A Deal’s a Deal

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Sarah Lee Camp was finishing up the last few dishes when she heard her son Jason and his friend Bryce run in from the driveway where they were playing basketball. The boys were arguing.

“No way dude! Fuck off. Get back here,” she heard her son say.

“Language!” she called over her shoulder.

Bryce ran into the kitchen. “Hi, Mrs. Camp. You look lovely today.” Jason trailed in behind, looking worried.

Sarah Lee turned off the sink, turned around, crossed her arms, and gestured down to the simple grey gingham wrap dress she was wearing. “You’re sweet, Bryce, but don’t be ridiculous. This dress is like my housework dress. It’s all worn out and a million years old.”

“Well, that’s the thing about you. You’re so hot you make even that dress look good,” said Bryce with a charming smile. Sarah Lee made a little scoff noise, unable to respond any other way to the boldness of the 19-year-old boy. She felt his eyes on her, hungry.

It wasn’t an unearned compliment. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, southern Sarah Lee was a classic good little housewife with the curvy body of a stripper. She had perky C-cup tits and a heart shaped ass that was legendary among the teenage boys in town, not to mention their fathers.

“Dude. Stop it. Let’s go back outside or to my roo—” Jason started to say but his mother cut him off.

“What were you boys arguing about?”

“Nothing!” Jason moans.

“Actually,” Bryce said coolly, “we were arguing because we made a bet on our last game of one-on-one and Jason doesn’t want to pay up.”

“A… bet.” Sarah Lee let the word linger. “What kind of… bet?”

“Well, Jason was up by six and feeling cocky. So, he bet me that if he won, he’d get to fuck my girlfriend.” Sarah Lee’s eyes went wide as she looked back and forth between her son and his muscular friend. She waited. “Jason didn’t win, Mrs. Camp.”

“That’s quite the risk you took, Bryce. What did you put on the line, Jason?”

Jason mumbled, barely audible, “You.”


“You, Mrs. Camp.” Bryce said, grinning viciously from ear to ear. “He said if somehow I came back to win, I’d get to fuck you.”

“Jason. Robert. Camp! I am so disappointed in you,” Mrs. Camp scolded. “That was a very foolish thing you did.”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” whimpered Jason who was now beet red. “I was just joking around. It’s obviously never gonna happen. We shouldn’t even have come in here.”

Mrs. Sarah Lee Camp didn’t even hear her son’s whining. Her eyes were fixed on Bryce’s. His expression was hard to read. He was just… waiting. Sarah pulled a hair tie off her wrist to tie back her wavy auburn hair. “No, Jason. You need to learn the consequences of your actions.” Sarah Lee relished the stillness that followed. “A deal’s a deal,” she cooed.

Both boys’ mouths fell open as Mrs. Camp bakırköy escort dropped to her knees. Bryce smiled victoriously as she slithered like a stripper on stage toward him. Jason was frozen to the spot, barely breathing.

“Have you ever fucked a married woman, Bryce?” She flicked the word ‘fucked’ deliciously off her lips.

“No, Ma’am,” Bryce said softly and sweetly.

Mrs. Camp was now sitting up on her spread knees just below his crotch. She ran her hands up and down Bryce’s legs. Her hands crept up to the hem of his basketball shorts. She pulled them down and made a big show of cooing over the young man’s 8-inch dick.

“You know Mrs. Camp. When I was still down a few points, your son bragged about how he couldn’t wait to fuck my sweet girlfriend Julie in all three of her holes,” said Bryce looking right at Jason.

“That’s pretty rude. Sounds like he wasn’t going to treat her like a lady. I thought I raised him better than that.” Mrs. Camp licked her tongue from the base to the tip and then swallowed Bryce’s dick whole. Bryce gasped. She popped his dick back out, a sinew of spit connecting to her luscious lips. She used the spit as lube to jerk his dick. “You can start with this hole and we’ll see how we feel after that.” She went back to bobbing her head up and down on the boy’s rock hard cock.

“Do you want me to treat you like a lady, Mrs. Camp?” Bryce asked.

She release his dick with a POP and said, “Fuck no.”

“Then take that dress off, you little milf slut.” Sarah Lee let out a guttural moan and an animalistic grin as she leaned back and untied her wrap dress. She stripped it off revealing nothing underneath.

“Mom! Jesus!” cried Jason at last.

“Quiet baby. Mommy’s gotta get fucked by your best friend because you couldn’t put your money where your mouth is. You don’t have to leave, but you do have to shut your mouth so mommy can concentrate.” The fully nude, married smokeshow mother of two ran her hands over her tits, still only making eye contact with the smirking Bryce. She turned on the spot, lowered her head to the ground, reached her hands back and spread her ass cheeks for her new master. “Bryce, sweetie? Take your pick. Fuck all my holes and don’t stop until you’re ready to shoot your hot cum inside my married pussy. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mrs. Camp.”

“Good boy.” As Bryce moved around behind Sarah Lee, she turned to look at her son. “Jason, you are going to sit here and watch your best friend pound the shit out of your three hole slut milf mother and you are going to like it. Is that understood?”

“Y-… yes mommy. I’ll be—”

She cut him off. “Sh, sh. Shut up. I want to feel this.” Bryce’s dick was pressed at the entrance of Sarah Lee’s asshole. He waited there for a moment, teasing her. beşiktaş escort “What the fuck are you waiting for? Fuck that married ass with your teenage dick.”

He shoved all of his thick, eight inches inside of her in one push. Involuntary wails escaped Sarah Lee’s mouth.

