The Summer of ‘98

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I am writing this story because I am obsessed with my cousin. She used to write about us and publish them on the web. Unfortunately, these stories were merely her fantasy and did not reflect what really happened between us. I am going to set the record straight. Julie portrayed herself as a cute, sweet innocent girl. Well she was cute and sweet, but far from innocent. In this story, I will attempt to tell the true story from both my perspective and Julie’s, not how she would tell it, but according to what really happened. I do this with the hope that she will read it and rekindle our relationship. It has been thirteen years since we explored each other during the hot summer nights of 1998.

Before I turn the story over to her, allow me to introduce her. When Julie was a baby, her parents were killed in a horrible accident; she was only a year old. Shortly thereafter, she came to live with us. I don’t remember that because I was two. We treated each other as brother and sister until after my first year of college. In fact, most of our friends thought we were siblings.

I would describe Julie in one word: passionate. When she decides to do something, she jumps in with her entire being. Nothing she does is half-assed; it is all or nothing. Julie is an athletic girl with shoulder length sun streaked dark blonde hair and a smile that lights up any room. She is a little taller than the average female but height runs in our family. Her boobs are full but not huge; I think she is a C cup but I am not sure. They are quite firm with turned up nipples and light pink areolas. I love to watch her nipples puff out when she gets excited. Her best features are her muscular legs and ass. She could literally smother you when she wraps those legs around you. She played soccer and volleyball in high school and reminds me somewhat of Hope Solo.

What about me, perhaps I should let Julie describe me. Since I am writing both parts, I will only say that I am tall with dark wavy hair. Although I am not as good-looking as my cousin is, I am attractive. I have always been in good shape as I went to college on a soccer scholarship. My physical attributes are normal. I am not huge but quite adequate in that department. Enough about me, let’s journey back to the summer of 1998.

Julie’s story


Where am I? What is this strange feeling? A warm feeling is creeping up my body. It starts at my toes, pauses between my thighs and works its way up to my nipples. My face is flush while I struggle to open my eyes. My brow furrows as I adjust to the dark. I am in my bed lying on my back naked; legs apart and knees bent. Noisy slurping sounds alerted me the source of my pleasure. The scratching of beard stubble against my inner thighs told there was a man down there. Peering down, I saw a shock of wavy brown hair moving slowly up and down. Scooting up, I grab a hand-full of hair and tilt his head back to view his face. My heart was pounding at what I saw.

“Brett, what are you doing here?”

“What does it look like? I’m eating.”

“I can see that, but who invited you?”

“You did,” he explained. “When we were talking earlier tonight you asked me why I was walking around last night. When I can’t sleep, I go looking for something to eat. You told me I should come in and talk.”

“I didn’t mean that you should eat me. After all, you are my cousin and some things should be between lovers. Nevertheless, you found something to eat and now we’re talking. But there is one small inconsistency.”

“What’s that?”

“You should always finish what you start,” I winked.

I let go of his hair and his head dropped back into place. A sigh escaped my lips as his tongue slowly divided my pussy lips. I felt them swell as my juices ran down the crack of my ass. Brett slurped them up as his tongue travelled up to my clit and back down to my ass. Clutching his hair, I pulled him closer. The flat of his tongue lapped at my clit electrifying my nipples. I let go of his hair with one hand and moved it up to squeeze my tits. Massaging my breasts, I tweaked one nipple and then the other. My head rocked side to side gasping for air as Brett’s tongue continued its assault on my swollen pussy. The only sounds in the room were my heavy breathing and the squishy sound emanating from below. As Brett increased the pace, my ass lifted off the bed. My body had a mind of its own now and could not help itself.

“Oh god…yes…right there, Brett…please don’t stop,” I moaned.

He didn’t. He rolled his tongue and inserted it into my drenched pussy. My eyes shot open and I humped his tongue involuntarily.

“Fuck me Brett,” I screamed. “Fuck me with your tongue.”

“Quiet Jules, you’ll wake Mom and Dad.”

“I don’t care,” I whimpered. Shut up and make me come. I can’t take it anymore.”

Brett was insistent now. I shook and flailed about as Brett attacked me with his tongue. A cock couldn’t be better, I thought. No time to think güvenilir bahis now, my virgin pussy would have to wait while I gave myself up to the consuming onslaught of Brett’s mouth and tongue. The room dimmed, and I couldn’t think at all. Nothing else mattered except the pleasure I received. There were no sights, sounds or smells, just the relentless pounding of my dripping pussy. My pelvis rocked in time to Brett’s rhythm.

