Connie’s Summer Stallion Ch. 01

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Connie sat at her desk staring out the window. Her eyes were riveted to the young man as he worked. She could feel her nipples throb shamelessly within her blouse and bra. She watched as the sweat dripped down his broad “V” back. His arms rippled with muscularity. “Goddamn.” She whispered to herself.

Connie was a 39 year old recently divorced woman with an insatiable sex drive. It had been almost 6 months since her divorce and she missed her ex-husband’s big meaty prick sawing in and out of her hungry pussy. Her mind began to wander to all sorts of lewd scenarios as her eyes ate up the young stud. Connie had a body that was built for fucking. Standing a mere 5’2″ tall she weighed a very respectable 115 lbs. She was proud of her body and especially her legs. She had those shapely muscular legs one often finds on dancers. But it was her tits that seemed to garnish the most immediate attention from the opposite sex. They were big, they were still very firm and they were all natural. She had a set of 34d knockers that regardless of what type of bra she wore seemed to slosh invitingly, swaying to and fro which each step she took.

She rolled the end of her pen over her lips as her tongue snaked out, curling around it. Her eyes never left the sight of the buff stud toiling outside.

Chris was son of the company’s training manager, Lynn Paige. Home from college for the summer, his mother had arranged for him to work at the company doing odd jobs and basic maintenance work. Connie found it hard to believe that the mousy little prude could have birthed such a specimen of masculinity. Chris, at 21, was 6’2″ and 195 lbs of lean, ripped up muscle. He looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. His brown hair was mussed and blew slightly in the wind giving him a hint of boyishness. But beyond that, there was nothing boyish about him. His shoulders were broad and led down to a set of arms that were by no means bulky but rather taut and sculpted. Every time he grabbed a piece of scrap metal and hurled it into the big dumpster his muscles would tighten and flex. His pecs topped off a set of abs that gave new meaning to the term ‘washboard’. He was tan, a perfectly golden brown. And he was smooth. It seemed as though his body was devoid of hair.

Connie could feel her panties growing damp as she imagined what the hunk must look like nude. She thought about the David statue. But Chris was even better. She watched his ass in his tight jeans. Even through the denim, she could tell that his legs were as well built as the rest of him. “I bet he has a gorgeous cock”. She thought. “Certainly God would not create such a man only to curse him with a tiny penis”. Her mind began to scan through a variety of different cocks. And finally she imagined the one. It was long. It was thick. Even in a semi aroused state it was formidable.

Within the secure confine of her cubicle, Connie reached down under her desk. Her fingers eased up under her skirt and she found the crotch of her panties. A quick brushing tease and she withdrew her hand and shook her head. She needed to be fucked and right outside her window was a perfect young stallion to mount her and give her that glorious pounding she so desperately craved. But she needed a plan. If she could only get the young stud, somehow, to her house, she knew the inevitable would commence. Then came the idea.

Connie stood up and brushed her hands down over her skirt to straighten it out. She felt downright wicked for what she was about to do and she loved it. She ran her hands up along her neck and fluffed out her bobbed blonde hair. She was ready.

Connie could feel the weight of her tits swaying slightly as she walked. It was as though her whole body had been hardwired to sexual impulses. When she got to the door she peeked in.

“Lynn, do you have a moment?” She queried in her most professional tone.

“Sure Connie, come in. Have a seat. What can I do for you?” Lynn was the company’s training coordinator and Chris’ mother. An attractive woman, Lynn chose to dress down and thereby disguise her natural beauty. The effect worked. Most thought of her as a very business oriented female, not really bitchy, but a little too straight laced.

Connie sat and crossed her legs as she began. “Well, I was wondering…” She paused, inhaled dramatically and continued. “I was wondering if you thought Chris might be interesting in helping me with a couple of things around my house. Since Philip and I separated, I have had a growing To Do list that quite frankly includes some things that I am just not equipped to do by myself. I would definitely pay him to make it worth his while.”

Lynn wasn’t expecting this. She didn’t really care for Connie. She felt that Connie was a little too flirty with the all men at the company. She seemed all too eager to engage in innuendo and sexually charged discussions. And Lynn didn’t really think the way Connie dressed was appropriate. Her skirts were too short and her heels were Escort Fatih too high. But in a company dominated by men, no one else really seemed to mind. She didn’t really want her darling boy around this woman, but Chris was trying to make money this summer. What could it hurt?

