Bathhouse October Anniversay

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October is the month, two years ago, I first went through this particular bathhouse entrance. The following months and seasons have seen me return numerous times, only rarely not able to spend time having sex with another man or men. And on some of these visits, experiencing some of the most erotic times of life, far beyond the fantasies of my youthful imagination in the late 70s.

Practice has led to a simple streamlining of the process, changing out of street clothes in the locker room to enter an explicitly male only space. A space that, not coincidentally, offers various places to enjoy explicitly male sex.

This process includes drinking a cold beer, generally while sitting at the curved counter space, able to see the foyer through the half height blocked space used for collecting the admission charge. Today, only a couple of people entered while I drank. Seeing men entering while watching from within, knowing any of them could be someone I would be having sex with is just another part of the process.

Including making an honest statement to myself of the reason for being here. Generally, honesty has served me well, and a bathhouse visit is certainly no reason to abandon that approach. Such as always wearing my wedding ring. If someone doesn’t want to have sex with a married man, I see no reason for deception, for example (admittedly, this concerns seems much greater among women).

But honest is not quite the same thing as being recognized, something that likely only happened here once, in a context where having a wedding ring made no difference. A reason I sit on a bar stool, wearing nothing but a towel, is simply to get a better feel of how many people are arriving, and whether in couples or clumps, a very basic step in entering the rhythms which flow through a bathhouse.

The man that appeared was tall and slim, roughly my age, with almost certainly dyed black hair. He was one of the service managers at the dealership where we had bought our car, meaning he had dealt with me and wife, separately and together, over several years. Oddly, based on my virtual lack of gaydar use (gaydar is completely unnecessary at a bathhouse), something had clicked on its screen the first couple of times we had interacted, then disappeared.

From my viewpoint, sitting at the bar with a half finished beer, torso naked, he seemed quite surprised. My reaction was likely better controlled than his, almost embarrassing in its way. Being recognized provided a couple of insights. Assuming that it had been someone known, since I did not see him during the rest of my visit. A visit likely mainly spent in the steambath, probably sucking one or more cocks, being sucked by one or more men in turn, and touching as many cocks as were available, while letting anyone who wanted to to touch mine. Along with enjoying nipple play, and male tongues licking and kissing.

The deepest insight then was that having sex with total strangers totally turns me on in a way that having sex with a man I know can’t – at least in a male only setting. (The number of fantasies involving my wife and any man makes no distinction between knowing them or not.) Cocks make men sexy, and cocks are definitely offered at the bathhouse, mine just like everyone else’s. Group sex with strangers is fantastically arousing, submerging in a sea of sex.

The second insight was in recognizing that privacy is highly prized among bathhouse visitors, at least ones that aren’t arriving together. After that first startled reaction, we maintained a discrete lack of awareness, as he received his towel and locker key.

The third insight was that what attracts me to men is their cocks, and what essentially attracts other men to me is the same thing, in the end – at least in a male only steambath, or a darkroom. Here, it is really isn’t about the person, the subject is straightforward sex – and that I love being straightforward.

Today, it didn’t take long to finish my beer, followed by going up the spiral staircase, mainly to see if any good porn was playing in the theater space. This visit, much like my first, was without any Rush, the little brown bottle no longer able to provide its magical boost. Even after using a freezer and keeping it in an airtight container, there comes a time when something like Jungle Juice loses its ferocious power.

Its lack wasn’t a complete disappointment, the bathhouse continuing to lack much in the way of interesting porn. Though some of the decorations – pictures, reliefs, carvings – are surprisingly erotic, including one relief of two men, Asian, apparently monks, quite different in age, hands beneath each other’s opened robes, and another which looks like a scene of men at work, until its details become more apparent.

Most gay porn lacks such magnetic appeal, and at this sauna, there are only two choices available at any one time, either on the large screen or in one of the two mirrored booths, each playing the same porn on the angled monitor. Not that getting hard to arousing gay porn is bahis şirketleri difficult, it is just the available amount with that effect is essentially hit or miss, unless it includes groups of men.

