Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 29


*Nymphomania, while enticing to consider, is still utter madness when experienced*

(Frontma delivers yet again)

(Starts off with good sex then tons of ‘story’ stuff)

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic I’d like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)

Barbie Lynn gazing down at me…I’m not sure another guy should ever see this because it could break one’s heart to see it once and never again. She’s built a faint sheen of sweat on her body already and she’s looking at me with a definite Zen to fuck. My cock is cocooned deep inside her rectum, rubbing inside as she rotates forward on her hips.

The distant, dreamy look in her eyes flashes to alertness as she catches me looking at her; ‘hi’ she whispers. I nod and smile so she inclines into me so that we can start kissing. She leads in with her tongue along my lips. I touch the tip of her tongue with my own, snaking inside her mouth before we are done. She starts murmuring, deepens our kiss, and begins rubbing my nipples.

“Vivian?” Valarie says softly. She snuck around the bed to settle behind my guardian.

“Yes?” Vivian replies. She is on her side watching Barbie Lynn and I.

“I – ummm…” Valarie moans.

Out of the corner of my eye I catch it as Val’s hand brushes Vivian’s hair off her neck and her lips start suckling on the exposed flesh. Vivian closes her eyes briefly but doesn’t move Valarie away.

“Oh, Baby,” Barbie pants with barely an inch separating our lips, “I know I say this often but I so love this. You tear me up inside and I want it so bad all the time, it scares me.”

“Vaginal sex with you scares me,” I tease back.

“Will it be even better?” she draws in an even deeper, breast flaunting breath.

“You never know, but you are so damn good at everything else, I can’t imagine you doing anything but haunting my dreams forever,” I say, as I coax her movements with my hands on her hips, flanks, and thighs. Barbie shows her appreciation by running her hand through my bangs and pushing my hair back so that she can cover my forehead, eyes and nose with kisses.

“You like that romantic shit, don’t you, Mercy-slut?” Rio grumbles playfully from the other side.

“Yes,” Mercy whispers. I know Rio well enough to know that when a spiteful reply isn’t immediately forthcoming, she’s dusting off (and unchaining) her Better Angel. Mercy is looking at Barbie Lynn and me, her head facing sideways as she lies on her back. Rio crawls on top of Mercy, prompting Mercy to open her legs, and locks her hands over her head to gaze down on her.

“Your skin is so pure, your hair so black, and your eyes so full of passion, it breaks my heart to look at you, My Little Whore,” Rio begins. She leans in and bites Mercy’s earlobe, causing her victim to moan and buck up slightly. “Mercy, you give and give, making me so hot inside that I want to grab you and never let go.”

“Really?” Mercy gasps. “I – “

“Don’t get used to this,” Rio growls with famished sexual enticement. “But – well, I want you to know that I hope all our children look just like you.” Poor Rio was running out of material. It was terribly uncomfortable for me to show her where to go. I ran my hands over Barbie’s body, which is an absolute torture I am forced to struggle through repeatedly.

I start by massaging Barbie Lynn’s tits, rotating three fingers over the nipples before rolling up the whole meaty breast in my palms. Barbie Lynn starts pushing back on my cock harder and grunting to the rhythm.

“Damn, Mercy,” Rio teases, “I love these titties.” She accentuates by sucking the top third of one breast into her mouth and twirling her tongue around it.

Vivian gives a visible shiver from her side of the bed; Valarie has done something to her beneath the sheets to turn her on. In the interim while I have been watching Rio and Mercy, Valarie has been working over Vivian, temple to shoulder, with her lips. Now I see Vivian pulling up her left (upper) leg until it is resting snugly against my upper ribs, giving someone easier access to her snatch.

She’s also put her left arm behind her back between herself and Valarie. I’m starting to wonder if there is something in the air filters of my place, some undiscovered aphrodisiac mold, fungi, or spores that turns nice, virtuous girls into promiscuous bi-sexual vixens. To the best of my knowledge and belief, neither Valarie nor Vivian had the slightest lesbian tendencies before they started coming to my room.

I give Barbie Lynn’s luscious orbs one final squeeze before migrating my hold down to her ass, giving each cheek a double-slap. Barbie Lynn exhales a huff of ecstatic relief as the impact travels through her. Rio smirks and follows suit, her hand reaching between their thighs, prying Mercy’s leg up – up and up until Mercy’s knee is nearly at her breast.

“Your body is the first female form that I’ve ever lusted after,” Rio murmurs as she rubs and pats Mercy’s buttocks. “I think I’ve always wanted you, to Ümraniye Escort taste you on my tongue, your scent strong in my mind and your sweet, sweet ass under my hand.” Mercy brings one hand up to stroke Rio’s cheek as she gives a strangled sob. No matter how much Mercy fears loving a woman, Rio can chisel that away and get her to love openly and freely.

