Competing Against a T-Girl


Audrey stood over Kyle like a conqueror. Her penis jutted out from the hole in her jeans. It filled with blood and emanated heat right over Kyle’s face.

The young man didn’t delay in wrapping his lips around the very end of her cock and giving it a suck. He drew her long shaft into his mouth. His cheeks caved in around the thick member. He pleasured her deep in his mouth toward his throat.

“You’re becoming a pro at giving head,” Audrey commented. “Practice really does make perfect.”

Kyle didn’t relish this. He’d lost the last round of their fighting video game and this was his way of paying up. He’d been friends with Audrey for years. They had busy schedules but they always made sure to hang out together at her house on Friday night. It had become a tradition. Her mom worked late so they had the house all to themselves.

Over the last couple months they’d started betting on just about everything. They made up stupid contests. Who could eat the most hot dogs or do the most push ups. That sort of thing. Only Kyle kept losing and Audrey kept winning. Things took a turn when the ways in which Kyle had to make good on his losses became more peculiar. It had been harmless fun until it became sexual. He was choking on her cock before he had a chance to think it over.

“Can’t you smile when you’ve got my dick in your mouth?” Audrey wondered aloud. “You must get off on pretending you don’t like this. You’re not fooling me.”

Kyle’s eyes watered when the head of her cock thumped against the entrance to his throat. He found a way to stop himself from gagging and to relax his throat muscles. Audrey cupped the back of his head and fed more of her meat into his mouth. His tongue laid out like a red carpet for her cock across the bottom of his mouth. Audrey felt a shiver on her spine as her tip wrestled its way into his throat.

“Oooh. You’re getting so good at sucking dick. I mean it. You’ve got skills, Kyle. You’ll never have to live on the street when you can swallow a cock like this.” Audrey humped his face as her words poured out. She shut her eyes and entered a new level of pleasure. His hot, delicate throat and sucking mouth stimulated all her sweet spots at once.

Audrey brushed her fingers through Kyle’s hair while he nursed on her cock. His soft slurping sounded like a beautiful piece of music to Audrey’s ears. It felt delicious and watching him service her on his knees looked like heaven.

“You spoil me,” she told him with a proud smile. Her legs began to weaken. She wanted to keep savoring these wonderful sensations, but they kept getting stronger and more intense. Control was slipping through her grasp.

Kyle continued to hone his oral abilities. He tightened his lips around the root of her cock. His hands came up and cradled her heavy testicles. He could feel her throbbing all the way along his jaw and down his throat. His expert suction brought her to the brink of orgasm.

“Oooh… Kyle… keep sucking! I need to cum. Swallow my fucking load.” Audrey exploded, flooding Kyle’s throat in her semen. Her swollen rod ejaculated endlessly. Kyle struggled to keep up with it. He swallowed her seed like mad. Hot blasts of cum splattered all over his mouth. He gulped her load by the mouthful down his throat.

Audrey kept his head firmly in place so that her cock stayed lodged between his lips. Kyle’s throat was tender and his mouth sore by the time her orgasm waned. Audrey emptied in his mouth and then popped her sticky cock free.

“Clean me up,” she told him. Kyle ran his tongue along her wilting cock. He washed her cock from hilt to tip with long, slow licks. Audrey lifted her shaft out of the way, “Give my balls some of that love.” Kyle complied, caressing them with his lips and tongue. He slurped her fat testicles into his mouth one at a time and polished them with his tongue.

Audrey had a dreamy smile on her face by the time Kyle finished. “You sure know how to fulfill your bets. That was awesome. Even better than last time.”

Kyle blushed at her naughty compliment. Sucking a mean cock wasn’t something he thought he’d have to learn. The look on Audrey’s face told him all he needed to know about how good he’d made her feel.

“I started seeing stars during that. Next time I think I’ll need to sit down or else I’ll fall over,” she said.”

Kyle pushed up off the floor. He wiped his mouth and looked up at the satisfied t-girl. “There won’t be a next time,” he told her.

“You’re right,” she said. “Next time you’ll finally let me get a piece of that ass.”

“Not a chance.”

Audrey grinned. “That’s what you said about your mouth.” She looked at the time on her desk. “My mom won’t be home for an hour. How about another bet?”

Kyle glanced over at the screen with the game on it. “I don’t want to play anymore. And you just came.”

