Her Plans

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He waited on the front steps for that woman he met in the café.

She caught his eye and flashed him a quick wink across the room, hoping to instigate conversation. As the line went down, he was close enough that any words exchanged could be done so with a soft tone. In short time, they had exchanged numbers on each other’s coffee lid. The remainder of the afternoon was spent trying to decide what to say, where to go…all the standard nervous reactions to a spur of the moment date. She wrote her name, the time and place to meet her later.

Now that later was upon him, nerves were getting the best of him. Every stranger on the cobblestone walk could have been her. What if he did not recognize her again after all those hours? What if she just saw him again and kept walking? What if she were to stand him up? It was her idea to meet, so she probably would keep the date. Should I flirt back, or try to hold her hand or put an arm around her shoulders….what a wreck! She was not even there yet and the night was about to be planned out.

She had plans of her own. She arrived at the precise moment inscribed on his lid. He happened to be ten minutes early making “on time” seem like an eternity away. Looking at her watch, she announced to him that they’d better hurry or they’d be late. She put out her hand and his raised to meet it. Leading him along, they hurried across the street and got on the bus. Several blocks later with minimal talking, they got off the bus and entered a somewhat fancy looking place.

The front door was all glass with a beautifully carved wood frame. The interior was lavishly decorated with earthy items. Lots of granite, bamboo, muted colors, silks, and natural lighting accented the whole place. He felt weird at first, but realized she was at ease there and he should be too. He went with it.

Comfortably familiar greetings were exchanged between her and the staff as they led the couple to a wide and longer than usual staircase. Once upstairs, a brief tour of the various rooms as well as how they were to order their lunch or snack or other beverages than the naturally infused orange water. With that, the hostess went downstairs and left them be. They walked around the upstairs again to acclimate themselves to the different settings available to them for the next couple hours. Although she had been there before, all the rooms were decorated somewhat differently than her last trip here. She had heard so much about all the new offerings and what could happen here. This vampire academy izle man was particularly selected for her intentions today.

With each room they entered came a scrutiny of him through her eyes. She watched his reaction or expression with each door they looked through. At the end of their repeat tour of the upstairs, he was leaving it up to her to select one. She chose the one that made him smile biggest. Then she watched his shoulders settle in a more relaxed spirit. The faint smell of burning candles was a nice touch and helped with the relaxation process too.

What she hoped to do also happened to be what he was in the market for this afternoon. She could see it in his eyes. She seemed to know before he did that what he wanted was what she had in store for him.

They entered the corner room with all the frosted windows. He stepped quietly into the room behind her. Smiles on each of them went ear to ear, and he nearly ran to the overstuffed chair in the corner by all the deep green plants. He almost smacked his leg on the glass top table in the center of the room, but was able to leap over the edge. She was amused and amazed that a man of his age could jump so high and react so fast. When he got there, she told him to take off his clothes and stay a while. He laughed and kicked off his shoes. She turned on a heel and went to the other side of the room to get the wine she ordered. After a couple glasses, she got out of the chair, leaving him to sit in it by himself again.

She reached in her purse and took something out, but he could not see what it was. One more command for the night, she told him to remove all clothes from the lower half of his body. Adding in that it was alright if he wanted to remove all his clothes, but at a minimum, the pants and boxers had to go. Once he unbuttoned and unzipped them, she sat on the floor, grabbed the hem of his pants and yanked them so fast they caught wind as they were thrown over her head. Earlier, they both silently agreed that he was as relaxed as he could possibly be. As soon as he felt her hands cupped around his balls, they both felt that lingering, settling state of being. His mind was melting as the grip tightened. She sat on the floor in front of the chair, balancing her ass on her heels. He placed his drink on the armrest and positioned his hands on her ears. She took her hands and removed his from her body.

