Bi-Curiosity Done Right

We looked a while for the right woman. I’d met several for coffee, but for one reason or another, I hadn’t been comfortable with any of them. Finally, we had found her. John and I were meeting her in the bar of a resort hotel where we had booked a room. Maura insisted on a late date, not wanting to have dinner with us. We checked in, freshened up, had a lovely early dinner and went back to our room. The anticipation had us in quite a fevered state. We wanted to play a little with each other before getting to the main event.

The decision to do this had come about recently. We were out at dinner one night, when a great looking woman walked by, several times. She looked towards our table each time, but I didn’t take notice until about the fourth time. I smirked at John, “Honey, I think ya got someone’s attention.” That made me smile. It happened often enough. He is very handsome and very charming. Beyond that though, John exudes masculinity from every pore. Like catnip for women, it attracts the ladies’ attention.

“Nah, baby, I think she’s been ogling you.” He chuckled at me.

Now, that was new. I didn’t recall ever being the object of a woman’s glance. “No way! You’re wrong.” At that moment, she walked by again, heading towards the door. She passed by without so much as peep, but then, cast a backwards glance over her shoulder, giving me a long look while she kept striding towards the door.

“See, I told ya! She’s been eyeballing you every time she walked by, hot stuff.” John was smiling broadly now. “What ya think? You want to chase her down? Could be fun?”

“Honey! What are you talking about? Where did that come from? What makes you think I’d be interested in a woman? You’re teasing me!” I blushed and lowered my face.

“Ahhhh, what was I thinking? You’re too straight. Nothing off the menu for you!” John was goading me. It was one of his favorite things to tease me about, my naiveté. He always got my goat with that. “Little miss straight lace,” he continued.

“Well, as a matter of fact, Mr. thinks-he-knows-everything about me, I’ve done a woman! When I was in college, like all girls do! So there!”

He abruptly stopped laughing; a shocked expression came over his face, mouth almost hanging open. I thought I had said something really, really unforgivable. Somehow, I had neglected to tell him this? I didn’t even know why or how I hadn’t told him. I talked about everything with John. I thought anyway. A few more beats passed before he spoke.

“Tess, you have to tell me all about it! Why didn’t you before? I want to know everything! Every detail.” He was excited. I was relieved. He took my hand in his, giving it a squeeze. “Please Tessy, give it up!”

It took me a couple deep breathes to recover. I leaned closer to him so my voice wouldn’t be so loud and took a sip of my drink. “Well, when I was in college, this girl I was friends with and I went out to dance and have dinner. The guys at the bar were kind of a bore, and we weren’t cruising anyway, we just wanted to dance. So, we decided to get a bottle of wine and go back to my place.

“We drank wine and talked into the night, getting pretty goofy. I can’t remember how it started, but we got more and more drunk and somehow, we just kissed. It was a peck, and it kind of took us both by surprise. I guess we must have liked it though, because then we ended up kissing and petting on the sofa for a long while. Her lips were so soft. I had never romantically kissed a woman before. It was astonishing. Her kiss was tender but urgent. Her tongue swirling in my mouth was different than the way a man does it. We massaged each other’s tits through our bras and dry humped.”

John moved closer to me in the booth and put his arm around me. “You have to be kidding me. You did that?”

“Oh, I’m not done. I did way more.” He smiled real big on hearing that.

“Oh baby, do tell.” He leaned over and kissed me.

“Mmmmm…ok! We petted for a while longer then finally, we couldn’t take it anymore. Together we got up and headed for the bedroom. We were both so hot, we just stripped, no more foreplay. We fell onto the bed and just groped and grinded on each other. With all that wine, we had no inhibitions whatsoever. Kissing mouths, necks and tits, anything we could. She was small breasted, but nice. Her complexion fair, she was a very pale blonde. Her areolas were just pink. Her nipples were very pink. So wonderful to roll around in my mouth, graze with my teeth, suck on really hard. She was doing the same to me. Sucking and kissing wherever she could get her mouth.”

John’s breathing was affected. He was sitting really close to me now, rubbing my shoulder.

