed if they looked right at her, but they were too distracted for that.

Blake wasn’t bothered by her brother’s cock. It must have been what they were talking about. She was taking it far too in stride for anything else. And she was… reaching for it.

Steph put a hand over her mouth, not caring that it would give her away so easily if one of them saw it. What the fuck was going on? What was this?

Ezra groaned as Blake gripped his shaft.

“Damn, see?” he said softly. “It’s way better when you do it.”

“I know that, dummy,” Blake said a tad smugly. “I was never arguing that. Your timing’s atrocious, is all.”

“I got horny.”

“Yeah, I can kinda tell.” Blake made a low noise in her throat that might have been a sign of arousal. “Kinda love it when you’re not quite hard yet.”

“I know.”

“Of course you do. But quick, yeah?”

“Yeah. Of course. Ready when you are.”

Blake’s arm moved. Her hand on his cock. Her brother’s cock. Stroking him. What the fuck?

Despite herself, Steph was fascinated. She wanted to be horrified. To run screaming from the room, or close her eyes and make it all go away. To wake up and experience the relief of it all being a dream.

But instead she watched. Just watched. Her hand fell away from her mouth. She lay still. And watched.

Blake didn’t beşiktaş escort spend long jerking Ezra off. She shifted again, Ezra stepped a little closer, and all of a sudden her mouth was on his dick instead of her hand. Along with her hand, actually. She held her brother’s cock at the base, and sucked the top half in her mouth.

Blowing her brother. An actual blowjob. She couldn’t do that. She couldn’t. Her brother!

Steph was all confused, mentally and physically. She tried to piece it together. To make some kind of sense of this puzzle. And her body… her body was worse.

She felt all warm. Too warm. She wanted to throw off the covers, even just for a second. But that was out. It was too late to give up her pretense of sleep now. She was committed.

Steph’s tummy fluttered. Her heart beat faster.

It was shock, probably. All of it. Shock at what her best friend was so casually doing. At no point, not once, had Blake expressed reservations about the act itself. Only that Steph was there and might see. She’d done this before. Blake had sucked her brother off before this. Probably a few times anyway.

How had Steph never known this? How?

Except… except obviously Blake wouldn’t tell her. They told each other everything, but this…

Whatever this was, it was no wonder.

Steph bit her lip and maintained her silent vigil. Blake’s sucking was getting a bit sloppy and noisy. To the point she might have awakened Steph mid-blowjob had she not been alerted previously. In fact, yeah, Steph hadn’t been in a particularly deep sleep. This could easily have pulled her from her slumber.

Neither Blake or Ezra seemed to notice or care how risky their game was. Ezra was softly moaning and stroking his sister’s hair. Blake was bobbing her head with ever increasing enthusiasm and energy, trying to get her brother to blow his load.

Steph pressed her thighs together. It was doing things to her, just watching and listening. They were right next to her, for goodness’ sake. She could reach over and put her arm around Blake without hardly moving, if she wanted to. They were so close.

Why was it turning her on, though? Because it was. It so was. It was so close and visceral, and so wrong. So very wrong.

Blake couldn’t blow her brother. She couldn’t. But she was. She was sucking him off, making him feel so very good, right beside her best friend whom she assumed was oblivious to it all.

“Oh fuck,” Ezra hissed.

Blake made an encouraging noise without taking her mouth off him.

“Gonna cum.”

Blake’s head kept bobbing back and forth on him.

“Gonna cummm.”

Ezra grunted, and Blake’s pace slowed down. There were no sounds for a moment other than some thick swallowing, then a slightly sloppy pop as Blake released her brother’s cock and leaned back panting softly.

“Happy now?” Blake asked.

“Very. Thanks, sis.”

“Mmm, well… you’re welcome. My turn next.”

“Yeah, of course.”

Blake leaned in and licked at Ezra’s softening cock, cleaning it up a little, then patted his leg and settled back under the covers. “Night, Ez.”

“Night, Blake. That was great.”

“Mmhm. Damn right it was.”

Steph could only contain herself so long. Ezra had only been out of the room barely a minute when she finally had to roll on her side, prop herself on her elbow, and let the repressed, uncertain excitement out.

“What was that?” Steph demanded.

Blake stayed totally still for long enough that Steph thought she might actually try pretending she was asleep. Then, “How long have you been awake?”

“The whole time.”

“And you didn’t say anything?”

“Don’t say that like I’m the one who needs to explain myself.”

“What’s to explain?”

Steph’s eyes went wide in disbelief. “You sucked you brother off!”


“You put his penis in your mouth. Just now. I saw. And you sucked him. And he came. In your mouth.”

“I mean, yes, that happened.”

“So what the fuck?”

Blake pushed herself into a sitting position, leaning back against the headboard of her bed. “So, I dunno. Ez and I just, like, do stuff like that sometimes. I dunno. It’s no biggie.”

Steph sat up too. “It’s obviously a biggie. You would have told me if it wasn’t.”

Blake shrugged. “I didn’t want you to, like, think I was gross.”