“You’re right, I don’t need my cock sucked again immediately,” Audrey conceded. “But I’d love my asshole licked,” she giggled. “We don’t have to play another round of the game. How about this… there’s Ümraniye Escort one more can of soda in the fridge downstairs. I’ll race you for it. First one to the soda gets it and wins the bet.”

“You said I could have that soda already!” Kyle complained.

“And you can. You can wash my cum down with it while I’m doing whatever you want. If you win. How about it?” Audrey asked eagerly, nodding her head.

“Fine,” Kyle growled. “You better be ready to suck my cock for a change.”

“Big words from someone who’ll be kissing my butt in a couple minutes.” Audrey stuck her tongue out at him.

Kyle turned toward the door and stretched his legs. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Audrey strolled up next to Kyle and etched an imaginary starting line in the carpet with her foot. “Ready… GO!!” she squealed. Kyle darted toward the door, but Audrey managed to keep pace with him. They were at the doorway when Audrey swung her big hip into Kyle and knocked him off his stride. He groaned, following her through the hallway and down the stairs to the kitchen. Audrey wrenched the fridge door open and grabbed the can of soda inside with cackling laughter.

“You cheated!” he carped.

“I won,” she shot back happily.

“You threw your hip into me, Audrey! That was rotten. I’m not doing any more bets.”

“Here!” she said, forcing the soda into his hands. “Don’t be a sore loser.”

Kyle felt warm after the extensive mouth exercising and then the race. He popped open the can and took a few sips, starting to feel better. “I don’t know why I should have to pay up when the game was rigged,” he said.

“Maybe you have a point, but I don’t think my ass cares.”


“I was just saying, it’s gonna be a tough sell to my ass.” Audrey put her hands behind her back and placed them on her butt cheeks. “She thought she was getting some action tonight when I won the race. Butts aren’t too smart, I don’t think she’s going to understand the nuances of this whole cheating thing. She might still come after you looking to collect. Just something to be mindful of.”

Kyle looked at her in disbelief. “You’re acting so silly right now.” He laughed and took another sip from the can of soda.

“It sounds silly but you should be afraid of what she might do. It won’t be so funny then. You don’t want to get on the bad side of my backside. You better do what she wants.” Audrey turned and snapped her hips, playfully presenting her ass to him.

“Oh, you think so,” Kyle replied.

“I know it. I swear I do. Don’t get her pissed. She will find you and she will crush you.” Audrey bent her big, meaty ass out for added emphasis.

As he looked over Audrey’s shapely posterior he decided this would probably be better than sucking dick and even that had been okay. “I guess you win. A deal’s a deal.”

Audrey confidently led him out to the living room. Turned away from Kyle, she worked her jeans down her curvy bottom half. Kyle studied her full, voluptuous ass as she stripped off her panties. Audrey laid lengthwise on the couch and beckoned Kyle to her. Kyle approached slowly, his eyes glued to her butt.

“Let’s hope I’m not too sweaty after our little race,” she chuckled.

Kyle’s hands reached for the cheeks and clutched them. He touched them all over. His fingers rubbed and kneaded the soft orbs. He pulled them apart and he took a peek within at her tiny pucker.

“Kiss me,” Audrey implored him. She bit her lip, “Make me feel good.”

Kyle bent down and gave her bubbly left cheek a gentle kiss. He did the same to the other cheek before lightly nuzzling his face against them. He kissed her a few more times before slipping his tongue out and running it along the length of her crack. Audrey moaned. He felt goosebumps forming on her tender skin. He pressed his tongue into the split and rubbed it back and forth. She let out a contented sigh.

Kyle spread her cheeks with his fingers and peered again at the little pink ring which seemed to be staring right back at him. He planted his face into the hot cleft and placed his lips squarely on the hot pucker within. Kyle kissed her there. Audrey gasped, her asshole flinching. She grinned as her hole flexed and tightened. Kyle kissed her right there again, this time allowing his tongue to sneak out.

“More,” Audrey told him excitedly. “It feels so good! More, more, more!”

The young man continued to kiss his t-girl friend in her naughtiest of places. He delighted her needy orifice with his lips and tongue. Interspersed with his kisses were long licks that went in circles around her hole. Occasionally he’d run his tongue all the way from her testicles to the dimples above her butt cheeks.

Audrey shivered with pleasure. The work of his tongue made her cock expand. He elicited a groan from her when he swirled right on the tiny pucker. Audrey’s eyes clenched shut. She kicked her legs against the couch.