Her hands constricted once again around his bag before introducing velma izle themselves to the base. His legs pushed forward so he could extend his lap and let her hands get deeper into her actions. Once the head turned that beautiful glowing purplish red tone, he held the outside of her hands and slapped her in the face with his engorged cock. At first she looked startled, but then her eyes asked for another. Happy to oblige, the striking and stroking continued. While he struck her, she made herself available, but as he took a few strokes, her face tipped down to moisten his balls. The coinciding actions got them both wet and ready for something more. She lifted her head to cock-head level and opened her mouth as if to say, “Please, put it here.” He bent it her way to allow a little sucking, just to see what she’d do with it at that awkward angle.

Into her mouth it went. She had to suck consistently so it would not escape her merlot colored lips. The long suck continued until she could raise herself off her heels and onto her knees. This is where the real maneuvering could begin. Keeping her face level with his groin, her eyes looked up at him across her brow and through her bangs. He gave her the biggest smile he could, considering she was making every muscle in his body work on another frequency which happened to be off. A few slow, deep, methodical head bobs later, she made a lame effort at pulling his pants back up over his knees so they could walk to the room at the other end of the hall.

This room boasted more windows than the last room, but these opened a bit. The extra details made a difference too, like the tilting bed and adjustable lights and music. The music was important, even though he thought it was corny at first. She let him make all his comments, and then she instructed him to remove his pants. He listened well and she commended him before snapping her next command of lying on the bed. She tipped the head of the bed in a declining position. His cock was expected to defy gravity and entice her to play more. Just as the music was getting to him, she swallowed him whole. All those inches from the head disappeared over her lips while he watched in amazement that she did not gag yet. Just as he was feeling insulted or maybe inadequate, she moaned in such a sensual way that he knew she was enjoying him. Whatever feelings he was bouncing around were an immediate thing of the past.

He settled a great deal, and her moaning picked up. Yes, she was vikings valhalla izle thoroughly satisfied, and she showed it by humming in tune to the pre-selected tunes being piped in overhead. He was motionless. A few sounds of approval made their way across his tongue, but nothing audible. This was all the encouragement she needed. She bounced her head on his fat cock. Lifting his head to see what was causing the sensation he felt, he noticed that her head was only moving an inch or two. “What the hell is she doing?” he thought. No real and true blow job could possible be done with such little movement on her part. One more deep throated moan let him know she was in control. Her hand strapped beneath his sac and up to the base brought his balls right to her lip. Her other hand continued to slowly stroke him, but only at the very bottom. She held him like a cigar just where her lips landed as his cock was at a comfortable location in her throat.

That little bobbing mixed with the fast short gentle stroking of his shaft gave him more sensations than he could process, so he gave up trying. Within seconds of releasing his mind to the feelings she was giving him, he was about to explode. She withdrew him one little bit at a time. Each half inch, she tightened her lips around him and inserted again. She’d let go of an inch and suck back a half. Squeezing with only her lips as she took him out, he squirmed in the bed, driving him wild. When she could get the whole width of her hand around him, she sucked hard and took her hand away. The sucking force brought him all the way back to her throat, she pounded it in a couple more times and waited for his first shot to hit her lips. AS it did, she licked it in such an erotic manner, he gave up even trying to hold back on this climax. With the second pulse, she grabbed him by the base and directed where the cum should go. A hot spray of the face felt deserving of another. She licked it from her lips, dabbed it from her chin with a fingertip before sucking it from there too. The rest of it demanded the teasing end and she swallowed his cock to be certain there was no more wasted in the fountain-like display of pleasure.

He felt the angle of the bed shift as the motor brought him to a better angle to see her. The lace and silk bra was full of hardened nipples. Her skin was golden with the glow of the sun pushing through the frosted glass. Through the slightly cracked window, they listened to the noises outside and remembered they were not on that secluded island as their fantasy described. She helped him again with his pants, then put her soft pink sweater back on to conceal her own stimulated happiness. On the way out, she told the concierge to book her for next Wednesday as well.

They left, she told him to meet her at the same café, where he would wait for her on the steps.

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