“Blake, come on. It’s me. You can tell me shit.”

“This was, uh, something I couldn’t tell anyone. You get that, right?”

“I do, but it hurts.”

“Yeah? Like… it hurts that I didn’t tell you?”

“Yes! Obviously!”

“So you would have just understood if-“

“No! Obviously I wouldn’t understand. I saw it and I still don’t get it. That’s not the point.” Steph jabbed Blake hard enough to make her protest. “You shoulda told me anyway. Explained it.”

“Maybe. Yeah, maybe. That bridge is burned.” Blake rubbed her face. “So what do you think?”


“You saw it. You know now. What do you think?”

“I have no idea what to think.”

“Well… give me a hint. Grossed out? şişli escort Worried? Turned on?”

“… can it be more than one?”

Blake snorted, then made a sound almost like a laugh. She reached over and flicked on her reading lamp, perhaps finally ready to risk some light. “It’s kinda hot, right?”

“It kinda is! But… but… he’s your brother, though.”

“Yeah. That’s part of the hotness. I mean, it’s fucked, I know. But… I don’t know. Nothing else is quite as exciting as messing around with Ez.”

“Is that why you do it?”

“Partly, sure. Partly… partly it’s just something we do now. We’re not always both around these days, but when we are… it’s nice knowing you can just, like, go to the other’s room and get a little action.”

“Oh wow. That’s… super casual. For him being your brother and all.”

“I know.”

“How long?”

“Since we started?”


“I mean… must have been when I was eighteen, the first time. Toward the end of high school.”

“You fucker! That’s two years almost, then. Two years you never told me!”

“Yeah, Steph, I know. I really am sorry. I didn’t want to hide it. But also… I mean, I suck my brother off sometimes. He eats me out sometimes. You just hide something like that. You just do.”

“He… he…”

“Eats my pussy,” Blake said, bringing her knees to her chest and leaning her chin on them. “Fingers me sometimes.”

“Please stop sounding so casual about it.”

“Sorry. I’m… I’m kind of all super nervous inside right now.”

“Thank god. Me too.”

“Right? I’m just… I’m trying to talk to you like you’re you. It’s helping some.”

Steph nodded. “It’s me,” she confirmed. “Two years, though.”

“Give or take, yeah.”

“You two really just… just get each other off.”

“Yeah. We do. It’s better than always doing it yourself.” A small, cautious smile curled on Blake’s lips. “Like, way, way better. Better than any boy I’ve been with. It’s just so insanely wrong and sneaky and bad. And… and it’s Ez. I mean, I love him, you know? Like a brother, obviously, but… I dunno. A brother with benefits, I guess.”

“Benefits. Right.”

“Just saying.”

Steph flopped back down. “This is so fucked. I mean, you’re my bestie and I love you. Always. But this is fucked.”

“I know. To both things.”

“I need to sleep. I can’t process this all right now.”

“Very fair. Do you think you can sleep?”

“No idea. I think I need to try.”

“Ok. Are we… still good to crash together?”

“Well yeah. Of course. Why wouldn’t we be?”

“I dunno. ‘Cause Ez. And how you’re feeling about that.”

“Listen, unless you think he’s gonna waltz back in and start banging you or something, I think we’re good.”

Blake wrinkled her nose. “Ew! Steph, gross, he’s my brother. We’re not banging.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“We’re not!”

“I know. I heard you.”

“But did you believe me?”

“Yeah, Blake. I believe you.”

“Well… good.” Blake switched off the light and settled back down. “Talk in the morning?”


“‘K. Night.”


There was silence for a few moments, then, “And thanks for basically being ok with it all.”

“No worries,” Steph murmured sleepily. “What are friends for?”


Steph wasn’t actually convinced that sleep had helped. Granted, it hadn’t been the deepest and most restful sleep of all time. And somehow she woke up still horny, with the vague impression that some of her dreams had involved Blake and Ez.

Blake noted Steph’s mood too.

“You gotta stop blushing every time Ez walks in,” Blake whispered over morning coffee.

“How’m I s’posed to help blushing?” Steph hissed back.

“Well… maybe everyone’ll just think you’re crushing on him or something.”

“How’s that helping?”

“Better than him figuring out what you saw.”

Steph nodded, but then mid-sip changed her mind. “Hey, wait, no. You two gotta worry about being seen. Not me.”

“You don’t want our family knowing, do you?”

“Well… no. But don’t act like this is my burden to bear.”


Despite her best efforts, Steph didn’t know how to act normal around Ezra at all that morning. Blake’s parents, sure. Blake’s little sister Anna, sure. Blake herself, mostly sure. Ezra… Ezra was the wildcard.

Steph felt like she needed to talk it out with Ezra, but couldn’t do that without letting him know that she knew. It really wasn’t her burden, but at the same time, she didn’t really want to get into it with him. It’d be a weird and intimate conversation to have with him. He was Blake’s brother, not hers.


Luckily, perhaps, Steph had Chris. Chris, in this case, being an older brother of her own.

