Awakening of Fannie Ch. 13


(The following story relates to the slut/slave training of a former prim and proper housewife sent to be trained by a professional Master by her husband. She will not be the same woman when he gets her back home!)

Day 3

The past two days seemed like a nightmare! Fannie has been beaten, deprived of sleep and forced to lick shit from another woman’s ass! This is a far cry from her cozy home life with her loving husband. Why in the world did she want to be a slave? Why would her husband bring her here to be trained as a slave by a complete stranger? More importantly, why does she have such a strong desire to be a slut for not only her husband but for anyone that he allows her to be used by?

She awoke on this third day at the mansion feeling as though she was still dreaming. Before she even opened her eyes she felt that she was lying in a comfortable soft bed. A nice warm body was pressed against her back as arms wrapped around her and held her tight. She imagined that she was home again with her loving husband “S” as he held her tenderly as she slept. She started to caress the arm that held her and found it to be soft. A hand rested on her right breast and she could feel fingers beginning to touch her nipple. They started by massaging it and as it hardened by the touch they began to fondle and pinch them slightly. Fannie brought her hand up and placed it over the hand on her nipple. She found it, too, to be soft but it was much smaller than her husband’s hand!

“Good morning!” A voice said softly in Fannie’s ear.

She froze for a brief moment as she opened her eyes to see where she was. She realized that she wasn’t home as she first thought. She was still at the mansion of Master X! Fannie also realized that the voice of the person touching her was the slave girl, Heidi!

“Did you sleep OK?” She asked.

She rolled over and found herself face to face with the young girl. Fannie was still naked and so was she! She had no idea how she got into bed but she must admit that she was grateful!

“How did I get here?” Fannie whispered, not knowing who else might hear.

“Master carried you up and put you to bed. You passed out. You were wonderful! Master is very happy with you. You made it! I knew you would! It will be much better for you now. Just wait!”

Their faces were only inches apart. Fannie looked into Heidi’s bright blue eyes as she spoke and wondered how she came to be in bed with her.

“But how did you get here, in bed, with me?”

“You were so cold when Master put you to bed. I asked him if I could stay with you to keep you warm. You felt so good. I watched you as you slept. You are so beautiful. I wish that I could be just like you!” She put her arms around her and slid closer until their bodies touched. She stroked Fannie’s hair as she continued. “I’m so happy that you are here. I will take care of you and make sure that nothing happens to you while you are here! I promise!”

“How did you meet Master X and become his slave?” Fannie asked as she slid her hand up Heidi’s leg and rested it on her hip. She now realized for the first time that the girl was lying beside her naked as well.

“It’s kind of a long story. I lost my parents years ago and have been on my own ever since. I had nobody. I guess that I got in with the wrong crowd even though I have never been in trouble before. Well, one night we were out partying and I was in the back seat of my friend Trisha’s car. The police pulled us over and took us down the station. They ended up letting the other’s go but kept me there without ever telling me what I was being charged with. Master X just happened to stop down to see his friend Bill Renner who is our local police Chief. I saw them talk for a while from my cell. Master X would glance over at me from time to time and then I saw them shaking hands.”

She continued, “One of the officers took me from the cell to an interrogation room where I sat nervously. I didn’t know what I was being charged with or what was going to happen to me next. Chief Renner came into the room with Master X right behind. They sat across the table from me as the Chief asked me questions. He asked about my past, where I lived and worked, and if I were in touch with any relatives. I told him the truth. I had no job, no relatives, and nowhere to go. I guess that I broke down crying after I realized my situation.”

“He told me that seeing that I had no way to post bail he would allow for me to be released to Master X in lieu of bail if I were to agree to stay in his country mansion until a time that I am either sentenced or the charges are dropped against me. Master X agreed to give me room and board in exchange for doing domestic chores around his house. I also had to swear that I would not escape or leave without permission. I have been here ever since and would never leave unless I was told to do so.”

“What were you charged with? Were the charges ever dropped?” Fannie asked.

