Banging her one agian

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After spending one day and night with my girlfriend and video calling my mom all day who was naked and most of the time we were jerking off, we spend some time, nearly a month like that. I and my girlfriend fucked and mom knew all about it, we agreed that in when the semester will be done we will go home, take some time and not cheat on, but I had all the fun to take care of.

It was nearly more than 5 months by now because I was selected in baseball team and my girlfriend was still on the bench, but I got to play a few games. Now that it board time and we will be home for a while now, I was happy and sad at the same time, we spent all night at the airport, we missed most of the time, and by the time it was time to board the plan I gave her a deepthroat, as there were no one nearby to see us.

After I got home…..add on snapcht chikhan07 or go to my profile.., I kissed my mom and took her in my arms, I almost cried, I got in my room, it was all set as the day I left, I set the stuff that I bought, mom was gone to the clinic so she will be back by eve, so I called up a few friends that I knew were in the city, me mat, had lunch and went can home, I was all the way set of the night, I also managed to bring Sildenafil, that I knew will work for 5-6 hrs for me, but I didn’t take it, I will take it on a Saturday, as Sunday is off at the clinic and it will be more fun.

When I came back home, mom just came in and was taking shower, I went to her bathroom, she was all naked, watching her like that made my dick go hard, and I knew I can do her right now but she is all tired, and need some rest.

When she was done I had some food ready for us in kitchen, we had some, mom asked me some usual stull and she said “well, how about if I take a day off tomorrow, and you give me you all night”

“That will be nice but that will make you a 3 day leave in a row and they will cut payment”

“Yeah, but I need it, now that you are here I want it more and more”

“ I know but you can wait”

“Sure, what choice do I have” she laughed, and it was a very good laugh.

After some usual stuff that we did back in days, watching TV and dinner we want to our rooms and it was called a day.

Next morning I woke up late and mom was already gone to work. I had some breakfast had a shower and went out with some friends again to be back by the eve.

This time mom was not here and I was lonely at home, so I ordered some Ankara escort food, and the delivery girl was the same girl who delivered us the last time I was here. She was looked the same as the last time that I saw her. She was also surprised that she came back to us again. She asked me to let her in, it was a very hot day so I let her in, she said she likes to use the washroom so I sent to her my washroom, and gave her some water to drink, she said “you are a nice guy, I love you”

“Don’t say those words, I’m in a relationship“

“Well, I’m sorry then, and now I should be on my way back, see you if you offer something to give me a call” she gave me a card sort of thing with her name(Rosy) and phone number on it.

After nearly 2 hours mom came home we hugged and kissed I watched her take a shower that was funny because she was dancing, shaking her butts, touching her boobs and pussy, it made my dick so hard that I wanted to fuck her that that time but we decided to wait for a while, at least we talked about it.

But when did she came out of the shower she came near all naked and kissed me once again, I don’t know how long we kissed but surely it was broken by the doorbell. It was Rosy, she needed something that she might have left here. I let her come in and closed the door to moms room and her left as soon as she came in, but it was long enough to hold ourselves for a while, or till we had dinner.

As usual, we were watching TV and she had the remote, she surfed through some usual channels but didn’t find anything good enough. She stopped at the fashion tv, the only channel that I hated. She didn’t change it, so I fought to take the remote but when has anyone won the remote fight with anyone. She still had the remote, but in between, they fight I clicked in smart button and on web browser there was some porn page opened in tabs. I knew all like me and my girlfriend watched it all on many of these channels. When I looked at her face she had that embarrassed face but a simple laugh made her feel ok I guess.

After closing some I found that one porn that I and Cara watched “mom fucks son in the ass” we laughed again, mom said, “you have done Cara’s ass, right.”

“Yeah, it was fun it’s tighter and hard but it’s more fun after a while.”

“Proud of you my boy, have you ever taken in the ass, like a dildo, or a strap on or anything like it.”


“You need to do that one like now”

“I don’t Ankara escort bayan think so like that will be gross getting my ass fucked by some plastic dick”

“I said you need to, I didn’t ask for an opinion “ she stood up and went to her room, I locked the house and went to her room, she was baked with a blue step on dildo, in her hand, she said come on it will be fun.

