A Sister’s Gift

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My name is Lucy and I’m a cheerleader at a state college. I’ve always thought of myself as a conservative girl. I had a normal childhood with a loving mom and dad, and a brother, Pete, who was 3 years younger than me. My sex life has so far been fairly tame. I’ve had 6 boyfriends, but have only had sex with 2 of them. I’m a petite girl, built for sex, but being a cock tease is just more fun for me. On rare occasions I’ll reward a guy with a BJ. But more often times than not, I’ll leave them rock hard and aggravated, to my warped enjoyment.

It is a miracle that I haven’t provoked anyone to the point of raping me. I stand 5’3 with curves in all the right places. My breasts are my best assets, a full 36 DD and I love showing them off with tight low-cut shirts. I have short powerful legs from cheerleading, to go with an amazingly tight little round ass. Lately though, I’ve been the one feeling frustrated.

My boyfriend Steve and I had just broken up. It was my first long term committed relationship. After 2 months of exploiting his sexual torment for my own selfish desires, I allowed him full access to my body. The sex was great for about a week, before becoming stale and uninspiring. Up to this point in my life, my pussy was pretty much off limits until I met Steve. I really liked him and having a boyfriend was fun, so I continued to stay with him for almost a year.

Eventually, I couldn’t ignore his inability to satisfy me anymore, so I ended it. He took it hard, breaking down right in front of me. Sexually frustrating a guy was something I took pleasure in, but actually breaking someones heart left me with a cloud of guilt that I couldn’t shake. After Steve, I decided to take a brake from guys.

6 months passed and I still wasn’t ready to start dating again. I was relieved when my mom called and insisted I come home for my brother Pete’s birthday. Being home would give me an opportunity to gather myself and snap me out of my funk. She told me that Pete was having a rough time as of late.

He was always a quiet boy, never really having many friends and never any girlfriends, which was a shame, because he’s one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever known and actually quite good looking. I tried on many occasions to introduce him to girls, but he was painfully shy. My girlfriends always gushed over his big brown eyes, but his awkwardness creeped them out.

I arrived at the house on Friday night. My parents were in the living room, and Pete was no where to be seen.

“Hey Lucy, welcome home, it’s good to see you.” My dad said, as he and mom got off the couch to give me a big hug.

“Are you eating ok honey? You look like you’ve put on a couple pounds.” My mom being critical, as usual. Actually, I was in the best shape of my life! I thought to myself.

“Where’s Pete?” I said, deflecting my moms comment.

My dad rolled his eyes, “He’s up in his room, like always. That boy is never going to get a girlfriend if he doesn’t get off that damned computer!”

I ran upstairs to say hello. I knocked on his door and walked in, which was a mistake. Barging in on a teenage boy was never a good idea. “Oh my god!” I cried out in shock.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Pete was laying on his back, feverishly stroking the biggest cock I’d ever seen. I always thought my boyfriends were big, but Pete dwarfed them in comparison. “Pete, I’m so sorry!” I whispered as I slammed his door shut.

I went to my room and buried my face into my pillow. I’ve never felt so embarrassed. Pete, must be humiliated. Some help I’m going to be! I thought to myself bitterly.

I didn’t sleep much that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about Pete’s dick. How sick is that? He’s my little brother! I would fantasize about him, then scold myself, again and again. This went on for a couple hours, when finally, I gave in to my taboo thoughts and fingered myself. I was imaging how it would feel to have that raging piece of flesh fuck my tight little twat.

This was new to me. Until now, the thrill of the tease was what got me off. Maybe it was because of the 6 months without sexual urges? I bucked wildly as I brought myself to orgasm. Once I caught my breath and gathered my senses, guilt came over me. What’s wrong with me? I could never do that to my little brother. I just have to push this out of my mind, I told myself ashamedly.

The next morning I came downstairs. Breakfast was ready and on the table with everyone waiting. “There you are sleepy head. I almost sent Pete to wake you up.” Dad said over his morning paper.

My eyes darted over at Pete and I could feel my face getting flush. He was staring down at his eggs, as he uncomfortably adjusted himself in his seat. I let out a fake giggle and sat down. My mom came over and put the back of her hand on my forehead. “You okay dear? Your face is red.”

“I’m fine mom, thanks. So what do we have planned for the birthday boy?” I asked, changing the subject.