“Funny, diyarbakır escort no one has ever told me. I guess that the charges must have been dropped. I’ve been here quite a while now so I’m not worried about it anymore. Besides I don’t want to leave here, ever. I love it here and I love Master X!” She smiled.

Fannie thought that the whole situation sounded awfully suspicious and wondered how Heidi couldn’t see right through it as well. All she knew was that the young girl was happy and did not appear to be in any danger by staying with her Master. Heidi was of age and here of her own free will. She did not want to start trouble and spoil things for the girl so she would never bring up the subject again.

The fact is that Master X had told his friend, Chief Renner, just what he was looking for and when Heidi and her friends were taken to the station they were each interviewed and Heidi ended up being just what the Master ordered. When he received the call from the Chief he came right down to the station and decided that she was exactly what he wanted. A pretty young girl with no family and no ties who could just disappear! Her friends were told that she was being sent back home to her family (a blatant lie!) for her own good and they have not heard from her since. Master X never expected to have a relationship with the girl. His plan was to bring her in and train her as his slave, a domestic servant

Fannie started to feel warm inside. She stared into the young girl’s eyes and saw the eyes of innocence. Touching the girl’s face she felt her warm softness that she has never felt from another. She slid her body closer still until she could feel their breasts press against each other. Their legs intertwined to where each of their pussies rested against the each other’s thigh. It felt wonderful. So warm and soft, Fannie was not able to resist for another moment as she moved her face forward, parted her lips, and kissed Heidi passionately. They held each other tightly as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. As they kissed their legs pressed against the other’s pussy causing them both to become aroused. Nipples hardened and pushed against each other’s breasts as they began to writhe in unison.

Heidi was first to break her mouth away as she started to kiss Fannie on her neck and worked down to her breasts as she kissed and licked the older woman’s nipples. She put one of her hardened nipples into her mouth and sucked it like a baby before she began to nibble lightly with her teeth. This caused Fannie to moan loudly with pleasure as she placed her hands on the girl’s head and started stroking her long blond hair. Heidi moved down and started planting kisses down Fannie’s stomach past her bellybutton to her now moistening pussy.

Fannie’s pussy was now wet and wanting. She slowly opened her legs to allow the girl free access to her open cunt and she was rewarded immediately! Heidi took long, slow licks up each side of her inner labia. She put them between her lips and sucked on each one individually. Fannie grabbed at her tits and pinched her own nipples hard between her fingers. Juice flowed from her pussy as the young girl eagerly lapped it up with her tongue. She then did something that Fannie had never experienced before. She stuck her tongue deep into Fannie’s cunt and hooked it into the top of her hole. This put pressure on her inner pelvis as she pressed her upper lip and teeth against the woman’s clit! She worked her lip against the hardened pearl causing Fannie to moan loudly as she writhed on the bed on the verge of orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh! More! More! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed!

Heidi continued as Fannie went into convulsions. As she came down she lay panting as Heidi rested her head on Fannie’s stomach. She reached down and pulled Heidi up to lay upon her body. Looking into her face, still glistening from her own juices, she opened her mouth and kissed the girl wildly! She could taste herself in the girl’s mouth as she kissed and licked any remnants from her face. When she finally stopped she could see that the girl had the brightest smile on her face. She was absolutely beaming!

“Hungry?” Heidi asked as she bounded up from the bed.

Before Fannie could answer Heidi had already slipped her white slave dress over her head and trotted down the hall. Fannie shook the cobwebs from her head before she stood. She found her own dress nearby and after putting it on she went to find Heidi in the kitchen. With Master gone Heidi had free reign of the house. She made them both a big breakfast of bacon and eggs. Fannie was starving and downed it all quickly. Later they went into the bathroom where Heidi helped Fannie remove her collar before she took the butt plug from her ass and cleaned it. Fannie was than able to take care of business the proper way before they both showered together. They took turns washing each other. Heidi got a razor and shave cream ready for escort diyarbakır them to shave the stubble off of each other’s mounds.

