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I watched him in that warm garage, beads of sweat at his neckline I longed to taste…only to attempt to slake my thirst in the cool glass of water beside me. The conversation had ebbed and flowed, sometimes lapsing into casual silence as I observed him ministering to his machine. His distracted technical mutterings to himself ghosted a smile across my lips.

Our meeting had been calm and comfortable, not really like a first meeting at all. How could it be, after so many months of talking and teasing and taunting; the thinly veiled hopes and promises? The initial embrace held a slight feeling of coming home. That first slide of hair withdrawing across my cheek, instantly taking me back to daydreams of it falling around me in a curtain as he…

No, I had to keep my mind on other things! Leaning across, I coyly asked him how his flux capacitor is coming along. He glanced at me, a spark of laughter shooting through his eyes. I should have known from the start I was in trouble, bantering about MoPars and the erotic scents of a mechanic shop. I am mesmerized again…those hands, slick with oil and other viscous fluids I wished were something else. How I longed to replace that daunting hulk of Detroit steel! A catch grew in my breath as my mind’s eye was filled with images of those same hands touching me, whispering across my exposed skin to envelop all those parts that were calling to me with increased insistence as I sat watching. Anticipation can be such a delicious dance.

Tumbling closer to the edge, I was overcome for the moment with the desire to lose myself in those eyes, those lips, those fingers I could only hope were itching to reach for me…wondering where that line was, or if we even had a line? His voice broke through my mental wonderings “…Earth to Katie; I can hear your brain grinding from here! I think I might see smoke too!” My eyes refocused on the quiet smirk on his face and the teasing devilish glint that accompanied it. Hopping from my perch and moving to him, I reached one hand out and traced a line against his forearm, sliding my palm up his arm as I stepped into his space. Inhaling his scent with half-closed eyes, I brought my face to his neck and gently brushed my lips across it. Trailing them upwards, I nuzzled his ear before murmuring “I was just thinking about how Plum Crazy Purple drives me wild” and dissolving into laughter. I felt him shake against me with his own mirth, our shared silliness always a strong point.

The breach had been crossed though; I stood with one hand splayed across his bicep and my face against his and all I could think of was how much I wanted this man. I was frozen with indecision, wondering if he truly meant those playful hints through our chatting times…if the real thing was as desirable as the idea. Hesitating, I searched for some clue that this want wasn’t one-sided. He answered for me, shifting his body against mine and pulling back to meet my questioning eyes. It seemed longer but was only a moment before he leaned forward and my lips were finally able to taste him. His hair tickled a bit as the kiss deepened, his tongue wet and sliding against mine, his arms tense as they wrapped around me. For moments I lost myself in him, the feel and heat and pressure of our bodies together. “So long…” my mind sighed as he pulled away from me.

“You can’t know how Escort bayan long I’ve thought about that” he echoed against my lips. I thought of uttering our famous “stop reading my mind!” comment but I knew that wouldn’t happen and remained silent. Instead I drew my other hand up across his back, feeling all those lines my eyes had been graced with for so long. My fingers tangled in his hair, bringing his mouth back to mine. I had waited too long to have this first taste cut short too quickly. Every dream of him played through my mind like a kaleidoscope as I moved against him. Breath quickening with a whimper caught in my throat, I leaned back as his hand cupped my jaw and his mouth dropped to my throat. It was so unfair, he with the advantage of already knowing my weaknesses! His lips and teeth played at the joint of my neck and shoulder; the only thing keeping my dizzied body up was his arm braced in the small of my back.

The fluttering in my chest warred with the ache between my legs as to which would capture the most of my attention. The rush of need was overwhelming…That prickly heat of summer against my skin, his breath against my neck, the mingled scent of garage and him. The feel of his desire pressed against me. The faint moans escaping from my lips. I could feel myself sinking again, whirling away into this. I felt his mouth draw away as my body shifted. I could see the start of a question in his face and smiled reassuringly, letting him know this was no mistake. Ignoring that small kernel of fear in my stomach I leaned forward to kiss him once more before disengaging from his arms and tugging his hand. “Let’s take a drive.”

Weaving my fingers between his, I scampered into the house to collect things. Grumbling, he collected his keys and waited by the door. Passing by with my arms full I taunted him once more, flicking my tongue lightly against his lips. “Don’t worry, I’m not running away.” The returning smile wiped away most of the insecurity in his eyes. The asphalt called its siren song and we could not resist.

The drive had been mostly silent to now; the humming of the road underneath us, Chris Isaak crooning through the speakers, innocuous smatterings of conversation. Lost in thought, I had started coiling strands of his hair around my fingers. Like a crazed game of Pong my mind darted between arguing with my reservations and imagined scenes that were nigh pornographic. My lips moved before my mind caught up, starting so quietly I wondered if he heard me at first.

“Had I ever mentioned how often I’ve thought of you and how wet those daydreams made me?”

His eyes moved towards me as his hands clenched a little tighter on the steering wheel. I could see his Adam’s apple jerk as he swallowed deeply before attempting to answer. His voice was a bit hoarse “I…ahhh…don’t think you had really covered that base too much, no.”

I was overcome with the need to bring him to my level, to make him want me to the point where he could think of little else. It seemed an appropriate return, after all those lone nights of craving him, dreaming of him, waking up with that unfinished ache.

