Another Session with Mistress


I get punished for being with another woman by my Mistress/Sister and she decides to make me a real submissive and takes control.
Another Session with Mistress
It has been a while since I had a good session with my sister. By now I am truly her slut and submissive, if this is her wish or her lover, if that is her wish of the moment.

We do not have as many opportunities as we wish. She is married and I have a social life. I did not swear off men.

I have only one Mistress, my sister Marge. I am not a submissive to anyone else. I get together with her from time to time to make love. We are also lovers.

We had gotten together a few times as lovers, I needed a session with her as Mistress/submissive.

Last weekend, I met Isabelle a recently divorced friend in the restaurant where we go. Her name is Isabelle, Belle, to her friends is a petite woman, about five foot one very sexy. She was still under the weather over her divorce. I invited her home to cheer her up and in the process of consoling her, things got a lot further than planned and she stayed with me the whole week-end. I initiated her to lesbian sex. She loved it and we saw each other twice during following week. She is out of town this weekend. We promised to see each other again.

About Belle: She told me her story in detail I will probably write and post her story later.

I no longer live in the flat I rented from one of my employee, following my break-up with Gerry. I found a house to my liking and bought it. I was helped by Marge’s and a couple friends of hers that are in the D/S lifestyle. We converted a spare room in the basement into a playroom.

Friday, at my office. My phone rang.

“Little sister, are you busy this weekend?”

“Nothing I can’t get out of, Why?”

“Jimmy will be out of town till Sunday late. Are you in the mood to play?”

“You know I am going crazy without my Mistress. I have been a bad slut I need punishment.”

“I will be there at seven. Be ready on your knees in the living room and don’t play with yourself till I get there, slut.”

I was already squirming on my chair with anticipation of what was to come. And getting wet. I asked my senior employee, Maria if she could close for me in exchange for Monday morning off. I then left early to get ready, not for my lover this time, but my Mistress.

At home, I first made sure that everything was ready in the playroom. Ropes were in the ceiling rings and hooks and all Marge’s toys were on the table. I had a nice surprise for my Mistress. I bought a Wand for her pleasure. I knew she loved to play with this toy. I had played with it on myself. I was no longer afraid of it.

I made sure I was clean and freshly shaved, took a long bath and used her favourite perfume. {I put}my hair in a pony tail and waited naked to receive my Love and Mistress. It was very hard not to play with myself I was wet with anticipation.

Mistress arrived on time. I waited for her on my knees, ready to please her in any way she wanted. She pulled her dress over her head and was naked except for a pair of boots and a sort of bra that had just straps at the base of her beautiful D cups and exposed the rest of her breasts. It made them stand out more. I was so hot. I could not wait to pleasure her. I hoped she would let me suck and lick her breasts for a long time tonight.

“Slut, I have new toys for my pleasure. You will love them. Get on all fours, now.”

I did as told. She wrapped a small belt around each of my thighs. Clamps dangled from them on short adjustable straps. Mistress attached the clamps to my cunt lips and adjusted the straps tight, pulling my lips.

“Stay here, slut. I will return.”

She went to the playroom and came back with a collar, leash, a crop and nipple clamps. She clamped my nipples, collared me and led me around with the leash and using the crop on my ass.

“Bitch, you need exercise. I will walk you around.”

With the cunt clamps tied to my thighs, my pussy was pulled every time I moved and it was painful. I was getting more than wet.

“Slut, that pain is punishment for your digressions during the last three weeks. I am sure you have been a bad slut.”

She led me around the living room six or seven times, all the while taking the crop to my ass and thighs.

“Slut is the playroom ready for me?”

“Yes Mistress everything is ready for you to take your pleasure from your slut.”

“On your feet, slut. We are going to the playroom.”

She pulled me up by my hair. The clamps pulled hard on my pussy lips when I stood and hurt more going down the stairs to the basement, but it was making me hot and horny.

Once in the room, she commanded me to get on all four and tied my leash to a ring on the floor. She took the violet wand and examined it.

“Very good, slut. I see you have a new toy for your Mistress. It will be my pleasure to use it and make you squirm and scream with pleasure.”

That made me impatient with anticipation of the punishment to come. I craved being punished for Maltepe Escort her pleasure.

