A Warm Welcome

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I was on my way home from a long trip and I got bumped to an overnight flight. Needless to say I was tired and just a bit grumpy. By the time, I was on my way home from the airport it was about 8 in the morning. I gave my girlfriend, Danielle a call and let her know that I had finally arrived.

She sounded bubbly on the phone and was glad that I was home safe. Unfortunately, she said she was on her way to work so I wouldn’t get to see her until later. I was disappointed but I understood. I had spoken to my boss when my flight got delayed and he told me to not worry about coming into the office.

I fought through traffic for almost an hour before pulling into my apartment complex. I unlocked the door, dropped my bags by the front door and moved back toward my bedroom. That is when I heard the sound of a door opening from the bedroom. I cautiously entered my room to see Danielle stepping out of the bathroom wearing a long robe.

She gave me a beautiful smile and said “Surprise! I called work and arranged to take the morning off.”

I was thrilled and gathered her up in my arms then giving her a very sensual kiss.

Now, Danielle is a very attractive woman in her late 20s. She is about 5’5″ tall and around 140 lbs. She isn’t super slender but I like women with some substance to them as well as ample curves and Danielle has curves in all the right places! With a fantastic ass and very full 36DD breasts that defy gravity. In my opinion an absolutely fantastic body.

As we made out some more I took the opportunity to move my hands down to Danielle’s firm ass as I kissed a sensitive spot on her neck. A soft moan escaped her lips as I nibbled gently on her throat as my hands cupped her firm round bottom.

Danielle pushed me away and said, “I have another surprise for you.” With that she turned and sauntered back toward the bathroom. I was watching the beautiful roll of her hips before I realized that she had lowered the robe off her shoulders.

Seeing all that bare skin woke up my cock and I felt it growing and pressing painfully against my slacks. Danielle moved through the door and closed it slightly before tossing the robe back out of the door.

I heard the shower start and noticed that the door was still open. Was this an open invitation I thought? It didn’t take me long to decide that it was and so I stripped off my shirt and pants. With my cock tenting my boxers, I followed its lead into the bathroom.

As I walked into the bathroom, a naughty grin crossed Danielle’s face and she gives me a dazzling smile and a come hither wave. She steps into the shower and I can’t help but admire her full ass as it disappears behind the shower curtain. She pulls the shower curtain back a bit more showing me her moist tits with some very hard nipples. I smile at her and my cock jumps in my boxers making her giggle as she moves her hands over her breasts in small circles. She watches me strip off my boxers my very hard cock seemingly jumping toward her as finally freed from its confinement.

As I move toward the shower, I see her turn around and hear some louder moans as the hot water covered her body. I moved the curtain and stepped into the shower and Danielle looked down to see my fully erect cock pointing right at her.

Danielle turned to face me lifting her hands above her head showing off her fantastic boobs giving me a full view of them as the water showered down on them. I move closer to her and I reached up to cup her full tits in my hands supporting them and bending my head down to suck on the hard nipples. A gasp escaped her lips as my mouth closed over first one nipple then the other. Her hands moved down behind my head pulling me against her breast as I gently hold a nipple between my teeth.

I suck hard on the nipple then I move over to suck on the other one. Danielle arched her back, a satisfying moan escaped her lips, as she pressed her tit against my face enjoying the hard suction. I licked up over the tops of each breast then up her neck and kissed her passionately on the lips.

I kissed back up lingering on her shoulders then reached back to get a shower sponge and squeezed a bit of soft soap into the sponge. I slowly worked the sponge over her breasts covering them with a thick lather of soap that quickly ran down her skin. I took the time to move the sponge slowly over her nipples applying just a hint of pressure to keep them stimulated. I soaped each breast again before placing a hand on her hip and encouraging her to turn around.

Danielle placed her hands on the shower wall and I soaped off her back slowly moving the sponge over her wet skin. kurtköy escort I took a moment to squeeze her beautiful ass and feel the firm flesh. I soaped off her pretty butt and moved the sponge over her thighs. I slid the wet sponge up and down her legs and then she turned around again.

I bent my head down and my tongue flicked over her nipple quickly first up and down then from side to side. All the while I apply gentle pressure to the nipple with my teeth. I move my head and suck deeply on the other nipple sucking in as much of the surrounding flesh as I can. I suck hard and she moans softly and presses her chest harder against my face.

Danielle reached down and her hands slid over my ass. I looked up and kissed her, our tongues intertwined as my hands reach down to return the favor and cupped her firm ass. I massaged the soft flesh of her ass feeling the strong muscle underneath. I sucked her lower lip into my mouth and then kiss her deeply again. The hot water cascaded down over us warming our skin as we kissed.

As we kissed she moved her hands off my ass and then in between my legs to stroke hard cock. She wrapped her hand around it and stroked it gently feeling how soft the skin was but how very hard it had gotten. I gasped slightly as she began stroking it faster. I moved my hand down and bent at the knees slightly. I cupped her thigh and moved my hand down to her knee. I lifted her leg up slightly encouraging her to place her foot on the side of the tub. I moved up closer against her and pressed tip of my cock press against her very moist pussy. I rotated my hips gently the tip of my cock moving over her swollen slippery lips as I nibbled her earlobe.