Pete, excitedly, broke his silence, “A couple of the guys klasbahis güvenilirmi are coming over to take me out tonight.”

My dad whispered to me, “They’re taking him to his first strip club.”

I looked over at Pete and he had a huge grin on his face. It’s been a long time since I’d seen him this excited. Mom shook her head in disappointment. She was worried about him. Especially after running across his porn collection on his computer.

Dad tried to ease her anxiety by telling her it was normal for a teenage boy to be curious, but he was beginning to worry himself. He’d tried talking to him, but Pete shuts down whenever the subject of girls is brought up.

After breakfast I pulled Pete aside. “Look Petey, about last night. It’s perfectly natural,”

Pete cuts me off. “Lucy, can we just forget about it?” He asks as he looks down in shame.

“No problem little brother, I guess that’s big brother now.” A flash of embarrassment hits me. Did I just make a reference to his penis?

“Yeah, I’m 18 today!” He said, as I give out a sigh of relief.

“Here’s you gift!” I hand him a $50 dollar online gift card.

“Thanks sis!” He gave me a little hug and sped off to his room. Sadly, I then realized that I had just contributed to his porn collection.

Later that day we all sat down and gave Pete his birthday cake. I could tell his excitement was just for show. All that was on his mind was tonight’s activities. It was going to be the first time he’d seen a woman nude, that is a real life girl, not on a computer monitor. His shyness wouldn’t be a problem, they were going to come to him. This could be a good thing I assured myself. Maybe this will give him the confidence he needs to interact socially.

That night my parents went out. They were having a date night. My mom needed to be distracted from the fact that her baby boy was out at a strip club. Dad knew that she’d be pacing all night until he came home.

Pete was anxiously pacing, while waiting on his friends. When they finally honked from the driveway he nearly knocked me down as he flew out the door. I changed into myPJ’s and turned on theTV. Nothing was on. After flipping around for about 20 min I got bored. I started wandering what kind of porn Pete had on his computer. Was it soft core? Or maybe something really sick that I couldn’t even imagine. My innocent little brother looking at porn! It was hard to believe.

Curiosity was getting the better of me. I went to his room and turned on his computer. I was surprised to find that he had no password and that his porn was on his desktop. Pete had quite an extensive collection. As I was scrolling through it I came across a folder named Lucy. My heart skipped a beat. I felt a knot in my stomach. I was afraid at what I’d find, but I opened it anyway. There were pictures of porn stars in cheerleading outfits. Was he imaging me in these pics? I’ve never caught him checking me out, was he attracted to me? My question was answered when I came across one with my face photoshopped to it.

At first it creeped out, then I actually felt flattered. She even had a similar body. Just then I heard the front door open. I quickly shut down the computer and ran off to my room. I heard crying from the hallway, then a door slam. It was Pete! Something must have gone wrong. I crept down the hall to his room and lightly tapped on the door.

“Petey, is everything ok?”

“No! Just leave me alone!” He cried.

“Pete, please talk to me. You’re my brother and if something is wrong I want to help you.”

A couple seconds later Pete opened his door. His eyes were red and puffy, tears rolling down his cheeks. “I was in such a hurry, I forgot my I.D,” he sobbed. “They wouldn’t let me in and the guys just left me outside. They laughed at me and called me a freak! I had to walk home!”

“Oh Pete, I’m so sorry.” I gave him a big hug.

The hug lasted longer than most I’d given him. Hugging my brother is usually an awkward moment; a light touch and a couple of light pats on the back before he pulls away quickly. This time was different. He needed to feel connected to someone, but the connection he really needed was one a sister couldn’t give him.

I felt that I had to do something though. His 18th birthday was a disaster and his depression was going to get worse. Tonight was a night he had been looking forward to for a long time. What if I gave him a little show? I knew from his computer that he’s already fantasized about me, why not give him the real thing? It would be harmless, I assured myself. Maybe even fun? No, I told myself, Pete would die from embarrassment if I had even suggested it.

We pulled apart and I was shocked to notice he was looking down at my tits! I was in such a rush getting out of his room, I hadn’t noticed that my top was only buttoned halfway up. My PJ’s were already a snug fit, but when we hugged, my breasts had been pushed up and trapped, leaving my bountiful cleavage exposed. klasbahis yeni giriş I raised an eyebrow and smirked as I noticed his eyes were still transfixed on my bursting PJ top.