“Oh, well, I didn’t see that one coming. But, I don’t know. I don’t have a problem with it, but you’d have to ask Chris, unless you would like me to?”

“No, no. Thank you. I will talk to him and see what he thinks. I just wanted to run it by you first. Thanks, Lynn.”

Lynn smiled and nodded. “Sure thing. Just make sure you get your money’s worth.”

Connie winked. “Oh, don’t you worry. I will.” She left the office and headed out to the boy. Her ass swung invitingly and her big tits bounced as her heels clicked on the marble flooring.

Outside Chris was still dismantling the old metal shelves that had been brought out for him by the company’s material handler. The work wasn’t really hard, just tedious. And hot. Chris was drenched in sweat. His bare upper body glistened as salty rivulets beaded and rolled down his flesh. The waist of his jeans was saturated. But he did get to work shirtless so as not to end up with a ridiculous farmer’s tan, and it was quite the work out. Chris loved working out.

Connie’s heels continuing clicking, announcing her approach even as she stepped onto the concrete. Chris heard the click and turned to see the woman nearing him. Now, Chris was by no means a shy boy, but with this woman he couldn’t be too aggressive, she did of course work with his mom. Still it was hard not to stare at her big bouncing boobs as she got closer. He tossed a final piece of the twisted metal into the dumpster and stood waiting for her. Her legs looked amazing. His eyes roamed from her heels up her legs to her muscular thighs. Even a hint of an exaggerated quad could be seen straining against the material of her skirt. And her blouse did nothing to hide the fullness of her big tits. Connie had purposely undone the top button after walking from Lynn’s office. The tops of her breasts rubbed together and created a delicious canyon of fleshy cleavage. Chris had to consciously not gawk at the sexy older woman. She was a flirt and Chris loved it. He just hoped this was going to be a pleasant visit.

“Hey Chris.” Connie mewed. She stopped a mere foot from the tall young man and stood almost as posing.

“Hi Connie, how are you today?”

“Oh, I am just wonderful, hon. And you? Lord, sweetie, you are drenched.” She replied as she eyed the glistening boy.

Chris chuckled. “Yeah, it’s pretty hot out here.”

Connie let her eyes roam over his chiseled chest and abs before returning to his handsome face. “I’ll say it is.” Beads of sweat continued to roll down his body. “I was just talking to your mom and asking her if you would be willing to help an old lady with a few things around my house this weekend.”

Chris’ eyes were glued to her lips as she spoke. They were perfect, not to thin and not overly plump. Her lipstick was masterfully applied. “Old lady? Ha. And who would that be, because there’s nothing old about you.”

She reached up and cupped his chin and cradled his strong jaw. “Awww, aren’t you just the charming one? But yes, darling, I mean me. Since my ex and I split, I don’t have anyone to take care of those manly things and I could really use a strong young man like yourself.” Her words dripped with syrupy innuendo. It was not lost on Chris.

Chris’ cock began to thicken in his tight jeans. He smiled knowingly down at the buxom cougar. “Sure. I would love to help. Anything you need, I’m your guy.”

Connie traced her forefinger down between his pecs and over his rock hard abdomen. “Oh, I just bet you are tiger.” She winked. “Would Saturday morning work for you? Say around 10?”

‘Damn this bitch is a hot little cock tease.’ Chris thought as the woman’s finger toyed along his hard flesh. “Yeah. Yeah, that would be just fine.”

“Perfect. I will jot down the directions for you. Thank you, Chris.”

“Not at all. It will be my pleasure.”

Connie smiled. ‘It will be both of our pleasure, I am sure.’ She mused to herself before turning on her toes and walking away. She swung her shapely ass a little more for the boy’s benefit. She knew he would look.

And he did. As soon as the woman turned, Chris reached down and adjusted the growing log in his jeans. He gave it a subtle squeeze causing it to surge slightly. He loved feeling his thick cock. He could only hope the sexy woman wanted more than just a day laborer. He continued to watch her until she re-entered the building and went back to his work.


