A Birthday Present

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“Darling, much as I love a good surprise, I already know we’re going to the country. I don’t know what the point of the blindfold is.” Ella, Lady Bradford, lounged in the back of the Rolls limo, skirt rucked up around her thighs, legs spread; a lovely young man’s head between them.

“Why do you insist on talking while I’m trying to pleasure you, my dear?” came the response. The ride to the Bradford family’s country estate was an hour and a half drive from the city. The two had been in the limo less than a minute before Jamie, the young man, had begun to expertly run his hands over Ella’s taught body. Remarkable, Jamie thought, that only a few years ago Ella had been a rather short, plump, and totally unremarkable looking girl. And now, she sprawled before him, a leggy, raven haired goddess. Amazing what a few days a week in the gym and a growth spurt could do. She’d grown almost six inches, her braces had come off, and the plumpness had melted away to reveal a face that could have been carved by Donatello.

He’d started with her blouse; a flimsy silk affair with entirely too many buttons for his taste, although he had to admit it was a pleasure watching Ella’s smooth white flesh reveal itself inch by precious inch. Once unbuttoned, a fine black and white lace bra with just the right amount of ivory cleavage was unveiled. Jamie released a slow sigh, a small front clasp, she knew him so well. His lips brushed her neck, and then she could feel his warm breath against her lips, hesitating. She knew he was watching, waiting for her body to respond, waiting to see the rise and fall of her chest quicken.

Yes, there it was, her breath was coming ever so slightly faster now. He kissed her briefly, then turned his attentions to her still lace clad breasts. With a flick, her two glorious mounds were released, spilling forth into his waiting hands. Ella took a sharp intake of breath, a smile curling her lips as Jamie’s hands gently squeezed her breasts. He loved her breasts, the whiteness of them, the perfectness of them; perfectly proportioned to her 5’7″ siren like stature. A society mag had once compared Ella to screen legend Ava Gardner, a very astute comparison Jamie remembered thinking. The dark hair, blue eyes and lush, but still slender curves. His thumbs brushed at her erect nipples bringing first one then the other to his lips. He sucked and nipped, knowing how she loved a taste of pain, the evidence there on her face, her white teeth biting into her red bottom lip. Truthfully, he could have spent hours teasing and toying with her breasts, but there was a time limit, and so he moved on.

His hands went to her slim boot encased ankles. It was winter outside, and thankfully, his darling Ella never wore anything but boots in winter. These were some of her favorites he knew, aged black leather, just of bit of a platform with a three inch heel. For the last several years Jamie had been thanking whatever fashion god it was that had brought such things back into style. He ran his hands up the boots to her thighs, the leather crackling under his touch. They were white and toned, and just like the rest of her, had the slightest hint of softness. Her skirt was a long black almost Victorian looking piece, Ella had always had a taste for the somewhat dramatic and eccentric. In fact, her whole outfit put him in mind of an old fashioned riding kadıköy escort habit. A little jolt went through his body at the image of her mounting a horse in such gear. Jamie’s fingers went to the hem, raising it slowly to her hips. This time it was he that bit his lip, no underwear, good girl. His hands were up under her ass now kneading. He kissed her lips again, still softly. He knew it drove her crazy, this kind of slow seduction. He’d take her hard and fast later if he had the chance, though he wondered how much attention he’d receive once he’d given her her birthday present.

Jamie stole a glance out the window, surprised to see the exit for the estate coming up. He must have lost himself sucking at those sweet tits longer than he’d meant. Ah, well, still enough time, the manor house itself twenty minutes off the main road. He immediately bent his head to his task, his lips alighting on her wet slit, the surrounding hair neat and trim. He rather enjoyed a shaved cunt on blondes and redheads, but he’d always thought brunettes looked, well, rather, bare and silly in such a state. And that is where the story began…

Ella’s head lolled back against the leather seat, a slow deep-throated moan issuing from her lips before she said, “Darling, much as I love a good surprise, I already know we’re going to the country. I don’t know what the point of the blindfold is.”

To which Jamie had replied, “Why do you insist on talking while I’m trying to pleasure you, my dear?”

Ella laughed softly at that and said, “You’re right, please continue.”

Jamie shook his head at the slight condescending tone in her voice, at some point this week he would have to remind her that he wasn’t one her ridiculous suitors to be talked down to. He loved her, but she could be a fucking bitch. He smirked, she certainly was about to be fucked bitch. “Turn around Ella,” he said sternly.


“Get on the floor, on your knees, and turn around.”

Ella did as she was told, recognizing the seriousness in his voice. She wasn’t scared though, if anything it only served to make her wetter. Now it was her firm belly pushed up against the slope of the leather seat. Jamie reached around her front and flopped her breasts over on top of the seat. The whiteness of her breasts a lovely picture against the rich brown leather. He undid his alligator belt and dropped his expensive slacks to the ground and pulled out his erect seven inch cock. He’d never minded not having some huge member, Ella thought them disgusting and his was quite simply perfectly built to fill up her hot, wet cunt. Normally, He’d want her totally nude, or at least her top off, back exposed, but after her snide little comment, this just seemed a little crueler. One hand went to her small waist while his other brushed her hair away from her neck, his mouth tugging lightly at an earlobe.

“Oh, do hurry Jamie.” Ella was half pleading, half commanding. If it had been any other woman, Jamie swore, he would have stripped the bitch and left her on the side of the road. Instead, he grabbed his prick and shoved it straight up into her steaming cunt. A cry of surprise and relief came from Ella as she ground her ass back against Jamie’s hips. They were turning off the main road now, onto the long drive of the estate. His prick thrust in and out viciously üsküdar escort slamming Ella against the seat, over and over. He could hear her breasts slapping against the leather, and grabbed at them, squeezing them like vices. Ella didn’t make a sound, though he knew from her short laboured breathing that she was enjoying herself. He could feel the pressure building up within him now, the smells of leather, sex, and car’s engine, intoxicating. A shudder ran through Ella as she came. It was almost too easy, at certain times. Jamie held on for only a fraction of a minute longer. His seed flooded into her in a hot rush.