“Pete it’s time for me to give you your birthday present!” I said putting my hands on my hips and pushing my chest out, daring my voluptuous DD’s from busting out of my stressed and straining shirt.

He swallowed hard and looked down at the floor. “But you already gave me a present.” He said sheepishly.

“That wasn’t your real present silly! Give me 5 minutes, then come to my room.” I said as I dashed down the hall.

What am I doing? I questioned myself as I rifled through my closet for a cheerleading outfit. He’s my brother, this is so wrong! If mom and dad find out…..I’m just going to give him a little show, that’s it! Perfectly harmless, well not perfectly. There it is! My uniform from high school. I wore this before I got my busty figure.

I quickly stripped out of my PJ’s and squeezed into my uniform. My skirt fit alright, but it was shorter than I remember. It barely covered my ass, but maybe it had always been that way? The top wasn’t going to fit if I wore a bra. It didn’t matter I guess. I wasn’t actually going to take my top off. Hopefully it won’t rip open during my performance. There was a knock on my door. He’s early!

“Just a second!” I yelled, as I took one last look in the mirror and put my hair in a ponytail for one last touch.

I noticed my nipples were protruding through my braless top, leaving little to the imagination. I can’t believe I used to fit into this uniform! I was feeling nervous on my way to the door. “Okay, close your eyes birthday boy.” I whispered softly as I opened the door.

“What is this Lucy?” He asked as I led him to a chair.

“Shhh, now keep your eyes closed and sit.” I ordered. “If you open your eyes you don’t get your present.”

I stood behind the chair and whispered, “Ok Pete. Tonight I don’t want you to think of me as your sister. I’m just a girl, who wants to show you a good time. No one will ever know about this. If this sounds too weird for you, I will understand. You don’t have to say anything, just let out a cough if you want me to continue.”

Pete let out a cough and adjusted himself in his chair. He’s into this! Now I’m having second thoughts. This is wrong, so wrong! Then I remind myself that as twisted as this seems, my brother needs this.

“A couple ground rules first. Number one, no touching. Keep your hands at your sides at all times. Number two, this has to be a secret. If mom and dad find out, I would be in big trouble. And finally, I’m only going to dance for 1 song, that’s as far as it goes. Are we agreed?”

Pete let’s out another cough and I could tell he was hiding a smile. My second thoughts had disappeared, I was now getting excited! I bit my lip as I noticed a bulge in Pete’s pants. Am I ready to do this? I asked myself nervously as I took a deep breath. I looked back down to his lap and grinned.

“Ok Pete, open your eyes.” I ordered seductively as the music started.

“This is a gift you’ll never forget!” I promised as I started to dance.

His face turned beet red as he gazed at me from head to toe. Pete adjusted himself again trying to hide his very noticeable bulge. His hungry eyes watched me as I thrust my hips and jiggled my breasts.

I started imagining what it would feel like to experience a dick that size. It had to be at lease 12 inches! No, no, no! I have to keep these dark thoughts out of my head! I warned myself. Pete let out a gasp as I tugged at my shirt. Does he think I’m really going to show him my bare tits? Nudity wasn’t the plan, but the more I turned him on, the less I felt in control of my inhibitions. I’ve flashed complete strangers before, why not my brother?

“You really want to see this little brother?” I asked in my sexiest voice.

“Yes.” He answered quietly, trying to mask his enthusiasm.

Should I just tease him? Or give him the show he really wants to see? This was the point of no return. My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest as I slowly pulled my shirt over my head. “Happy Birthday little brother!” My tits bounced around as they were finally released and allowed to hang freely. “Happy Birthday to you!” I sung using my best Marilyn Monroe impression.

Pete muttered, “Awesome!” As he swallowed hard and adjusted himself in his seat again, still failing to hide the monster trapped in his pants.

I know I should have felt a little weird about it, but I didn’t! I felt a rush come over me and I unconsciously licked my lips as I saw his penis twitch. He must be miserable having it so constricted in his jeans, I thought. His hands fidgeted as I slowly sauntered towards him. He was fighting himself to keep his hands down at his sides. I stood in front of him and ran my hands through his hair as my breasts dangled an inch from his face. He was in agony, and I loved it!

