Catching the Wife Vol. 04


I rolled out of bed late in the morning. Having nothing to do I was in no hurry to start a lazy day. Grabbing something to eat I sat down to watch some bad weekend morning TV when the thought of my wife and last night came into my mind. I knew she would not be by today having a wedding and party to go to afterwards. Stretching out on my couch I zoned out as one hour blended into the next. By the afternoon I was bored out of my mind and by the evening I was dying for the day to finally come to an end. Around seven o’clock I was startled by the sound of my phone ringing. Answering it I was surprised to hear my wife’s voice on the other end.

Marisa called me in a very emotional state and I could tell she had even been crying a little. She said she wanted us to get back together again. That watching the wedding made her think of our marriage and wanted me to move back home. The she missed me and wanted to have a fresh start, to forget everything up to today, to move on with our lives. Needless to say I was shocked not expecting this at all. We ended up having a long phone conversation lasting several hours that night and we agreed to forget what was done, and to get back together again. It was decided I would start moving my stuff back in this week in my free time after work and hopefully have it all there before this coming weekend. In the mean time I would return to our house tomorrow afternoon only coming back to my apartment to pick stuff up. Since I renting only month to month it would be no trouble getting out of here. When we finally got off the phone I found myself in the best mood I’ve been in for a long time. That everything was going to be normal again.

Waking up Sunday morning I found myself very relaxed. After getting dressed I took a walk out onto my back patio for some fresh air on this sunny morning. Stepping outside to get some peace I found anything but. Jerome happened to be outside him self cursing out loud. Yelling over I asked if everything was okay? He yelled back it wasn’t. Told me he was pissed off because that girl he had been seeing was getting back together with her husband and said she wouldn’t be able to see him anymore. He said she was a “hot fuck” and had to find someone as good to replace her. I told him I was sorry to hear about his bad luck and that I was moving out of here this week. He asked me why so I lied telling him I found an apartment closer to work. He quickly mentioned he was glad for me, said if I needed any help to ask him before as headed back inside. I knew there was no way I would ask him to help me move stuff to my house knowing he had been there already.

Packing what I could into my car I left my little apartment for home. That night I laid in bed next to my wife but for several hours could not sleep. Staring at her I found myself thinking about how great it was to be back together but also everything she had done while we were separated. Should I talk to her about what I know? And how would I even bring it up? Then I remembered we both promised to start new, to let go and forget everything that was done before yesterday evening. If I were to bring it up it might drag our new found relationship into a downward spiral again that may never be fixed. It took me a while to come to this conclusion and I would pretend I knew nothing and move on. Though my mind had other ideas. Over the next few nights I had dreams that had Marisa and Jerome having sex. Would even find myself with a hard on after waking up from them. We also had sex a couple of times this week and each time I kept picturing in my head Marisa and Jerome going at it. Yet I continued to keep my mouth shut.

Other then these couple of issues everything seemed to be going well. I was home now for two weeks and couldn’t have been happier. Despite my feelings things were not as normal as I would have hoped for. The third Sunday I was home I was in our bedroom getting dressed while my wife was down the hallway getting ready to take a shower. We were going to go out for lunch and spend a relaxing day together. As I buttoned up my shirt I heard a buzzing sound coming from the night table. Looking over I saw my wife’s cell phone open and shaking letting her know she just got a text message. I found that strange to begin with since she always said she hated those and never wanted to use them. Walking over I picked it up to with the intention of giving it to her after she got out of the bathroom. Glancing down at the screen I saw the message as written “miss u n want to fck u again please get bck 2 me asap, Jerome.”