“I just had to have her pussy though. I wanted to lick it and taste it and suck on her clit. I’d never had a woman, but damn! I wanted her, so I made my move. I quickly disentangled and got between her legs. I could feel her heat. Her pubic hair was white blond and didn’t obscure her pussy at all. I could smell her Ankara bayan escort musky scent. I spread her open, but I wasn’t sly or teasing. I just went for it, plunging my face into her. God she was sweet and so wet. I lapped at her opening, sticking my tongue in. I think that surprised her, she was stiff for a moment, but as I continued, she relaxed and got into it. I licked and got her clit to pop out. Her labia barely covered it, so when it got hard, it was easy to get at. I was no expert, by any means, I just licked and finally sucked her clit in my mouth. She liked that, clamping my head down with her knees and hands. I sucked and licked for all I was worth. I wanted her to cum. I got a hold of her clit real firm between my lips and gave a great big draw on it, she came like a river, moaning and crying out. I think she was an ejaculator. I didn’t know about that then, but I got a mouth full of creamy juice.”

John took my face, turning it towards him and kissed me carefully and deeply. “Honey, I wished I coulda kissed ya after that.”

“Mmmmmmm, so do I!” We continued to kiss for what felt like several minutes. It didn’t matter that we were in a restaurant. There was only the two of us.

He pulled away from the kiss, “is there any more baby doll? Did she do you?” John asked eagerly.

“Yeah. We changed places. I laid down where she had been. She laid by my side and kissed me, massaging my tits.”

“Like this?” John interrupted. He dropped his arm from my shoulder a bit, subtly grabbing my breast and squeezing. No one could see that side of the booth, we were safe from prying eyes.

“Uh, yeah, like that! Puleeeeeeze. John!” I was whispering but he got the drift.

“OK. Tell me more. Did she eat your pussy?”

“Hold on, hold on. She played with my tits then sucked and kissed both of them, pulling the nipples up in the suction. It was HOT. She stayed in that position for a while. It felt good, but I was on fire. I was wet and ready and getting impatient. Finally, she moved down to my pussy. She licked my clit a lot and used her fingers.”

“Like this?” John had taken his arm from around me and had his hand up in my skirt. I was tingly from the story and I didn’t care who saw. I lifted my ass off the seat as John pulled my skirt a little higher, so he could get a better reach. His hand was right outside my panties at the intersection of my legs and pussy. He hooked a finger on the top and yanked them down, pulling until they were off. He bent down under the table, picked them up from the floor, putting them in his pocket with a grin. I spread my legs wide as he ran his hand up under my skirt again. They were far enough apart for him to get a finger on my clit. He started rubbing it gently. I could hardly control myself. “Honey, go on.”

I tried. “I was really ready for her, I was fired up. She licked a lot, but never got into lapping. Ahhhh… She did get into sucking my clit, good and hard. Ohhhhh…. Long enough to get me to cum….cummmm. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but at least I got offffff.”

“Like you are going to now?” I was straining against his finger. My hips tilted. John managed to get a finger in me. I was wet. He drew up the wetness to my clit and rubbed faster. I was losing control, but I had to maintain in public. I put my arm around him from the front and buried my face on his shoulder as I came, hard and shuddering. We would have looked like a couple in love hugging, nothing more, to anyone watching.

When we got home, we couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough. John had already eaten my pussy in the car. We were so fucking hot. Luckily, we had parked far enough away and next to a bush, so that he could kneel on the ground with the door open while I laid on the back car seat with my legs over his shoulders. No one could see unless they walked right up on us. I wanted him to fuck me too, but he said I had to wait for that.

As we walked in the door at home, we flung clothes in every direction. John took me on the floor after shoving the door shut, fucking me hard, my ass against the floor not giving an inch. Ramming his cock in and out in the slick wetness, I fucked back at him hard as I could. We came together, mind and body exploding in the same instant. A rush of hot semen and pussy juice came flowing out of me.

That night had brought us here, going to meet this woman. I didn’t know before then, that John had fantasies about me and another woman. We talked about it on and off, for about a month. I was turned on about it, but was afraid of lots of things as far as actually doing it. He never pushed though, he just discussed it with me assuring me the woman would be for me alone and we would be OK together.

We met Maura through Craig’s list. She was 38, dark mid-length hair, hazel eyes and just a bit taller than me. She had a nice frame and from what I could tell through her clothing, her tits were going to fit nicely in my hands. She was married and Escort bayan Ankara had a family but was exploring her sexuality. She wanted to try this only once, having always been curious. She also wanted the safety of no strings or entanglements and happily for us, wasn’t intimidated by having John there. We put that in the ad, that he would be in the room. She had me call him to the coffee shop so she could meet him and agreed it was ok.