“You’re going to make me cum, Brett. I’m going to cum on your tongue.”

He let out a muffled grunt and licked me feverishly up and down pausing to circle my clit. Again, I lost control and humped his face. Grabbing my thighs, Brett regained control of my thrashing body. My pussy and nipples were on fire now. Every time his tongue touched my clit, a bolt of electricity pulsed through by body. I can’t take much more, I thought. I was right. Brett latched onto my clit with his mouth while driving two fingers into my pussy. My thighs clamped together smothering Brett. He continued to saw two fingers into my cunt while circling my clit with his tongue. Wide-eyed, I bolted to a sitting position and grabbed Brett by the ears. My toes curled as my pelvis tightened and exploded.

“I’m cumming Brett,” I shrieked. “Ohhh…Ohhh…Ohhh,” I cried as my whole body shuddered. “I’m cumming on your tongue right now! Oh god, I’m cumming so hard.”

My hips jerked as my cunt pulsed and shot several loads of pussy juice onto Brett’s face. Gasping for air, I lay back in my bed. When my pussy quit throbbing, I sat up. Where’s Brett? Suddenly there was a knock at my door.

“Who is it,” I croaked. Brett peeked in.

“Are you OK? I heard a scream.”

“Yeah, I’m OK,” I managed. I tried to cover up my exposed boobs, but I had to extract my fingers from my pussy first.

“I must have had a bad dream,” I said pulling the sheet up to my shoulders. I’m not sure what Brett could see in the dim room. Nevertheless, my twin peaks were still on high beams as my chest rose and fell beneath the drenched sheet.

“Do you want to talk or get something to eat?” Brett offered.

“No, I’ve had enough talking and eating for one night,” I said. “I just want to clean up,” I slipped. “I mean get back to sleep.”

“Alright,” he said. “We can talk in the morning if you want.”

Brett gently closed the door and padded down the hall to his room. Geez, if Brett heard me, who else was awake? I couldn’t think about that now, my bed was a wreck. I cleaned up and put clean sheets on. What the fuck was that? Never in my eighteen years have I experienced anything like this. I have never had sex, even though I think about it constantly. I’m not counting self-love. I masturbate at least once a day, but I have never cum that hard or ever squirted. My fantasies usually involved a celebrity or one of my cousin’s friends. Now I’ve had sex with my cousin, well sort of.

My mind wandered as I slipped naked between the cool sheets, my fingers roving over the wispy down covering my virgin pussy. What would it be like with Brett? Dare I try something? Well, tomorrow is another day and he did invite me to talk. I slipped a finger into my moist pussy. Hmm, that feels good. How shall I seduce Brett? Just the thought of seducing him made me wetter. But how? Should I walk in naked and say, “Want to suck your little cousin off?” No, I need something more subtle, something that involves a little skin. Sighing, I closed my eyes and drifted off dreaming of ways to make myself irresistible.

Brett’s story


I’d been away at college for almost a year. I did come home for holidays and some weekends, but I usually partied with friends to relieve some of the stress of engineering majors. My parents must have heard the door shut on my Chevy Blazer, because they came out to greet me. After some small talk, we went inside.

“Julie, your cousin’s home,” Mom called out. Following a flurry of activity, Julie bounded down the stairs and into my arms. Pressing her body into my chest, she smothered my neck with kisses. Her breasts were noticeably larger than I remembered. Backing away Julie apologized.

“Sorry for the sweat,” she said. “I’ve been working out.”

“I feel your efforts have paid off,” I said wiping my chest. “You look great, Jules. Maybe we can work out together sometime,” I smiled eyeing her heaving chest. I glanced away hoping she hadn’t noticed.

“I’d like that,” she winked.

Mom broke the tension by suggesting that we get ready for dinner. I grabbed my bags and followed Julie up the stairs. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass as we walked the 14 steps to the second floor landing. What a tight little package, I thought. Too bad, she’s my cousin.

“I’ll see you in a few,” she said. “I need a quick shower.”

