Another Sex on the Kitchen Table Story…


Krista had always liked _The Rocky Horror Picture Show._ She found it enthralling to see men wearing dominatrix-like suits, and it aroused her even more because of the character named Brad. She loved Brad with all her heart; her boyfriend Brad, that is.

Her dream was for Brad to go all out with foreplay and lick and suck her until her level of ecstasy was literally worth dying for- and then to ravish her with sex more powerful than the creation. It was another boring night, much like many- Krista was laying on the couch in her underwear, watching _The Rocky Horror Picture Show._ Rocky was just being revealed, and Krista was noticing again how much his body shape matched Brad’s- he was built with beautiful hazel eyes and light brown hair. The tip of Krista’s tongue poked through her lips as she thought of Brad, lust filling her mind and body.

Just then, Krista heard a key in the lock, and assumed it had to be Brad, finally there. Excited and wet, she leapt up and raced for the door, reaching it just as it opened to reveal Brad, plainly dressed in khakis and a white T-shirt. Brad entered the room, noticing Krista’s beautiful, heaving breasts as they almost toppled out of her 36C bra from her excitement. Grabbing her around the waist, Brad pulled Krista to him and kissed her deeply.

“I’m so fucking horny,” Krista whispered into his warm, wet mouth, “do me now.”

Not needing a second invitation, Brad pushed Krista down onto kitchen table, long and rectangular with a light cotton tablecloth covering it. Peeling off his shirt, he flipped the lights and the room was suddenly engulfed in the darkness. Krista lay on the table, her nipples now peeking through her red bra and a moisture spot forming on her matching panties. Brad approached Krista, Bayan Escort Gaziantep a bulge forming in his pants. He leaned over Krista and gently kissed her belly, licking it all around and sucking at various spots.

Krista gasped with pleasure and her hands went to grab at Brad’s head to pull him closer. Brad continued to lick and suck at her torso, occasionally drifting down to her still clothed pussy to blow warm air onto her. He gripped her underwear with his teeth and pulled them down in one swift move. He flung them across the kitchen and nosed her pubes. Krista’s breathing was deep and throaty as she moaned softly at Brad’s caressing. Burying his face in her wet mound, he reached up to remove her bra, Krista’s boobs spilling out into Brad’s warm, gentle hands.

Brad gently licked Krista’s slit once before backing away to the refrigerator. Pulling it open, he removed a jar of maraschino cherries. Opening the jar, he removed two, placing one in Krista’s navel and the other in the crease of her breasts. Starting at her inner thigh, he licked his way up her body to the cherry at her belly button and slurped it up, licking around her navel carefully before moving away. He continued to lick up and down her body and finally moved onto the next cherry. Licking Krista’s cleavage, Brad moved the cherry up and down between Krista’s breasts, controlling it with his tongue. Krista moaned with the unusual sensation of the cherry, a slight pressure flowing over her breasts. Brad continued to manipulate the cherry, moving it lower and lower down Krista’s body, until he reached her pussy, shoving the cherry into it with his tongue.

Krista gasped and Brad could see her pussy contract with the cherry encased in her juices. Her breathing deepened even more and she felt Brad pushing the cherry a little farther into her pussy. Encasing her lips with his mouth, Brad gently sucked and sucked until the cherry was again in his mouth, now covered in the sweet juice of Krista’s pussy. Slurping at the cherry, Brad sucked it down and moved to turn Krista over onto her stomach. With her butt in the air, Brad reached for a nearby spatula, kissing Krista’s back all the while.

Kissing his way up her back, he whispered in her ear, “Do you like being spanked..?”

Krista moaned, “yes…” Brad responded to her with a quick smack on the ass with the spatula. He spanked her again and a third time before diving towards her ass and licking it. He sucked and licked at her ass, leaving dark red hickeys all over her butt. A jar of honey nearby, Brad dipped his finger in and smeared it over Krista’s pussy lips.

Krista was unable to see what he was doing, but gasped loudly when she felt Brad’s tongue slipping into her slit, wet and active. Brad slurped gently at the honey and all at once shoved his tongue deep into her fuckhole. Crying out loudly, Krista shouted, “Fuck me now!”

Brad could do nothing more than tear off his pants, about to burst as his cock swelled up even more. Now naked, Brad approached Krista, his dick sticking out proudly, big and strong. Brad grabbed Krista’s thighs, running his finger over her inner thigh before positioning his cock at the entrance to Krista’s pussy. He rubbed his head against Krista’s slit, moisture gathering. Gently, he parted her lips and slid his cock head gently in. A soft moan came from Krista’s mouth as she felt the tip of Brad’s penis penetrate her.

“Do you like that?” Brad whispered.

Krista moaned in ecstasy, awaiting the pleasure to soon fill her. With a patronizing slowness, Brad slid the rest of his huge dick into Krista’s pussy. As his full length filled her, she squeezed the walls of her pussy, a moan now coming from Brad’s mouth. Krista latched onto Brad’s torso with her legs and Brad began to pump his cock in and out of Krista’s pussy, driving it deeper and deeper with each stroke. Krista moaned and grabbed onto the table, her breasts rubbing against the tablecloth. Krista released Brad’s body with her legs and instead started to roll over onto her back as Brad continued to pound away at her pussy, a rhythmic motion in his hips. Now on her back, Krista raised her legs and put them up on Brad’s shoulders.

Grabbing her thighs, Brad pounded harder than ever, grunting as he invaded Krista’s body with his massive dick. With her ass positioned just above the table, Krista began to thrust herself towards Brad’s powerful lunges. Grabbing onto her breasts bouncing with their hard, fast motions, Krista screamed, “That feels soo good, baby, fuck me harder!” Obeying, Brad slammed his dick into Krista’s hole, feeling the cum build in the base of his penis. His balls slapping Krista’s ass with his frantic motions, Krista let out a long yelp and began to orgasm wildly, her pussy squeezing onto Brad’s cock, which sent him over; he began to cum as well. The cum spewed from Brad’s cock, the first spray going into Krista’s cunt, but he pulled out and the second and third stream flowed onto Krista’s body, over her breasts and stomach (which was heaving heavily). Just as her orgasm began to die down, Brad shoved his fingers into Krista’s pussy, pumping them quickly, sending Krista automatically into another wave of orgasm.

Moaning and wiggling all over the kitchen table, Krista pulled Brad down on top of her, and embraced him, their sweat mixing with the cum spread over Krista’s body.