Reaching the top, I decided to check the extensive dark area, though it is almost always empty. Standing at the one of its thresholds, it made sense to let my eyes adjust before entering. Taking a couple of tentative steps, faints sounds seemed to be coming from the large bed area – a wide, fan shaped expanse of well padded space, big enough to easily hold a dozen men, with at least half that number able to stand along edge of the platform, at an ideal height for easy access, as I knew from the past.

It was here that a stranger rimmed me for what felt like an eternity of pleasure, a stranger tempting and teasing me until I had moved to kneel over his face, kissing his cock, unable to do anything but let him keep rimming me. There were other men around, and some part of me recognized that I had played with several hard cocks, before hearing a wrapper being opened, then doing down on a reclining man, filling my mouth with a stranger’s rigid rod while another totally unseen man continued to practice pure gay magic on my asshole.

I had only been rimmed a couple of times, several decades ago, by a girlfriend that had read about it in the early 80s Gay Joy Of Sex. Feeling a man’s cock pump its cum while stroking the cock of the man that was licking my ass was even more gay than she likely could have imagined then, and an incredible sexual sensation.

In the present, alive with a tingling awareness that anything was possible, stretching out a hand to follow the wall, I turned the corner into the broad space, unsure of what was going on. It began to sound like at least a couple were already enjoying themselves. Not everyone is interested in group sex, and the space has generally been empty of the past couple of years, but I was becoming too horny to be concerned about such minor concerns.

At the edge of the open platform, near the end of the wall, slowly reaching out, my right hand touched a foot towards the center and rear. This provided the information I needed to sit against the wall, unwrap my towel, preparing for whatever arose in the darkness.

Back still turned towards them, the sounds of cocksucking became plain to my attentive ears. Left elbow supporting my weight, I leaned back closer, right hand still handing my black bag. Basically horny but hesitant, not wanting to intrude, even if my swelling cock remained unconcerned, having recognized the sound the other man had made when my hand touched him, trailing along and over his arch, fingers feeling his toes.

The pad shifted, a hand clasped my shoulder, creating gentle pressure to recline further. Another hand began to stroke the inside of my leg, making me begin to moan, shifting tone deeper as he began to slide along my thigh, ever closer to my crotch.

A third hand began moving over my chest, simple confirmation of how quickly a threesome can develop in the right circumstances. The pressure at my shoulder grew, then relaxed, finger now lightly running over my neck, ears, cheek, and throat.

‘Come back’ the man closest to me whispered, his tongue touching my ear. Weight shifted on the platform, my nipple now experiencing a gently urging touch to move back. I let my head hang back, hoping that such an obvious sign of submission would be met with its proper reward. The hand that had started on my leg finally reached my balls, a perfect accompaniment to my throat being kissed, then gently bitten and sucked.

After a bit, I twisted, presenting another part of my neck to a talented stranger’s mouth. My wife loves to give me hickeys, and through the years, I’ve learned a few tricks to keep them from happening too frequently, since the sensation is irresistible, especially when my hard cock is being stroked.

‘Keep coming, come back’ the other man said softly, letting me locate him in a very approximate sense. When I felt warm skin along my naked back, it was impossible to keep my free hand from exploring, finding a goal between the legs of the man behind me. I soon discovered he wore a cock ring, a bit surprising, though not outside of my experience, especially the first time in the dark, getting rimmed.

His shaft was unbelievably silky, probably due to the blow job he had been enjoying before I wandered in. The other man’s hand was present, but already retreating to play with his balls.

Stroking him, the kissing at my neck grew wilder, as did the squeezing my nipple was enjoying. He grew fairly hard as I played with his rod, though not as rigid as me. My hand started wandering further, seeking another goal. One that took time to find, exploring a naked stranger’s body in the dark, enjoying the heightened sense of touch that darkness offers.

Exploring the other man, noting his hairiness, everywhere, as I went from his back to his crotch, letting my fingers spread out, seeking his cock. We both bahis firmaları shifted position, creating a new dynamic among the threesome, changing the focus of pleasure.

