Britney Ch. 06: Detain Knees


The lunch room was packed as Britney joined by Styles moved with their trays through the crowd. All the time that they waited in line Styles commented on how awesome her performance under the eggs influence was. She laughed it off and kept her news to herself until her brother could join them. Finding a table they sit down and await Lance.

During the wait she spies upon Jacob and Angus in the distance. They were eying her. From another table in the Teacher’s quad was Mr. Beatty. He too looked at her. She tried not to look guilty of stalking Beatty. She merely smiled and nibbled at her salad. Too much attentiveness would spook him. The game she played had her hormones in a frenzy. It wasn’t her intention to interest Mr. Beatty really. But, the more he grew intrigued the more she wanted to push him along. What’s a good teasing hurt during detention she thought. Besides there might be others in detention as well. That would keep things in check. She refused to accommodate anyone under 18.

As her thoughts drifted Lance decided to show up and sit across from her and Styles at their table.

“Earth to cum sucking slut. Come in cum sucking slut.” Lance chuckled snapping his fingers.

“I’m here.” She seductively purred.

“Styles said you were screaming in class.”

“Not screaming. I haven’t completely let go yet. I’m still getting used to being this wild.”

“Could have fooled me. I heard screams.” Styles teased.

“You will know when I scream. Maybe tomorrow Mister 48 hour man.” She winked.

Lance nodded at Styles, “About this weekend. I wanna hang out the four of us. You can go do your thing alone Bro, but I want us to create some CHAOS.” He sang the last part laughing.

“I’m good with that. As long as I can make sweet lust to Britney here for a few hours.”

She fans herself, “A few hours? I might need to be carried to the ER.”

“I’ll just make the paramedics fuck you too.” Lance boasts.

Brit smiles and hisses, “I have a secret.”

“What secret?” Lance awaits.

“Mr. Beatty gave me detention. He’s overseeing the time I spend there.” Her eye brows wag playfully.

Lance mulls that over with a smirk, “That sounds fun.”

“I thought so. We might have to walk home together because of missing the bus.” She points out.

“Wearing the egg again in detention?” Styles wonders.

“I won’t need it. I’m just going to torment Beatty like crazy.”

Lance puckers in thought, “I wonder how many other idiots got detention?”

“She might be alone with Beatty.” Styles chuckles with a eerie sound.

“If not I’ll improvise.” She winks.

Lance rubs his chin, “What did you have in mind?”

“This is my time. I’m not under your control.” She sticks her tongue out.

“My month says I own you every second.. So yes you are MINE.” Lance glares.

“Fine! If I’m alone I’ll kiss him. Let’s see how far he will want to go. He’s probably afraid of losing his job.”

“If you’re alone you suck his dick at least.” Lance orders.

“Okay. If there are others there?”

“As you said Improvise.”

As they chat Brit notices Angus and Jacob walking toward them, now joined by Dalton.

“Got room for us?” Jacob steps up beside Brit.

She looks up at him and smiles. Across the table Angus nudges Lance over to occupy his space. Dalton merely stands by Angus.

Taking a seat straddling the tables bench Jacob pauses then smiles brightly, “Doing anything after school?”

She frowns, “I got detention earlier. I have to stay over.”

Jacob grimaces, “Damn. I was gonna see if you wanted to go get a pizza.”

“Another time? I’d like that though. Raincheck?”

“Absolutely.” He admires her beauty.

Angus growls, “We heard about Beatty’s class. Wish we had been there.”

Lance groans, “Innocent little Brother’s ears here.”

“Only little by thirty minutes. Ignore him.” Brit chimes in.

Angus chuckles, “Then go away.”

Brit glares at Angus, “Hey. Just because of that I got detention. And, my brother is the coolest so leave him alone.”

Angus mardin escort holds his hands up, “Sorry Man. My bad.”

Knuckle bumping with Angus to accept the apology, Lance had a brilliant idea.

“If you want to spend time with my sister why don’t you guys get detention too.” He plays it off as a joke.

Jacob eyes Angus and Dalton inspired by the jest. They read his mind. It was only an hour of time lost.

Angus leaps up and hurls Styles lunch tray toward Jacob yelling out “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.”

Jacob jumps up and charges over the table to attack Angus who plays the victim. Dalton in response tries to break them apart then ends up getting into a three way grudge match.

The teachers table automatically leaps into the fray and breaks the group up. Detentions were easy enough to get. However Beatty felt sad that he now had new prisoners. A look to Brit at the table Beatty offered a disappointed expression. She pouts and cautiously pinches her nipples for him. Maybe there was hope.

Lance smirked at Styles.

Pure evil.

As the school day ended most students returned home. Others not so lucky were subjected to detention. Leftover stragglers offering up bad decisions.