I remained motionless watching Julie’s ass disappear into her room. Get hold of yourself, I thought. That’s exactly what I’d do if this teasing continued. Once in my room, I put my türkçe bahis clothes away and sat down on the bed. Still looks the same; doesn’t anything ever change? I heard the door open to the bathroom between our rooms. Julie was humming and setting things on the counter. I glanced up to see the door on my side was open a crack and Julie made no effort to close it. We did that a lot when we were kids so the steam wouldn’t build up. I never cared before, but now there was a woman on the other side and my carnal instincts took over.

I saw glimpses of flesh pass back and forth with the limited view I had. Was that her boob or an elbow? I needed a closer look. Walking to the dresser, I pretended to change my t-shirt. Through the 2-inch crack, I glimpsed her naked ass and shapely legs before she disappeared into the shower. While she hummed and sang, I stripped and put a towel around my waist so I would be ready for my shower when Julie was done. Suddenly the door flung open to my room giving me a brief flash of her glistening body before wrapping herself in a towel.

“No fair peeking,” she announced. “The shower is all yours. It’s too bad we can’t bathe together like when we were kids.”

“That might be a little awkward,” I advised.

“I see,” she said glancing at my towel. “It’s just that I miss those days.”

Julie grabbed a hand towel and bent over to dry her hair. I saw some nice cleavage as she vigorously dried her hair. The towel under her arms loosened slightly and threatened to fall down.

“We have new days ahead,” I assured her.

“I hope so. Now get in the shower,” she said popping the hand towel in my direction.

The force loosened her towel giving me a brief glimpse of her pink areolas but Julie caught it before baring her nipples. I slipped into the shower as Julie left the room. Is Julie flirting with me, I wondered. No, she wouldn’t. Looking down, my erection said yes. Why would she flirt with me? Surely, she has boys lining up. I pondered this while stroking my cock. I needed some release soon as my balls were beginning to ache. Maybe I should go to the club tonight and meet a nice girl.

“You’d better hurry up,” she called startling me back to reality. “We’ll be late for dinner.”

I turned off the water and stepped on the bathroom rug. Finding only a small hand towel, I wrapped it around my waist. Turning around I was surprised to see Julie’s door open. She was sitting at her makeup table with her back to me.

“Hey. What happened to all the towels?” I barked. I noticed three or four towels strewn about on her bedroom floor, and Julie wasn’t wearing one. It wasn’t apparent at first because she was sitting in a high-backed chair. However, I got a good look at her tits through the reflection in the mirror. She leaned in close to the mirror to apply mascara and glanced up at me.

“Peeking again?”

“Uh, no,” I stammered. “I just thought you would have a towel on.”

“It was hot,” she replied objectively.

“So am I,” I muttered retreating to my room.

I didn’t see Julie again until dinnertime. Dressed in a sparkly black hip-length shirt, tight jeans and boots, she was a knockout. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. It must be contagious, because when I looked up; Julie looked into eyes and moistened her lips with her tongue. Is it just my imagination or is something happening between us. My cocked swelled and I had to excuse myself. Once in the bathroom, I adjusted myself and used the blow dryer to get rid of the wet spot on my jeans. I stuffed a wad of toilet paper in my briefs to sop up any future leakage and returned to the table.

“Do you kids want to have a nice evening and play games tonight?” Mom asked. Julie spoke first.

“I thought we’d go to the club with some friends.”

“Well, have a nice time, and don’t drink too much.”

“Oh Mom,” Julie whined. “We can only drink 3-2 beer and Brett doesn’t drink. He can be the designated driver.”

That seemed to satisfy Mom and we escaped into the night laughing all the way to the Blazer. We picked up four of our friends and arrived at the Club Rodeo about 9 pm. The band began playing and the beer was flowing.

“Thanks for covering for me about not drinking; I am not in training right now.”

“No sweat Cuz,” she assured me taking hand. “Come on cowboy, this girl wants to dance.”

Oh, could that girl dance. All eyes, at least mine were on her, when the band sang ‘Country Girl / Shake It for me’. I got hard just watching her. The next dance was slow and I drew Julie in close. I felt her hard nipples against my chest and I’m sure she felt my cock as her body melted into mine. By the time we finished the dance, my balls ached and pre-cum was leaking in a steady stream.

When we got back to the table, several more friends had arrived including Brittany my high school sweetheart. We were seeing other people now but old flames die slowly. She sidled up to me and whispered in my ear.

“Can you help me out Brett,” she güvenilir bahis siteleri asked. “I want you to pretend that you’re with me. I broke up with Steve last week and he has been bothering me.”