The other man’s cock became quite hard, stroking it as he shifted position, moving his ass towards my crotch, his legs spread outside of mine, pressing them.

Being manipulated by both of them was a thrill, a wonderfully desirable state of affairs till now, a simple game remaining within its harmless boundaries. My own attempts to manipulate them in turn kept meeting with success, causing both of them to lose concentration at different points. Things threatened to get out of control when the man at my back shifted, his mouth briefly touching my nipple before finding the tip of my cock as he moved between the wall and my body.

The first kiss at my cock was exquisite, as were the following ones, but when his lips started to circle my cock head, my hand pushed his head away, saying ‘condom … condom first’ which changed to a ‘fuck .. yeah … oh fuck …. no’ as his mouth briefly returned before being pushed back more forcefully, accompanied by changing position to improve the leverage of my pushing, shifting closer to the other naked body in the dark at the same time.

Shifting again, my first partner’s hands pulled me more forcefully to the rear, demanding my obedience. An enjoyable sensation, beginning to truly understand the seductive attraction of submission, a state distinct from sluttiness, something easily shared.

My female bi-friend enjoys being submissive to men (to the point she enjoys rape games) but prefers to be dominant to women, though she doesn’t mind experimenting. She had even asked me about being her ‘slave’ a couple of summers ago. Which I politely refused, because for me, sex is generally about sharing, not submission or dominance.

As I often tell my wife about this bi-friend, we are on parallel tracks, which only occasionally cross – mainly at the point of getting off. Either with me finger fucking her with her legs spread on her stomach, talking really dirty, or she sucking my cock on her knees, after teasing me by showing herself off, both with and without underwear. I generally prefer without underwear, as sometimes she wants an opinion of something she bought, wordlessly expressed. Watching her in a dressing room was one of the more erotic experiences in my life, she being quite willing to share her sexiness through her choices in clothes.

In the present, with an insistent man pulling me back physically to make it easier to pleasure me, I understood the allure of simply surrendering to whatever he wanted, as his mouth continued to tease my cock unmercifully, forcing me to concentrate on finding my bag, black in the darkness.

Not finding it, I sat straighter, circling the space, completely breaking the contact at my cock, releasing the hold he had been developing over me. In the end, doing something that doesn’t meet my standards is unappealing, which my bi-friend would agree with completely – she likes to play games, but not to do something she doesn’t want to.

The longer it took to search for the condoms, the shorter my cock grew, my attention increasingly focusing on finding what was mine. Strong hands started pulling me to return to the dark, to again lose myself in a purely animal group, drowning in its pure pleasure, but at this point, the first rush of arousal was being replaced by annoyance.

Finally firmly pushing back, making it clear that he was not the one in charge. I don’t lose my will simply because some stranger wants me to do something, especially when he is not the only person in the room. A certain level of such physical back and forth, though rare, is also part of the bathhouse atmosphere, adding a certain nuance that some men enjoy. On the other hand, some people are simply jerks, and after that becomes clear, there is no reason to continue to have much to do with them.

Sweeping my hand around further and further back, finding neither the man behind me nor my condoms, a second set of lips began to touch my still half hard cock. The sensation was enticingly gentle, a subtle distraction from my developing bad mood, so gentle and slow that the realization grew very lazily that the first man had purposefully taken my bag.

A realization that inexorably faded as another grew, along with my cock – the first eager cocksucker now tasting at least his second cock of the day. It wasn’t possible to keep from moaning as his wet tongue slid over my cock’s slit, tasting pre-cum. When his lips closed over my cockhead, it was just possible to moan ‘condoms’ and move my hand against his head.

Turned on again, determined to at least find my condoms before letting any games continue, my hand remained luckless, failure growing into a real distraction again, my cock shrinking as the second man changed his position in response to my pushing his head away from my undoubtedly horny cock.

Not that I didn’t want to play with him, of course. My right kaçak bahis siteleri hand ran over his hairy back, and pulled against his chest before sliding down to his crotch. He began to move closer, now squatting over me, his hand on my extended cock as I found his shaft. He wasn’t hard, something my fingers began to change as he moved. Getting men hard turns me on, as clearly was happening here, his cock making it apparent that he was enjoying my efforts.

