Anniversary Proposal Ch. 03


Chapter Nine

I woke up late the next morning, almost noon. My body was sore from all of the use. It was a good soreness though. When I did finally get out of bed I found Jim out on the balcony, freshly showered with a towel wrapped around his waist. He had already eaten and was just enjoying the warm breeze off the water. He asked how I was feeling and I told him I was doing fine but thought I should take it easy today. He told me how hot I looked yesterday out on the golf course. I thanked him for getting me clean and into bed. I gave him kiss and sat down beside him and leaned into his shoulder with my head in the crook of his neck. He put his arm around me and I felt safe. The warm breeze felt good on my naked skin. I felt my nipples perk and a soft warming of my core.

Jim said that Kevin had called earlier and invited us to take his boat out if we wanted some down time. I purred and told him that sounded good to me. We’d had a day sailor once before but sold it because we never had the time to use it. I thought it might bring back some good memories of our early years. We used to sail out and find a nice secluded spot and anchor for the night. We’d skinny dip and fuck like bunnies the whole weekend. I’d really missed those times maybe this would be a chance to relive them. I told Jim that we should take Kevin up on his offer. He wanted me to call him. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. He picked up on the first ring.

“Good morning sunshine. How are you feeling today?”

“I’m sore but doing well. I was calling to let you know we’d loved to take your sailboat out for a cruise. When would it be ready?”

“I already have the crew down there prepping it now. I would say it should be ready whenever the two of you get down to the marina.”

“It has a crew?” The thought of being tempted by a crew of men made my body ache that much more. “Do we need a crew to sail it?”

“Yes, you will need a crew. It’s a large 63′ Dynamique cutter. It was made especially for me in France. Don’t worry, the crew will do all the work. You and Jim can just relax and enjoy the water.”

“OK I guess that sounds good too. We should be down there in an hour or so. Thanks again Kevin.”

“Anything thing for the two of you Sunshine.”

I hung up the phone and told Jim about the boat and crew. He said that a boat that big had a lot of moving parts and that a crew might be needed. We packed up a small bag for a day trip and headed down to the marina. When we got there we saw the boat. She was a beauty, all tricked out and ready to go. When we stepped on board, we were greeted by “the crew”. They were all girls. I rolled my eyes. I should have known that Kevin would have a full crew of lovely ladies to run his boat. They were all wearing very revealing bikinis and I could see that I was going to have a hard time competing for Jim’s attention. When I looked over at him, he had the biggest grin across his face.

The first mate (Anna) welcomed us aboard. She is tall and thin with a great figure and long blonde hair like mine. She introduced us to the rest of the crew. Ginny was a deckhand. She had curly red hair and a smoking hot body. Tessa was also a deckhand and cook. She was a raven haired girl from the south of France. She had smallish breasts but you could see her nipples trying to poke a hole in her top. Anna told us that the boat was fully prepped and loaded with provisions for a two day sail. She had a map and some locations for us to choose from. We headed down below to stow our gear. The rest of the crew got us underway.

Anne showed us our quarters then led us to the galley and showed us where she thought we’d like to go to. There was a nice little set of islands with a natural harbor not more than a half day away that we could anchor in. Jim and I both thought that sounded like a wonderful place. Anne told us to make ourselves comfortable and leave the work to them. She excused herself and went back out on deck with the rest of the crew. I turned to Jim and leaned up to give him a kiss. I noticed right away that he had a rather large bulge in his shorts.

“I see that you approve of the crew choice.”

He smiled. “They seem capable enough.”

“You’re such an ass. I guess it’s your day for fun, so enjoy it.” I gave him a wink.

We held each other a while then headed back out of deck. We took our place in the cockpit. (The irony of that term did not escape me) Anne was at the helm but asked Jim if he’d like to steer. He took the wheel and I moved closer to him. The girls were working the riggings and unfurling all the sails. There was a helping wind and we were fully sheeted in no time. Once we were all set, the girls started removing their bikinis. Not wanting to be left out, I soon followed suit. Jim tried keeping his eye on the horizon but was failing miserably. I couldn’t blame him, they were all drop dead gorgeous women. The gentle sway of the boat on the soft rolling ocean had everyone’s breasts in constant motion. I extended my leg and rubbed my toe on Jim’s swollen crotch. He looked over and gave me an evil grin.