Walking into the bar, we saw Maura sitting in at the bar; we recognized her from her picture. She saw us and got up to greet us. “How are you two doing tonight?” She and I embraced, and then I grabbed her elbow so I could direct her to the table John was heading to in the corner.

“Follow me ladies.” We settled down, me between them and ordered drinks. The conversation was hesitant to start with, “we didn’t keep you waiting, did we,” I asked.

“Oh, not at all. I was early.” Maura smiled. We loosened up quickly after that. Maura and I had already been through the prelims at coffee and slid into easy conversation once the ice was broken. John’s arm was around me, my hand on the table, waiting in great anticipation for her to answer the unspoken question, to give the signal she was ok and would go through with the evening…then she did. She reached out and took it, looking into my eyes. “Tess, you look beautiful tonight.”

Electricity shot through me. “Thank you Maura. I return the compliment.” I kissed her hand. We finished the drinks fast and were on our feet, headed up stairs as quickly as we could. John walked with me under his arm; I put my arm through Maura’s so it was intimate for her too. “Enter ladies, your coach is here.” John directed us into the elevator, with a big grin.

When we got to our room, John got busy fixing more drinks for us, gin and tonics. “Oh thanks honey! I could use another.” I really could. I was nervous. “G & T’s do for you Maura?”

“Yes, that would be great, thanks. That looks comfy.” Maura headed for the big overstuffed couch. John, giving Maura her space, settled in a leather chair, drinks on the table. I sat down next to her and took off my sandals. I was wearing a black cocktail dress with a deep scoop neck; sheer and form fitting. She too was in a black dress, crepe with lace accents and a V neckline. In the light, I took note of her tits more closely now, being too coy to ogle her in the bar. They were at least C’s, very nice. Her legs were nicely shaped, which I hadn’t noticed when we met for coffee; at that time she was in jeans. I waited for her to make the first move, I wanted her to be comfortable and again, I didn’t wait long.

She removed her sandals and took her drink from the table. “Mmmmm! Good John! She sipped and looked me over, her eyes moving over me in appraisal. “Tess, are you gonna stay on your own side of the couch?”

I smiled and moved closer to her, she closed the distance scooting nearer to me. That was all I needed, I turned to her, our arms came together around each other. We looked at each other for a moment and then, the first kiss. So soft, her lips pillowy and yielding. Her tongue entered my mouth, soft and sensuous. We held the kiss, searching each other’s mouth. It was so different from kissing a man and just as I remembered it.

We broke the kiss and gazed at each other. “Mmmmmmm, Maura. You taste good. You feel so good.”

“So do you Tess.” We began kissing anew, encircling each other, hands moving over each other’s back, pressing our torsos close, breasts mashing against each other. This wouldn’t do for long though, not enough room to maneuver and too much clothing on. “Tess.” She stood up and walked to the bed, beckoning me. “Come here.”

John moved to a chair, closer to the bed.

Standing at the side of the bed, “we need to get these dresses off,” I said. She turned so I could I unzip her, allowing the dress to fall to the floor.

“Here, do me.” I turned and she did the same, kissing my bare shoulder and neck. We climbed onto the bed, laying next to each other. I was so ready to just start eating pussy, but I wanted this to last so I took a breathe and slid the bra straps off her shoulders pulling the cups down, one at a time, I kissed each breast. “Maura, they’re perfect.” If I wasn’t wet before, I sure was now. I rolled onto her so I could get at them better. They were perfect, nicely shaped with dark areolas and such kissable nipples. I sucked deep and hard on one, kneading the other with my hand, tweaking the nipple.

“Tess….ahhhhhh…that feels good.” Maura exhaled and took in breathe.

God they were wonderful, just as supple as I thought they would be. Her areolas were darker than mine, her nipples just right, protruding but not too much. I licked, sucked, and licked some more lost in their creamy softness. I heard John get up, get something and return to his chair. This was for him too. I was glad he was here.

Maura gently stopped my play. “Tess, it’s Bayan escort Ankara my turn. Please, allow me.” I gave each breast another kiss and pushed up on my knees. She sat up, ran her hands across my back, smoothing my straps off, and reached around to unclasp it. The bra fell on the bed. She looked me over, smiling seductively. “Ohhhhh…how lovely.”