I could hear the water running in the shower so I began to look back into her past messages. I found another fourteen from Jerome over the past seven days not including the ones she replied to him about but just ones he sent on his own! They all said in one way or another that he needed her, missed her, wanted to meet up with her, wanted to fuck her, hasn’t been able to find anyone else to replace her, was begging to have sex with him, etc. She replied to them all basically antalya escort explaining that she couldn’t and it would be cheating. He would come back with he didn’t care that she was married he just wanted to fuck. That he hasn’t been with a woman in almost two weeks now and needed her badly and she was the best he’s had. I heard the shower turn off so I put the phone back where I found it and left the bedroom. From the living room I watched my wife walk into the bedroom. Coming out around ten minutes later she had her cell phone in hand closing it up.

We spent a nice day together and after getting home that evening she went into the kitchen to start making dinner. While she was busy I snuck into her bag and grabbed the cell phone out. Quickly I searched through the text messages to see what she wrote him today. She only said she couldn’t do it reminding him again she was married. For the next few days I randomly checked her cell phone when I had the chance to find new messages from Jerome but found none. I wasn’t sure if he finally gave up or Marisa was deleted them before I had the chance to sneak a peek. Either way it slowly slipped my mind as work began to get busier for me. Things still seemed normal until that next Tuesday. While driving home from work that evening I got a phone call on my cell. Reaching in my pocket I saw it was my wife. Answering it she told me she would be home late and had to do some overtime at work. I did find this a bit odd since she has never had to stay late at work but not thinking twice I told her I would be at home when she got there. Saying our good-byes I soon pulled into our driveway.

Taking a nice long shower I plopped down on the couch and waited for Marisa to come home. About one and a half hours later I saw headlights through our living room window as a car pulled into our driveway soon followed by my wife walking in the front door. She looked different from normal, a bit disheveled and yet relaxed. I asked how she was which she replied tired and sore as she headed towards the bedroom. In a matter of minutes I could hear the shower running. Late that night I attempted to have sex with Marisa but she showed no interests telling me she wasn’t in the mood. Not thinking much of it we both went to bed and were soon asleep. As the rest of the week went on I kept a look out for cell messages from Jerome and found none making me believe he had given up. The next Monday she called me saying she would be working late again. The week after it was Wednesday. Then the week after that she was late on Monday. It really didn’t seem right more so since the work she does never required overtime before. Each time she would come home looking very relaxed and every now and then with slightly messed up hair or clothing.

The week following she called me again on Monday saying that she would be home late. Thinking I would be nice I headed straight from work to her job to see if she wanted any company or maybe go out to dinner when she was finished. When I drove into the parking lot I found very few cars and my wife’s was no where to be seen. As I was about to get out I saw one of Marisa’s coworkers I knew and asked her if Marisa was inside. This woman swore to me that my wife already left. Thanking her I drove home thinking maybe she would be early after all only to find our house empty. A little more than an hour later she walked through the door. I right away asked her how she was. Telling me she was beat after an extra long day at work and was getting tired of these overtime days as she went towards our bedroom to take a shower. I was left speechless and had no idea what to think or to say. Then I thought of Jerome. Maybe he has something to do with this. Part of me really didn’t want to believe it was true but I needed to find out either way.

I already knew Jerome’s phone number which I got from my wife’s cell. The next evening after work I gave him a call. After having to explain who I was I asked him if he wanted to go out for a drink tonight, my treat. He readily agreed as we met at a bar halfway between the two of us. We spent some time just talking about what we have been up to in our lives since I moved. That’s when I took the chance to see if he knew anything about my wife so I asked him if he had any new women in his life. He said there were no new women in his life than asked me if I remembered that red head Marisa he was seeing while I still live there. Telling him I did I asked him why?

“Because I’ve been seeing her lately” he said. “It had been weeks without getting any as I continued to contact her to meet up with me. She always told me she couldn’t, being married and all but I don’t give a shit. She is a hot piece of ass who knows how to suck dick, big tits, and has a tight little pussy. Plus she always let me fuck her bareback and no bitch in years has let me do that. I finally got her to come over to my place to ‘talk’ by threatening to come to her house whether her husband was home or antalya escort bayan not. Well, when I got her into my place it didn’t take too long before I got her in bed. I’ll tell you bro after weeks of build up it was a real relief to feel empty if you know what I mean. Since then she’s been coming over every week without her husband knowing. Best of all she now contacts me to get some. Like I told you before man size matters when you know how to use it. And I sure as shit ain’t complaining since I now get some every week.”