The Escort Bayan Gaziantep calm role of the ocean was soothing. The breeze was warm and was only cooled by the occasional splash from the bow rolling into a wave. Tessa came out from below and brought us a container of cheese and a bottle of wine with two glasses. They were actually plastic glasses. As she handed it to me I noticed that her nipples were pierced, as well as her clit. She had a beautiful tattoo of a chrysalis coming out of UPC or bar code tattoo above her mons. Then came up her hip until it turned into a beautiful butterfly just below and to the side of her small breast. She caught me looking as I thanked her. I blushed. She turned and went back to the bow of the boat and sat near Ginny. She curled into her arms. I poured Jim a glass of wine and he picked hunk of cheese from the tray. Anne came aft and took the wheel to give him a break. We clinked our plastic glasses together and enjoyed the peaceful azure view.

“What a beautiful tattoo Tessa has.” I said to Anne.

She smiled. “There’s a story that goes along with it. She had been abducted by slave traders when she was just 16. They are the ones that put the UPC tattoo on her as a way to mark her as property. When she was rescued two years later, she went through therapy until she was ready to get on with her life. When she became Ginny’s girlfriend, she had the chrysalis coming out of the UPC and turning into a butterfly done.”

“That’s so sad.”

“She’s come along way. Ginny met her a few years back and they have been together since. Kevin found out about her story and brought them both here to live.”

“He’s seems to be a nice guy.” I said.

“He’s the best. He doesn’t use his money to take but to give. There’s no one better in my eyes.”

I looked back to Tessa and saw that Ginny was stroking her raven hair. I wondered if my noticing her tattoo had caused some kind of bad memory. I was just about to go to her and say I was sorry when she leaned down and took Ginny’s nipple into her mouth. Her breasts were large and capped off with very erect pink nipples. Ginny took Tessa’s face in her hands and brought their lips together. It was so erotic to watch them. They eventually laid back and continued their passionate kissing. Jim put his arm around me as we both watched their show. A shudder went through my body as I remembered my time with Casey just yesterday. It was beautiful to watch. We were both more than aroused witnessing their love making.

Chapter Ten

After several hours, we finally were approaching our secluded hideaway. The island was beautiful. It was small and uninhabited with a few palm trees and some vegetation. The waves licked the rocky point as we sailed into the secluded bay where we were intending to anchor. The protected bay was calm and teaming with life. Anna told us there was some great coral reefs to snorkel if we wanted to. I thought it was a great idea. We had spent a few vacations in Mexico years ago snorkeling the nearby reefs in Cozumel. The girls quickly got in position to get us anchored. Once we were set they helped us get fitted out with fins, masks and weight belts. I was so turned on by Ginny and Tessa’s love making that when their hands toughed me, my body shuddered. Jim did nothing to hide his erection as they helped him too.

Tessa stayed behind to make our dinner, but Anne and Ginny went into the warm turquois water. The clarity was wonderful. You could see everything so clear. We needn’t go far before we were on miles of beautiful reefs, teaming with life. The warm waters felt good on my naked body. I loved skinny dipping. The water felt like a warm blanket on my skin. We kicked around looking at the fish and beautiful coral. After seeing amazing coral formation, we dove to get a closer look. The colors were wonderful. The reef was a mass of beautiful fans, cup and fire coral. We saw sea anemones and star fish. There were brightly colored fish everywhere. Ginny had carried a spear gun with her and quickly found a nice couple of red snappers and sent them to the surface by a hand line to Tessa. She also got a nice kingfish and took it with her to the surface. Anne, Jim and I kicked our way farther down the reef.

After a hour or so, Anne took us towards the beach and we got out to take a break. We walked the beautiful beach. There were some great shells and beach glass that we picked up and placed in my fanny pack. Anne picked up several fresh coconuts and placed them in her bag. She opened one and we had a refreshing drink from the milk. We also shared the flesh for a nice snack. Jim and I walked the beach some more, while Anne gathered some wood for a fire later tonight. When we came to Anne firewood pile, we all headed back to the boat. It was a lovely afternoon.

When got back aboard, Tessa had some freshly prepared ceviche from the kingfish Ginny had speared. We ate it with some toasted pita bread. It was so tasty. We had worked up such an appetite that we consumed most of the treat quickly. We had another few glasses of wine while we waited for the rest of our meal to be prepared. As our bodies dried in the sun, we talked more about what Anne had planned for us. She seemed giddy as she said that tonight we’d all witness one of the most remarkable sights in all the world. I for one, couldn’t wait.