He tantalized her opening with another spin and a twist of his tongue. The tiny, muscled hole Anadolu yakası Escort shivered and tightened hard. Audrey whimpered helplessly as he pressed his tongue inside the little entrance. Her sphincter, hot and tight, latched onto his tongue and clutched it with the grip of a vice. Kyle wriggled deeper inside her. His tongue fought against her gripping entrance until the little thing finally started to relax and allow his advances.

“Deeper! Please… yes… put it deeper!” Audrey cried.

Kyle wormed his way further up the clinging orifice. He rubbed his erection as he explored her asshole with his tongue. The sultry aromas and sensations of her inner ass turned him on. His tongue twisted, stiffened and then softened inside her.

Kyle delighted Audrey’s sensitive anal insides with all the textures and sensations he could provide via his tongue. He pulled most of the way out and then manipulated his tongue back inside. Kyle pressed in and out, fucking her ass with his tongue.

Audrey released her moans into a throw pillow on the couch. She humped her hard cock between two cushions. Her body tense and sweaty, she savored every moment of his oral assault on her ass.

Her asshole was moist and slippery now, easier for Kyle to slide in and out of. He developed a rhythm that left Audrey beside herself with pleasure. Tongue-fucking her asshole tapped Kyle into her inner workings. He found he could detect each individual movement, every twitch and pulse of her body.

She hissed at him, “Ohhh, yesss, fuck me with that sweet fucking tongue!”

Audrey’s orgasm was fast approaching. She loved the feeling of having her ass eaten. She bit her tongue as she cried into the pillow. Her dick ached. She screamed and writhed into the pillow.

Audrey knew her mom would kill her if she blew a load on the couch. When the time came she frantically yanked Kyle out of her ass. His face a mess, he gave her a confused look as she pushed him against the table. Audrey withdrew her cock from between the cushions of the couch and pointed it at Kyle just as it erupted with giant spurts of cum. The t-girl moaned deep as she doused her friend in hot seed. Audrey covered his face in spunk. She shoved her shooting cock between his lips and and let her balls completely drain in his mouth.

Coated in sperm, his face was a bigger mess now. Cum dripped off his chin and down his shirt. He could still taste her hot asshole, mixed now with her sticky cum on his lips. Kyle glared up at Audrey. She looked down at him with a big smile on her face. Just another Friday night at Audrey’s house.


During the week Audrey promised Kyle a good surprise for that coming Friday. He told her he didn’t want to do any more bets. He was done competing against her. Sometimes Kyle wondered why he put up with her antics. He told himself that it was because of how long they’d been friends.

Friday nights at her house had become such a tradition in his life. A constant. His parents divorced. His siblings moved away. Audrey always stayed. He wasn’t going to be the one to change that. From time to time he’d glance over at her and remember another reason. Seeing her smile, being that close to her. It stirred something in him. More than just his cock.

Friday night rolled around and brought Kyle back to Audrey’s house. She seemed especially chipper that night. Audrey took him by the arm and said, “I can’t wait to show you this!”

Usually he scavenged through the fridge first, but he followed her. He smirked, being led by her up the familiar set of stairs and down the familiar hallway to her room. They entered her bedroom. Kyle grinned when he spotted an old game system by the television.

“I found it in the basement,” she informed him proudly. “I found a box with all our old games.”

Kyle thought of all the hours they’d poured into that old console when they were kids. He bent down and inspected it like he was seeing it for the first time again. “So cool. I thought your mom threw this out.”

“Remember this one?” Audrey asked, picking up a racing game she knew damn well he remembered and showing it to him.

He grabbed the game out of her hand with a twinkle in his eye. “I must have played this a thousand hours,” he remarked. “I know every track like the back of my hand. I can’t believe you found this.”

“I thought you’d be excited,” Audrey giggled.

Kyle took the game out and placed it in the system. “Can we play a race?” he asked.

“Not so fast,” Audrey said. “Why don’t we make it interesting?”

Skepticism overcame Kyle’s face. “I said no more competitions. Besides, you always sucked at this game. I beat you every time. Why would you wager on it?”

“Well,” Audrey patted her foot on the carpet and hid a smile, “What you said about no more bets. Maybe if you get a freebie you’ll change your mind.”

Kyle considered it. “So all I have to do is beat you in this race and… it’ll be your turn to… pay up?”

“Yep!” Audrey nodded with a gleeful İstanbul Escort expression on her pretty face. “And if I beat you I get to fuck you up the ass,” she added exuberantly.

