Dark Side of Hema Ch. 05

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Hema lay back on the rumpled bed thinking of the days gone by especially her new found relationship with Ananth. It was working out well, they both had enjoyed a few more sexual bouts after that night full of orgy with Meekri and were nearly in know-how of all the birth and wound marks on each other’s bodies.

The last fuck session for the lovelorn couple was at Coimbatore a few weeks ago and lasted two full nights and days in the cool confines of his house. The landlady became very suspicious and in fact questioned the relationship between Hema and Ananth, by the time Hema left for Chennai this lady had more or less understood the situation.

Hema came back to Coimbatore within 2 weeks again since the issue was serious Ananth had lost his job. The reason was ‘prolonged leave of absence w/o notice’. It happened on her previous visit, Hema’s lust was taking its toll on poor Ananth, it was her silly mistake.

She really felt bad about it and wanted to help him out, though she had ulterior motives too behind this 1) She was still infatuated with Ananth and his youthful dick and 2) She had to get him to marry Radha.

With her breast jutting out from her chest and one hand across her sperm-filled stomach, she was watching her brother in law getting ready for the office, the man who had just sucked and fucked her with his clothes on.

She had come by the early morning train, was received by Ananth at the station, they both sneaked into his house not knowing that the landlady had noticed it, strangely once again.

Once inside the house which was a one room accommodation with an attached kitchen and bathroom both the lovers stripped to their nudity once again and Ananth had little choice but to dip his fiery rod in to the always ready pussy of his sis-in-law.

After they arrived home it was another round of intrigue for Ananth as Hema remained an enigma and was so coy in her sluttish behavior that at times he really did not know how to take control of the sexual combat. For all practical purposes Hema controlled the act and the sequences with little or no choice for Ananth, so much so that even the copulation and orgasms happened as if defined and dictated by her highness.

Today was a day to be bold and Ananth began pretty well, ” Darling Hema…can I ask you something, will you show me your pussy? I’ve been with you all these times but haven’t had the pleasure of exploring and delving into your pussy at length. I really am interested to see it all as never before. And now that that we’re exotic lovers, can I see yours?”

Hema was burning with lust from inside when he said that, “Of course a private affair izle you can, silly. You just have to take down my salwar and the panty after that, then you can look at my pussy all you want and you can touch it, you are my good lover, I’ll let you kiss and suck it.”

Hema raised her ass to help him remove the garment, which quickly fell around her ankles and then on the floor, her hips were still covered with the pair of flimsy white panties, which he rolled and pulled down the well oiled thighs and finally away from sight.

Darling Hema on the rumpled dirty bed raised both her legs straight up in the air in a jack knife position, allowing him to pull her body towards him who was kneeling on the floor in front of her.

“There’s my cunt, or what you call as a pretty pussy, it’s all naked just for you, do anything that you want with it,” saying Hema’s thighs moved with her legs and hips shaking at the same time.

Ananth touched the curly soft red hair feeling the spongy moss move and started running his hand over the smooth skin of her belly and back to the dark hair of her cunt, his fingers continued caressing the warm curly hair and kept at her hidden cunt.

Hema moved the thigh of one leg slightly, opening the thigh enough to let Ananth see the dark red top of her pussy through the hair.

Hema let her fingers move between her legs into her cunt pressing sharply on her clit.

“This is my clit, also known as clitoris, it gets very sensitive and almost hurts, if it’s touched too roughly, kiss me on the cunt, stick your hot tongue inside me and suck on me,” shrieked Hema, finally losing all control this time and wanting Ananth to drill into her night long unwashed pussy.

Hema’s voice really sounded as if imploring and this pleased Ananth who didn’t really need any more prodding, he bent forward into her pussy and started licking as if he had been eating pussy all his life.

His tongue he speared deep into her wet open cunt as he began to taste and suck the juicy wetness, it flickered and explored the rising love nest and around the Vee, he clasped her sexy ass pulling her tighter to his seeking lips.

Hema’s hands held his head deeper into her heated pussy and pointed his nose firmly against her rising clit and suddenly she began on his tongue and nose and mouth profusely, while his tongue continued fucking and sucking the elusive vortex of pleasure and sexual combat.

Hema started expending her peaking orgasm in multitudes of tidal pleasure, his powerful sucking was secreting more of the oily, lubricating juices from accused izle her pussy which was going down his gullet through his mouth which he eagerly swallowed, taking all the copious juices coming out the dirty but sweet cunt.