Ginny came on deck and told us that dinner was served in the galley. We went below deck to find a wonderful meal of grilled snapper, fresh spinach, and a Basmati rice pilaf with orzo pasta, prosciutto and garbanzo beans. It was so wonderful. I thanked Tessa for her great meal. After he had our fill, we went back topside to relax on deck. We watched the sun slowly set on the horizon. It was the end to a perfect evening. We got to know the girls better, each of us telling our stories of how we ended up in the Caribbean. Jim and I both were attentive when Tessa told her story. I was amazed at her strength and perseverance. Her smile had our spirits lifted not wanting to dull our wonderful trip. I was amazed at her strength.

As the sun finally set, and darkness fell, we started to notice a shimmering in the water. The darker it got, the more we could see. Anne explained that is was fluorescent plankton. The bio-luminescence happens when the microscopic organisms react with oxygen in the water to produce light. They were everywhere. Each time a small wave broke we could see the electric blue light show. She told us to dip our feet in the water and swirl them around. The glow of the plankton glimmered with our every movement. We sat there for a long time before Anne asked if we’d like to head to the beach and sit by a bon fire. I thought it was a wonderful idea.

As we all put on swim fins and slipped into the water. The plankton’s glow surrounded us. Every move we made lit the water around us. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in all my years. Jim and I held hands as we kicked our way to the beach. We took our time getting there. As we got near to beach Jim pulled me back and took me in his arms. I could feel his erect cock press into my belly. I reach down and stroked it. We stripped off our fins and threw them up on the beach. Jim rolled over and I took him in my mouth. It had been a long day without having sex, but we were caught up in the moment. The glowing plankton shimmered as the gentle waves licked our bodies. Jim pulled me on top of him and I guided his turgid cock inside me.

I sank down on him as my pussy was slick from the day’s activities. Jim cupped my breasts and thumbed my perky nipples. I was grinding on his cock as the first wave of my orgasm swept over me. I leaned down to kiss Jim. His arms surrounded me and held me in place. His hips thrust upward as he pounded my still spasming channel. I love it when he takes me so roughly. His thick shaft took its pleasure as it went in and out of me. The turquoise glow from the movement of our bodies in the shallow waters only added to the moment. Jim’s cock began to swell, filling me even more. When his cock started sending thick spurts of cum inside me hitting the depths of my pussy, I orgasmed again around him. My pussy milked him until he slowly slipped from my tight hole. We laid there for a few minutes relaxing in our post coital embrace.

When we did finally head to the beach the girls already had a good fire going. The air had started to cool and the warmth of the flames was nice. They were smiling, having watched us fuck. I felt a warmth in my face as the blood rushed to it. Ginny and Tessa were nestled close to each other. Anne offered a seat near her. We talked and continued to enjoy the light show in the bay. I thanked her for sharing such an awesome experience. I leaned in to kiss her and she responded by taking my mouth with her lips. Her tongue invaded my mouth as her hands dipped to my breast. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Ginny and Tessa were doing the same thing. Jim was just sitting back and enjoying the show.

We all laid close together. Our arms reaching out for one another. The four of us were intertwined in a mass of naked female flesh. Hands came from everywhere. I wasn’t sure who I was touching or who was touching me but it felt wonderful. It wasn’t until a beautiful slick pussy lowered itself on my face did I recognize who it was. The shining gold ring through her clit told me it was Tessa that I was licking. Her sweet tasting pussy moved back and forth on my offered tongue. Someone was between my legs, licking me as I brought her to orgasm. Her pussy flooded my face. I licked her clean as her body shuddered. When she had enough, she leaned down and lick her juices from my face and we shared a passionate kiss. Her soft lips on mine, along with the licking of Ginny had me over the edge of my own orgasm. Tessa teased my nipples as her girlfriend licked me to another wave of pleasure. We swapped positions and shared Ginny sweet body. Tessa was buried between her legs as I suckled her huge breasts and her thick nipples. I looked up to see Anne giving Jim a blowjob. Her breasts swaying as her head bobbed up and down on his erect cock.

