Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 15

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The steamroom was full when I entered around 45 minutes after arriving at the baths. I’d enjoyed a beer, then spent a while watching porn after getting sucked a bit in the darkroom. However, nothing had really jelled to that point, which was no surprise. Over the last few months, I’ve tended to spend more time upstairs, even though contact was uncertain for at least the first hour after opening.

Further, there was yet another man insisting I cum, though they themselves had no interest in doing so, and I continued to talk about having sex with other men, babbling essentially about what makes the baths so enjoyable, like not cumming for hours while having sex with so many turned on strangers. If such a person is at least competent, an enjoyable time is possible, though he was borderline, at best. Apart from possessing a fair bit of practice in resisting temptation, and years of experience in knowing how hours can be spent on the edge of orgasm, generally such partners pay more attention to themselves than the person they are trying to have cum.

Sundays draw a growing crowd through the afternoon, and going downstairs, the number of towels in the cubbyholes was impressive. And promising, to be honest, since the steam bath is a place with lots of hot action. Entering was a bit of a challenge, the front space being unusually full, though without any sex going on. Reaching the far wall, I turned to the right to go deeper into the dim back space.

Taking my time, arm sweeping out front cautiously, a couple appeared in front of me, my finger discovering soft skin. A hand reached for my cock before I had thought of what to do next, making that decision for me. Looking around before losing focus, a couple of men could be seen, with a pair in the corner, obviously enjoying playing with each other while sitting on the stone bench.

Reaching out myself, finding a nipple, slowly expanding the area explored by my fingers over his body, discovering that the man now starting to fondle a delightfully swelling cock was being sucked off. Cock getting harder in another man’s clasp, he easily drew me closer. Bending down to lick his nipple, the fingers of my left hand slid along his sack, middle finger reaching the middle of his crack. I felt another hand join his on my shaft, soon followed by the wonderfully addictive haze filling my mind that means a man has started to go down on my uncovered cock.

At this point, it is impossible to resist just how good it feels when starting to be sucked by a man. A haze that just gets better the longer I’m sucked, something so good I have completely given up using condoms for oral sex, craving a man’s mouth on my naked skin. Moaning, I felt the standing man bend down to start licking a nipple, a sensation so good I gave up on any idea of using poppers. This was fortunate, as he began kissing me full on the lips, utterly turning me on.

We continued to pleasure each other like experienced sluts, hands roaming, getting a blow job with another cock as men flowed around us. A new man entered my awareness, basically completing the last side of a box, 3 hard cocks at 90 degrees. I started licking the new man’s nipples as I felt how the cock sucker pleasured 3 cocks, delighted to find another partner to kiss. The cock sucker stood up as the man across from me bent down, taking the new man’s cock into his mouth.

My slippery cock began to rub against the cock sucker’s hard length, his fingers playing with my nipples as I turned to him, my tongue pushing past his opened lips, turned on to be kissing a sexy cock sucker as I jacked his cock off against mine. Looking around, the room seemed filled with men having sex, just like we were, abandoning any inhibitions as the shared pleasures lead us on.

When the man across from me stood up, his mouth leaving our cocks perfectly coated with his saliva, I began kissing him. Hands were running Eryaman Escort over my body as our kiss deepened, soon feeling another mouth on my willing cock. At this point, things blurred, the sexual excitement overwhelming all thought, delighted to be so openly sharing sex with other willing men.

At some point, the question crossed my mind of how many men had sucked me in this session, and the number was difficult to determine – definitely more than 3 by this point, quite possibly 5, and maybe even 6. With more likely to cum, though the heat was starting to become a consideration. Finally leaving, having hungrily kissed at least three cock suckers and a couple of other men, felt different mouths on my cock, neck, and nipples, having reached the limit of my ability to keep swimming in this seemingly unending sea of sexual delight. At no point did I open the poppers, being too turned on to handle that extra kick.

I saw that 45 minutes had passed before staggering to the showers, soaping my still horny cock. The interval inside the steambaths had been heavenly, something best understood by those who have had the luck to experience it for themselves. In my case, multiple times in the last years, with a continuing desire to continue to indulge myself in the pleasures offered at the baths.