Efforts leading my cock to enjoy what he was doing, the yielding skin between his ass cheeks caressing my aroused shaft. His cock was very stiff, and I began to stroke him in rhythm to what my cock was feeling. A feeling that I have rarely felt, far less frequently than a mouth sucking me. A feeling that kept getting better without me having to do anything.

Awareness of what was happening slowly grew, almost drowned in the exquisite temptation of a wonderfully welcoming hole wanting to be filled, making me forget what was required as my precum spread its magical slipperiness between us. He was tight, but determined. I didn’t need to do anything except let him fuck me, my cockhead being surrounded by warm skin, pulsing and tight.

The word ‘condom’ bubbled up, but I knew there was no way to stop jacking him off, and as long he was being jacked off, there was no way for him to stop moving his sexy ass. We were both phasing into a mutual state of lust when I heard something hit the bed near me.

This broke the cycle, my resistance having basically crumbled, unable to withstand such an exotic temptation – one that is much more dangerous, especially in a setting with total strangers having sex with multiple partners. A thrill I certainly share, enjoying having sex with multiple partners, this being one of the bathhouse’s primary attractions. Actually, in the end, I was thankful for the interruption from someone who had misjudged in the past, even as he redeemed himself in my eyes now.

I pushed the man who wanted my cock back a bit, opened the bag and got a condom out. He quickly returned to pushing himself against my cock, but this was a distraction that simply made putting the condom on take longer. After it was on, I slid past his tight anal ring, feeling an orgasmic rush without quite having cum pump from my balls, overwhelmed by the reality of a man filling his ass with my fucking cock.

Having almost cum, it became easier to slide deeper, playing with his rigidly jutting rod, again almost cumming as he moved, forcing me to say ‘slow .. fuck yeah .. slow’ to keep from cumming right then.

Another man moved onto the platform, a felt presence as mine remained inside a stranger’s hot ass. I reached out, touching this third cock quickly – no reason to be coy in the dark by this point, especially with my cock getting hard again inside a naked stranger’s hot ass. Hands were on my balls, and the sensations of being fondled while being fucked led to the natural result as I began to lose myself in pure sexual bliss again.

I stopped playing with the first stranger’s cock entirely, saying ‘not two – three,’ more or less ignoring the first man as one of my hands began to play with the squatting man’s nipple, the other reaching out for his now sucked cock. My hand continued, palm flat against the cocksucking man’s cheek, a couple of fingers sliding underneath his jaw and along his throat.

The intensity of pleasure kept growing, making it difficult to slowly realize that the condom was slipping. Or, as I discovered after moving my hand, at least one man was trying to take to condom off. Having some experience over the years, the fact had become obvious due to how good it felt, prompting me to check.

By now, my irritation led to my cock shrinking, this being something utterly classless, if extremely tempting. Resisting was just too much effort, and going down to the steambath offered an easy alternative to remaining hyper-vigilant. Which didn’t need to done right now.

By this point, a couple of other men could be made out as shadows at the platform’s edge. Playing with both their cocks, thick and becoming considerably stiffer as I pumped them in turn, my cock at another man’s sliding ass, my face buried in the hair along his back, my face and mouth roaming and then pressing tight, someone to my right began rubbing my nipple.

Things were starting to become a bit too fractured, especially knowing that keeping track of what was going on was more important than normal. This combined with not getting hard soon after resisting orgasm for so long, as playing along the edge requires a bit of time to recover.

Gathering up my towel, glasses, and bag, then creating enough space to leave, I walked out of the dark, my eyes very well adapted to darkness.


Rewrapping my towel before going down the steps, it came off quickly off at the bottom level, joining my glasses and bag in a cubbyhole. After a quick shower, I entered the steamy space, knowing my final destination but allowing all necessary time to arrive at it. There were a couple of shadowed figures around, none close to each other, making it easy to reach the back wall, pausing again, to get a feel for what was going on, and to begin feeling my still horny cock.

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