Back Aboard the Covenant Ch. 02


The two women finished their shower and exited the cubicle. The act of taking separate towels and drying off distanced them from the intimacy they had just shared in the shower. They had washed off all evidence of the carnage that took place on the planet below. Now, barely over an Earth-day later, Daniels, the new Captain of the USCSS Covenant, and the only surviving member of the expedition’s security team, Rosenthal were ready for their next trial.

The ship’s artificial intelligence, known as MUTHUR, had enacted Enhanced Quarantine Protocols due to several landing party members being contaminated with an unknown contagion that eventually burst out of them in the form of nasty Alien creatures. To make matters worse, these aliens and others who had been attracted by the commotion around the landing site, had attacked and killed most of the party. Only Daniels, Rosenthal, Adams and their synthetic Walter had returned to the Covenant. The only two losing consciousness on the planet and thereby at risk for having been impregnated by the face-huggers they encountered throughout the fight, Rosenthal and Daniels were being put through EQPs before they could return to the rest of the ship and the precious thousands of colonists and embryos.

After their preparation and subsequent showers, Walter had left them to continue the operations of the ship. This left the women wrapped in towels facing the open hatch that MUTHUR had opened for them to enter the next phase of EQP. Neither of them wanted to go. They knew however that for the safety of the colony mission based upon events on the planet, MUTHUR would not let them out of quarantine if they did not submit to the established procedures. Carrying the bottle of spirits and cups that Walter knowing the unpleasantry they faced had brought to them, the two walked into the waiting chamber.

This room was gently lit and pleasantly warm like the last. The builders of the vessel had likely known that anyone using this room would likely be in distress already so they did not want to add to this with a stark atmosphere. There were a variety of cabinets throughout the room with orderly labels. In the center of the room were two chairs about two meters apart. Soft light shown down on each of the chairs, but diluted, not in a way to be troubling to future occupants. The chairs appeared to recline and articulate in a variety of ways; they were clearly more than a simple place to sit. Access points in the ceiling above each of the chairs indicated that various automated or if available, human physician-operated equipment, could descend. Fold-away trays were innocently stowed down and behind the chairs, but appeared as if they could readily move into position to support whatever happened there.

“Ladies, please move to the chairs and be seated when you are ready to be scanned. Place your towels in the bins nearby as nothing can interfere with your scanning process” MUTHUR intoned blankly. Neither woman considered arguing with the AI as doing so prior to their reluctant enemas in the previous room had been for naught. They walked into the room and over to the chairs, eyes running over them, wondering what was in-store.

Daniels was nervous, knowing the impact of her previous treatment by the AI left her biting her fist hoping not to be heard while she had an intense orgasm shortly after her previous invasion by MUTHUR. Rosenthal seemed stoic about the whole matter, having been extremely upset prior to her forced enema in the other room, but now acquiesced to her lack of control of the situation. She’d also been probed in a way that just thinking about made her blush. She had a hard time making eye contact now with Dani as she’d witnessed the whole thing.

Each picking a chair, they both sat on the side, not fully committing to sitting in the way the chair was designed. Facing each other, they smiled plaintively. Daniels remembering the beverage, handed Rosenthal a glass. Pouring some for her friend, then for herself, she set the bottle down. The quietly drank a significant glass of the whiskey, Daniels’ tearing up as she remembered the last time she’d tasted this whiskey. They both drank it down, steeling themselves for whatever was to come. Sighing, grabbing the bottle and pouring them both another shot, she raised her cup. Making no noise as the plastic cups ‘clinked’ in toast, the women toasted.

“To being done with this” Daniels toasted and both women drank the shot. Rosenthal reached out and took Daniels’ hand as the warmth spread through them.

“Thank you for helping me through this. I can fight tangible threats, but this kind of thing makes me feel like a helpless.”

“It’s cool Rosie, I’m barely hanging on myself right now” Daniels admitted to her.

“I heard something while I was still on the table…something from when you were in the toilet cubicle…” Rosenthal voiced hesitantly.

A long time passed with Daniels eyes downcast, not wanting to look at her friend.

