A Girl to Remember

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So I used to be a paramedic and my partner was a female. We did 24 hour shifts and some days we didn’t have any calls and it would just be the two of us. We’d hang out watching TV, playing cards, talking…anything to pass the time. Well after a while I figured out she was gay. She had made several comments that made me think maybe she was interested and one night she invited me out to a gay bar with her. I’d been to gay bars before with a girl friend a few times, but it was all still very new. I’d never even been so much as kissed by a woman.

So we went and she invited me to dance…it was still fairly early and there weren’t very many people there. We danced and then a slow song came on and things got interesting. She had her body pressed up against mine and her arms around my waist, with her hands moving lower and occasionally brushing very lightly across my ass. Then she looked at me and started kissing me…very light butterfly kisses across my lips. When I would start to kiss her back she’d move to kiss my cheek or my neck. Finally when I thought I could stand it no more, she kissed me and slipped her tongue in my mouth, gently swirling her tongue with mine. I completely lost track of time…it could have been minutes or hours, but we got some attention and the catcalls started. She broke the kiss, smiled and me and reached for my hand.

The next hour or two was nothing but foreplay. A brush of her hand here or there, the accidental brush against my breast, my nipple, my ass, a caress against my cheek, my hair. Finally after a few drinks we left and went to my place. It was on from the time we got into the car. She kissed me until I was breathless, her hands framing my face, then playing with my hair, my ears, drifting their way down to my collarbone, my neck, to the top of my breast and then the outside bursa escort of my breast, always teasing, never satisfying, feather light touches. She started circling my breast with one finger, moving in and making her circles smaller and smaller until she was circling my very erect nipple. I was so wet that my jeans were damp. She ran her hand along the crotch of my jeans, felt how wet I was, smiled and broke away to start the car. The windows were completely fogged up and my breathing was erratic.

It seemed to take forever to get home. But we finally made it, with me sitting close beside her and her fingers teasing the whole time. We got into my house and just barely got the door shut before we both started pulling at each other’s clothing. There was a lot of laughter and playing around but we were both turned on as hell. She pulled my jeans down, and got on her knees and kissed me through my very wet panties. I thought my knees would buckle as she slipped a finger into my panties and into my hot, wet pussy. She had my legs apart and was very slowly fucking me with one finger, almost all the way out and then oh so slowly back in. She pulled me down to the floor with her and started kissing me again, her fingers moving to take my bra off. When she finally touched my bare breast I moaned with satisfaction and need, and desire for more, a lot more. She laid on top of me after I took her bra off and she slipped one leg between my legs, rubbing up against me. I was so turned on, I could feel my pussy just pulsing. The feel of our breasts rubbing against each other’s was so intense…nipples hitting nipples, soft skin against soft skin. She began to kiss my neck, then whispering in my ear that she was going to go down on me until I came all over her face. My ears are very sensitive and bursa escort bayan the sensation of her whispering and her hot breath in my ear was a total turn on.

She kissed her way down my neck to my breasts, finally taking my nipple in her mouth and sucking while her fingers played with the other one. They were so hard, and her mouth felt so good. She began to pull gently with her teeth while her fingers gently pinched my other nipple. After she had me moaning and squirming all over the place, she started kissing her way down my ribcage, circling my belly button with her tongue, nipping here and there as she moved agonizingly slowly down to my pussy where I wanted her mouth so badly. She kissed and licked and nipped her way my body down until she was at the top of my mound and leaned down and blew gently on my clit …and then moved to my hip, kissing, teasing, down my leg, kissing the back of my knee, nipping not so lightly, down my calf, running her fingers down the arch of my foot and then kissing her way back up, running her tongue all the way up the inside of my thigh, then finally, thank God, running her tongue lightly around the lips of my pussy. I was so wet that my juices were running out of my pussy. When her tongue finally touched my clit, I almost came up off the floor. She looked up and told me to relax, that we had all night. She licked my clit and then stuck her tongue inside my pussy, slowly fucking me with her tongue, her hands slipping under my ass to pull me close to her face, then licking and flicking her tongue across my clit, around it, circling, and it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum. She sensed just as I was getting ready to cum and stopped, inserting one finger inside of me and then another, starting to finger fuck me, curling bursa sınırsız escort her fingers to find my Gspot. When I moaned and arched my back off the floor, she started at my clit again, licking hard and fast and almost instantly I came…hard. I don’t think I’ve ever climaxed like that and my clit was so sensitive but she wouldn’t stop.

By the time I came down from the first orgasm, she had me at the second one, and she continued to lick and tease my clit with her tongue, her fingers fucking me and then she slipped one in my ass, and was alternating her fingers, into my pussy and out of my ass then again, over and over and then she sucked gently on my clit and I came all over again.

I was thrashing around on the floor, I couldn’t lay still and I was begging her to stop because it was just too much and she wouldn’t. She brought me to orgasm after orgasm until I didn’t possibly think I could cum anymore. I certainly couldn’t think anymore. She moved up and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me gently but thoroughly and I could taste my juices on her tongue. It was a different but not unpleasant taste.

After I got myself together she encouraged me to begin to explore her body. I kissed my first breast, sucked my first nipple and enjoyed reading her body language to know when I was doing something she liked or when I should try something else. She was also talking to me, telling me what she liked, guiding me. Finally she pushed my head down to her pussy and she was so wet. I ran my tongue down her slit, enjoying the taste of her, then started doing to her what she had done to me, licking her clit, teasing it with my tongue, putting one finger and then another inside of her. I must have been doing something right because all of the sudden she arched her back, grabbed my head with her hands and held my mouth closer to her pussy and she came all over my face. I decided it was payback time and wouldn’t stop until she came again and again.

The only thing that would have been better was having a nice hard cock slip into my pussy or ass and fuck me hard as I was going down on her….but that’s another story….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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