Going back upstairs to the darkroom, it was fairly crowded, though not with someone on the other side of a gloryhole. Walking to the back entrance, I discovered a man in front of it, and we soon began getting more intimately acquainted. Discovering to my satisfied surprise, that there was a willing cock sucker on the platform, one who took my cock into his mouth. Moving closer, getting lost in the sensations of two men pleasuring me, dimly aware of a third man started pushing by.

It was possible to reach out to find his cock, making him harder as another hand began to run over my ass. However, as time went on, the floor fan was simply too much to be standing right next to, so I made another round upstairs before returning to the darkroom.

Which had grown very crowded, though I was able to find some free space towards the rear. It was possible to enjoy a bit of cock sucking again, though with too much jostling and unwanted grabbing, something that only happens rarely to me, thankfully, as it is something I don’t like. And some men, for whatever reason, seem to require more force than what I generally consider polite. Though part of me finds it appealing to make clear to another man what I do and don’t want, regardless of what they want of me. Sluts choose who they play with, and my preference is strongly directed towards other sluts.

As was the case with a man who kept repeating about going to a booth as I repeatedly said no, and then wanted poppers, though he had done nothing enjoyable. It became a struggle to convince him that he had nothing to say about using poppers, followed by leaving the dark room, cock essentially untouched by someone who clearly had no idea of how to play with a slut.

The porn room was empty, but what was playing with erotic, as men rimming with hard cocks is always attractive. Settling in at the rear top corner, playing with myself, another man entered after maybe a minute, taking little time to decide to sit next to me. And then basically doing nothing while I got harder, jacking off to the porn.

After a bit, admittedly including an interval of him going down on me, he started asking about a booth again, Clearly getting off on the porn, saying that I wanted to stay here, jacking off to the porn. He then asked about the poppers, and kept insisting, which was a bit irritating. So I did a hit, then gave him the bottle. When he returned it, the top was clearly cracked. It seemed extremely likely he was the same man as in the darkroom, and though the rush was filling me, he still Sincan Escort seemed clueless.

The porn remained hot, but he wasn’t at all interesting – sometimes, things simply don’t match. Instead of getting more involved, he moved away and lay back, without any contact. To be honest, the only thing that attracted me at this point was the rimming and sucking on the screen, watching the same couple as before he entered. I then left when it was clear that he was as clueless now as before, when struggling to get his hands on my poppers, requiring me to use enough force which is why the top was broken.

Luckily, the bottle was very close to empty, and the top seemed to at least keep a good enough seal. At the locker, I placed the bottle back in its air plastic bag, carefully positioning it to remain upright. It isn’t as if poppers are necessary – I hadn’t used any the first time having group sex in the steam room, after all.

Entering the steambath a second time, without poppers, the space even more filled than before, making it difficult to navigate to the rear wall. Oddly, there still seemed to be no sex going on in this part, something I would have expected. It was a challenge to move towards the back without giving or accepting any invitations, but possible. Seeing that at least some space was free on the bench, I stood to the side o a sitting man sucking cock, first running my hands over the chest of the man being sucked, gradually stroking and caressing him over his body as another man went down on him.

Of course, the whole time I was playing with myself, unavoidably gasping when a stranger’s hand joined mine, not even sure which man was currently grasping my rod. Not that it mattered in the least, particularly here, a place where so many men come to have sex with each other. When the cock sucker turned his skilled oral attention to me, it again made me delightfully sink into the honeyed bliss of being a man’s suck slut, letting his lips and tongue do as they wished on my naked skin. As it continued, it just got better. When the other cock got involved, it prompted me to start kissing the standing man, feeling fingers play so good with my nipples.

Thought was gone as the pleasure continued, moaning about hot sex with men and sexy cocks, in a threesome, all of us sharing the same unrestrained desires.

After jacking off several times almost to cumming, holding his stiff wet cock cock against mine, the cock sucker leaned back, making me bend down to start kissing him full on the mouth, pushing my tongue inside him. Moaning deep in his throat as his lips pressed against mine, I reached down to start playing with his cock, caressing and rolling it, feeling it get bigger.