At the selected classroom for today’s misgivings awaited teacher William Beatty. He had reached his destination ten minutes prior to everyone else. Having had time to re-evaluate a plan Beatty structured the seating so that the majority of seats faced the back of the room. While a single row of seats faced forward. This would give him alone time he thought. At the best he could look up Britney’s skirt.

The other students would be declined a good look. He had hoped.

Today, there were only six students. Besides the trio of jocks Angus, Jacob, and Dalton. Then came a rebel Goth reject by the name of “Norman” who’s only reason for being there was being ever late to class. The fifth was “Emily Grace” a lanky blond with glasses that was hardly unattractive yet her attire classified her in terms of over reserved. Her skirt met her ankles. Her shirt closed around her throat. Blame her parenting. Both were 18 barely.

Finally, joining them was a freshened up Britney. She fluttered her fingers toward Beatty and gave him a beguiling smile. This was noticed by everyone there.

Before she could sit Beatty stood and pointed.

“Seating arrangements as followed. Boy’s face the back of class. Girl’s face forward. This will keep any rounds of communication to a minimal. You’re here as punishment, not as chat centers. Failure to remain silent will get you more detention days. Looking behind you is not an option. Outbursts of any kind even in actions will get you expelled. Yes, I can make that possible.”

Groans all around they take their seats which had gaps between them. Beatty watched their acceptance become evident. Even the jocks were being obedient. This might work.

Brit and Emily sat forward in front of Beatty. As the girls smiled at one another Brit recognized the girl as the one who clapped silently at her performance under the egg’s vibrational influence.

As Beatty settled in at his desk he eyes Brit who frowns at first then lifts a finger to let him know she had a plan. He cautiously allowed her to stand and tiptoe over to Emily and relay a barely audible whisper. The words made Emily’s eyes flare wide and once again silently pat her palms together. Satisfied Brit returns to her chair.

Beatty narrowed his eyes with curiosity.

She began by wiggling in her seat and batting her eyes at him. The creaking of her chair was annoying. She grit her teeth and held a hand over her mouth to avoid laughing. Inspiration strikes and she opens her notebook and writes, “Sounds like bed springs during sex.” She then turned the book to let Beatty read it. He too tried not to laugh. What freaked him out was when Brit allowed Emily Grace to read it as well.

Emily blushed and offered Beatty a smile then nibbles her lower lip.

He had no reaction outside of amazement.

Brit van escort grinned then spread her knees wide allowing Beatty to see her pussy. His jaw dropped. Heart racing he felt his cock begin to raise.

She wrote in her notebook, “I hope you like my pussy.”

As he reads it he inhales deeply and looks at Emily who also reads it. He realized Emily was still amused and encouraging at the same time. Emily herself pulled her lengthy skirt up to her knees. This was the first time he had ever seen Emily’s legs. They were cleanly shaven and rather muscularly toned.

Brit gives her a thumbs up before carefully lifting her butt in her seat and pulls her stretchy skirt over her butt cheeks. She was essentially naked from the abdomen down to her sandal like shoes. Her legs went wider. A single finger teased her clit.

Beatty was monster high in seconds and gritting his teeth at her. Emily sat with eyes wide at Brit’s boldness. Her eyes literally glistened out of excitement.

Glaring at Emily, Brit motioned for her to get braver. She shivered and quickly looked behind her to see the boys observing only the back wall. Convinced she was safe Emily sat up slightly to pull her skirt higher and expose her white panties. Her own legs parted as she blushed.

Brit had to silently clap just as Emily had been so fond of doing. This gave Emily confidence. Stiffening up Emily rubbed her fingers over her pussy getting wet instantly as she eyed Beatty watching her.

William Beatty had to reposition his crotch as it tightened up his slacks. His hand below the desk made Britney smile brilliantly and then lick her lips. As a returned favor she pries her labia apart and lets him see her glistening hole. He rolled his eyes back for only a second.

Emily sat with her eyes like saucers at their shared responses. Finally, Brit turns to her and winks. A nod for her to go further made her again look behind her. Again convinced they were not looking Emily pulls her white cotton panties aside and shows her tight virgin pussy surrounded by pubic fur. She noted Beatty eying it and quakes from adrenalin. He liked what he saw, she could tell.

Another thumbs up by Brit and a scribbled, “YOU ARE AWESOME!!” in bold print made Emily Grace giddy.

Brit turned her attention back to Beatty who had his hands in his lap. It was easy enough to tell he was unzipping his pants and removing his burden. A look of relief on his face meant his cock was free of his slacks.

She writes, “Stroke him or I will.” with an evil grin.

Reading it he nods cautiously and swallows hard before stroking it. He nervously eyes Emily who leans forward with a curious glimmer in her eye.

Brit lifts her shirt up over her tits and exposes her breasts to him. Her nipples were steel. Pinching them only gave Beatty the exhilaration to jerk off harder.

