Helping My Sister


This story contains “light” incest. You have been warned.


I’m an 18 year old man. I have a 19 year old sister and also my parents. The parents were at work and my little sister was visiting her friends. I didn’t have anything better to do so I decided to start to wank.

I started my computer and I tried to look for some porn. I couldn’t find anything new and good so I decided to settle for my own imagination. I wanked for a little while and then I got an idea of going to my sister’s room to search of something stimulating stuff.

I went to my sister’s room and almost immediately saw that there was a slightly transparent used string on the floor. I couldn’t believe that my sister would use strings. Already the thought of those on my sister got my penis to have a new growth. I took the string with me to my room and wanked while sniffing and tasting them.

I had an orgasm very quickly. After the session I brought the string back to the floor on my sister’s room in the same position as it was before, so my sister samsun escort wouldn’t notice anything.

Sister came home a few hours later, when I was eating and she joined me. She was a skinny 19 years old sexy blond girl. Her boobs were big but they could fit in hand easily and she also had very good ass also. She was hot pack in my opinion. Now she was wearing mini shorts and a light-colored top. Through her top I could see her thin bra. I could see through her top a little bit darker nipples spots.

It made my thoughts run and I got a boner. Sister did not notice anything because we had the table between us. During the whole meal I couldn’t think of anything else than my sister’s boobs and I had to delay my leaving from the table for so long that my sister had left the table so she wouldn’t see my boner.

Again I had to get to unload pressures. I went to see if the washing basket would hold anything nice for me but I found only some normal panties. They were also good and tasted good but escort samsun not as good as her string. I wanked and spent the whole rest day by myself.

In the morning when I woke up and in my mind there were only spinning pictures of my sister and my penis started to rise again. I thought that why shouldn’t I wank here and I started to wank. At that moment, the sister opened the room door and came in, asking for some help with her computer. Her presentation didn’t last for long when she noticed my penis.

So there we were both in silence for a few seconds, me lying in the bed naked with my penis in my other hand and her panties in my other hand and my sister’s gaze directly between my legs. I opened my mouth and said that I would come to see what was wrong. I got out of bed and got dressed while my sister was watching. I saw that she wasn’t wearing bra under her T-shirt and her nipples were hard.

We went to my sister’s room and I began investigating what was wrong. The room had only samsun escort bayan one chair, so that was where I sat. My sister leaned over next to me to watch my doings. At the same time I got the best view at her big cleavage. I couldn’t focus properly while I was staring at her cleavage. A short time later my sister complained that she was too tired to stand, and sat on my lap.

Of course, I had been all this time having a boner and when my sister sat on it I began to have real difficulty with concentrating on her computer. Even when she was sitting on my lap I could still see her cleavage.

In the end, I got the job done and my sister thanked me but she didn’t leave my lap. She started to shake her ass on my dick. I couldn’t handle this kind of stuff for more than few seconds and I came to my pants. My sister stood up and smiled at me. She pulled down her pants and I saw that her panties that she was wearing were wet.

She took her panties off and game me those while winking her eye. She put new panties on and pulled the pants back on and said that she would go back to see her friends.

I stayed still in her room looking at her while she took her shirt off and put her bra on and shirt back on. At that point my spermy penis was already fully risen again.

Then she left and I spent the whole rest of the day wanking and sniffing her panties.