She removed the clamps from my cunt. They felt good, painful every time I moved my legs. She untied my leash from the floor ring and stood me up under the ropes which came down from the ceiling rings. I was fitted with bracelets to my wrists and ankles. She then tied my wrists together and above my head and tied my ankles to floor ring, making sure I was well spread.

“Now slut, I will play with you. Something you enjoy, I am sure.”

“Yes Mistress.”

She turned the wand on. I was half scared and half craving the punishment I knew was in store. She passed it over my pussy till I screamed and twisted, then did the same to my tits.

“Have you been a bad slut lately? Did you give your ass to your boyfriend?”

“No, Mistress. You told me to reserve my ass for you and those you let use it in your presence. I obeyed.”

She let me have the wand again, for a longer time. I really jerked and twisted in my bonds.

“You better not be lying, bitch.”

“Please, Mistress. I told you the truth. Don’t punish me anymore with this thing.”

I knew she would not stop if I did not use my safe word no matter how much I begged or screamed.

“What else did you do, slut, which your Mistress should know about?”

“Last Friday, Mistress, I met Belle at the cafe and invited her for supper.”

“So, she came out finally after her divorce. Was supper all you gave her?”

Again, the wand bit me. This time the inside of my thighs and my ass were hit after my pussy and tits. She must have changed the setting. The feeling was more intense. I yelled and almost came. I shook and twisted for a good minute.

“Please Mistress no more wand I will tell you everything.”

“Did you make out with her, slut?”

“Yes Mistress, I did make out with her.”

Again the wand made me jerk, scream and twist. I thought I would faint but mercifully she put it aside. She must have realised I was close to fainting.

“You dirty slutty horny bitch. You have been with another woman. You are worse than a whore. I will severely punish you for this. I did not give you permission to do other women.”

She seemed really upset. It scared me a bit. She took a flogger and let my ass and breasts have a few good hits. It was painful.

“I am sorry, Mistress. She spent the weekend with me. I did not want to displease you. Please don’t punish your slut too much.”

“I will decide on your punishment and pain, slut. You will not make out with other women again without my permission, I guarantee.”

By this time I was really worried and afraid, but that increased my lust, also. I was wet and my cunt was itching to come. My nipples were so hard they were ready to explode. She used a flogger on my ass legs and tits. I twisted and jerked and yelled with the pain.

“Will I have to have my name tattooed on your ass, cunt and tits for you to not cheat on me with other women? You are nothing but a whoring slutty bitch.”

“No, Mistress. This worthless slut will not again play with other women without your permission. Please stop punishing your slut and let her cum.”

“I will decide if you have been punished enough and if you deserve to cum slut. You have become such a slutty bitch that boyfriends are not enough. You need women too. Will I have to get a chastity belt for you or have rings pierced in your cunt lips so I can put a padlock down there?”

She exchanged the flogger for a crop and smacked my cunt and inside my thighs. It was painful, but I pushed my hips forward to meet the smacks on my cunt. The pain was making my cunt throb and leak. I was so wet it ran down my thighs.

“Please, Mistress. This slut swears she will not let another woman touch her, ever. She begs you to stop.”

“You are a worthless whore and a cheating bitch. It showed disrespect for your Mistress, to do another woman without her permission. Your punishment is far from over.”

She loosened the rope holding my arms. I thought she was untying me, but she just loosened the rope enough to permit me to bend at the hips. She fitted a belt with rings around my waist and tied a rope from the ceiling to it, I was well bound to the ceiling by my arms and waist and to the floor by my ankles, bent at the hips with my upper body horizontal to the floor.

“Now bitch you will be punished like you deserve. I will not let you be a slut with other women and get away with it.”

“Please Mistress have pity on your slut. She will not go with other women again.”

“You will please other women again, whore, but they will be of my choosing and I will decide when. Choosing your own women to play with is not a choice I give my sluts. That includes you, bitch.”

With that, she took my tits, one in each hand and squeezed them hard and pulled them down. I screamed from the throat and twisted in pain. My eyes filled with tears and I bit my lower lip to prevent using my safe word.