Since there was still free space on the bench, after teasingly breaking the kiss, I sat down to his left. He returned to cock sucking as I kept fondling his sexy cock, letting his hand’s motions on my cock guide me in turn. Leaning back, it was a minor surprise to feel the cooler rubber hose behind me, a common feature in steambaths to sluice off the bench. This also meant being fairly close to the spigot, as the hoe is quite short. Taking a moment to explore, it turned out that the fixture was above him.

At some point, likely while we were kissing, the standing man left. Focussing on each other was a real turn on, kissing a man is so sexy, especially a slutty man, one as turned on you. Caressing and stroking him, between kissing and him bending over to go down on me as I kept playing with myself. At times, his fingers strayed over my sack, and temptingly lower.

My reaction was obvious, but I did my best to make it clear just how much anal play interests me. Soon, his fingertip began to lightly circle my ass. As it continued, I could not stop from moving my soft hole, pressing and teasing against his willing Etlik Escort finger. Putting my right foot up on the edge of the bench, giving a stranger complete access to between legs, getting sucked and fingered in public.

Deciding to enjoy the extra bit of power that comes when being sucked while standing, I stepped between his legs, kissing him greedily. Straightening, he took my cock into his mouth, and we began to play for real. He would do something new, like running his fingertips lightly over the hair between my balls and ass, an exquisite sensation that feels as good as orgasm, yet lasts and lasts. After kissing intensely, my cock would return to his mouth, followed by another welcome surprise.

His finger began to lightly touch my ass, causing me to react by repeatedly moving my hips to pump my cock as he touched me so perfectly, sighing and slumping, hands outstretched over his head, careful of the faucet. Having become his willing slave, I dared to put my left foot on the bench, moaning as his tongue began to wander over my balls. I love being teabagged by an expert, which no woman in my experience can be called. It was especially good while moving my ass in a dirty hot motion, exposed hole begging to be rimmed.

When he began to lick me, words came from my mouth, barely coherent – “Fuck .. oh god fuck .. heaven .. love .. rim me .. sex with men .. god yes .. I want it .. sexy tongue .. licking .. love it.”

Growing slowly weaker but incapable of shifting position, I gradually began using the spigot to support myself as an aid, careful not to hang off of it. I could not stop from speaking out loud, “fuck yes .. ass tongue .. lick me .. oh god .. I love it,” moving my raised ass while he kept his tongue on my wanting hole.

As time passed, I finally needed to move to stretch or rest various muscles. He quickly took my hard cock back into his mouth, his finger now using the wetness to create irresistible sensations between my legs, slowly sliding past my quivering tight anus.

His secret was knowing that a light touch is better than clumsy forcing, especially when going down on a man who remained lost in paradise. When I finally bent down to sloppily kiss him, greedily joining my mouth to his in a forceful probing of his entire mouth, he responded in turned on kind. Our kissing continued to vary, from gentle to demanding, from passive to in control, each of us clearly familiar with the broad range of possibilities available, enjoying kissing someone equally interested in exploring them.

Though we remained a focussed pair, the jostling and mild interruptions were unavoidable, Luckily, these were not irritating like before, as we remained an obvious pair, and a number of men recognized that quickly, It isn’t as if most of them had no experience of a pair of devoted oral sluts, though I really couldn’t figure out who was might be considered top or bottom, considering how thoroughly I had surrendered myself to him.

When he started to play with my nipples as we kissed, my reaction must have been obvious, and he remained perfectly content to lightly stroke and squeeze my nipples as he took my cock back into his soft mouth. The heat was slowly growing to be too much, yet I could not leave, as the chance to keep indulging myself so thoroughly grew ever more addictive.

Leading me to finally begin to truly fuck his mouth, holding on to the spigot so as to balance my thrusting ass, legs bent while ramming my cock deeper, my hands and legs forming a triangle, gloriously pumping my jutting cock into his willing mouth, lost in male bliss. Becoming nothing but a horny cock using a slut’s mouth, unable to stop using a stranger like a total slut. Yet, the heat finally did get to be too intense to continue, so I finally left, even as he kept sitting, undoubtedly being able to find a new cock to such quickly and easily.

Though orgasm did not quite happen, rarely have I ever felt so wonderfully drained. The surprise this time was that the interval in the steam had only been a half hour, as I was certain it had been much longer, being lost in fantastically hot sex the way I had become. Time at the bathhouse is always unpredictable, reflecting what time feels like in heaven.

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