The Rolls Royce limo pulled into the circular drive of the manor house, a sprawling 18th century limestone masterpiece. Inside the car Jamie still clung to Ella, there was no rush, the two could remain undisturbed as long as they desired, but he was anxious to give her his present. Their breathing had slowed to an almost normal pace. Jamie opened a small compartment and withdrew a towel, cleaning himself and Ella up.

“Can I take this off now?” Ella gestured to the blind fold.

She sat facing him now in totally dishevelment. “No, not yet,” He said as he did up his pants and fastened his belt, then began to button Ella’s shirt and run his fingers through her wavy hair. “There, you look quite presentable.”

“There best not be people here.” She wanted nothing but to spend the week with Jamie, alone.

Jamie could see the butler standing at the car door, studiously avoiding looking into the blacked out windows. He knew that the job he had been hired to do required service with total loyalty and absoutelly no questioning. He’d stand outside the car door all night waiting for the signal to open the door. Yes, Jamie thought, Barnsley, was a fine hire. At that, he rapped on the window, and Barnsley opened it. Jamie unfolded his tall frame and stepped out of the hot car into the biting chill of December. He breathed into the air, watching his breath. “It was so warm in the car, I’d forgotten how cold it was outside.”

Barnsley, who had worked for the family for years and knew exactly what had been going on behind the glass partition, simply nodded and said, “Quite so m’lord.”

“Yes, well,” Jamie stuck his head back into the cooling cabin of the car, “Are you coming out Ella?”

“Well, it’s a little difficult as I’m blindfolded.”

“Here, I’m holding out my hand. There you go. Alright, watch your head.” Ella’s boots crunched on the gravel drive. “You’ll see that the bags are taken care of?” Jamie shouted over his shoulder as he drew Ella into the house.

“Of course, m’lord. Everything has been made ready as always.”

“Excellent, then I doubt you’ll see us for the rest of the night.”

“Very good, goodnight.”

Jamie left the heavy oak door open behind him as he pulled Ella along towards the newest addition to the house. “Do you know where we’re headed?” He asked her.

“The lab,” Ella stated, starting to become excited. The Lab, as they called it, had been built during World War II to serve as a makeshift hospital. It had been sealed off by the last Lord Bradford, but Jamie and Ella had reopened the wing and remodled it to suit their fancies. They stopped at the entrance, Jamie placing his thumb against a small scanner. “You know how close tuzla escort to success we’ve been with our experiments in nanotech?” There was a heavy sound of metal and the door slid open revealing a well lit hallway with three metal doors on either side and an arched opening ahead.

“Yes,” Ella’s heart had begun to beat faster. Behind each of the doors was a small cell with a bed, a toilet, and a sink. There were frequently “guests” occupying at least one of the rooms, but at present, they were all empty. The nanotech had been the logical progression in their shared interests. If the right programs and combinations were made they would be able to totally reshape a person into anything they desired. Jamie was the scientific mind while Ella was the artist. But, their experiments had been slow to progress, enhanced breasts here, a bulging ass there, nothing for the books.

The two stepped through the archway into an operating gallery of sorts, an operating table in the center, beyond, through another door, a second room, white, sterile with other doors leading off it. Within an old fashioned gynecological exam table.

“Hello, Ella,” a pleasant woman’s voice shocked Ella. She hadn’t expected anyone to be here. Ella couldn’t stand it anymore and ripped the blindfold away. She briefly registered where they were, that there was a comatose blond female strapped to the chair and that another woman in a lab coat stood before her.

“Happy birthday, my love,” Jamie said quietly, his breath hot against her ear. She knew immediately who the woman was, she’d seen her pictures in medical journals countless times. The attractive woman with choppy shoulder length hair and big blue eyes was none other than Samantha Ruschen, one of the world’s leading doctors in the new field of nanotechnology. It was then that her gaze found its way back to the unconscious girl, woman, Ella realized, in fact, she thought, a wicked smile widening on her face, the exact same age as her, down to the day, 26 years old for another 183 days.

Fucking bitch, Ella thought. There before her was Megan Raneleigh, the blond little whore who’d tormented Ella all through school, at least until Ella had left at 15, unable to bare the abuse any longer. The same Megan that had shared a birthday with her unpopular classmate, who’d made everyone choose whose party to go to. Ella’s parents had finally just started having small family gatherings. The same Megan who had blossomed at the age of 13 and turned every boy’s and some girl’s heads. Megan had laughed at her in the halls as she’d walk by, spread vicious rumors, albeit, true, even though Megan herself had only had suspicions, about her sexual encounters, and even gone so far as to write a play in which one of the characters was a horrible caricature of Ella. The play had been preformed at assembly one day, much to everyone but Ella’s delight. When Ella had finally gone to the headmistress about it, she’d promptly been told that she couldn’t force people to be Ella’s friends and maybe she ought to seek psychiatric help. That had been Ella’s last day of school.

Later that night she’d been called to the headmistresse’s office again to be told that her parents had been killed in a plane crash somewhere over the alps. Ella had left that night, the co-heir to an enormous fortune. And now, here in her grasp was the very symbol of all that had gone wrong with her life. She’d fantasized for years of ways to torment Megan, and here she was, served up to her by the man she loved best in all the world. Ella turned to Jamie and put her arms around him, “You really are the very best brother a girl could ever wish for.”

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