“My husband and I used to do a lot of things back there” she said as adana escort she blushed. “The first time, he just rolled me over and gently did it. I wasn’t too wild about it that time, but it wasn’t terrible. The next time was ok too. The third time…the third time was crazy. He worked me up so much…almost as soon as he slid it in I think the neighbors might have heard me. I was hooked. We were both in college and couldn’t risk getting pregnant so this was a great way to do it with no protection, inhibitions, or whatever. He came in my ass while I got off on him and everyone was happy. We hadn’t done it since we left the Station, just doing it the regular way before we went into cryo-sleep. So when the probe did what it did…you know, I reacted. I miss him so much!”

Sobs shook Daniels as Rosenthal crossed the distance and hugged her. Sobs wracked her as Rosenthal tucked her face into her shoulder and held her close. Time stood still while Rosenthal rubbed her back, Daniels letting all out. Tears began to run down Rosenthal’s cheeks as well. She hadn’t lost a husband, but she’d lost a lot of friends in the last solar day. Daniels eventually heard her friend sniff and reached up, hugging her back. She rocked her standing friend slowly back and forth, both of their sorrow beginning to be deadened by the spreading warmth of the alcohol. Time passed with much back rubbing and gentle squeezes of two women who’d lost friends and bested a ferocious enemy on the planet below. The tears stopped eventually, both lost in their private thoughts and imaginations of what the future held beyond the next unthinkable event. Rosenthal the strong one now, she leaned down and tilted Daniels’ face upward, looking into each other’s eyes.

“We can do this. Whatever’s going to happen, you fucking know we’ve been through worse” she said with finality while Daniels nodded in agreement.

Daniels’ eyes opened in surprise as Rosenthal leaned down and kissed her firmly.


“Shhhhhh I don’t know what I’m doing, don’t be mad at me” as she looked away in embarrassment. Rosenthal turned away, going over to her table, dropping her towel in the bin and sitting down correctly, “MUTHUR we’re ready.”

Still staring in confusion, Daniels watched as her friend boldly faced what was next. Standing up, she also dropped her towel into the bin and sat down.

Both women looked around wondering what would happen next. No longer too embarrassed with the other simply seeing themselves naked they made no attempt to cover their breasts or sparsely covered pubic areas. While in cryo-sleep, all bodily functions had crawled to almost a stand-still so both women who had been shaven, now had the barest of pubic hair covering their womanhood. “Ladies, this will be the final phase of your EQP. You will be given diagnostic examination, then full preventative scanning. Please close your eyes for the procedure to come and place your arms along your sides” MUTHUR declared. Both women complied as the process began.

Both closed their eyes as directed expecting blinding light to be involved with the process. As the second woman complied, her arms coming to rest at her sides, three inch pliable, rounded metal straps morphed out of the table and secured their wrists in place while similar straps did the same with their feet and a third point of bondage passed over their stomachs effectively fastening them to the table at the AI’s mercy. Both women yelled in outrage and fought the bonds however they were designed to comfortably hold the occupants safety stationary for the procedures to come. After a variety of entreaties and no small amount of profanity directed at MUTHUR, the women began to calm down.

“Mother, you don’t need to strap us down, we know this is necessary for the quarantine” Daniels reasoned.

“Captain Daniels, this is protocol so that patients do not move in an unforeseen way and injure themselves. I can release you as you direct however you will not be allowed to leave quarantine and will not be able to captain the vessel” MUTHUR explained maddeningly matter-of-factly.

Daniels looked over at Rosenthal for support however she just slowly shook her head. All fight left her during the last procedure. She was submissive now to the AI’s dominance.

“OK Mother, let’s just get this over with!”

Both women started in surprise as the tables began moving under them. Morphing again, the chairs extended flat, then gently manipulated their naked bodies over onto their stomachs while leaving them firmly restrained with their arms at their sides. Butts-up, the women waited for what was next.

Hearing a quiet noise, both women struggled to turn their heads and look over their shoulders as the table morphed to spread their legs a few inches. Probes were raising up from somewhere unseen between their bound legs and others towards their left hands. Another device was rising up in front of their faces, but both looked away. The device at their hands closed a gentle clamp on eskişehir escort their middle fingers and pulsed with a barely perceptible warmth. They recognized the device in front of their faces as a biometric scanner so both opened their eyes widely as they’d been scanned in the past.