Saturday morning, Chris awoke with a tremendous morning hardon. As he stretched out on his bed, he reached down and wrapped his fist around the throbbing tube of meat straining against his tiny briefs. Fuck it felt thick. He pondered jerking off and releasing Fındıkzade escort a huge load, but thought it would be better to wait and see what Connie had in mind for hm. Rolling out of bed, he glanced at his reflection in the mirror. His muscular body always turned him on. He liked looking at himself. His eyes traveled down and saw the obscene bulge in his little white shorts. It looked ridiculously big. It throbbed. He made it flex and it felt as if it were about to rip right through the thin cotton holding it in. Smiling arrogantly at himself, he walked into his bathroom to shower and prep for his rendezvous.


Several miles away, Connie was also making her preparations. She had slept so wonderfully, she was refreshed and rejuvenated. Her whole body tingled with excitement at what lie ahead of her today. She rolled around on her big bed and slid her hands up her torso and up over her big round breasts. She kneaded them in her hands. Finding her nipples, she pinched them between her thumb and fore finger. “Mmmmmm.” She purred before releasing them and getting up to get ready.


Standing in front of the vanity, Chris looked at his nude body. His cock was thick and heavy. In its perpetual state of semi arousal it hung down between his thighs like a corded rope. He had taken his time in shower to re-shave his body leaving him completely smooth except for the tiny patch of pubic fur that sat atop the base of his young prick. Teasingly, he reached down and slid his fist over it a couple of times before shaking his head and walking out to get dressed.

Back in his room, he searched through his top dresser drawer until he found what he was looking for, a pair of low cut Calvin Klein briefs. He pulled the shorts up his thighs and up over his hips. He had to adjust his cock to fit the diminutive cotton garment. It lay across his upper right thigh. He could feel it beginning to grow thicker. He squeezed and it instantly grew bigger and harder.

Down the hall, Lynn Paige was in the kitchen having a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper. She had no inkling that her stud son was standing practically nude in his room, admiring his hot bod and pumping life into his oversized prick in anticipation of fucking the living shit out of her horny co-worker all afternoon long. She had never seen Chris as anything other than her darling boy. Oh, if she had only known.

Chris pulled on a pair of jeans that hugged his ass and sculpted thighs, yet were slightly loose around his thirty-two inch waist. He grabbed a tight little Holister tee shirt that seemed a tad too small but really showed off his broad shoulders and muscular arms. His cock was still obscenely thick and could be seen swelling out the right front thigh of his jeans, if one were to look there. A final glance at himself in the mirror, a sly smirk and he walked out of his room and down the stairs.

He stopped in the kitchen. Lynn was still there reading and sipping on her French roast blend. Chris leaned in on her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. She hadn’t heard him come in and his stealthly kiss shocked her. The scent of her shampoo wafted into Chris’ nostrils. It was subtle yet sweet, feminine. He inhaled deeply.

“Good morning, mom.”

“Oh honey, you startled me.”

Chris stood up and looked down at her. “Sorry about that. I’m about to head out to go do Connie’s stuff today. Is there anything you need before I go?” Chris found himself studying the outline of his mom’s breasts through her silk robe and gown.

“No, Sweetie. Thank you. I would say ‘have fun’ but you know what I mean. I know Connie appreciates you coming to help her. ” She reached out and took his hand. “It’s nice to have a man around the house.” She squeezed his hand in hers. He reciprocated.

Chris’ mind was reeling. ‘What the fuck?’ He thought, completely misreading his mother’s maternal compliment. His was way too horny right now. His cock felt so big, so thick, trapped in his briefs and jeans. “Thanks, mom.” He stammered trying not to eye the soft swell of her bosom. “Well, I better get going.” He pulled his hand from hers and leaned down to give her another peck on the cheek.

Lynn patted his cheek as he kissed her. “Sweet boy. I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Okay, you got it.” Chris stood upright and smiled down at her.

It was an accident. She didn’t mean to look, especially not there. But it was hard to miss. It was just a glimpse, a mere millisecond of time, but she saw it, or did she? Quickly she looked up at her son’s face. She felt flush. A warm blush swept over her face. She had just seen the very formidable outline of her own son’s cock. Hadn’t she? Maybe it was just a shadow or the way the denim looked in the light. ‘Oh God, why am I am even thinking about this?’ She silently chided herself. Quickly she regained her composure, “Bye, honey.”

