By the Horns Ch. 02


So as i read through comments and remarks I can only bow my head to those who dug this story. To those who didn’t care for it I do apologize. As I have said, and is evident in life, “You can’t please everyone. To those who I did please and to the new people reading this here is part two of a hopefully long tale of fun. Fighter is under construction for those who have asked as is a few chapters for Lucky Bastard. But for now, patience my peeps! Read it, love it I hope, tell me how ya feel, and above all ENJOY THE SHOW!


As Nadine made sure the lipstick was perfect she couldn’t help but remember that night’s sleep. Trevor had come home that night and surprisingly he cuddled with her and the next morning they had a good time. She set the lipstick down and went to her dresser. Inside she found her lingerie collection had grown significantly. Selecting a black lacy bra she walked back with it and some black panties. She put the bra on and admired her dark skin in the black. As she titled her head in a cute manner the memories flooded her eyes.

Over the next three weeks Nadine watched Mike and his family move the last bits of their lives into the house. Trevor and her had somehow seemed to find a middle ground dealing with him working long hours and leaving her alone. For a while he was becoming a nicer, more approachable person. He even took time with her in the bedroom more often. As they had found a new balance in their lives it seemed Nadine and him had moved forwards with their plans in life. Nadine took the assistant manager position at another office. It was a bit further away, but the benefits were well worth it. As her life was getting better she saw a strange thing going on at Mike’s home one day.

It was at the beginning of the second month of him living there she saw a strange van outside the house. It said something of a locksmith and security company. As she watched the men from her window she saw they had a heavy door on a dolly. They wheeled it into the house and were in there for several hours. A few hours after the men went in she saw them exit with Mike following them and they shook hands. He signed a document on the man’s clipboard and was handed a copy of whatever he signed.

The men were leaving and Mike seemed to look up and see her watching them. He waived to her and she actually waved back. Mike saw it and walked back into the house. The van drove off and she went back to cooking dinner. Tonight she was making a nice pasta with vodka sauce tossed with peas and prosciutto. She had a nice light garlic bread toasting in the oven and as she was setting the table her phone rang.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Hey I got a rush order and won’t be home til late tonight,” Trevor explained.

“Fine, I’ll save you a plate,” she sighed into the phone.

“Sorry Nadine, this is for the big new client we have,” he explained.

“Alright baby, see you tomorrow,” she said and hung up.

Nadine blew out a sharp breath and was upset. She had made a very complicated dinner and now it seemed he was going back to his old ways again. Three weeks of being nice and he was back to having to work all night again. She picked up the plates and set them back in the cupboard. As she was about to put the pasta away she looked out and saw Mike and family walking out. She saw that they got into the SUV and he didn’t. Melina got in the driver’s seat and after a short talk she watched them drive away. Mike walked back to his house and shut the door. She saw that, looked to all she had made and an idea came to her mind.

Quickly she made Trevor’s plate, lidded it, and put it away. After she was done she put the rest into a large dish and covered it. She got out the bread and put it into another large container and lidded that as well. Smiling she got it all in her arms and took it out the front door.

Nadine walked across the street and towards Mike’s house. A part of her screamed at her for doing this, but he had her over for dinner when he moved in, at least she could return the favor. Taking a breath she knocked on the front door and hoped she wouldn’t be acting silly. The sound of the door knocking made the dogs bark and run towards the door. She heard the dogs behind the door and they were not barking anymore, but she heard them jumping at the door and sniffing loudly.

“Zurückkommen!” Mike commanded and the dogs parted the sea.

Mike laughed at the dogs as they all had their tails wagging and Thor was whimpering a bit. He opened the door and Thor and Fenris rushed by him. Nadine saw the dogs and she squeaked as they mobbed her. Thor jumped up and put his paws on her chest and he was whimpering he was so excited to see her again. His tongue lashed out and hit her across the cheek. Nadine laughed at the attention, but Mike shook his head. He grabbed Fenris by the collar and yanked him back in.

“Thor!” he said sharply and Thor dropped to the floor and sat in front of her.

His tail was wagging happily, but he didn’t jump again. Nadine laughed and shuffled the bowls so she could edirne escort pet his head. When she did his ears fell back and he licked her hand a few times. Mike chuckled at that and was actually taken back. He had never seen Thor take to someone so quickly before. A strange notion passed before his mind, but he held in check.