Shortly after that Ananth seized her by her hair and shoved his prick into the lubricated pussy, the copulation lasted full 30 minutes, Hema climaxed 4 times and by the time Ananth came to the end, she was totally in a delirious state fumbling to speak coherently.

Ananth sprayed the entire cum into her cunt but the last drops were dropped into her mouth in a strange manner this time. He came up on the bed and straddling her chest, opened her mouth with his hands and dipped his dick into the hollow cavity only to make her get the taste straight on her tongue. He was behaving different.

She looked at him from the depth of her dark eyes, infatuated and wanting him more and more, strangely Venkaji never appealed to her so much.

Ananth buttoned his shirt carefully and glanced at the voluptuous young Hema lying on the bed, her thighs sprawled, still open and wet, and desperately wanted to go back to her and this time put his prick into her ass.

Thinking about it was anyway only a dream for now, since time was running out and he had to reach RS Puram as early as possible, he reached inside the underwear and adjusted his still half erect prick so that it was where it should be and then took up his trousers and put them on, buttoned the same turned to face her.

“Hema, you can help me out of this mess and that is one reason why I wanted to rush you here, look,” he hesitated talking down to her on the bed.

“You are a real vixen in bed and I know you enjoy fucking like a rabbit, my boss Dayal is a lusty character and will be willing to save my job if you could get him over after I leave, pacify him in your own inimitable style. Do it just for me, you know what I am saying, you will have to make it look like he is getting to force you a little at first.”

She did hear him but looked into his eyes as if it was a void, it did really matter to Hema that Ananth held his respectable job, in fact Venkaji was still not aware of the same and they both wanted to somehow reveal it to him only after the whole issue displayed a polished outlook.

Though it shocked her and that too coming from Ananth, Hema knew it did not really matter, he obviously had to think of some desperate solution and if this worked, let it.

Of course for Hema, sex was okay only with people who appealed and just hoped that this ‘Dayal’ guy was somebody who would be good in alef izle bed but the scales were reversed in this case, it was he who had to be satisfied.

This was somewhat not pleasant to Hema but she decided to make the most out of the situation.

Not only had he got her here but apparently was planning to use her as he had just done, and also in a more perverse way shortly for some more time. The shy boy had come of age.

Mr. Dayal the MD of Tractors Ltd had called Ananth for a final hearing and later to give him his final settlement. Ananth gave a last look at the bitchy body lying on the bed,’ You know what you will do, call him and tell him exactly why you are here and what you expect’, saying he started to leave for the office.

Hema was left on the bed long after he had gone thinking and devising the action plan. She got up naked from the bed and took out the shaving and the antidote cream. She picked up the latest Braun series hair removing razor and came back to the bed and lying on her back reached between the legs only to find the cunt still wet and tingling. She felt very erotic and was eagerly looking forward to sawing the crack with the razor while it removed the left over pubic strands and bush.

Her concentration was intact for the next 10 minutes and she shaved the entire pubic area to a clean spotless hairless surface and then went into the bathroom, took a tumbler of hot water from the tap and washed the cunt thoroughly.

‘Aaaaahhhh…Ooohhhhhhh’ she exclaimed for a while, the feeling was too good to be given up in a haste. Hema finally got under the shower and took a luxurious bath, shampooing her self with the latest lube from Pantene and used the sexy lingering and erotically sensuous soap ‘Sundar Madhuri’ to wash herself.

Her thoughts went back to the morning, to the beginning of the day, her arrival at the house and all the events that followed. She was now very clear that Ananth was becoming smart and was planning to use her. Hema smiled, Ananth was a kid on the block if he thought so, she will get him to retain his job but on her terms.

Returning to the bedroom she reached for her bag and pulled out the sexy sleeveless kameez and the shimmering Salwar. This set was sold without any ‘chuni’ and the kameez was not only sleeveless but also with thin straps which went around the ‘naked’ shoulders, reason being that area on the kameez was without any cloth, a latest design in women wear.

She looked at herself in the mirror and fairly knew that this was going to cause quite an eye to flutter at the office and could even spark a riot. She quickly applied her usual makeup but made sure the Iyengar mangalsutra was dangling on the bodice and applied makeup to the eyelashes for the final time and sprayed the erotic spray between the legs before getting out of the house.

Wait for the next Episode – ” Surprise in Store for Hema at the office”.

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