Heidi had Fannie sit on the edge of the tub and spread her legs wide as she spread the lather over her pussy and inner thighs. She took slow and deliberate strokes with the razor to avoid possibly nicking her tender skin. When she was done she rubbed her hand across the grain to see if any stubble remained. When she was satisfied she wiped away any residue with a towel and got herself into position for Fannie to return the favor. Fannie couldn’t believe how pretty Heidi’s pussy looked to her. It was a perfect mound with no hint of her inner labia poking out. She found that the stubble felt like peach fuzz and wasn’t coarse at all! Once done they both donned their slave dresses and headed out of the bathroom.

“Oh my!” Said Heidi. “We had better hurry. Master will be back soon and we have to get the chores done before he comes.”

Fannie followed the girl down the hall. She couldn’t stop thinking about the younger girl’s pussy and how it felt to her touch. As Heidi walked ahead her little ass poked out of the opening in the back of her dress as it wiggled back and forth. Fannie couldn’t take her eyes off of it as she followed closely behind. Finally she couldn’t resist any longer!

“Wait!” She said as she places her hand on the girl’s shoulder to stop her. “I need to do this!”

As Heidi stops she is guided to look straight ahead by Fannie’s hands on her shoulder. She slides her hands down the girl’s sides as she kneels behind her. Fannie puts a hand on each side of the slit in the back of the long dress until the object of her desire in in view. Heidi can feel a cool breeze on her bottom as it is exposed. Fannie now places a hand on each cheek and spreads them wide until her little button asshole is visible. Heidi spreads her legs as she bends at the waist to allow better access knowing full well what was to come.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” Moaned Fannie as her lips met the girl’s puckered asshole.

She kissed and licked the wrinkled ring and then pressed her tongue against the hole until it relaxed and opened allowing her tongue to slip inside. She started to ream the girl’s asshole as Heidi began to moan and push her ass back to help the tongue inside of her behind to push in further. Both of the women were lost in their actions when suddenly……………….

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” Came and angry booming voice from down the hall behind the two women. “I leave you two alone and you can’t keep your hands, or should I say mouths, off each other?”

Heidi quickly spins around and kneels. She lowers her head but not before she could see that Master X is not alone. He is standing with his hands on his hips with a young man beside him. It is Will Renner, the police Chief’s son. He has a broad smile on his face as he just watched two women performing a sex act in front of him. He is tall and muscular with blond hair and blue eyes. He is shirtless and wearing tight jeans. Sweat glistened on his chest. He had been doing work in the yard when Master X asked him in for a drink. The huge bulge growing in his tight jeans did not go un-noticed by either the women or Master X.

Heidi looked up at him momentarily and began to blush. Will has been doing odd jobs for Master X for some time as a “favor” to his father, Chief Renner. He has always had his eye on Heidi and you could sense a spark between them when together. Master X does his best to keep them apart not wanting to spoil his own relationship with his slave girl.

“I’m sorry Master!” Heidi said with her head bowed. “I didn’t mean to……..”

“ENOUGH!” He shouted. “Get downstairs and prepare the wooden pony!”

“Please Master. Not that! I’ll do anything!” She said trying to hold back tears. Heidi hated the pony which is a torture device that Master X built himself. It is her least favorite form of punishment and Master knew that. He gives her a look that could kill and she knew right well that she had better get moving. Now!

She quickly gets up and dashes through the doorway at the end of the hall. Will watches her cute bottom wiggling through her dress until she is out of site. Meanwhile Fannie is left kneeling facing the two men with her head bowed. She decides not to speak as it would only tend to make Master X angrier.

-I couldn’t bear another night down in that cold dungeon. She thought.-

“So you think that you can disobey me and get away with it, do you?” He asked sternly.

“No Sir. We were just…..”

“I know what you were doing! Where is your collar? Where is your plug?”

Fannie put a hand on her neck. No collar! She put a hand to her ass. No butt plug! Oh God. What has she done?

-Oh fuck!-

“Do you think that I use these tools for my own benefit? Will, have you ever punished a slave girl before?” He asked with a shrewd smile diyarbakır escort bayan on his face.

Will has known for years what has been going on at the estate but has never had an opportunity get near the slaves let along assist in their training and punishment!