“I think you have a new BFF, ” Mike joked.

“I guess so,” Nadine said as she leaned down and kissed Thor on the beak.

Thor licked his chops and his tail wagged happily as she did that. He looked up at her and panted happily as she looked up to Mike. She held up the bowls and Mike nodded his head.

“Dinner?” she offered.

“Works for me, come on in,” he offered and stepped aside so she could walk in.

“I made too much and Trevor has to work late tonight, so I figure you fed me when you moved in I could return the favor,” she explained.

“You didn’t need to, but thanks,” Mike said as he held the dogs in check.

He snapped his fingers and pointed outside. The dogs heard it and rushed outside without issue. Mike walked to the backdoor and closed it leaving the dogs outside.

“Give me a second,” he asked and walked to the back of the hall.

Nadine saw the counter and set the bowls down. She looked around the house and saw how much it had filled out. The living room was filled with the furniture she had seen before as well as the nice entertainment center as well as the biggest flat screen TV she had ever seen. Hooked to it was a Bluray player and Xbox 360. She looked in the kitchen to see it had all the appliances a kitchen would need along with a few she had never seen before. Along the wall she saw a cabinet filled with wines and other forms of liquor. She looked at the window and saw it had an herb garden on it. The fresh smell of the herbs was a very refreshing touch as she walked to it. Parsley, thyme, basil, all was there plus a few others. She smelled it and the scent filled her nostrils. She wondered about making one in her kitchen. As she pondered it she heard Mike coming back.

“So what’s on tap?” he asked.

“Pasta in vodka sauce, with garlic bread,” she offered.

“Nice! Want a salad to go with?” he offered.

“Um, sure,” she replied thinking the salad would go well.

Mike came back into the kitchen and opened the fridge. The inside was a new one that she had seen commercials on that offered a lot of places to put things to make more room. She saw the vegetable drawer and was impressed by the amount of things inside. Mike pulled out some various greens and in a few seconds tossed together a good light salad. He went to the cupboard and got out some spices and oil and vinegar. He made a quick vinaigrette and tossed the salad in it. In less than two minutes they had a fresh salad and were walking to the table with two plates and silverware.

Mike set the table for her and as she was setting the dishes with the pasta on the table he retreated to the kitchen one last time. A few seconds later he returned with a pitcher of tea and two glasses. Nadine sat down as he poured a glass for her and smiled as he took a seat across from her.

“You know my cookout was a way of saying hi to everyone here,” Mike said as he poured a glass for himself.

“I know, but I made too much and it looked like you were going to be alone tonight. I figured to be a nice neighbor and return the favor,” she said and her smile as she explained it was a friendly one.

“Fair enough, cheers,” he said and toasted her with the tea.

They clinked glasses and set about dishing up. Mike was amazed at how good the meal looked and as they dug into it he looked at her and smirked.

“Sure beats take out Chinese any day,” he said and got a mouthful.

They ate the meal and it was very well done. Nadine was actually surprised how well the dish had turned out. She enjoyed it with the salad and the sticks also made her feel good about her culinary skill. Mike ate the meal and he was taken back by how good it was. The way the sauce and peas melded together made him rethink a normal reservation he had about peas in general. As they ate Mike kept to himself as they enjoyed the silence, but soon he looked up and saw the time.

“Oh,” Mike said suddenly.

“Hmm?” Nadine asked looking up.

“Can we take this to the living room? I had something coming on I really wanted to check out,” he asked.

“Um…sure,” she replied and they gathered their plates and the tea.

They walked to the living room and settled down on his couch and Mike turned on the TV. He went to his menu and pulled up the show he was looking for. Nadine sat wide eyed as he pulled up the recent UFC fights.

“Hope you don’t mind, but I been waiting to watch this for a week now,” Mike said hoping the fights wouldn’t be too much for her.

“No, it’s fine,” Nadine said as they sat and ate.