She commanded me to stick out my tongue. Kurtköy Escort She held a clamp that was about a foot long with a lengthwise opening and a butterfly nut at each end. She ordered me to stick my tongue in the opening and tightened the butterfly nuts. My tongue was clamped hard and I could not pull it back in my mouth. I realised that I could not use my safe word. That really scared me but my libido increased. For the first time with her I was totally helpless.

“You whoring slutty cheating bitch. This will teach you not to use that dirty, horny tongue again to please other women, unless I permit it for my pleasure.”

“You need the wand and flogger again.”

The flogger that she used immediately after the wand was short and narrow. It got my cunt completely when she brought it up between my legs. My screams and grunts sounded like animal noises with my tongue stretched and clamped as it was. She had the wand set high and the flogger came hard and fast. The pain was intense.

She went from my thighs and cunt to my tits, giving them good whacks with the flogger and then the wand. I heard myself grunting and trying to scream at the same time. I twisted with the pain and pleasure. She kept punishing me hard. I was shaking with the intensity of it all. I was getting orgasms through it all. Only the ropes kept me from crumbling to the floor. After what seemed like a long time to me I did not even have the strength to grunt or twist. I was only breathing hard with deep sounds coming from my throat.

“Now, slut. You have had enough for now, but you will be punished more later for cheating on me with Belle. I will make you cum for my pleasure, not for yours. You don’t deserve any pleasure.”

The handle of the flogger had the form of a cock. She pushed it in my cunt hard and fast. She fucked me to orgasms. I had collapsed in my bonds a long time ago, but she kept fucking my cunt with the handle of the flogger until my grunts told her I was on the verge of fainting. She let me recuperate and then untied me. She helped me to the small bed we had in the room.

“Rest for a while slut. I will get us something to drink and then I will fuck you ass good.”

“Yes, Mistress. You know my ass is exclusively yours and those you let use it. Then, I hope Mistress will let me pleasure her. And stop punishing her slut.”

“I will make you pleasure me all night afterward, bitch and it better be good.”

She left and came back with the pitcher of peach juice and two glasses. I needed a drink bad. My tits, ass, cunt, and thighs tingled and were sore Mistress pulled and twisted my nipples and slapped my breasts and cunt with a small flogger she had in her hand from time to time, extracting little yelps of pain from me.

“You don’t think that your punishment is over, do you slut?”

“No, Mistress. I deserve more punishment for disrespecting you.”

She let me relax and recuperate for over an hour, with just the little infrequent blows from the flogger.

“You really disappoint me by being a whore and making out with Belle.”

“Mistress, I swear to you that you will always be my only Mistress. I will not again make out with another woman unless it is one you chose and permit your slut to play with.”

“That does please and reassure me. Later, I will punish you more, slut. I will spank and fuck your ass well later for my pleasure, my beautiful slut and then you will be allowed to pleasure me. You have to learn that playing with other women without my permission will have consequences for you.”

“Yes, Mistress. I will do anything to please you.”

After a period of rest, Mistress took me to the bench I had purchased. It was adjustable in height and had rings all around it. She tied my arms to the side rings and pushed my legs way up, and tied them to rings next to my head. In this position my ass was off the bench and fully exposed. She snapped clamps to my nipples and tied them to my collar. This pulled my tits upward. She gagged me with a small imitation penis that had a small belt going around my head to hold it in place. Again I would not be able to use a safe word.

“Now slut, you look like a pretzel I will be able to see your eyes when I give you some pain and fuck your ass.”

She got in her harness and came back to me with something in her hand. I could not really see in what it was.

I had never had my ass fucked in that position I wondered what the feeling would be. It filled me with trepidation and horniness. She filled my ass with lube.

“Now slut you made your Mistress a cuckold by going with another woman. You will pay.”

She used a crop really hard on my thighs and ass for a few minutes, making me yelp and moan and twist in my bonds. I was already sore from the punishment before. Then, to my surprise she went down on me. She licked and bit my cunt lips and pulled as she bit. I really felt her teeth. I was crazy with lust and pleasure/pain, yelling and making deep throaty grunts, in spite of the gag.

“I will make you come, slut.”

She Kartal Escort finger fucked me and bit and pulled on my clit with her teeth. The pain was extreme I had an orgasm that almost made me faint.

“Now bitch, I will fuck your ass. I love taking your ass and I know you love it too.”