Barbie Lynn bounces up and slams down on me repeatedly as she is coming to the end of her fuse.

“Zane…Zane, oh yeah,” she pants. Vivian chooses this moment to sneak her climax in on the rest of us. I am vaguely aware of her biting her lip, rocking her hips under the sheets, and perspiration beginning to bead on her lower lip.

“Holy God, Christ, and…my…hot damn…Val…ugh…Oh, God!” Vivian squeals as Valarie vigorously whips her hand in a tight pattern, cloaked from sight but obvious to the knowledgeable. Vivian’s clit, lips, and the gateway to her vagina are all supers-stimulated. Valarie cools her down and holds her with enough strength to stop Vivian from rolling face-first into the sheets.

“Jesus Loves Me!” Barbie Lynn screams one last time. Her body bows, her breasts thrust forward and up, bouncing so deliciously while her thighs tremble in climax. Her anal muscles rippling from sphincter toward my cockhead are grinding me toward orgasm. Finally, she collapses against me, still twitching and fighting for breath.

With my arms wrapped around her, I roll us over toward Mercy and Rio, placing Barbie Lynn on her back. Barbie Lynn has her legs pulling back before I can even move to push them back. While I had never fully pulled out, I was nearly there. I shove my hips forward, forcing my penis back in hard, causing Barbie Lynn to grunt, her mouth to gape open, nostril flaring, as her eyes squeeze shut.

“Oh, hell, yeah,” Barbie Lynn gasps, “hammer me!”

“Oh, fuck,” Valarie moans, “I am so lonely.” Vivian is still roaming her hands over Valarie’s special place, picking up the pace as she’s inspired by Barbie Lynn’s passion. Rio expresses her perverse nature by going at Mercy slow while the rest of us are going gangbusters.

“Here is my baby-smooth, tasty friend,” Rio says as she kisses Mercy’s bald twat. Rio pushes her thighs apart, her leg muscles taught while laying on the bed. Rio’s restraint could only last so long. Every lick became more insistent, every nibble elicited a greater yelp, and every hip-thrust by Mercy into Rio’s hungry mouth was more desperate.

Valarie gives off one long, cavernous growl, then screams in between Vivian’s shoulder blades.

“Damn,” Vivian whispers, as a sympathetic orgasmic shiver coasts through her body. I’m pushing up on my knuckles, Barbie Lynn’s legs between them as I rise up until my bulbous head is fixed in her sphincter; then I slam down once more. She’s rocking her hips up to maximize the depths I reach as she cries out, again and again and again.

When I finally let go, I feel a volcano of lust, frustration, and fulfillment exploding out all at once. Barbie Lynn’s head sways rapidly side to side as she comes unglued.

“Zane – Jesus loves me…Jesus Loves Me!” she howls loud enough to shake the glass panels overhead. Those words ringing in my ears are going to haunt me in whatever church I go to.

“Ugh…ugh…ugh, Love…right there…feels so good,” Mercy drags out with shallow breathes.

“Mmmm…” Rio gurgles. Mercy has gotten quite wet and visibly aroused. I’m sure Rio has worked a finger or two into the action and in Mercy’s butt. Mercy starts bouncing off the sheets as she hisses out the last of her restraint.

“Motherfuckergoddamn!” Mercy cries out. Rio growls, slurps, and sucks up Mercy’s pussy juice while lapping up and down her slit.

“That’s my baby,” Rio’s fluid-marked face looks up from between Mercy’s legs and smiles. “Was that good for you?” Rio asks? Mercy nods dreamily. “Are you a happy little whore?” Rio teases. Again, Mercy nods with pleasure. “Did you use the ‘L’ word, Ass-fuck slut?” Rio hardens.

This time Mercy realizes her mistake and shudders. She raises her head and looks into Rio’s eyes.

“Yes. I’m sorry, Rio,” Mercy mumbles.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it this time, Bitch,” Rio sneers. “Tomorrow morning you are going to get it coming and going…all day long.” I am actually aware of what that threat means.

“Okay,” Vivian sighed, with more contentment than annoyance, “we’ve all cum so let’s try and get some sleep.”

“I haven’t gotten off yet,” Rio chuckled. I knew what I had to do before someone else volunteered my services.

“Come here, Rio.” I smile to her and extend a hand. “Let me get another taste of my best bro.”

“I’ll clean you up,” Barbie Lynn grins up at me, as she wiggles her body around my own so she’s on top again. She slithers down my torso, waggles my still mostly hard cock against her lips, then begins to take it into her mouth. Barbie Lynn’s tongue licks along my shaft as she gobbles up more of my rod.