The fights were a brutal affair as a few fights ended in decision, but more ended in a submission or a knockout of sorts. While escort edirne it was a bit much for her, Nadine actually relaxed and ate her meal as Mike was very animated during the fights. They watched and Nadine noticed Mike was, in reality, really enjoying the spectacle before him. As one particularly brutal fight ended to a nasty take down and submission, Mike was hooting and cheering it on. Nadine noticed something else about how he was acting, it was like he knew the moves well. Acting on a hunch she decided to find out.

“You know how to do this stuff Mike?” she asked remembering he was in the SEALs.

“Oh yeah,” Mike said emphatically.

“They taught you this as well?” she asked.

“Some, yeah. But most of my skills I learned on my own or in training with our allies,” Mike explained. He took a sip of his tea and went on, “We trained with the Israelis a few times and they taught us their form of martial arts called Krav Maga,” he said as he poured her another glass.

Nadine sipped her new drink and her eyes asked more questions. Mike saw the look and decided to elaborate a bit.

“My unit trained with a lot of friendly nations to help us learn new and useful techniques for bettering our mission capabilities,” Mike explained.

“Wow, so you’ve been to Israel?” she asked.

“Yeah, went there for about six weeks to train with their commandos,” he replied and sipped his tea.

“How was it?” she asked.

“Where we were it wasn’t too bad. We were in the Haifa region, so we got to go to the beach a lot,” he said recalling some good times.

“Wow,” Nadine said softly.

Nadine had always wanted to go abroad when she was younger. The thought of going to new places and seeing new things always intrigued her. Now she had someone who could likely tell her a lot about the places she would like to have went. As she looked at her food she wondered if she ever would go to a new place. As she pondered that she noted Mike had gotten up and went to the kitchen. She looked down at her plate and wasn’t hungry anymore so she picked up her plate and followed. They washed their dishes and as they did Mike took note of her mood.

Something was eating at her and that made him feel an instinct in him to help. He set the dishes down and put away the leftovers she offered him and when they were done he got a sly grin on his face.

“Hey, follow me, I want to show you something,” he said and walked towards the hallway.

“Um, OK,” Nadine said unsure of where this was going.

They walked down the hall to the middle of it and as they got to the location she saw the door was not what she expected. It was the same door she saw being delivered earlier. As she walked up Mike turned to her and his expression was serious.

“Could you look away for a second? I have to enter the pass code,” he explained.

“Oh, sorry,” she replied and turned her back.

She heard the keypad being punched and soon she heard a buzz and the door opened.

“Sorry, this is my personal office and I have a lot of private stuff in here,” he explained.

“Oh, then should I even go in then?” Nadine asked and was taken back by how generous he was being.

“Yeah, just please don’t touch anything other than what I give you,” he said in a serious tone.

“OK,” she replied.

Walking into his office was something Nadine was half expecting, but at the same time it blew her mind all she saw in it. On the left hand wall she saw a large, full wall cabinet that held a variety of awards and personal effects. Most of the awards were from Mike’s time in the navy, but a few were awards his children had won. On the far side of it she saw something that made her eyes get wide. In a glass case that had a raised key punch was a set of pistols and a few fully tricked out assault rifles. She had no idea what they were, but they looked high tech and something she would have seen on the news or in the movies. On the right side of the room was a series of tables and chairs. It was like a meeting area where two or three people would meet to talk in privacy.

The center of the room was a large desk with computer and several drawers. Behind the desk was a large wall unit that had a TV and on the left hand side a large safe. The right hand side had two large file cabinets. Nadine was impressed by how nice it seemed and how spacious it was for such a small room. The one thing she did notice was aside from the door, there was no other way into the room. It had no windows and only the air vent for circulation. In front of the desk was two chairs and he pointed for her to sit at the left one. As she sat he pulled it for her. She smiled at him and as she sat he went to the large wall cabinet. He pulled open a few of the drawers and retrieved a large book. He walked back to the desk, sat in the chair next to her, and opened the book. Inside Nadine saw it was an old photo album.

As he flipped through the pages he got a playful grin and handed her a photo. Nadine took the photo edirne escort bayan and could tell it was old. She looked at it and her face screwed up in confusion. On the picture was a group of thirteen men all in military uniforms and field equipment. They all had weapons and looked like they were ready for war. The thing that confused her was that all the men had their faces blotted out. As she looked at the picture Mike had a grin on his face.

