Catching Up Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

Social Networking is an amazing thing. Eric Paulsen had finally caved and created an online account. It didn’t take long before friends and family were coming out of the woodwork, flooding him with Friend Requests. He hadn’t been back to his hometown in the Midwest in years, yet his old high school buddies managed to track him down in no time flat. One request in particular though, had caught his eye; Traci Brown. He hadn’t heard or thought of that name in over a decade. They had been inseparable friends from as far back as he could remember, until he blew out of town for life in the big city of course. She stayed behind and apart from a letter or two those first few months, he hadn’t seen nor heard from her. Yet, after all this time, here was a little electronic sign from her that she had remembered him as fondly as he remembered her.

Over the next few months, Eric and Traci fell into their old banter via emails, texting and even a few phone conversations. Eric satisfied his wife’s raised eyebrows at him talking with some girl from his past by pulling out his yearbook and showing her the picture of the tomboyish girl who was his friend. It was actually Jen Paulsen who suggested that Eric invite Traci to come out and visit to catch up. The idea hadn’t even occurred to Eric but he floated it by Traci anyway and she excitedly accepted the invitation.

That’s how it came to be that Traci Brown was standing on the front step of the Paulsen home in eastern Pennsylvania after landing just an hour before from her flight from Phoenix, Arizona. She rapped her knuckles on the door in quick succession three times and heard footsteps coming quickly down the stairs. The door opened, revealing a wide smile across the unmistakable face of Eric Paulsen. After a quick embrace, he grabbed her suitcase and welcomed her into the house. Eric hoped he hadn’t let his face give away his surprise at Traci’s appearance; where there once had been a plain-Jane tomboy, was now a stunning beauty that no one could mistake as anything but a woman. Her hair that had been held in a ponytail beneath a ball cap for his entire mind’s eye was now a flowing wave of curls that just barely reached her shoulders, framing her face perfectly. She had always been athletic, but her sweats and baggy clothes of yesteryear had been hiding a set of perfect 34C breasts and an ass that would stop traffic, all resting upon a long set of shapely legs. Her body aside, Eric couldn’t believe how she was dressed! She had a tight, pink, button down blouse that hugged her figure, with the top few buttons undone showing just enough cleavage to draw looks, but not enough to be inappropriate and a short pair of shorts that were a hair too long to be Daisy Dukes. Her four inch stilettos made her just below his eye-level at an even six foot. He placed her baggage down at the base of the stairs and led her into the kitchen to meet Jen.

As Jen looked up from making some margarita mix in the blender, she couldn’t have been more surprised than if Cindy Crawford had entered the house. She couldn’t believe that this was the same person that Eric had pointed out to her in the yearbook. She shot him a suspicious look, but from his expression she could tell he was just as shocked. Jen was no slouch in her own right; her straight blonde hair was cut in a sophisticated but edgy look that came down just below her jawline. She was a regular at the gym and was in fantastic shape, with just enough muscularity in her build to show she was strong, but not enough to detract from her femininity. She was athletic and petite and her proportions were perfect for her height at 5’7″. Her pert 36Cs were hidden behind a sexy little sundress that settled just above the knee, showing off her well-toned legs. She was a hottie. Even so, she couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of jealousy over this stunning woman entering her home with her husband in tow. She recovered quickly and stepped around the kitchen island to give her husband’s childhood pal a warm welcome.

The three of them sat around that island having your usual conversations when people are meeting for the first almanbahis giriş time or reintroducing themselves after an extended absence in one another’s lives. What do you do? How long have you been married? Where did you two meet? Whatever happened to so and so? As the drinks flowed, the three of them began to get comfortable. Despite her initial misgivings, Jen had to acknowledge to herself that she really liked Traci, and could see how a young Eric could be her buddy. Despite her appearance, she could still rattle off the starting 9 Yankees and other sports information that Jen couldn’t begin to comprehend. Yet, on the other hand, she was definitely feminine and there was no shortage in subjects for the two women to connect over. Before they realized it, early afternoon had become evening.

“Oh my gosh, look at the time!” Jen uttered suddenly. They had been so lost in their conversation that they hadn’t even seen the sun begin to set out the back window. “I meant to start dinner an hour ago!” she moaned regretfully. “Oh don’t go to a fuss about me,” Traci answered, “I’m good with pizza and beer.”

“There’s the Traci I remember!” said Eric with a laugh. “Pizza and beer it is!”

“If you don’t mind, I’d just like to freshen up a bit before, if you could just point me in the direction of where I’m staying?” Traci asked.