“What?” Kyle snorted in response. “I’m not agreeing to that.”

“Oh. Guess you’re not as confident in your racing skills as you thought,” Audrey inferred craftily.

“That’s not it!” Kyle snapped. “I used to crush you so bad at this game you stopped wanting to play,” he laughed. “You know what? It’s a bet. This time you’re gonna be the one on your knees!”

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say,” Audrey responded with a knowing smile. She plugged the controllers into the ports and passed him the one to her left. She turned the system on and they sat next to each other on her floor.

The game started up. Kyle recognized every frame on screen. He hummed along to the music. They chose their cars and set up a simple race. Once they got through the loading screen an old rock song that was popular at the time the game came out started in the background. Kyle remembered every word and sang along with it.

Kyle was the picture of cool and confident until the race got underway. He realized at the first turn he couldn’t decelerate and the button to activate nitrous wasn’t responding. “What the hell?!” Kyle cried as Audrey’s car smashed his against a wall and then passed him.

Audrey couldn’t contain her laughter as the rear of her car disappeared into the distance on his half on the split screen. Kyle kept punching buttons, but he couldn’t catch up. Audrey finished the race far ahead of him. She’d been laughing so much her face was red.

“That was fun!” she exclaimed after the race was over.

“I only lost because this damn thing doesn’t work.” Kyle smashed the controller down on the floor.

“Your controller wasn’t working?” Audrey asked, playfully ignorant.

“It’s all messed up! Probably got smashed around or something in the basement. I didn’t notice until the race started.”

“Too bad,” Audrey said, turning the console off. “So do you want it up the ass now or a little later?”

“What? Hey! That race wasn’t fair.”

Audrey cocked her head to one side. “Are you joking right now? I won.”

“I couldn’t control my car! That race didn’t count.”

“Get real,” she told him. “This was the deal. I win I get your ass. Well, I won!”

Kyle gave her an incredulous look. “You planned it this way. Audrey! You’re trying to cheat again.”

“Hah! Just because you lose I must have cheated?”

“I told you I couldn’t control my car! That wasn’t a real race,” Kyle argued.

“Ok, ok,” Audrey replied. She thought for a moment. “So how about we do the same bet and we’ll wrestle over it this time? Whoever taps out first loses. No cheating. Same bet. What do you say?”

Kyle recoiled. They used to wrestle when they were younger. She always cleaned his clock. Audrey had a strong physique with big, punishing curves. Her legs were long, thick and powerful. Kyle hated the possibility of getting humiliated in a wrestling match against her. His body told him no.

“That’s not happening,” he replied.

“Awww,” Audrey groaned. “Why not? You afraid of losing to a girl?”

“Well, it’s a little different than that, Audrey. I mean, you’re not exactly… totally… a real… uh…” he stalled nervously, realizing what he was saying.

Audrey’s face soured. His words sat in the air for a while before she responded. “I’m not a real what?”

“Umm… I, uh, I don’t know what I was going to say. I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry, but you don’t know what you were going to say?” She gave him an unamused look.

“I, ah, um…” he struggled for words. “I was going to say, um, let’s wrestle?” he offered hopefully.

The good cheer returned to Audrey’s face. “You mean it?”

“Yeah,” Kyle said, taking a breath.

Her expression brightened further. “Awesome!”

Moments later they were circling each other in the middle of her bedroom. Audrey lunged at him and took him down to the carpet with ease. Kyle worried about what he’d gotten himself into.

She placed him in a sleeper hold with her breasts on his back and asked, “Do you wanna tap out?” Kyle fought back against her and tried in vain to free himself. She kept the pressure loose and had a laugh at his failed attempts to escape.

“Here’s something we never did when we were kids,” she said.

Audrey released the hold. She kept him on the carpet and maneuvered her body around him. Kyle felt her legs wrap around him and enclose his head between her thighs in a headscissors with his head faced away from her crotch. The little pair of shorts she wore pushed up and left the sides of his face pressing against smooth, naked thigh skin. She locked one leg on top of the other and asked again, “Ready to give in?”

“No!” he answered, trying to pry her limbs apart. Her big, muscular legs started to apply their pressure. His face reddened as he felt more and more trapped between those beefy thighs. It felt like two tree trunks were beginning to crush him. He pulled at them but they wouldn’t budge.

Audrey was laughing again by this point. She had a lot of power left in the tank which she knew she could turn on at any time. Kyle started to feel pretty stupid for agreeing to this little match.