“Umm, are you in this?” she asked.

“Yup,” he replied nonchalantly.

Nadine looked at the picture, then to him, then to the picture again, and her head twitched and Mike started to laugh. Nadine gave him a pout and Mike got it under control. He pointed at the third person in the left hand side of the picture and she looked close at it. While she couldn’t tell exactly, she had no other choice than to take his word for it.

“Due to the secrecy involved in our missions we weren’t allowed to have our faces shown,” Mike explained.

Nadine nodded and he took the picture back.

“So do you still talk to any of them?” she asked.

“Yeah, but not all of them,” he said somberly.

“Not all of them?” she questioned.

“Three of them are no longer with us,” he said softly and took out a new picture.

Nadine looked to him in a softer light as he handed her a new picture. This one actually made her look at him in an impressed light. It was him wearing his full dress uniform with medals. She saw the same insignia on the left breast side of the uniform that was tattooed on his chest. She noted how proud he looked in the picture and he had a pleased look on his face as he saw it. As she studied it he handed her a series of other pictures showing him in various places around the world. A few were him and his military buddies making fools of themselves. He had a tale for each of them if she asked and Nadine was really impressed by most of them. Other tales had her open mouthed and ready to call him a moron for how dumb he and his friends were.

“So now you know a few places I went to, now it’s your turn,” he said as he put the pictures back.

“Well, I’ve only been to New York and here,” she said in an embarrassed tone.

“What? Oh come on! Surely you’ve gone to a few other places,” he chuckled.

“Well I did go to college in Modesto,” she said trying to find a place she had been.

“Hm, well that’s a decent list believe it or not. I know of a lot of people that have never been to the east coast that live here,” he said and patted her back.

Nadine gave him a laugh and that was what he was looking for. As they were about to have a further conversation his phone rang. Mike looked down at it and saw it was his son.

“Hello?” he answered.

He stood there for a moment as he listened to his son talking and he raised an index finger to Nadine for a moment.

“Yeah buddy. No that’s fine, that’s fine. Just let him know that you have to be back by Monday afternoon at the latest. OK then. Have fun buddy, you too, bye,” he said.

“Who was that?” Nadine asked.

“Oh it was Tony, my oldest,” Mike said and Nadine nodded.

“Oh the older boy with the brown hair?’ she asked.

“Yup, the one indeed. He’s fourteen,” Mike explained.

“Wow, how old are you Mike?” she asked.

“I’ll be thirty nine in September,” Mike answered.

“Wow! I thought you weren’t that old,” Nadine said thinking he was maybe thirty.

“What? You’re saying I’m old?” Mike teased.

“NO!” she squeaked and Mike laughed at her new found embarrassment.

Mike chuckled at that. He saw that even though she had dark skin, she was quite capable of blushing. Mike eased off and switched gears to not make her uncomfortable.

“So I have to walk the dogs, want to help?” he asked.

Nadine jumped at the opportunity to leave the embarrassing scene and was waiting by the door. Mike chuckled as she waited not knowing that you only needed a pass code to get in. He sat for a second and when she turned towards him in confusion he pointed to the knob. She turned it and as it opened the blush came back to her face. Mike chuckled and got to his feet. They walked to the backdoor and as Mike opened it the dogs rushed inside. Thor was happy to see Nadine and this time he just plopped his body into her legs and wagged his tail happily. Geri and Fenris went over to Mike and sat down expectingly. Mike walked to the side of the kitchen and opened a container. Thor heard the container open and even though he was growing fond of Nadine he heard his treat jar opening.

The dogs all whimpered happily and moaned waiting for their treats as Mike got out a few. He looked to Nadine and winked as he held the treats out for the dogs to see.

“Warten,” he commanded and the dogs obeyed.

Mike gently set the treat on the tips of all three noses then sat back. He waited for a long few seconds and so did the dogs. Nadine was amazed at how well behaved they were and when he snapped his fingers they all let the treat fall off and snatched it from mid air. The dogs munched away at their treats and Mike grinned. He patted all three on the heads extolling their good behavior in German and after a light hearted minute they went to the living room. Mike took out three leashes and clipped them on the dogs collars. He also grabbed a large broom handle dustpan and shovel.