Adam and Sharon, after Anna

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Anna had been gone about an hour. Adam had comfortably settled down with a coffee and the newspaper when his phone whistled – Sharon’s unique ring tone.

“Hi honey,” he answered. “What’s news?”

“I have no idea what you and Anna got up to overnight, Adam. All I know is that she has a smile as wide as the Hudson River and all she wants to do is sleep.” He grinned as she continued; “I think I’d better stay here with Roger while she sleeps, I’ll call you when I’m leaving. Why not crack a beer or two and watch the game? I doubt you’ll be in any shape to molest me tonight!”

“Okay, done. See you later then.” His balls ached and he was tired, she was right; little chance he could get it up tonight. He fixed some lunch, cracked a beer and put the TV on.

“Why do I follow these guys?” he thought; they were way behind at half time and with two injuries they looked no hope. He dozed off, only waking to that wonderful whistling sound. It was dark.

“Just leaving, shall I pick up Pizzas?”

“Please, and a six-pack, I’m out.”

“Done, see you in an hour or so. There’s some garlic bread in the freezer, put the oven on and cook it for us please.”

He stretched, scratched his balls, farted; and on his way to the shower, put the oven on.

As he soaped himself down, his mind wandered back to Anna’s last comment about maybe being willing to include Shaz if they got together again. Jesus, could he manage both of them? It was okay with Shaz and Mandy as Scott was there to assist. The combination of Shaz and Anna with just him was daunting. Shaking his head to dismiss the negatives, he dried himself, put on a pair of lacy black panties, a polo shirt and shorts and put the frozen garlic bread into the oven.

Shaz arrived precisely as the garlic bread was ready! Adam had plates out and ready and quickly served the pizzas. He put the six pack in the fridge, leaving one out for almanbahis adres himself. “White or Red, Honey?” he called out. On hearing the reply, he poured her a glass of white wine. They took their meals out to the patio. Adam ate quietly, waiting for her inevitable questions…

“Seems Anna thinks you’re quite some stud, mister. Reckons that the midnight fuck was the best she ever had. I told her that she must have a very short memory!” Shaz laughed.

“Whatever you did, I can tell you she has one very sore pussy! Wanna share with me? We agreed…”

Adam slowly recounted the story. Shaz hung to every word as he described the sex. “You actually tied her up? You stuffed her knickers in her mouth? Fuck, that’s so 50 Shades! When do I get that? My fucking panties are drenched Adam, you’ve got me so turned on. I bet you’re hard? I bet you could fuck me right now, are you up to it?” Her legs spread apart and her hand pulled the gusset of her panties apart, one finger sliding quickly into the gaping hole between her legs.

“You want some of this, or do I have to get myself off?”

She pulled her skirt up to her waist and with the other hand, spilled her panties off. Legs spread wide, she showed three fingers up herself and played with her clit with the other hand. “Can’t you see how fucking turned on I am? Don’t you want to fuck me?”

He grinned and pulled his shorts down to reveal his cock sticking out from the waistline of his black panties. It was hard, he wet his fingers with spit and started to stroke it. “No, I want to watch you fuck yourself Shaz. Do it for yourself girlfriend, let me watch you.”

Shaz was really working hard on herself. Her eyes focused on his member, her fingers focused on her; they seemed to work in unison Adam thought, she’s thrusting her fingers in in sync with my strokes. He increased, then decreased the tempo and she matched him. almanbahis adresi She almost had her fist inside her, her wrist was dripping wet as she continued to pound her pussy. “Oh fuck…” – she squirted. Slippery liquid splashed across the deck, she breathed out deeply.

Adam had known that he wasn’t going to cum. Too much beer! he made himself decent as he watched her do the same but she left her panties on the floor.

They finished the pizzas and garlic bread and took the plates inside. He cracked another beer and poured her another wine and they went back outside.

“She wants to do it again Shaz.

“She said she would include you next time.

“We can go one night for dinner, wait until Roger is asleep then enjoy ourselves.

“I just don’t know how I’ll cope; you’re both so amazingly sexy, I don’t know if I could please you both.” “She says it would be about us pleasing you, my dear. We can both look after you, imagine what it would be like with two women paying attention to you. Playing with your balls, sucking your cock, your fingers with two wet cunts to play with, two women to lick to orgasm.

“Admit it, Adam, you would be in heaven.”

“Maybe we could do a five with Mandy and Scott?”

“I think we would need to do it just with Anna first, five might be scary for her.”

They finished their drinks. “I need to go to bed Shaz. Tired, five beers, have to sleep. G’night.” He wandered slowly off to the bathroom. She followed him inside, picked up her phone and sent Anna a message: “Sold, he wants to do a 3 way” Anna’s reply came back quickly; “Excellent. Can’t wait. next Saturday?” Shaz relied “Yes.”

Shaz put the dishwasher on, put a load of clothes into the washing machine and switched in on, too. She showered and cuddled Adam as she went to sleep, dreaming of the possibilities that were ahead.

The Sunday morning sun almanbahis adres blazed through the window at about 6. Adam woke, rubbed his eyes and went for a piss. Shaz was naked, he loved looking at her body so he sat quietly at the end of the bed watching her sleep. His mind went back to last night, revisiting the amazing scene of her rubbing one out so viscously. He’d never seen her masturbate so furiously, with such focus and intent. She’s sure one hot sexy woman he thought.

Slowly she stirred, stretched and yawned. “Morning sleepyhead, how are you today?” He listened for a reply, heard her mutter ‘coffee’; nodded and wandered, still naked, off to the kitchen, his dick slapping against his legs. As he sauntered back with two mugs of black coffee, he heard the toilet flush and found her sitting cross-legged in bed, filing a fingernail. Her hair was a mess; tousled and uncombed, her focus on her broken nail.

“Thanks hon” she muttered, moving to another nail. He watched perform this basic task. Completed, she admired her handiwork and siped the first mouthful of coffee.

“Am I sexier than them Adam? Sexier than Anna and Mandy?”

“What a stupid question! Of course you are, plus I love you!”

“Do you want to make love to me, I don’t mean fuck me, I mean make love to me like you did when Anna pretended it was her wedding night? Take me slowly Adam, just like I’m a little girl. I never had that Adam, my first time was viscous; yes I consented; but he was so inept. It was almost rape, he jammed his fingers into me before I was really wet. It hurt, then he stuck his cock into my mouth and I gagged. I was naked before I knew it, he just fucked me, Adam, no care, no contraceptive, he came inside me, then just zipped himself up and left.

“I was worried I’d be pregnant but fortunately my period was ontime. It put me off men totally and until Janice got me into the game, I was pretty much celibate. The afterwards there was Paul, then you. Paul was a gentleman most of the time but he strayed, Adam. He couldn’t keep it in his pants and apparently I wasn’t enough.”

“You’re safe with me girl” he replied. “I’ll make sure your needs are adequately met, too!”

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