I reached up to direct the showerhead down so the water was spraying directly between us. I moved my hips forward slightly pressing the tip of my cock against her pussy lips parting them slightly. I then bent my knees slightly to get a better angle allowing my rigid cock to slip just past the folds of her pussy. I gasped and then we moaned together as my cock slipped deeper into her hot pussy. I continued pushing forward feeling my cock slide into her slowly. Danielle rotated her hips slightly drawing the entire length of my shaft deep inside.

Once my cock sheathed to the hilt inside her overheated pussy, I paused just a moment to savor the feeling. I then felt Danielle’s hands grip my ass and squeeze encouraging me to begin moving my hips and sliding in and out of her. I pushed forward pinning her against the shower wall rotating my hips as I bottomed out inside her grinding my pelvis against her swollen clit making her scream in ecstasy. The hot water continued to cascade down over us keeping her nipples stimulated as I continue grinding my hips making my cock rub against your clit as it moved slightly in and out of her. The feeling of the water and my cock rubbing against your clit drives you over the edge and your body spasms. I feet her pussy clamp down on my hard cock as pleasure ran through her body like an electric current.

I reached down to grip her hips and supported her as her knees buckled with the force of the orgasm. She then reached around my neck to help support her as waves of pleasure sweep through her body. Danielle through her head back and a long satisfied moan burst out of her, almost animalistic in its intensity. I felt her body rock against me again and I cupped my hands under her firm ass to support her weight as she rode me through a second orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided, she slowly brought her feet down to support herself as I felt my cock slip out of her now soaking pussy. She gave me a wicked grin as she reached down to turn off the water. I kissed her again deeply flicking my tongue against hers. We stepped out of the shower and I grabbed a towel and started toweling her off. The soft fabric of the towel moving over your skin makes you begin to feel heat between your legs again. I took a lot of time rubbing the soft towel over her breasts and nipples. Watching them harden as the soft towel brushed over them.

I asked Danielle to turn around and stand in front of the sink facing the mirror. I moved the towel over her back paying close attention to her beautiful firm ass. She spread her legs slightly as I moved the towel down over the back of her thighs. As I looked in the mirror, I saw that her skin was still slightly flushed and her nipples are very hard. Danielle watched in the mirror as I knelt behind her and gently pressed my lips to her ass kissing each cheek softly making the heat rise between her legs. I moved up slightly and flicked my tongue over the small of her back tuzla escort blowing softly over your still moist skin sending tingles all over her body.

I stood up behind her and the tip of my cock rubbed against her thigh as I moved in closer. Danielle pushed her sexy ass toward me as she turned her head to give me a smoldering look from over her shoulder. I bent my knees slightly, reached down to position my cock between her swollen pussy lips and pushed up gently making my cock slowly penetrate her hot sex. I began moving my hips slowly sliding my cock inside her a bit deeper with each slow thrust.

My hands moved up to her hips as I continued to drive my cock in and out of her welcoming pussy. Loving the feeling as it pulsed around my shaft as it moved in and out of her. Danielle leaned forward placing her hands on the countertop supporting herself and pushing back against me as I drove up into her. I look into the mirror seeing a look of lust in her face and I love watching her full breasts bounce in time to my deep thrusts. I bury my cock inside her and grind my hips against your ass, pushing my cock in as deep as I could.

I groaned loudly as I felt my orgasm getting close. Danielle pushed back and rotated her hips as I began slamming against her my cock ready to explode. I reached up to cup her heavy breasts in my hands as I drove my cock deep inside her well-lubricated pussy. I almost screamed as my cock jerked inside her shooting a hot thick rope of cum inside her already soaked pussy. I gasped as her love tunnel clenched down on my cock making it erupt twice more.

As I came down from my very intense orgasm I kissed her neck softly from behind my hands still gently cupping her breasts. I nibbled on her neck as my cock slowly shrunk and slide out of her. I pulled gently on her shoulder and she turned around for a passionate kiss. I held her fiercely pressing our hot skin together. I gripped her hand and lead her to the bed encouraging her to sit on the edge.

As Danielle sat down she placed her hands on her knees and spread them apart sexily. I grinned at the sight of her opening her treasures to me and I kneeled down in front of her. I slid my hands up her thighs and she moved her hands on top of my head. I leaned forward and blew gently on your pussy lips as she let herself settle back on the bed. She scooted forward pushing moving her hips to the edge of the bed pushing her wet sex toward my waiting tongue. Danielle placed her feet on my shoulders as my tongue flicked gently over her swollen lips just barely parting them. I flicked my tongue lightly over the engorged lips and just at the opening to your love tunnel. I savored the taste of her hot juices and was turned on by the gasp of pleasure I received for my efforts.

Danielle reached down and used her fingers to spread her lips apart slightly exposing her hard clit. I quickly flicked my tongue over the exposed clit making you moan softly. She rotated your hips against me as my tongue moved quickly over the sensitive love button with a light touch. I tickled the insides of her thighs with my fingers making her lift her hips off the bed.