“No sir!” He said enthusiastically.

Fannie just looked down at the floor knowing full well that she was going to be punished for this and that she has no excuse. She had forgotten to put the collar and plug back on when she left the bathroom and her only thoughts were of making love to Heidi.

“This way, slave!” He growls as he pulls her up by the hair and drags her back to her room. She screams in pain as she cannot get to her feet and is pulled along by the hair. “Now do you understand why you must wear your collar? Or do you enjoy being pulled by your hair?”

“No Sir. I mean yes Sir! I will put it back on right away, Sir!”

“Take off that dress. I don’t believe that you have earned the right to wear it yet!”

“Yes Sir.” She replied between sobs.

Once she pulls the dress off over her head he takes it and tosses it aside before pushing her onto the bed.

“Will, I want you to shackle her, face down. Don’t be too gentle. I have someone else to deal with right now. Wait for me. I’ll be right back!” He said as he walks out of the room and heads for the dungeon.

When he reaches it he finds Heidi standing next to a long wooden contraption. It looks like a large saw horse with a smooth beam on top set on edge. The beam is shaped much like a triangle with the rounded point facing up. There are different variations as to the designs used. One would have the beam in a wide “V” with a sharp edge as another might use a squared edge on top. Master X felt that these designs caused too much long lasting pain and as he usually has his slaves in training for only one week at a time his method works best. The pony has a crank for raising the beam a little at a time.

Heidi has pulled it out from its storage place and positioned it where the pulley hanged overhead. It has not been used on her for some time as she almost never angers her Master to where he would need to use it on her. His reasoning for this punishment is twofold. First he wanted to show her who was in charge and that her little romp around the house may have set Fannie’s training back a step. Second, he wanted to get her out of Will Renner’s site and figured that he could set her up and let the horse punish her without having to be there to implement it.

“Please Master. I’ll be good. I promise. Please, not this! There are others in the house. I feel so embarrassed!” She wipes away a tear before placing her hands in front of her to allow her Master to cuff her wrists.

Knowing full well what to do she steps over the beam and centers herself under the pulley. Master X hooks the cuffs to a chain hanging from the pulley and jerks the operating chain to raise her hands above her head. Next he turns the crank which raises the beam to just below her crotch.

“I don’t want to hear any crying from you or I will have to come back and gag you. Now take your punishment and it will be over soon. Understand?” He started to turn the crank.

“Yes Master.” She replied softly.


The beam touches the soft flesh at the base of her pussy. She jumps slightly. The beam is cold and it startled her.


It works its way up between her outer labia. She can now feel it touching the little rosebud of her ass. She rises up on her toes before the beam causes any pain.


She is already on her toes as high as possible. The beam is now at the point where her toes are barely touching the floor. She is more balancing on the beam than standing on her own. She fights to keep her toes in contact with the ground so that her entire body weight is not pushing her tender cunt down onto the beam. She writhes in pain. She moans softly. Not enough for Master to punish her for it. Why didn’t he raise her off of the floor? Was it to show some mercy or just a cruel act to make her strain to avoid the torture that the pony will ultimately implement.

He stands behind her as she struggles. The beam wedged deep into the cleft of her bottom. She is fighting to keep her toes on the ground trying to relieve the pain which is starting to flow from her nether regions. He is satisfied with his handiwork as he walks away toward the cabinet that holds his bondage and torture devices. He opens it and retrieves something before turning and heading up the stairs. Hearing that he was leaving her alone to struggle with her torture, Heidi begins to cry. It was not from the pain.

“I’ve been a good girl. Why would he treat me this way? Maybe he doesn’t want me anymore. Maybe he wants something different. Someone different. Maybe he wants Fannie. I can’t blame him for that. I want her too. ” She says softly to herself between sobs. Her perfect world is coming apart. She will dwell upon this as her slow torture continues.

Back upstairs Will is securing the naked Fannie to the shackles at the corners of the bed. Lying face down she is secured until her limbs are spread eagle. Will looks down at the naked woman and has to adjust his hardening cock that strains to push through the soft cotton fabric of his well-worn jeans.