“I did, I thought of what your skin must taste like and wondered at the sounds you’d make as I took you into my mouth and how your eyes would look the first time you drove yourself into me and Bayan Escort the way your back would tighten under my hands and how you would sound as you came for me and these thoughts just wouldn’t leave my head…and I would lie in my empty bed and think these things and pleasure myself imagining it was your hand between my legs and your fingers against my nipples and I would cry out wishing you were there to hear it…” Recklessly I plunged on, my loosed tongue not relinquishing its command, “You can’t know how wet I got thinking about you. My fingers would be soaked and slippery and the insides of my thighs just dripping and I would taste my juice, imagining all the while that I was painting your lips with my drenched fingers.”

I wanted to continue but I couldn’t, frozen with a dry throat and surprise at my outburst. Without intending, my finger had continued twining to the point where it was snug against his scalp. I snatched my hand away and held it trembling in my lap. What on earth was I doing? This was all so crazy…being here in the first place, wishing what I wished…Little Miss Rational was slowly slipping away. For once I just wanted to indulge my fantasies and throw caution as far from me as I could.

His driving had taken on an erratic edge as he warred between watching the road and devoting attention to my direction. It didn’t seem as if he was breathing as easily and the muscles at his jaw rippled as they clenched and released.

“We’re not going to get any farther down the road if this conversation continues, babe.”

Contented for the moment, I deferred to resting my hand lightly on his thigh as we continued our travels. My eyes slit with pleasure as the air rolling in through the open window took on a briny tang. She was close; I could almost hear the waves singing to me.

Finally it was done; the car was parked and the water was beckoning. For a moment it seemed everything ceased. I had no recollection of exiting the car or most of my traverse to the water’s edge. For a moment my world became that beautiful meld of liquid and sky and I was home. The cool ripples played against my ankles with playful welcome. With a delighted shout I reached down, scooping and tossing a bit of her to the sun. Turning about, I saw him watching me from the sandy edge, bundle in arms. It was a surreal view and one I wasn’t quite sure I would ever truly see.

Pacing back to him I took the blanket from him and flared it out across the sand. Dropping down on it I traced lazy designs in the sand and squinted up at him before offering a pat to the fabric beside me. Shifting into his arms I trailed my lips up his throat, savoring the taste of salt on his skin. “Thank you for bringing me to her,” I whispered against his mouth before claiming it with mine.

At that point the ocean played backdrop for the sensation of his length pressed against mine. The urgency was overwhelming and I ached to surrender everything to him. It was almost violent, this outpouring of want. His hands burrowed under my shirt, almost tearing fabric to reach skin. I couldn’t suppress a groan as his fingers found my nipple and began to tease it, tormenting me with flicks to the metal through it and these sweetly agonizing little twists. My nails were against his back, lightly raking but nowhere near enough to leave marks. Escort My tongue slid over inked skin, divining for the pain buried there but finding only heat.

Eventually the barriers were gone, leaving nothing but skin, sand and sky. I feasted on his body, tasting fingers and nipples and lips. He had always teased me about my ‘hungry lips’ phrase but my urge to devour him was complete. His questing fingers danced lightly across my back and across my ass before sliding between my legs to the moisture gathered there. At the first slide of his thumb across my clit I took him into my mouth, pleasure humming from my throat through his body. It was a kaleidoscope snapshot moment; his mouth open and back arched and my spread legs glistening with my desire.

He tasted better than I had imagined, musky and undeniably masculine. His fingers sent sparks through my vision as I writhed against them. Sliding between the folds of my lips he lightly pinched and tugged at my adornments. Whimpers of longing escaped my lips around him as he continued to urge me on with his fingers. I ministered to his hardness with lips and teeth and tongue as he coaxed me softly with his voice, “Give yourself to me, it’s ok…let it go…”

The warm bloom started and my legs began to tremble. My nails dug into his hips as I pressed my forehead against his stomach. A drawn out “Please…” escaped my lips before I was lost in the pleasure flowing through my body and across his fingers. Breathless, I added my cries to the sounds of waves and windswept trees.

The world tilted as he shifted, drawing me down with one final exquisite shiver. Our hair tangled as he moved over me, trailing his hands up over my ribcage to cup my breasts. A quick nip to each elicited a small shriek as I felt him fitted against me, and then in me…pressing until the move was complete.

The sun blotted out as I closed my eyes, reveling in the sensation of being filled again after so long. A quick fluttering passed my mind of the months and miles traveled to get to this place. One leg came up to wrap tightly around his waist, feeling the flex and release of his muscles. Driving slowly with a rhythm that matched the sea, he brought his lips to that sweet juncture of skin at the base of my neck.

His thrusts punctuated my words as they spilled out; “Yes… this is what I’ve dreamed of all this time, this taking and giving and gods I’ve wanted you for so long…”

His hips rolled like ocean swells and our lips clashed together as I watched the change begin in his eyes. Each drive was a little less controlled, his arms beside me tensing. I could feel the beginning of his moan against my tongue. The time had turned and I wanted his surrender. Arching my body against his and clenching muscle around him I begged him to give himself to me as I had to him. He was well past the point of stopping when his reserve finally shattered and he was lost in his own release, white-hot and spilling. His sounds were sweet to my ears as he shook in my embrace.

Our lips hadn’t tired of their languid explorations when he stopped suddenly. Cradling my face in his hands he said quietly, “I’ve wanted this for so long but I wasn’t really sure…does that make sense?” His dark eyes were full of sated hunger and passion and some other current. I understood the spark of fear in them and I was sure mine held the same. This was a crooked path we’d finally set our feet upon.

I knew I couldn’t afford this, I knew I shouldn’t have lost my way…just as I knew I couldn’t resist the choice.

I knew I’d leave my soul in Jet City.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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