I pressed my tongue against your clit covering it completely with my warm wet tongue. She moved her hands back to down sides and slowly ground her hips against my face. The soft yet firm pressure from my tongue sent waves of pleasure through her body as she continued to rotate her hips against my face. I placed a finger at your opening of her pussy and she push toward me greedily, enjoying the sensation of the pressure of my tongue on your clit as my finger slipped slowly inside her.

Danielle ground against my face I slowly slid my finger deep inside her rubbing up and inward. The sensations make her pause and I quickly sucked hard on her clit gently rubbing inside her pussy with my finger. I was rewarded with a sharp and I felt a hand gabbing my hair. I began flicking my tongue faster over her clit as my finger continued to rub gently inside her.

Danielle’s breathing was coming in short gasps and her thighs contract bit as her orgasm was building. I purposefully slowed down just a bit until she started begging me not to stop. I wet my tongue and lips as I started flicking my tongue over her clit in quick small circles. The tip of my tongue circled her clit around and around as I gently probed her moist pussy with my fingers. She moaned loudly as I sucked her sensitive clit into my mouth.

Danielle pulled my face against her sex once more and I flicked my tongue over her clit up and down faster and harder until finally she bucked upward as the first wave tuzla escort of her orgasm moves through your body. I slowed down my licking but gently brushing the tip of my tongue over her pussy and clit helping to prolong her orgasm. I slid a finger deep inside her to feel the muscles spasm throughout her orgasm.

Finally, Danielle couldn’t take any more stimulation so she lifted my face away from her clit and sat up. I grinned lustily and pressed my face against her breasts loving the soft warm feeling against my face. She scooted back on the bed pulling me with her as she fell backward. In a very aggressive move Danielle wrapped her arms around me and rolled us both over.

She began kissing down over my chest paying close attention to each nipple then continuing down over my belly. Her hand reaches down to fondle my balls as my cock begins to swell under her gentle touch. Danielle moves down lower and I feel her nipples brush over my expanding cock making it jump. I hear a wicked laugh as she moved her shoulders side to side brushing her spectacular tits over my now rock hard cock driving me crazy.

She moved her face down toward the purple head and

I felt her warm breath on it. Suddenly she flicks her tongue over the head of my cock and then blow over the tip again making it jerk and some precum to leak out.

She wrapped her hand around my stiff cock hearing me gasp slightly she looked up at me and swung her leg over mine. Danielle looked so sexy as she straddled my hips and positioned her pussy directly over my shaft. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock settling down until the entire length was buried deep inside her very wet pussy. She paused just a moment leaning forward just a bit so her clit rubbed against my pelvis.

Placing her hands on my shoulders, she began grinding her hips against mine. This felt incredible like the feeling of a wet silky vice squeezing my rigid cock. She continued to stimulate her clit by rubbing it against my pelvis. I reached up to place my hands on her hips and I slowly slide them up along your sides before moving them inside her arms to cup her firm tits in my hands. I gripped them gently and Danielle moaned and begin rocking her hips drawing my cock up inside. I rolled her nipples between my fingers pinching them slightly making you groan again

I slid my hands down to her thighs again and she slid her hands down to my stomach. She began moving up and down sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. Pistoning quickly up and down on my shaft the feeling of it sliding deep inside her with each downward thrust felt incredible. My breathing quickened and she slowed down wanting to prolong the pleasure for both of us.

I held her hips firmly and I began thrusting hard and fast into her. I used deep powerful thrusts feeling the moist heat of her pussy around my firm cock. Danielle began rocking with my thrusts loud moans coming from her as my cock rubbed against her clit. I could feel my orgasm building in my balls and I could tell that Danielle was close to her third orgasm as well.

I reached down between her legs and I began rubbing her clit in slow circles as she moved against my cock keeping it deep inside her. The tempo increases as I applied just a bit more pressure to her clit and spread her warm juices over it causing her to gasp for breath. Suddenly the pleasure is too much and Danielle cried out as her body seemed to explode with pleasure.

Danielle pressed against me pulling my cock deep inside her pussy the internal muscles gripping it tightly. Another wave of pleasure swept through her and I groaned as my cock exploded deep inside her tight velvety tunnel. Danielle cried out as another jerk of my cock squirts more of my hot seed insider her causing another spasm to flow through her body. She leaned forward carefully keeping my cock buried inside her full pussy as she settles down on top of me. Our hot moist skin was pressed tightly together and she gently rubbed her sensitive nipples against my skin as her orgasm slowly subsided.

I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a passionate kiss as my softening cock slipped out of her. I could feel the heat of our combined juices as they slowly leaked out of her covering my thigh. Danielle giggled sexily.

She kissed me deeply and then said “You sure made a big mess you big stud. I better get in the shower before I have to go to work.”

Danielle gave me a sultry smirk before slowly sliding down my body her full breasts tracing down my chest. My cock jumped as I feel the curve of her breasts slide over it before I feel a kiss on the tip of my cock. I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of her licking our juices off my cock making it swell again.

I get one last coy smile and a wink before Danielle jumped up and moved toward the bathroom. With a very sexy strut, she walked through the bathroom door and I heard the shower start again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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