Chris had lived on his own for a few years, but had had to move back in with Steph and their parents not long ago. That was convenient for Steph at the moment, since it meant she could talk to him face to face as soon as she got home.

And she did so. Steph walked straight into his room and bahçeşehir escort bayan started sighing dramatically and with great melancholy.

“Well well, Steph,” Chris said, unfazed. “What brings you here?”

“Woe. Woe and confusion.”


“… mostly confusion, actually. I feel like there should be woe, though.”

“Ah. Something I can help with?”

“Either help or make worse.”

Chris nodded. “Those are good odds.”

“Fifty-fifty at least.”

“At least.”

They went to the kitchen. Their parents weren’t home, so they had the place to themselves. And they were both getting hungry, which was nearly as pressing an issue in some ways as the weight on Steph’s soul.

Chris started making lunch while Steph sat at the table and stumbled haphazardly through her story. She didn’t want to give away Blake’s secret right away or anything.

“So wait, who did you say this girl was?” Chris said.

“Just some girl. I kinda knew her at school.”

“Ok. Sure. And you heard this because…”

“It’s going around. I don’t know. Probably just rumours or something.”

“Could be. So she… she and her brother…”

“Someone caught her sucking him off. Apparently.”

“Ah. Just that?”

“I mean, how much do you need?”

“Just wondering. Woulda been juicier gossip if they fucked or something.”

Steph made a gasp of reproval. “Chris! No! They’re siblings. They can’t fuck.”

“They can suck but they can’t fuck?”

“Well… maybe? This is what I’m struggling with.”



“Why do you care?”

“Because… because it’s not normal.”

Chris shrugged. He faced away, cutting stuff on a board at the counter. “Obviously. But, you know, just some girl, right? And I’m sure you’ve seen the kind of porn that’s getting made these days. People think about stuff like this.”

Steph subtly snuck her phone off the table in front of her. She flushed warm at the thought of her very recent internet history. Not that she’d get off to it or anything, but she’d looked a few things up to try and make sense of Blake and Ezra. Somehow, stories or videos of sisters sucking their brothers didn’t actually help. Plus they all kept fucking afterward which just made things weirder.

A little warmth and tingle danced between Steph’s thighs. She squeezed them tight and tried to block it out. She didn’t need that right now.

Yes, sure, there’d been… something when she watched Blake. Something that turned her on. And looking up things online only brought her back to that. She had to deal with that still. But now wasn’t the time. Not when she was talking with Chris. She wouldn’t ever dare be quite that honest with him.

“It wasn’t just some girl,” Steph admitted.


“No. It’s… she’s… a friend.”

“Oh. Blake?”

Steph felt herself going crimson. “What?”

“Your friend. Is it Blake? You were just at her house for the night, yeah? Plus… I dunno. She seems the most likely I can think.” Chris turned around, eyes widening. “Plus oh my god do you see your face right now?”

“Shut up. Yes. I know.” Steph covered her face with both hands and hunched down in her seat. “Fuuuccck. I told Blake I wouldn’t tell. Frick. Very first person I talk to.”

“To be fair, I guessed.”

“Yeah, but… but I made it too easy. I shouldn’t have said anything. Ugh.”

“Hey, it’s fine. I’ll probably hardly tease Blake at all about this.”

“Chris! You can’t tell her at all! You-“

Steph stopped. Chris was chuckling and had turned back to the food.

“I’m not gonna tease her,” he said.

“You ass. I’m very delicate right now.”

“Yes, I can see that. You know that just makes you an easy target.”

“I’m fragile! And I’m coming to my big brother from some advice and comfort, and all you can do is-“

“What do you want from me? I think it’s just something you have to process. Honestly, not the biggest deal in the world.”

“I mean, in a sense, you’re right. But in another sense… isn’t it though?”

“It isn’t though.”

“Wish I shared your confidence.”

“Have you eaten today?”

Steph squirmed. “Not much.”

“We’ll have some lunch. You’ll feel better.”

“You think?”

“Couldn’t hurt.”

“Blergh.” Steph went face down on the table with her hands stretched out in front of her. “This is so bad.”

“It’s really not that bad.”

“Stop saying that.”

“You first.”


“Good point.” Chris set a plate next to Steph. The sandwich on it was loaded and looked delicious. “Eat up.”

Steph groaned, but sat up and took a bite. “Ok, fine, this is good,” she admitted, mouth still full.”


“And maybe I’m hungry.”

“Thought you might be.”

“I don’t think it’s gonna help any, though.”

Chris shrugged. “We’ll see.”

The sibs nommed their sandwiches, which continued to be delicious. Even though Steph felt better, she was still a mess of confusion and turmoil.

“Wouldn’t you feel so bad afterward though?” Steph asked.


Steph swallowed hard. She shouldn’t push things further, but she couldn’t help herself. She was in such a state. “You know. Like, assuming you got… horny.”


“And… and you did a thing. With your brother. Or sister. Whichever. And maybe it kinda does it for you at the time. Whatever it is. A blowjob, let’s say.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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