As Anne had Jim fully aroused, she turned to us and ask if we were ready for some cock. Ginny moved over with her but Tessa held back. I stayed with her. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her tight into me. Ginny took Jim’s cock into her mouth and sucked him for a few minutes before Anne bent over and offered her wet pussy to Jim. Ginny helped guide him into her splayed lips. She kneeled up and was kissing him as he fucked Anne. Tessa and I watched as the threesome played out before us. Her hand slipped down between my thighs and found my wet pussy. I kissed her sweetly as I watched my husband fuck Anne. She was moaning loudly as his cock disappeared into her. I love watching him work. A tingle went through my body, knowing how his cock felt inside me.

I asked Tessa if she was going to join in. She just shook her head. She seemed timid and afraid. I figured it was from the trauma from her abduction. I told her that Jim was a very gentle man and she could trust him. She just huddled into my breast and I held her tightly. “Gentle” Jim was pounding Anne to a rousing orgasm. Ginny laid beside her on her back and offered to be next. Jim pulled from her pussy with a “pop” from the suction of her still spasming pussy. He knelt between Ginny’s thighs and entered her quickly, sinking to her depths as she moaned with the intrusion. Anne came over to sit with us and watch as Ginny took Jim’s ministrations. Her lovely breasts were wobbling with every thrust from Jim. She cupped them and squeezed them as he pounded her. She reach and licked her thick nipples. Jim is a boob man and I knew he wouldn’t last long with that show. That’s when the most surprising thing happened. Tessa left and crawled over to where her girlfriend and Jim were fucking. She licked Ginny’s nipples, then started kissing her way down her mid-riff to her clit. She licked Ginny as Jim fucked her.

It was hard to see but it seemed like she was licking Jim’s shaft as it went in and out of Ginny. Anne and I were arm in arm as we watched in amazement as she pushed Jim back and took his shimmering cock, slick with Ginny’s juices into her mouth. Even Ginny didn’t protest the emptiness she must have felt from the loss of Jim’s cock. We all sat and watched as she sucked his cock. After several minutes of laving her tongue on him, she guided his cock back into her girlfriend. He didn’t last long before he was spilling his seed into her depths. Ginny orgasmed around his cock. It was a sight to see. We laid around for several hours before we decided it was time to head back to the boat and get some sleep. We had bonded well with these girls and enjoyed out relaxing day with them. As we swam back to the boat, we were all hand in hand in hand. Once we dried off and went to our cabin, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Chapter Eleven

We were up early and snorkeled the reef once more before we weighed anchor and started sailing back to the resort. Jim was at the helm and the girls and I laid out and got some sun. We played up putting on lotion for his benefit. I could see his cock stiffening as he watched us rub the oil on each other. We giggled amongst ourselves as we rubbed each other’s breasts and ass. Even Tessa was in on the fun. She seemed to have gotten over her initial shyness around Jim. I for one was glad to see it. We laid out for almost an hour before Tessa went and brought is all something cool to drink. When she finished, she lean into Ginny’s ear and whispered something. Ginny nodded, then Tessa came over to me.

“May I take you up on your offer to have Jim fuck me?” She asked shyly.

“Of course Tessa. Jim will love it.”

I took her hand and we went over to the cockpit. Her head was bowed submissively as I told Jim that she wanted to be with a man again. He smiled and we switched places. I took the wheel and he led Tessa back over to the fore deck with the other girls. He ran his fingers through her raven hair and started kissing her. Ginny and Anne watched as their kisses became more passionate. Jim is a great kisser and was very patient with her. I could see her nipples tighten as her body reacted to him. His hands softly stroked her. One hand moved down and her thighs parted to grant him access to her pussy. He leaned down and kissed her breasts as his thick fingers ran through her folds. Her hand held his wrist while he traced her labia. He took it slow, planting kisses down her breasts and mid-riff. She laid back and let him pleasure her.

Anne and Ginny were touching each other as they watched the two become more intimate. I even ran my fingernails across my hardening nipples before slipping down to finger myself. Jim kissed his way down to her pussy. Tessa’s thighs parted, her fingers running through his hair as he licked her wet folds. One hand parted her swollen lips as the other reached up and played with her nipple rings. Her mouth made the O shape when he finally flicked his tongue on her pierced clitty. A shudder went through my body as I saw her toes curl when her first orgasm washed over her body. Jim softly licked her juices until she reached down and pulled him up between her legs. Jim rubbed his cock through her wet folds. When he felt he was lubricated enough from her juices, he placed the bulbous head of his cock at her entrance.