My jaw about hit the ground as all my questions were answered in one moment. A few minutes later I told Jerome I had to get home. The whole drive there I kept running back in my head what he had said. I couldn’t believe it. When I got home Marisa was waiting for me with dinner ready. I acted as if I knew nothing but couldn’t get it out of my mind so much so that I had a hard time sleeping that night. Two nights later she called me again telling me she would be working late once more. Wanting to see for myself I drove right towards my old apartment after work. As I passed by the building slowly I peered up into the lot. Low and behold there was Marisa’s car parked near Jerome’s apartment. She really was seeing him again!

Parking my car along the side of the street I snuck up the rear of the building towards his apartment. As I came upon his bedroom window I would see a light but he had his shade down this time. Moving up towards his rear sliding doors at his living room I peeked around the corner to see it empty. I noticed on the couch was sitting my wife’s purse along with a couple pieces of clothing laying on the floor that looked like what Marisa had put on this morning. Rushing back to my car I headed right home. I sat down and waited for my wife. Less than an hour later she got home looking relaxed as always along with wearing the exact same clothing I saw laying on Jerome’s living room floor. I asked her how she was which she said tired and went to take a shower. That night I had trouble sleeping as everything ran through my head. I must have still be off that morning when Marisa asked me if I was okay since I didn’t seem myself.

The coming week was the same with my wife staying late at “work” on Monday. On Tuesday I was informed by my boss that I would be representing the company at a conference this weekend. I would be leaving early on Friday and wouldn’t get back home until Sunday afternoon the earliest. Granted I was being paid for it which I couldn’t complain about but I was in no mood to leave with everything going on. That night I told my wife about it. She seemed sad that I would be gone telling me I would be missed and wasn’t sure how she would keep busy without me around. It really wasn’t too long though before she was able to find some company for the weekend as I found out the next day.

As I was leaving work the next evening I got a call on my cell phone. Seeing it was Jerome’s number I picked up. He told me he wouldn’t keep me long but wanted to say that he was going to be busy this weekend. That Marisa’s husband was going away and when he found that out he pushed her until she agreed to let him keep her company while he was gone. I was left almost speechless yet wasn’t sure what to do about it. I could just confront Marisa about everything that has been going on. A part of me though got off at the idea since we always used to fantasize about it in bed. I thought I would wait to talk to her about it until after I got back home and wanted to have something to show her in case she lied about what she had been doing.

Before going home I went straight to the store to pick up two web cams for our main desk top computer in our living room and my laptop that I usually kept in our bedroom. Looking around I found two good ones. A small one that records sound and can be easily hidden to attach to my laptop. The other that I would use for our living room desk top wasn’t as small but like the other recorded in color and with audio. Opening them both I hid one in my pocket before going inside the house. After dinner I told my wife I got a camera for our desk top. When she asked me why I explained it was an old piece of office equipment they were getting rid of at work. That I wasn’t sure if it worked or not so I would play with it when I go back on Sunday. Two days later on Thursday morning I got ready for work as normal and waited for my wife to leave since she usually does before me. She had no idea I wasn’t going to work today, having asked for it off to get ready for the trip. Once Marisa kissed me good-bye and wishing each other a good day I watched as she got in her car and drove to work.

Giving it some time to make sure she wouldn’t come back I then rushed over to our desk top computer. Hooking up the camera I waited for the setup to finish. Once done I began to play with it until I got the view I wanted of our living room and most of our kitchen behind. Since the two rooms are only escort antalya separated by a large arched doorway it had a view of our dinning table, and part of the counter tops in the cooking area. After being finished I played with it until I learned how to keep it recording but closing the main window just in case so she wouldn’t see it taping her unless she looked very hard. Next I went into our bedroom and set up the other camera to my lap top. I usually keep it sitting on top of my book case so I had to find a place to hide the camera since she didn’t know about this one. Spending some time I finally figured out a way to get it to work where it wasn’t at all noticeable even while standing next to it. The best part is she never touches my laptop so I had no worries about her finding out I was taping her but just in case I made sure to hide the window on this computer as well.