Chris smiled and walked out leaving his mother to Gaziosmanpaşa escort ponder her confused thoughts. She had never, ever thought anything like that about her son. But she did see it, didn’t she? Tormented she went back to her paper. Then dropping the paper she reached up and rubbed her forehead. ‘Good lord, if that was it, it looked BIG!’ Disgusted with herself; ‘Okay, okay. Stop it, Lynn. That is your baby boy you are thinking about.’ She shook the thoughts out of her head and picked the newspaper back up.


As Chris exited his house and got into his car, Connie was putting on her finishing touches. She sat on her vanity stool and lightly touched up her makeup. Her hair was perfect, full and flowing. She was wore a long black silk gown and black heels. The shoes had a 5″ heel and a tiny strap that wrapped around her ankle. The spaghetti straps of her gown seemed to strain on her shoulders to hold her mountainous tits. The gown was low cut and revealed a good six inches of cleavage between her swollen jugs. It draped along her body and hung seductively from her full breasts. She had chosen to wear a little extra makeup for the occasion. It made her feel slightly slutty, and she liked it. That is exactly what she wanted to feel like. She wanted there to be no doubt or ambiguity in Chris’ mind from the first moment he walked in. She was his today, his slut, his fuck toy. She wanted, no she needed, that strong young stud to take her and fuck her like an animal.

Her nipples were stiff and throbbed against the thin silk of her gown. She applied her lipstick, then pursing her lips, she blew her reflection a kiss. She looked hot. She felt even hotter. Then a wicked thought crossed her mind. Connie licked her lips as she slid the straps of her gown down off of her shoulders. Her breasts looked meaty, round and full. Still holding the lipstick, she pinched one and then the other nipple. Pulling on them roughly, they responded by growing in length and diameter. She flicked the tip of the lipstick over her right nipple and moaned. “Mmmmmm. God….” Feeling especially dirty, she smeared the lipstick over her nipple giving it an even darker hue of rouge. She painted around the areola as well. Her uncovered pussy tingled. Reached for her other nipple she repeated the process. Squeezing, pinching, painting. They were dark. They were hugely swollen and they were excited.

Chris pulled up and got out of his car. Once again, he had to reach down and adjust his swollen member. It felt fat, long, and so sensitive. It throbbed with each step he took towards the door. He inhaled and exhaled sharply before pressing the doorbell.

Connie was still caught up with her nipples when the chimes rang throughout her home. She closed her eyes and ran her tongue over her lips one more time. Then slipping the straps back onto her shoulders, she hoisted her big boobs into the gown. Running her hands around the meaty orbs, she shook them gently allowing them to settle naturally into their proper place within the gown.

Uncrossing her thighs, she stood and started towards the door.

Chris waited patiently, only pressing the doorbell once. His cock pulsed in his jeans, not fully hard but God it was thick. He could hear the clicking of Connie’s heels on the hard flooring within the house. His heart was racing.

Connie walked slow and deliberately. She always did. Once to the door, she unlocked it and pulled it open. Chris’ eyes immediately drank in the gorgeous woman before him. She smiled warmly and eyed the tall young man.

“Well, hello there, Chris. I am so glad you could make it.” She purred as she leaned up against the door allowing the boy to ogle her sexy body and big tits.

“Yeah, me too. Wow. You look… you look HOT!”

Connie looked down at her body. She slid her hands along her sides and over her hips. “You like, huh?” She teased.

“God yeah. Who wouldn’t?”

Connie reached out and once again ran her finger along the young man’s strong chest. “Well you look pretty hot yourself.” She smiled, both of them standing in the doorway staring at one another. “Come on, come on in, honey.” She took Chris’ hand and led him inside, closing the door behind them.

Once in the house, she held his hand leading him into the large den. “Your house is beautiful, Connie. Really nice!” Chris acknowledged as he looked around.

She glanced around the house ceremoniously. “Yeah, one of the perks left by my ex.” She winked.

Chris looked down at the woman. The tops of her breasts looked perfect. Creamy soft with just a hint of tan. And her cleavage looked so deep and inviting. He could immediately imagine his big prick sawing through that hot valley. But what really held his attention were the nipples. They pressed out through the thin silk shamelessly. They looked so big, so thick and so very hard.

Connie saw Chris’ gaze and looked down. She could not only see how lewd her distended nipples looked, but she could feel them. She looked back up at the young stud and smiled with a nasty little sneer. Again her hand found his chest. This time her whole palm and fingers seem to slide up and down over his pecs and his abs. She could feel every nook and cranny of his muscles through the tight tee shirt.

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