I expect Rio to come over but Mercy, following along Anadolu Yakası Escort and lying on her belly, her head propped up on her hands and elbows as she watches my blonde angel’s skilled fellatio, is a bonus. Rio ends up near my pillow, one hand on my chest and the other resting between Mercy’s ass cheeks. Her fingers are definitely sliding in and out of Mercy’s cunt. If Mercy is a bit sore, she’s smart enough not to complain to her Mistress about it.

“What do you have in mind, Zane?” Rio catches my gaze.

“I want your teeth tearing up the mattress with your ass up in the air as I plow you through the headboard,” I inform her. I make a focus group assessment of the situation by slipping a finger into her pussy – she’s creaming already.

For Rio, the greater physicality of the sex, the better it is for her. She’ll let me have my foreplay and some good loving, but she goes wild over the raw, brutal act of sex itself.

“I think you are ready to put that smile on her face,” Barbie Lynn taunts Rio as she informs me she’s finished. “Come with me,” Barbie Lynn turns to Mercy. “My nipples need some attention. Can you do that for me?”

After checking with Rio, Mercy gives a hungry look and lick of the lips at Barbie Lynn. Barbie crawls over Mercy to land on her back on the far side. Mercy twirls around and latches on to Barbie Lynn’s left breast with such rapidity, it momentarily causes my visage to blur.

“I want some of that,” Valarie suddenly blurts out.

She makes her own quick trek around Rio and me as we are still positioning ourselves to come swooping down on Barbie Lynn’s right side. The right nipple disappears into our school biker girl’s mouth with a decidedly audible smacking of the lips. Val’s hand starts to stroke the inside of Barbie Lynn’s thigh but Mercy’s free hand reaches over and starts tweaking Valarie’s closest nipple. Yes, I definitely must check the air filters.

Rio resumes her sensually crawl my way and I give her a beguiling look to lure her in. I’m on her in a flash once she’s close enough for me to make my move. She screeches like an alley cat but I’ve got a hand on the back of her head and the other on her hip as I slam her face first into the pillow.

“Bastard,” she screams through the fabric, but she’s not following through with the anger.

“Give it up, Bitch,” I snarl back. My cock slides full-throttle all the way into her cunt on the first pass. Her pussy feels like slick, melted butter as I bottom out in her hole. At the same time, I let up on her head a bit.

“Oh, fucking-A,” Rio gasps. “Did someone sneak a gerbil up behind me or is it Needle-dick pretending he’s a man?” I give her another powerful slam. “Oh, fuck…stop that.”

“What? Too much for the bitch whose had it all?” I tease Rio.

“I swear…if I spit up…my ovaries,” she chokes, “we are…going to have…words.”

“Words like I’m the best fuck you’ve ever had’?” I taunt Rio between packing her vagina as full and deep as I can. She’s squealing and moaning yet thrusting back strongly against me all the way.

I move my hand off Rio’s hip and take hold of a breast, squeezing and torturing the nipple. She’s snarling like a wounded tigress now. She possesses no acceptance of defeat, no surrender to exhaustion, and no fear of pain; in fact, what we are doing is a turn-on. I’m actually becoming beaten up by all the impact of my hips against Rio’s ass. Within ten minutes, her fluids are all over her crotch and mine and she’s actually starting to dribble down her thighs and onto the mattress.

“Zane, don’t forget she’s your friend,” Vivian sounds worried.

“Shut…up,” gasps Rio, violently and with passion. This is what Rio craves right now, a brutal fucking, and she’s not going to be denied by Vivian’s compassionate sensibilities. “Ah, fuck me…fuck me…break me, you bastard,” Rio pants. “Hammer me, Bitch!” she screams, and that’s all she can take. She has some sort of seizure, thrashing and pulsating all over the place.

For the second time tonight I’m shooting my seed into a woman; this time Rio’s vagina. I plunder Rio’s barely responsive form for several more savage thrusts until I’m spent, collapsing with my full mass on top of her, which is not my normal form but I want Rio to feel warm and encompassed by me at this moment.

I make sure that some of my weight is taken onto my knees and elbows so I don’t suffocate my crazy best friend.

“Zane,” Rio pants a half-minute later, “that vice-like bump you were feeling with that horse-cock of yours…”

“Yes?” I respond softly. I pull her hair out of her face as she turns it to the side so she can speak clearly.

“That was my cervix, dumbass,” she giggles. “Next time I want my uterus scrubbed, I’ll call a fucking gynecologist.”

“Hardy-har-har,” I chuckle. “Doing it with a Princess Barbie Pony Action Figure doesn’t qualify as bestiality, you bimbo, and it certainly doesn’t give you horse-cock experience.”

“Rio, you are kind of gross,” Vivian chastises my buddy.

“Thank İstanbul Escort you,” Rio pants, “I knew you cared.”

