A Spring Break Romance Ch. 01

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My fiancé and I had been together for four years, and had just recently decided to become engaged after he had graduated from college. I was a few years younger than him, so I was still in college. He had started his dream job and things were going very well for us, we even had enough money to buy our own house. The only downside to his job was that he was constantly going on business trips.

I was very openly bi, and had a few girlfriends that helped to relieve the loneliness I felt when he was away. One of my favorite girlfriends was Lisa; we had met online and became fast friends. Lisa liked to role-play and she loved to be dominated, and over the past several months of chatting with Lisa I had become quite the little dominatrix. The only problem was that with me living in North Carolina and Lisa living in Texas we had never actually gotten to meet.

My Spring Break from college was coming up and I was really looking forward to spending a week with my fiancé in Cancun. The week before Spring Break, my fiancé called me from work to give me the bad news, his boss had told him that he had to go on a business trip the following week meaning that he would have to miss our Cancun trip. I was very disappointed, but decided to call around to see if any of my girlfriends would like to go with me, but unfortunately they all had other plans. That’s when I had a brilliant idea.

I immediately got online to see if Lisa was on and when Anadolu Yakası Escort I saw that she was I sent her a message asking her if she would like to go to Cancun with me. At first she thought that I had thought up a new role-play that involved the two of us in Cancun, but when she realized that I was seriously inviting her to join me on my Cancun trip she was ecstatic. We made all of the travel arrangements, and I rushed out to the post office to have her ticket mailed to her over night.

The rest of the week went by fast and before I knew it I was on a plane headed for Cancun. Lisa was to meet me at the baggage claim area of the Cancun airport. I was a bundle of nerves for the whole flight. The plane landed in Cancun and I quickly checked in and made my way to baggage claim. After waiting for about 30 minutes I was afraid that Lisa had missed her flight when my phone rang, it was Lisa telling me that her flight had been delayed. We decided that I would go on to the hotel and that she would meet me at our room when she arrived.

I got a cab and arrived at the hotel. I checked in with the concierge and explained to him that my roommate’s flight had been delayed and that she would be arriving later. I arrived in our room and it was beautiful. It was decorated in a tropical theme, with soft white linens, and a balcony with glass doors that gave us a breathtaking view of the ocean. I rolled my Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan suitcase over to the bed and sat down. I decided I would take a little nap while I waited for Lisa to arrive.

What must have been hours later, I awoke to a knocking at the door. I looked out and saw that it was already dark outside. I got up and went to open the door, it was Lisa. She walked in, sat her suitcase down and immediately grabbed me and kissed me passionately on the lips. We stood there, holding each other and kissing passionately, our tongues dancing, juices starting to flow. I pulled away from the kiss and asked, “Wanna take a shower?” and she replied with a nod and a devilish grin.

We went to the bathroom and undressed. Immediately her eyes were glued to my triple D breasts and she couldn’t help her self but to come to me and suck on my nipples. As she sucked on my nipples I reached out and massaged her breasts. Rolling her nipple between my thumb and finger and pinching lightly as she moaned into my chest. Her hot, wet tongue on my nipples was almost more than I could take, I could feel my warm juices running down my leg. I moaned and whispered in her ear, “Let’s get in the shower now.”

I opened the glass door to the huge walk-in shower and turned the nozzle adjusting the water and then stepped in, Lisa followed quickly behind. We wet out hair back and she stood behind me and wrapped Escort Anadolu Yakası her arms around me. She was breathing her hot breath into my neck, licking my neck, kissing my neck and shoulders, as she began to gently massage my breasts and pinch my nipples. Her hands continued down my body until they found my very wet shaved pussy. She began to massage my outer lips and I spread my legs as wide as I could and leaned back into her. She slipped her finger into my slit and moaned into my ear, “Already wet I see”, she then found my very swollen clit and began to rub and tease it and before long I was crying out as I emptied my juices into her loving hand. I turned around grabbed her face and kissed her passionately and said, “Let’s move to the bed.”

We got out of the shower and moved to the king size bed. I sat down on the edge and she got on her knees on the floor and spread my legs wide. She looked up at me and smiled, “I’ve been dying to taste you for months” and with that she dove into my pussy leaving no part untouched. She licked up all my juices and fucked me with her tongue, then she pulled my lips into her mouth and sucked them, she finally realized that I could take no more teasing and pulled my clit into her mouth nibbling and sucking it, as she pushed two, then three fingers into my cunt and fucked me as hard as she could. It wasn’t long until I came again and she drank all my juices.

I fell back on to the bed exhausted and she came and lay down beside me and wrapped her arms around me as I place my head upon her breast. I started to move my hand down to caress her pussy, but she stopped me and said, “You rest now, I can wait, we have all week to unleash our deepest pleasures and explore our darkest fantasies.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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