“OH! Oh…FUCK!” gasped Sarah Lee. “Fuck, hold on. Hold it there. Yes yes yes yes yessssss. Let me just feel you for a second.” She had already broken out into a full-body sweat. She just stayed there, on all fours, breathing heavy, reveling in the tightness of her hole gripping Bryce’s dick.

“Do you like that, Mrs. C?” asked Bryce. “Do you like having your ass filled by some fucking punk-ass kid?”

“I don’t give a fuck who’s on the other end of that good dick, it feels too good. I haven’t been fucked in the ass in 20 years and that ends to-fucking-day,” she said, her son hardly believing the words coming out of his naked mother’s mouth. Then, in the gentlest, warmest, sweetest voice she could muster, Sarah Lee said: “Fuck me up like a bitch, sweetie.”

Bryce didn’t need to be told twice. He began pummeling her ass relentlessly. “YESSS!” screamed his best friend’s mom. “That’s what I fuUuUuUucking WANT.” His balls slapped against her pussy with every thrust. His hips bounced off her glorious, round backside over and over with a satisfying BUP BUP BUP sound.

“You love taking that dick in your ass, don’t you Mrs. C?” asked Bryce.

“FUCK yeah I do. Fuck that fat ass until you stretch it out. You know that’s a good girl’s asshole? MMMMMM yessss. I’m such a good little housewife and you’re fucking me in the ass. Stretch that ass. Stretch that good girl’s asshole until it’s a baaaaaaad girl’s asshole. Harder. HARDER. HARDER. Make me bad. I wanna be bad. Fuuuuuck my fucking ass like it’s my FUCKING CUNT. YES.”

Sarah Lee reached back underneath herself and began furiously rubbing her clit.

“I’m gonna cum! You’re gonna make me cum with your cock in my ass. Don’t… stop… fucking… meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeFUUUUUUUCK!” She practically gushed as she came on her fingers, her already tight asshole somehow clenching even more on Bryce’s dick.

“I’m gonna cum, Mrs. C. I’m gonna cum so hard,” grunted Bryce.

“Pull out and cum in my pussy, Bryce!” she screamed. “You haven’t fucked all my holes yet, so you have to make sure you cum in my cunt. Is that understood? Do it, Bryce.”

Bryce pulled his dick out of her ass and immediately stuffed it into her soaking wet slit, causing her to wail out again.

“Oh, honey!” Sarah Lee says making dead eye contact with her immobilized son. “His cock is so much bigger than your father’s. Your best friend is fucking mommy so good. He’s going to fill my fucking cunt with his cum.”

Bryce suddenly slapped Sarah Lee’s ass over and over. beylikdüzü escort “Beg for it, bitch!”

“I’m such a cum loving bitch, Bryce. I neeeeed your cum. You can tell allllll your little friends that you fucked Mrs. Camp’s three holes if you just give me your cum. Doesn’t that sound fair? You’ll be the biggest fucking stud in town. Please? Brycey I need it. I need you to claim my cunt by cumming deep inside it okay? Make it yours baby. Please make it yours? I’m yours, I belong to you. You’re my fucking KING Bryce. FUCKING FILL THAT MARRIED PUSSY WITH YOUR CUM!”

With a sudden yell, Bryce shot his load inside Mrs. Sarah Lee Camp’s dripping wet cunt. The burst of warm seed triggered another orgasm inside Sarah Lee as well. They both moan and wail and thrust together and shake and quiver.

Eventually both of them come down from the best orgasm either of them have ever had.

Bryce removes his dick from her pussy and leaves her on the floor breathing hard. She can feel his cum leaking out of her. She quickly flips onto her back and she reaches down to scoop some up. She makes a big show of licking it off her fingers while making eye contact with Jason.

Bryce is already clothed again. He slaps Jason on the chest. “Later dude. Good game. Let’s play again sometime soon.”

Jason doesn’t respond but Sarah Lee calls after Bryce saying, “Bye, stud! My holes belong to you now! Come on over again soon.”

With a satisfied sigh, Sarah Lee continues scooping cum from her pussy into her mouth. She closes her eyes and savors the taste, a little delirious giggle escaping her mouth.

When she opens her eyes, she’s greeted to the sight of Jason standing over her with his dick out, jerking it up and down. She stops cold and eyes him seriously. “Whatcha think you’re doing with that, Jason?”

“Shut up,” is all he can manage, his jerking motion going faster.

Sarah Lee props herself up on her elbows and gives him a stern look. “You watch your mouth mister. You talk like that to me again, you’ll be grounded for a week. And I definitely won’t let you cum on me.”

“You let Bryce call you a bitch and all—” he tries to get out.

“Bryce is my KING,” she responds, keeping the harsh scolding tone up. “His dick is much bigger than yours and he owns all three of my holes. You’re lucky I don’t tell your father what you’re doing right now mister.”

“Please… I need…” but Jason can’t finish.

“Just hurry up okay? I need you to jerk your cum onto mommy’s tits before your father gets home.” She stares at him with her big blue eyes, she speaks softly. “Hurry baby. Cum for mommy. You can’t ever fuck me but I’ll let you cum on me if you cum right now. Do it. Do it. Do it.”

With a violent jolt, Jason spills his load all over his mother. It dribbles pathetically out and she politely rubs it into her tits. “Goooood boy. Good boy! I’m going to take a shower now, okay? You will go to your room. You can stay up there and think about what you’ve done.”

“What I’VE done?” Jason manages to stammer incredulously.

“Yes. Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson about making bets about your mother.”

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