Emily merely released her skirt and watched until she noticed Beatty offer a disappointed look at her . This made Emily look to Brit. Brit shrugs leaving it up to her how much further she could go.

Looking back yet again she bites her lip and unbuttons the middle of her blouse, leaving the collar snugly fastened. Four buttons open she pries her blouse apart to reveal her white bra. Shivering she lifts the cups up to let Beatty see her 36C’s. They were beautiful.

His gaze bounced from girl to girl as he gripped his shaft to wag it, before again masturbating at a steady pace.

Brit looks behind her before gently standing up from her seat. She carefully kicked her shoes off to avoid the clatter of them on the floor. Tiptoe she glides around his large oaken desk and looks down at his dick. An expression of awe made her tremble at Emily.

Brit motions Emily to come see but she freezes in her seat. Finally, she drew a breathe and crawled out of her seat and holds her blouse together. Creeping around the other side of the desk she dropped her jaw at his girth.

Britney licks her fingertips and touches the crown making him rear his head back and abandon ankara escort his grip to let his cock stand proudly on its own.

His right hand reaches out and caresses Brit’s bare ass making her move closer and lean forward over his desk to let him rub her freely. As he did Brit winks at Emily who nervously dances in step. She quickly lifts her own skirt high and bends over the desk just as Brit was doing.

Beatty now had both hands on their asses. His left hand slides beneath Emily’s white panties and makes her whimper lightly. Her boldness made Brit love this girl.

Finally, Brit stands up and crouches to Beatty’s hip and applies her hand to his cock surrounding it with her fingers. She began silently jerking him off.

Emily darted her eyes from his cock to the boys in the back who were oblivious. Giddy she reaches over and squeezes his crown between her thumb and index finger.

Beatty gasped and held his breath.

His hand stroked Brit’s long brown hair and eyes her adoring smile. She must really like him he thought. Emily Grace was an added bonus.

Brit lowers her face and plants her lips on his exposed balls suckling them for a mere moment. She then looks at Emily. The girl turned as red. She felt her boldness slipping. However, Brit offered her a sad expression which made the girl feel horrible.

Emily herself kneels to his left hip and shares a grip on his cock. Brit shows her how to stroke it then removes her own hand to squeeze his balls with it. He was trembling like mad at their attentions.

After moments of observation Brit lowers her tongue to swirl it around his crown before lightly puckering up to kiss it. Backing away she smiles at Emily. Her eyes bulged at her silent request.

Shaking her head no reluctantly Emily grit her teeth then swiftly pecked her lips on his crown. She bolted up with an expression of her own amazement. Shocked that she allowed herself to go that far.

Brit pats her hands silently.

Looking up at Beatty she winks and mouths the words, “Cum for us.”

He reaches his hands out to caress both of their cheeks lovingly. In doing so Beatty noticed Brit join Emily with another hand. Two hands jerking him off at once.

The girls watched each other with zest as they challenged each other mentally. Both wanted to be the one to make him explode.

It became a game suddenly. Emily loved the energy of it. Feeling his cock throb under her palm. In the process Beatty tightened his fingers in their hair as the strain was becoming unbearable. Holding his breath and gritting his jaw tightly he froze just before detonating all over his slacks, their knuckles, and his desk.

Emily dropped her jaw and watched out of admiration. As she removed her hand she looked over the splattered droplets on her knuckle.

Brit lifted her own hand smiling then licked his cum from her fingers. It tasted minty. She then winked at Emily. The girl sat frozen until Beatty lifted her own hand to her mouth. She sniffed it before barely dabbing her tongue on a drop. It was awesome she thought, then licked up every trickle.

He groaned silently and fastened his pants up. Both girls stood up and pulled their own attire into place. With a peck to Beatty’s cheek by Brit she crept back to her seat and put her shoes on.

Emily blew him a kiss and sat down as well.

In ten minutes Beatty heard the ending bell.

“Detention’s over. I don’t want to see you people here ever again.”

He then points at the girls winking and mouthing the words, “Except for you two.”

The boys in back jumped up and stretched, turning to face Brit and the others.

Brit stepped over to Emily and pats her hands out of friendship.

“We should hang out. I can help you with your fashion dilemma.”

Emily smiled warmly, “So awesome. I want to be just like you.”

“We can do that.” Brit concludes, “You should come sleep over some night.”

“Just say when.” Emily Grace choked without thinking. Her parents would never allow that.

The boys huddle at the door as the girls walk together and join them.

“Guy’s this is Emily Grace. Adore her.”

The guys shrug and admire her.

“Not too shabby.” They all versed.

Emily Grace blushed.

Brit smiled and pulled Jacob aside.

“Does anyone ever call you Jake?”

Inspiration struck.

So evil.