The next morning I got up and dressed to head off on my two and a half day trip. I watched my wife get ready for work putting on a pair of low black heels, tan knee length skirt, and a white button up blouse, looking very nice in general. After breakfast she left soon followed by myself as I went to work to pick up some papers I would need before driving to the airport to jump on the plane. It was far from a pleasure trip being filled with work. I kept looking forward to finally getting back home the whole time. After flying back I had a long drive home giving me time to finally think about what might have happened while I was gone. Pulling into our driveway that Sunday evening I had no idea what awaited me. Marisa was sitting in the living room waiting for me to get home. Giving me a big hug and a kiss she told me dinner was ready. I almost began to think that nothing had gone on by the way she was acting. I made sure to take some time when she wasn’t looking to unplug both of the cameras to stop them from recording any longer. As the night wore on she began to get tired and asked me if I was ready to go to bed. Telling her I would stay up a little longer watching TV she told me not to stay up too late as she got up and walked back towards our room. I waited several minutes to make sure she wasn’t coming back out then I got up and went right to our living room computer.

Turning on the screen I clicked on the web cam icon to see it was still recording, she thankfully hadn’t found out what I had done. Hitting stop I went back all the way to the beginning of the video that was recorded. Needless to say it was a lot being almost sixty hours long. I knew I couldn’t just sit there and watch the whole thing so I began to fast forward until about two hours into it I saw my wife walk into the living room from the front door area. I found that very odd since it was still Friday morning and she should have been at work. It all made sense in less then thirty minutes when there was a knock at our front door. Marisa rushed over and I could hear a mans voice, it was Jerome’s. They soon both walked directly in front of the screen as he sat down on our sectional sofa and Marisa went into the kitchen behind. Coming back with a drink in her hand she sat down right next to him. Jerome asked her when I was coming back home. When she told him Sunday evening he said “Good, then we have plenty of time.” With that he grabbed her glass and placed it on the small table we have at the end of the couch. Leaning in he kissed my wife deeply.

They made out like this for around fifteen minutes before he began to feel her up. First pawing at he breasts under he blouse than slowly unbuttoning it down to below her bra. Running his lips down her neck to her chest he spread the shirt open kissing the tops of her breasts. I could hear my wife breathing heavily the whole time. Letting go of her shirt he moved his hand to her knee then began moving it up her though sliding it under her skirt. I watched as his hand got higher Marisa slowly spread her legs soon followed by her moaning as I could tell by his arm motions he was fingering her. Jerome kept at it only for maybe four minutes before I could see my wife’s legs start to quiver followed by her cumming hard around his hand. How the hell does get her to cum so quickly?

Marisa leaned back against the couch to catch her breath. Jerome didn’t want to wait as he took this moment to finish unbuttoning my wife’s blouse even pulling the bottom the was tucked in her skirt until it was fully open. Marisa then took it off the rest of the way as she stood up. Kicking off her heels and unzipping her skirt letting in drop to the floor. At the same time Jerome pulled his own shirt off and removed his shoes. Standing up with my wife he kissed her on the lips as she began undoing his pants. With a big smile on his face he watched as she pushed them down followed by his boxers. I saw his long, thick, black cock spring out hard as a rock and pointing right at my wife’s stomach. She dropped right down to her knees kissing, licking, then sucking on this massive dick. Jerome grabbed the back of her head as she gave him a blow job for roughly four or five minutes. He then pulled her head off telling her to stand up. Putting his hands around her back he unhooked her bra, sliding down off her shoulders and throwing it on the couch. Taking a few moments to play with her bare breasts he moved her back over to the couch telling her to lay down across it.