Nuzzling my neck, she pressed one breast with her palm, then moved it in a gentle circle. “Ahhhhhhhh…” a moan escaped my lips. This was already so much better than my earlier experience. It had been furtive and quick compared to this. Nibbling my ear, “gooooood” she whispered to me.

Kissing her way down my neck to my chest, she bent to flick each nipple with her tongue. They hardened in an instant. A thrill surged through my loins. Without further teasing, she seized upon my nipple with her mouth, sucking gently then increasing the draw. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh God, Maura.” She pinched my other nipple then she sucked and licked it too. I ran my hands through her hair. Glossy and soft, it smelled so good. I love to play a woman’s hair, it’s so sensuous. I rubbed her shoulders, embracing her as she continued to play with my tits.

Glancing around the room for a second, I saw John. He had changed into a robe and gotten the camera set up on a tripod. It was prearranged that he would tape this for all of us. He trained the camera on us so he was free to stroke his cock. He smiled broadly at me, mouthing the words, “enjoy yourself baby.”

Maura moved her hand to my pussy, sliding her hand in my panties, she massaged my pubis with her palm then started probing the folds of my labia. “Ahhhh…Maura. Mmmmm!”

She continued to explore, increasing my anticipation as she tickled around. I moved my hips, trying to get her to enter me. Lifting her head from my breast, she looked into my eyes and pushed two fingers into me. “Ahhhhhhhh….God.” I thought I would cum. John shifted in his chair.

“Like that? Good.” Maura moved up and kissed me moving her fingers deeper into me and back out, bringing them to her mouth and licking. “Mmmm…you taste so good!”

I wanted to taste her too. I couldn’t wait to get my fingers and face in her, but Maura pushed off me, kissing my tits and then down to my tummy, positioning herself between my legs. I felt her savoring me with her eyes. “Tess, I’ve never done this before. I want to take my time and check you out.” She pulled my panties off in one motion, kneeled down and gently separated my labia. She stroked my clit with her finger, dragging it down to the opening, she dipped one finger into me, searching for my G spot. She knew she found it when I flinched. “There it is!” Inserting a second finger, she started finger fucking me. “How does this feel?”

Her hand felt so different from a man’s, small and agile with a gentle touch. “Maura, that feels so good.”

She watched me, checking out how I was reacting. I closed my eyes, smiling. She continued moving in and out then used the thumb of her other hand to stimulate my clit. Again, her touch was different from a man’s, it excited me, I didn’t expect it so soon, but I start to cum. She was as surprised as I was. “Already Tess? I must be doing it right.”

“Ohhhhhhh yes you are!” She responded by speeding up, her fingers slipping in and out of me faster, gliding in the wetness, ensuring my climax. “Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Maura, yes…oh ahhhhhhhhh…that’s it, that’s it.” I came in heaving gasps, my body convulsing in spasms. My hips rocked with her strokes as waves of pleasure cascaded over me.

Maura beamed saying, “I’m not done with you though.” She pulled her fingers out and licked them carefully getting every drop. She repositioned her knees and brought her face down to my pussy, breathing me in. “MMmmmm!” She used her thumbs to expose my clit. Tentatively at first, she stroked my clit with her tongue.

“Ahhhhhhh, oh God, Maura!” That first contact sent chills throughout my body.

“You liked that huh?” She looked satisfied and seemed she would be ok with this. In the back of my mind, I wondered whether she would get started and then find it wasn’t what she wanted to do. Kissing, playing with my tits and finger fucking me was one thing, but putting her mouth on my pussy was the line, in my mind anyway. It surprised me that she was taking the lead. I could only guess that she was in a frame of mind to go all the way since she only had plans to do it once.

Maura licked and licked some more. She played around a bit, investigating me with her tongue, causing my clit to become firm; flicking and watching my reactions. Why not? I was enjoying being her experiment, her first woman ever, her first time. Inspecting me further, she moved down to my vulva and opened me up. Working around the edges, she kissed and used her tongue to taste. I was drenched from my earlier climax. “Mmmmmm…Tesssssssssss…that’s good,” she looked up over my pussy.

With that, she plunged in more earnestly, burying her face to the hilt, her tongue penetrating me deeply, like she was testing to see how far she could get in. “Maura! Yes, like that!”

John got up with the camera and came around the other side, to get an angle from my perspective. He leaned down and kissed me. “Baby, I love you