She took a cushion and pushed it under my ass to raise it a little more. She got on her knees and pushed the dildo completely inside my ass in one hard thrust. I expelled all the air in my lungs with a loud grunt. I let a scream that was almost a howl coming through the gag. It was bigger than what I was used to. I felt I was being split in two.

“Now slutty bitch, I will please myself with your ass. You deserve the pain. ”

Mistress fucked me hard in that position. The sensations were completely different. I could feel her pumping in my cunt and my ass at the same time. There was also some pain between my back hole and my cunt opening but it was good pain. I was trying to lift my hips to meet her pushes and take as much of the dildo as possible now that I was used to its size. I was on my way to an orgasm, moaning and breathing hard, making noises through the gag with pleasure and some good pain.

Mistress grunted and panted as she fucked my ass hard. She was beautiful and I was really enjoying looking at her as she pumped my ass violently.

“You are beautiful when you are being fucked, slut. I will use you this way more often.”

She had managed to take my clit with her fingers and squeeze, pulled and twisted it I screamed with both pain and pleasure. I squirmed as much as my bonds permitted.

“I love it when my slut squirms and yell with some pain, slut. Too bad the gag prevents you from pleasing my ears with real screams. I know she likes to scream, but she has to learn a lesson for being a whore.”


Stretching my clit more she picked up the thing I had seen in her hand earlier. It was a small clamp with a small leather strip. She stretched my clit hard and attached the clamp to it. I screamed like a banshee. It was a good thing the gag muffled it or I am sure the neighbour would have heard it. It sent pain to my whole body from my clit to my tits legs and arms. I could not hold off, I let go with a fantastic orgasm. Mistress fucked harder and faster. My ass and cunt were pulsating, so were my tits. Mistress was grunting and her breath came in spurts.

“You are beautiful, bitch, when you cum from pain. I am coming, slut. Move your ass.”

I did the best I could to comply. Mistress had a great multiple orgasm and collapse on top of me. We did not move for a while breathing hard and recuperating.

“I loved looking at you while you came, slut.”

She took the strip attached to my clit clamp and pulled hard on it. I screamed again. She kept pulling until I had another orgasm. My head fell back. I was exhausted. Mistress paid no attention, but fucked my ass again till she had another orgasm herself, and collapsed on top of me. I felt her shake as her orgasm subsided. After a few minutes she pulled out of my ass and gave the clit clamp another pull. It made me scream again.

“Cum, bitch, cum hard for Mistress.” She kept pulling till I had another orgasm, a big one. I was so weak I could hardly breathe. She removed the clamps from my clit and nipples and untied my ankles but left the gag in place.

“You are quite a good, slut. This little tool will help me train you to cum on command even from a distance.” I did not know if this was possible.

She removed the gag. I could not believe I had enjoyed the punishment she had dished on me. I was truly convinced that I deserved it completely for my digression with Belle.

“Now bitch, you will please your Mistress.”

To my surprise she just straddled me and with a handful of my hair brought my mouth to her cunt.

I sucked, licked, and tongue fucked her with all my energy and love. I think I was falling in love with her. She grinded against my face. Her grunts and moans were like music to me. I was happy to please her. It pleased me, too. She lowered herself a bit to bring her clit to my mouth. I sucked it hard and gave it little bites..

“You are really pleasing your Mistress, slut. You are getting well trained. You are my best slut. Maybe I will only keep you.”

This really made me happy. My cunt was twitching. I needed to come again. I did not dare play with myself without permission.

“I am coming, slut. Open your mouth wide take my whole cunt in it and take all my juices. Don’t lose a drop or I will punish you hard.”

I opened my mouth as wide as possible and let her pull my mouth to her she came hard. There was a surprising amount of cum from her I swallowed all of it and pushed my tongue in her slit to lick and clean, making sure I got all she had, to her moans and grunts.

“You have served me well, slut. You have been good and not playing with yourself. I will make you cum to reward you.”

She kissed me and gently massaged my pussy. I moaned and lifted my hips to hump her hand. Mistress inserted two fingers in my hole while she rubbed and caressed my clit gently. It was so good, I was in heaven. She was very gentle, moving her fingers slowly in and out in my cunt and licking my tits and nipples. I was going crazy with pleasure.