A klasbahis giriş set of perfect tits right in front of him and he can’t touch them. I could now feel his breath on my nipples as his breathing got heavier. I circled around his chair with my hands still in his hair and I jerked his head back. I continued to torment him a little more, swaying my supple bosoms teasingly before finally rubbing them in his face. I felt his tongue flicking around searching for my nipples. “Bad boy!” I scolded him. “No touching includes tongues!”

“Head forward!” I commanded.

He snapped his head back to front. God, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was! My panties were soaked! I felt alive again! The song was almost over. How much more was I willing to do? Without another thought I reached down under my skirt and slipped off my panties with one hand while the other reached over his shoulder and messaged his chest. I waded them up and shoved them in his mouth. Pete let out a groan and his nostrils flared as his breathing intensified.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, his thick prick was almost taunting me as I noticed it twitch again. I circled back around to the front and straddled his leg where his straining cock was pulsating through his pants. His jaw dropped in bewilderment as my pussy lips surrounded the shape of his cock. Pete grunted as I gave him a couple of slow thrusts. Suddenly, Pete doubled over and knocked me to the floor.

Too much! I thought, reprimanding myself. What have I done? This isn’t just some dumb guy I’m toying with, it’s my own brother!

“Oh, shit!” He cried out in embarrassment.

He got so worked up, that he came in his pants! Pete tore off his shirt to cover the mess in his lap. For someone who never worked out, he actually had a decent body. Decent enough to get a girlfriend.

“I’m such a fuck up!” He yelled at himself.

“It’s okay.” I comforted him.

“Pete, I’m so sorry! How can I make this right?” I asked, hoping I could salvage this night.

He sat there silently for a few seconds then asked bashfully, “Maybe you could let me touch you a little?”

“Pete!” I screamed, as I covered my naked breasts with my hands. “I knew this was a bad idea! Brothers and sisters don’t do this kind of thing!”

I felt like a hypocrite as the words came out of my mouth.

“No, you’re right, I’m sorry! I just don’t have any experience with girls, and you are so, uh, so, uh, beautiful.”

I looked into his eyes welling up with tears and felt bad for what I had done. My heart went out to him. Pete was so sweet and innocent, and I just humiliated him. I had to do something to make him feel better! Before I could even think about the consequences, I walked over to him and pulled his hands to my breasts and brought my lips to his.

Our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths. Pete had soft lips and was a surprisingly good kisser. I was getting more and more turned on as his hands explored my body. As he made his way down to my skirt, I came to my senses and pushed him away. “Pete, I’m sorry, I’ve taken this too far! I don’t think it’s a good idea that we continue.”

“Why?” He questioned.

“Because I am your sister and this is wrong! I’m afraid where this will lead us!” I answered sternly.

“Is there anything I could do to you?” He asked fumbling his words. “Maybe, I could use my tongue? To give you, uh.” He looked down at the floor, too shy to look me in the eyes, or finish his request.

I was mortified at the reality of the situation. I made my little brother hot for me! Then all of a sudden a fire lit in my stomach. The forbidden nature of this was turning me on in a way I had never imagined. Oral sex isn’t really sex is it? I thought to myself, trying to justify my growing incestuous desires. As long as I don’t allow any penetration, we won’t be crossing the line.

Besides, I was itching to be satisfied! This could turn out to be valuable practice for future girlfriends, I thought further justifying my carnal lust.

“Alright Pete, I will let you go down on me.” I said, shocked at the words that were coming out of my own mouth. “But that is it! After this, we are done! Remember we are brother and sister after all.”

“Okay!” He agreed, as his face lit up.

I got up and let my skirt fall to the floor. I was now completely exposed in front of my brother. He sat there with his mouth open in amazement.

“This is it Pete! I mean it! We are done after this.” I reminded him.

I laid back onto the bed and spread my legs, revealing my glistening slit.

“Wow, you’re shaved just like the girls in the movies!” He raved, as he stared captivated at his first glimpse of a nude vagina.

I could feel his hot breath on my now sopping wet pussy. He was savoring the moment. “It’s like a blossoming flower!” He described.

“Yes little brother. A flower you can eat!” I cooed growing impatient, as my bald vagina eagerly awaited some attention.

The anticipation was driving me wild! I let out a little whimper as his tongue parted my lips and worked its way to my clitoris. His tongue swirled and danced as I moaned like a cat in heat.

The boy had done his homework! All those porn movies had payed off. I pulled his shy hands up to my breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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