“Behave, Rio, and next time it’s going up your ass,” I murmur into Rio’s ear.

“Oh, that’s just cold, Bro,” Rio pouts as she wiggles her tight butt against my semi-flaccid cock.

“A person uses the threat of denying anal sex to a girl as a means of enforcing polite behavior,” Vivian ponders as she flops on her back and stares up at the stars through the glass ceiling. “Worse, it makes sense to me. What has happened to my life?”

“Rio, are you okay?” Mercy whispered.

Rio turns her head the other way to address her lover: “My vagina is numb, my hips feel dislocated, I’ll be pulling pillow fiber out of my teeth for a week, and I think he bruised a nipple – I feel fucking awesome.”

“I’d ask Zane to do it to me again but I know Vivian would choke me out,” Rio snickers. “I know what I am going to do, though: In the morning I’m going to have Zane pounding your butt as hard as he fucked me right now so I can hear you cry and scream.”

“Um, okay,” Mercy answered, trying not to sound too anxious.

“Damn,” Valarie mutters. “I hate being a virgin, and I’ll pimp slap the first one who suggests anal sex. All I want to do is get laid without the repercussions.” No one said anything for a minute.

“I’ll help with that,” Barbie Lynn and I volunteered almost at the same time.

“Bed,” Vivian laid down the law. Thankfully, the rest of us were too tired to argue.


At our five a.m. wake up, I swept up Valarie into a six-nine, her on top. Barbie quickly got behind Val and began licking my nose, the back of Val’s cunt, and teasing her butthole with tiny probes. At first our biker babe resisted and grumbled with her mouth around my cock, but Barbie Lynn was as relentless as she was sensually enticing.

Val returned the surprise by slamming her thighs together as the dam of her sexual frustration burst; she clamped her thighs tightly on my head and bucked so hard she bounced us off the bed as she screamed. There were no words to it; the scream was primal, violent and somewhat frightening. The other remarkable thing was that Barbie Lynn retained her hold on Valarie’s ass cheeks and kept tongue-fucking Val’s anus.

Valarie’s mouth had released my cock seconds before orgasm. She gave it an occasional swipe of the tongue until her last orgasmic quivers stopped. I motioned for Barbie to let up and when she did, Valarie collapsed beside me.

“Oh,” Valarie panted, “that was good. That should tide me over until lunch time.”

“Showers, everyone,” Vivian reminded us. There were a few groans but cleanliness was an inevitable bonus for all of us – and Rio, if we bundled her up and took her squirming, griping form with us. Rio gained a measure of revenge by announcing to my shower buddies that I had an unresolved morning blowjob begging for attention. Brandi elbowed two girls aside to bend over at the waist and take me in.

Opal was kind enough to stroke Brandi’s kitty from behind, getting us off almost at the same time. Opal gave me several finger scoops of Brandi’s nectar to slake my sexual thirst. I was busy getting a taste of Opal with a bonus clitoris massage when Iona dragged me away. Outside the showers, I bent down, wrapped my arms beneath Iona’s towel-clad posterior, and lifted her up so that she was looking down at me.

“Thank you,” I smiled at her. “You’ve always got my back.”

“You are welcome,” she beamed happiness back down at me, “and it is my pleasure, Zane. Do you think we can go motorcycle shopping Thursday?”

“Sure, that won’t be – oh fuck, it’s Wednesday,” I gasped. I realized I had confused Iona.

“I told Erin I would call her Monday and totally lost track…of a woman,” I blinked. “I don’t think that’s ever happened before.”

“You have a ton of things going on,” Iona comforted me while hovering above me still. “I think she’ll understand.”

“Thanks again, Iona,” I sighed as I let her slide down my body.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked.

“Of course,” I grinned. “Are you going to give me your scrumptious behind?” Iona’s smile grew even brighter.

“You will have to wait and see,” she teased me before racing off to her room. I made my way up to my room for a short workout and a few minutes meditating. I was peripherally aware of Paige coming into my room and rummaging around (i.e., she wanted me to know she was there without noticeably ruining my concentration).

The main distraction was Rio and Mercy getting dressed. They had both long since moved all their belongings into my place; that wasn’t a problem because of the massive space I had. The problem was, it is insane to put two pseudo-lesbian young lovers who are new to their relationship into a space where they are constantly tantalized by each other’s naked or scantily clad bodies.

Mercy couldn’t resist reaching out shyly and touching Rio’s lesser erogenous zones. Rio couldn’t resist bending Mercy over the bed, licking her from behind, and/or spanking her – just a few taps but that hardly helped them get their clothes on. Today, Rio added the extra complication of inserting a vibrating butt plug into Mercy’s butt and taping a vibrating egg against her clit.