“No problem,” I said sliding my hand on her butt. “What’s in it for me?”

“Down boy,” she said. “The night is still young.”

We grabbed some beer and walked over to a secluded booth. Brittany is a slim raven-haired beauty with a beautiful smile. Even though her tits are small, her nipples are very sensitive. Since our friends were over 21, they were able to buy hard stuff and Julie downed several tequila shots after I left.

“Looks like someone is jealous,” Brittany remarked.

“Julie? No, it’s just that it’s my first night back and we came together.”

“She won’t have any trouble finding company,” Brittany observed seeing several young men milling around her.

“Now, what seems to be bothering you?” she said as she slid her hand under the table between my thighs. “I think I know,” she grinned squeezing my cock. “Let’s work off some of that energy,” she said as pulled me to the dance floor.

I didn’t think dancing was a contact sport, until I met Brittany. She wanted to leave no doubt that I was her man. At every opportunity, she groped, fondled and ground herself into me. Julie took notice and tried to outdo Brittany. It was more like dry humping than dancing. Nevertheless, the sexual tension was high when we left the floor. As we slid into the booth, Brittany wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my lips down to hers and kissed me deeply. Her mouth was hungry and sweet as our tongues met. I slowly ran my fingers up her bare arm and tickled her arm on the way down. Her moans told me that her body was responding. After several minutes, I moved slowly to her neck and shoulders and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. Slipping a hand in, I gently massaged the swell of her breasts. Her breathing deepened as I travelled down to the underside of her breasts. Slipping a finger under her bra, I lightly circled her nipples.

“Play me Brett,” she begged. “Play me like that fiddle thing.”

“Stradivarius,” I corrected.

“Whatever,” she whispered. “Just do it.”

I like to warm a girl up before going for the prize and I find light touches work best. Her moans tell me if I am doing it right. The touches are similar to the pressure you would use on a laptop mouse pad. I call it the Stradivarius touch. It sounds sexier than saying ‘I am going to touch you like a mouse pad’.

Brittany was definitely responding. She pushed her bra up giving me access while my fingers worked their magic. Brittany’s warm breath came in ragged bursts as I lightly caressed her breasts and nipples. Leaving her breasts, my hand travelled down her belly. I rubbed my palm lightly across her stomach while nibbling and flicking my tongue on her lips. I knew she couldn’t take much more.

“Feel how wet I am,” she said guiding my hand under her skirt between her moist thighs.

I ran my fingers over her silky panties as we devoured each other with our mouths. Her mound swelled with desire as the wetness seeped through her panties. She struggled to catch her breath when I slipped a finger under her panties and into her wet pussy.

“I want you to make me cum,” Brittany whispered.

“Here?” I asked.

“Yes,” she panted pausing to slip her panties down. “No one can see us, it’s dark.”

I had diddled Brittany in public places before but not with so many people around. The thought excited me and there was a tablecloth hiding our activities. Angling her body towards me, Brittany curled one leg under her ass while the other leg dangled on the floor. Guiding my hand to her open pussy, I saw the flared pink lips begging me enter. Brittany trembled as I explored the moist outer folds of her swollen labia. When I slipped my middle finger in, she closed her eyes. Glancing around the room, I saw that no one paid us any attention. It must have looked like two friends involved in an intimate conversation. I slipped a second finger and curled it up searching for that little hard spot on the upper wall of her vagina.

“Oh, yes…right there, don’t stop,” she moaned while unzipping my jeans.

Reaching in, she released my pent-up dick. I heard the squishy noises as she slid her hand up and down my juicy cock. Julie was dancing with some cowboy while her tits jiggled under her blouse. Did she take off her bra I wondered? Watching Julie with my fingers buried in another girl’s cunt was turning me on even more. The effect was electric. I pretended that Julie was jerking me off under the table. I didn’t think I’d last very long so I got busy pleasing Brittany. Using my fingers like a cock, I slowly sawed them in and out while rubbing her clit with my thumb. When I increased the pace, her moans grew more insistent. I could tell she was getting close. I pressed deeply into her tunnel and flicked her clit on each stroke. With my free hand, I pinched her nipples. That’s all it took.

“Oh shit I’m going to cum,” She moaned her eyes snapping open. Brittany stopped stroking me and leaned forward burying her face in my chest. As her orgasm approached, she jerked me harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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