Scanning complete, Daniels looked back to see what was happening behind her. The probe that had risen between her legs was in an L shape and extended up towards her bottom. Protruding from the slender wand at the end was a slim piece of what appeared to be glass that she recognized as a thermometer. She watched as the thermometer slowly retracted back into the device, but slid back out with a shiny coating of what appeared to be thick lubricant. Sighing in resignation, Daniels laid her head down on the padded top of the table preparing for her second penetration in as many hours.

Both probes lubricated, they slowly swung into position at the prone women’s buttocks. Both devices sensed the orientation of the women’s bodies and angled accordingly. Slowly they both aligned with, then moved towards each woman’s anus.

Daniels’ eyes remain closed tightly as the cold glass made first contact with her tiny brown opening. She took a deep breath, then released it as she had learned to do when her husband fucked her ass. She tensed a bit as the cold, thin device gently probed two inches into her. Reaching the required depth, the device stopped and waited to get an accurate reading of her current body core temperature.

Rosenthal’s eyes jerked open in alarm, then she shut them tightly. Never comfortable with anal anything in the past, she’d resisted her recent enemy mightily. Even after she mentally submitted, her body involuntarily fought. In this case however, the thermometer was so small and well lubricated that it easily and painlessly slid through her clenching sphincter. The smooth coldness made here gasp a bit, but overall she relaxed because this was much less offensive than the enema she’d been coerced to take.

“Fuck” Daniels however was anything but relaxed. Most people in her life had known her as a ‘good girl’. No one knew that her husband had often penetrated her ass himself and on occasion with small toys to really kick things up a notch when he was pleasing her pussy. Between the submission she’d given and the small penetration of her ass just a hint of wetness had started deep between her legs. She fought to think of anything else. She was not going to give in and embarrass herself again.

“What’s wrong Dani…well besides the obvious?”

“Nothing, just tired of having stuff put up my butt” Daniels lied to her friend. As the thermometers counted down, additional devices came from under of each chair/table. These devices had double heads, one in-line right behind the other. The front device seemed to be a dispenser of sorts. It had a soft looking rounded head with very small holes all over the surface. The other appeared to be a scanner of some sort also with a rounded smooth head.

Starting at each woman’s feet, this strange device made contact with their skin. The front device was covered in an oily lubricant. The overall device began rubbing them in circular movements, the front device oiling as the rear device bombarded their bodies with gentle ultra-sound. This head vibrating gently, it moved over all accessible skin of the women, starting at their feet and slowly rubbing its wet warmth firmly up their bodies.

In a short time, the thermometers left both women’s behinds, the device left their fingers and the biometric scanner retracted leaving the ultra-sound device to thoroughly scan them. Both women quietly cooed to themselves when the slowly rubbing device firmly rubbed their buttocks, even more so when it gently spread their cheeks, rubbing their anus and exposed vaginal areas, then again when it massaged their necks. Slow small circles of warmth caressed them endlessly.

Scanning eventually as complete as it could be in this position, the tables gently manipulated them onto their backs. The same process…feet, slowly up. The moist wand scanned slowly up their legs and both women slowly concentrated on the ceiling as the warm vibration began tight swathes over their pubic mounds and the fronts of their pussies. The seconds dragged on endlessly as it accidentally stimulated both women’s clitorises. Moving on, both were wet.

The slow gentle warm circles over their stomachs did not help the wetness situation, nor did the slow warm circles over both women’s breasts. Both women bit their lower lips to keep from moaning as the warm smooth wand swirled over their traitorous hardened nipples. Finally, the wand finished with both women’s necks and faces. Daniels knew she was drenched at this point. Her pussy was betraying her as badly as it had in the previous room. She sighed in relief as the wand retracted. Rosenthal was also sexually aroused in spite of herself. Her nipples and clit ached and she felt sure wetness was about to seep sakarya escort from between her lips.

Both women tried to collect themselves as a C shaped device came down above their heads. It extended down so the sides were below the height of their bodies. The flinched a bit as a louder clacking sound began combined with a low hum. The device ever so slowly moved down their naked lengths, a green light marking its progress down. Eventually, this device too retracted.