“Sure. Eric, hon, why don’t you order the pizza and I’ll show Traci upstairs.” Eric nodded his acceptance of the request and moved off to grab the phone and the menu. As the phone rang against his ear, he couldn’t keep his mind from drifting back to the view he had when Traci had walked into the kitchen ahead of him earlier. He didn’t think Jen had caught him, but he had been transfixed by the sway of Traci’s hips and had stared at her ass since she crossed the threshold of the front door. He had been asking himself, ‘had that ass been there all the time?’ and it took the third asking of, “Hello?” by the pizza parlor to snap him back to the present. By the time he had finished placing the order, the girls were walking back down the stairs giggling all the way.

“What’s so funny?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh nothing,” said Jen. “Just hearing some stories from your childhood that you neglected to mention,” she said with a laugh.

With only a slight bit of nervousness in his voice, Eric asked, “Oh man, where are those beers?”


In the thirty minutes it had taken for the pizza to arrive, the hours of drinking had begun to catch up with them. Jen answered the door to a pizza delivery boy who must have just graduated from high school. She had left the cash in the kitchen and had him come in to unload them right on the counter. The young man thought he hit the jackpot and was already admiring Jen’s rear as he followed her into the kitchen when he saw Traci standing there, slightly bent over the island talking to Eric, her shorts riding high at the odd angle she was leaning. He was totally busted as he stood transfixed for several seconds in the kitchen doorway. Traci turned to look his way as Jen walked past her to grab the bills that were resting on the counter. She gave him a little wiggle before turning around to face him with a slight smile.

“I hope you got sausage on the pizza Eric, I just LOVE sausage,” she said naughtily, looking right at the delivery boy. He didn’t even see Jen trying to give him the money for the pizza until she waved it in front of his face.

“Uh, uh, thanks,” he muttered as he placed the pizza warmer in front of his crotch as he unsuccessfully tried to hide his hard on. He turned and walked quickly to the front door, leaving the three of them to burst into laughter as soon as the door closed behind him.

After wiping away the tears and letting go of the last few cackles of laughter, the three of them sat down around the kitchen table to dig in to the pizza.

“I can’t believe you said that!” said Jen, “That was priceless! Naughty, but priceless!”

“Priceless and true,” said Traci between chuckles. A silence came almanbahis over them for a few seconds. Jen decided to break it.

“Tell me some more embarrassing stories about Mr. Cool Guy here,” she said, pointing her thumb in Eric’s direction. She leaned back in her chair, inching a little closer to Eric, placing her hand lovingly on his thigh as Traci visibly tried to think of the most embarrassing of stories to tell.

“OH! There’s always the time I walked in on him getting a blow job!” She announced triumphantly.

Eric spit a little bit of his beer out, garnering some laughs from the girls.

“Please go on!” Jen said eagerly.

“Well, we had just graduated high school and Eric’s parents had gone away for a weekend somewhere. We usually would get together, watch the game, sneak some drinks from somewhere and hang out. I hadn’t heard from him so I just decided to go on over to his house. I practically lived there so I just opened the door and walked in. The big TV was down in the basement so after grabbing something from the fridge, that’s where I headed. I got halfway down the stairs and find Prince Charming there sitting on the couch, head back, eyes closed as Suzy Pratt did her best to take every last inch of him in her mouth!”

Jen’s hand began lightly stroking Eric’s thigh beneath the table as Traci continued with her story.

“They hadn’t heard me come in, and I was so surprised that I just stood there frozen. Suzy had her back to me but I had some elevation on the stairs so I had a pretty decent view. They were both stark naked, Suzy had her hand between her legs, rubbing herself for all she was worth. Moaning like the slut she was.” Traci gave Eric a teasing smile before going on. “Well it wasn’t long after that she started to make herself cum. I do have to give her credit, never let him slip out of her mouth the whole time.

Eric was drifting back down Memory Lane, remembering what Suzy’s tight little mouth felt like wrapped around his cock, her tongue working his shaft as she bobbed her head on him. It wasn’t until he felt Jen’s fingers wrap themselves around his hard cock over his pants that he snapped back to reality.

“Well, I could tell he was getting close so I figured I’d best be getting out of there before they spotted me. So, I turned and started back up the stairs when that damn loose board gave me away. Suzy popped up off of him like a gunshot went off.”

“And then one did!” Eric sputtered out, laughing.

“She had him so close that he couldn’t hold back. She popped off of him, and he popped all over her.”

“You didn’t!” said Jen, squeezing him beneath the table.

“Boy, did he ever!” Traci said smiling, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much cum. From what I remember, you’re a lucky girl, Jen.” The way she said it made Eric think that she liked the show all those years ago. And something about what Jen was doing under the table told him that she definitely was enjoying the story. Her light caresses had turned into full on stroking. A hormone-filled silence crept over them. This time it was Traci who broke it.