I got naked and kissed her, she said “get on your knees and lick my pussy”

I did and I from her in my arms and stood up making her sitting on my shoulders talking her pussy deep in and hitting the spots to make her wetter, she was enjoying it.

After a while I let her come down and kissed once again, she said “wow, that was new even for me”

“I have some tricks up my sleeve now”

“Oh yeah, sit now and turn around, show me you asshole, let me do it”

I felt her kissing my asshole and that felt weird because that was not what I’m used to, she spits on the strap in dildo and set on my ass, then with a light push she gave me a few CM in, I felt my ass starch as she got deep and deep, I was in a bit plain, but I know mom was enjoying it.

She kept on fucking me for a while and I felt some relaxed in the ass, I knew I had to take her ass now to get us equals now. With a few more stocks she took that dildo out and said “how was it”

“It’s weird” and she pushed the whole dildo in one go, it was painful and I started to shout to take it out, and she did.

It was even weird that I was in no pain as soon she took her dildo out. I turned up and took her and gave a push to lay down, I took the steps out and fund that there is a smaller dildo that was in her pussy, her pussy was open, and I could see some insider, I don’t think for a second and pushed my dick in her pussy, it got in without any resistance, I started to fuck her pussy, and got faster and faster till she cummed for a few times. Each cum that she did I got a bit faster we changed positions in every while. After nearly fucking her pussy for 30 mins I knew it was time to do her ass, I was on top of her, so I turned her around and find that there was a whole buttplug in it, I removed it I started to fuck her ass, it was even easier as she had that plugin for nearly 45 mins. That got a bit hard as I fuck her. I was about to cum by now but I knew I had all night, for now, I can do any hole, after fucking her ass for nearly 2-3 mins I came in her asshole. Her ass was full Escort Ankara of my cum, but still, I had a hard dick and started to fuck her pussy, after nearly 3 more mins I came in her pussy too, but by this time her ass dripped all cum on my dick and her pussy was dripping on my dick too, she asked to give it to her mouth and kiss her.

She gave me some of my cum and the whole fucking her that awesome got weird. She was still dripping my cum and was still out of breath, we stood up and went to the kitchen naked, had some water, she even kissed me while we were drinking water, we had a whole bottle and still were out of breath. We sat on the sofa, my dick looked like dead meat and balls were all the way up, I thought I won’t we able to fuck for the whole night, but it got up at the moment that I saw that TV still going that still from “mother fucks son in the ass”. We smiled and I said, “I’m not doing that again, like taking anything like that in the ass”.

“Ok, my baby” and she quick kissed again, I knew she needed to have more, I said, “ where did you get all these toys from”

“When you were away in college I need to have something so got all these from some online store.”

“There are all nice toys but you knew they harm you more than they do good”

“I know I know, but it needed it”

“Ok, I’m cool with it”

She quick kisses me again and jumps on to sit on me, she started to kiss, I didn’t mind it and I kissed her again, in doing so we got instance again. We kissed for nearly 10 mins before be broke, our kisses were so hot that mom nearly cummed in her pussy and she started to grind on my dead dick, that was coming up and getting hard.

We took a moment to take a breath and kissed again, we got so deep in that my dick was in her pussy and I didn’t even know after kissed for another 10 mins, I came in her pussy all the deep as I could have gone. That cum was not a just a few drops, it was a very long shot and it hit on her very deep.

Hit was so deep that she screamed out of joy and said “give me more” and we continued to fuck for the whole night never taking my dick out of her pussy, and cumming in her for at least 5-8 times. She cummed all night, squinted shouted, cried, grind but never took the dick out.

We broke the series of cums when the newspaper guy dropped the paper and milkman was out banging the boor, as none of us slept the whole night, we slept whole morning and didn’t wear a piece of cloth even to answer to some uninvited people, or left as soon as they saw one of us on door naked. We again fucked in the night and I did her all hole cum again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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