“Ladies, I’m pleased to announce that the intermediate scans find you to be clear of contagion or parasite. The final scan will be conducted, then if you are clear of issue, you will be able to shower and exit the quarantine area” MUTHUR indicated.

The tables began moving again and the women squirmed as the restraints adjusted accordingly. The tables once again became comfortable reclining chairs that reminded them both of far of dental chairs of their Earth past.

“Ladies, standbye for routine inoculations and a sedative.”

“Mother, I get the idea behind the inoculations, but what’s the sedative for” Daniels queried.

“Data indicates that the enhanced scanning process may be intrusive or unpleasant to some patients” MUTHUR innocently proclaimed.

As had become the norm, Rosenthal was disgustingly quiet for this, fully cooperating with something she couldn’t hope to control. Daniels however fought.

“Mother…” but she was too late as quick sharp injections shot into the women’s buttocks.

Daniels voice trailed off as the chairs morphed a bit, spreading each woman’s legs a few inches. All thought of what she’d been saying left her head as she saw a smooth one-inch rounded probe rise to the front of her vagina and she sucked in her breath as she felt something she could not see press between her cheeks and against her anus from beneath. The reality of what was to happen next hit both of them.

Rosenthal, true to her new stoic nature, pressed her eyes tightly closed. Even though her pussy had been soaked a moment ago, this coming violation caused a tear to slip under her eyelid and down her cheek.

Daniels began lambasting MUTHUR wildly with a profanity laced rant.

Slowly, the probes moved up to the lips of their vaginal openings and a gentle pressure presented to their anuses. Eventually Daniels’ attack came to an end as she knew the double penetration was unavoidable.

“Mother, please…”

“Captain, you know the protocol. If you command to stop, I will stop however you cannot rejoin the vessel” MUTHUR patiently explained.

This time Rosenthal had to be heard, “Mother, I can’t do this. The small thing couldn’t even give me the enema without Walter’s help. Now this? I can’t do it. My ex and I tried, I’m too small back there for this” she whined.

“Shall I call Walter to assist” MUTHUR asked as if discussing the weather, not Rosenthal’s violation.

“Fuck you Mother” Rosenthal muttered and closed her tearing eyes. Her stoicism was over as she tried to submit.

All discussion now pointless, the women steeled themselves for what was to happen and MUTHUR initiated. The vaginal probes began almost imperceptibly moving from side to side just enough to ease between the women’s labia. Both women’s sexes drenched from the ultra-scanning vibrations, the probes slowly exploratively entered them, spreading them as the device widened to its two-inch maximum. The moisture betraying them both, the vaginal probes wedged deep into them until they gently bottomed out causing both to grunt softly as their cervix was touched by the warm device firmly.

The vaginal scanner buried between both women’s legs, they both felt the pressure slowly begin increasing on their assholes. For a while, Daniels fought it. Her pussy was stretched and full, wetness beginning to tickle as it slid down between her cheeks over her besieged anus onto the table. She knew if that thing made it into her ass, she would cum and cum big right next to her friend who was struggling with the experience. She couldn’t bare the embarrassment and awkwardness. Her asshole fought a losing battle as she wasn’t really afraid having been fucked in the ass many times by her husband and the one-inch smooth probe was well lubricated on its own, never mind by her juices that were streaming down that area. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to think of something else. If she looked over and saw Rosenthal getting fucked, it would be over with a bang.

The vaginal probes in both women began a soft vibration as the scanning started. This final phase of the EQP was an internal scan. One last chance to discover any alien element that may have been embedded in unknowing victims. The gentle pulsing vibration radiating out through both women’s wetness hitting their clits from behind. Both tried to ignore the sensation, but to be real, a thick somewhat cock-shaped device was vibrating as deep as it could go in their pussies. It had an effect on them behind scanning that the manufactures surely did not intend.

The pressure increased on both women’s backsides while the vibrations between their legs resonating through their bodies, crashing off engorged clits and nipples. Daniels was fighting orgasm while Rosenthal just fought against her bonds, knowing her asshole would never accept the mechanical thing currently increasing pressure against it.