“Alright, well I’m kind of tuckered out from the travel, think I’m going to turn in if it’s alright with you?”

In his mind, Eric was thinking, ‘Thank God, or I was going to have to find a way to sneak out of here better than the pizza boy.’ Mercifully, Jen stepped in to his aid, “Here, I’ll take you upstairs and get you some toiletries.”

Traci came over to Eric at the table and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight bud, I’m so glad we decided to do this.”

“Me too,” he said with a smile.


As soon as the bedroom door closed behind her, Jen was on him. She pushed him down on his back and feverishly pulled at his belt, dying to free what was trapped behind his pants. His hands were roaming over her body, pulling at the hem of her dress, lifting it up over her head. Her full breasts were just about spilling out of her bra, her hard nipples poking over the cups. On her knees, she successfully freed him from his pants almanbahis giriş and quickly took his hardness into her mouth. They both moaned as she slid him deeper into her mouth, taking as much of him as she could muster. His view looking down made him moan even louder. Her little pink nipples bounced completely free with the ferocity she was throwing her head up and down on him. After a few more bobs, she took her mouth off of him just long enough to ask, “Is this how that slut Suzy sucked your big dick?”

Eric moaned and thrust up to meet her mouth. He pushed deeper into her throat than he had ever dared go before. Feeling her sucking him, he desperately needed to taste her. He pulled her up off her knees and laid her down where he had just been. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Her yellow thong was completely soaked through and as he stood there, she was rubbing herself through them. He and Jen had always had a fantastic sex life, but he had never seen her so turned on. He stared at her cotton covered mound and thought about what could have her so excited. He quickly snapped out of it, and pulled her panties off to the side. He took in the sight of her womanhood and wasted no time licking around her nether lips. He loved the way the blonde beauty tasted, and could never get enough of her sweet nectar. He was careful not to touch her swollen clit, but licked and sucked at her lips, pushing his tongue deeply inside her, spreading her open, driving her mad with lust. He pushed two fingers into her, fucking her with his hand as he nibbled around her pussy. With his free hand, he pulled her breasts free of their captor and rolled her hard pink nipples between his fingers.

“Unh, unh, unh,” she moaned. He could tell she was approaching her climax and wanted to push her over the top. He curled his fingers upwards, searching for her G spot. Her convulsion told him he had found his mark. Her moans were picking up in speed and volume. He quickened the pace of his fingers, eliciting a scream of pleasure. He decided it was time; he sucked her engorged clit between his lips as he pushed a third finger inside sopping wet slit.


Eric had never heard her get as loud or cum as hard as she clamped down on his fingers. He let his tongue move over her button in a flurry, keeping her at her orgasmic peak for as long as he could. He could feel her clit throbbing between his lips as he licked her with abandon.

“OH! OH! OH! Oh! Oh!” her screams became whimpers as she began to come down from her orgasm. He released her over sensitized love button from his mouth. He moved up to look her in the eye. As soon as she could catch enough breath to speak, she opened her eyes, and said, “Put… that…. dick… in… me!”

Eric didn’t need to be told twice. He was so hard it hurt. He pulled her soaked yellow thong off and could see her juices glistening on her bald lips. Jen was so hot and wet that he was able to slide his full 7 inches into her on the first thrust. They moaned together as his pelvis met hers. He had been hard off and on for hours now. Between the images of old Suzy Pratt, Traci’s amazing derriere, and Jen’s teasing, he didn’t know how long he’d be able to last. Jen was moaning constantly as he hammered in and out of her. “FU-UH-CK… M-E!” The bed slammed into the wall with each of his thrusts. Her legs were wrapped tightly around him, holding his dick in her, keeping her spread open for him to get deeper. They were probably waking the entire neighborhood but they didn’t care. The thought that Traci was in the house suddenly hit him. ‘She has to be able to hear this,’ he thought. This revelation washed over him and he felt the pressure build. He couldn’t hold back any more, and with a roar he slammed his dick as deep into Jen as he could, spewing into her, wave after wave of cum shooting out from him. She screamed with ecstasy as she felt his seed explode. It seemed like he came for three solid minutes before the tension in his body relaxed and he collapsed beside her. As they lay there, catching their breath, Jen suddenly leant over and said, “Let Suzy Pratt compete with that!”


Thanks for reading, “Catching Up Pt. 1” If the feedback is good, I’ll gladly continue the story into Part 2. Hope you enjoyed, don’t forget to vote!

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