Disciplining the Boss


Fresh out of college I took a job at a marketing firm on Madison Avenue, making terrible wages and working for a terrible boss. Her name was Sabrina Sexton, and for a while I thought she was actually insane.

It wasn’t that she worked us hard, if you’re young and ambitious enough to go to NYC for a job you expect to be worked hard. Instead, at times she seemed schizophrenic. She’d heap praise on me in the morning and the scream at me in the afternoon. She’d tell me what she wanted, and after I had followed her instructions to the letter, she’d threaten to fire me for wasting the company’s time on bullshit.

Of course employees talk, and we certainly talked about her. When I speculated she was literally crazy, someone else suggested she had a problem with amphetamines. In all cases we weren’t sure how she managed to first get her job, and then keep it.

Some of us expected she must have slept with the big boss. Sabrina was smoking hot, even for a woman 15 years older than me. Single and no kids so she spent a good deal of her free time at the gym. At least, when she talked about off time, that’s what she talked about.

She was average height, about 5’5″ with a fit body that had just the right slope from her waist to her hips. Her hair was chestnut brown, but it was difficult to tell how long it was because she always wore it up revealing an elegant neck. Her glasses gave her a bit of that sexy librarian vibe.

Still despite being meticulously put together, she seemed a mess. She had talent for the marketing world, there was no doubt about that, but she was not a leader. We succeeded as a team in spite of her.

One day, in the middle of a preparing for a big client presentation, I had had computer troubles and the IT guys had screwed around and robbed me of a few hours of my life. So when everyone else was leaving for home, I was stuck finishing my end of the product.

My friend Charlie, a well-manicured Latino who I’m pretty sure was gay patted me on the back and smiled, “You sure you want to be alone here with the bitch? Who knows what she’ll do with only one person to scream at.” Sabrina was still in her office, a glass encased box on one side of the room, but she kept the blinds drawn.

I laughed and said, “I’m gonna have to brave it, Charlie. If you don’t see me tomorrow tell my parents I love them.” He laughed as he made his way to the elevator.

Sure enough about 20 minutes later, Sabrina’s door opened and she looked around the office, confused at its emptiness. When her eyes fixed on me, they narrowed and she barked, “You. Get in here. Now.”

“Great,” I thought to myself, “Thanks IT.” But I dutifully made my way toward her office and walked in.

“Close the door,” she ordered. When I started to say there was no need since we were alone she cut me off and through gritted teeth she said, “A simple goddamn order and you can’t even do that without 50 fucking complaints.”

I rolled my eyes to myself as I shut the door. Trying to maintain a pleasant disposition in order to end this meeting quickly I said, “So Ms. Sexton, what can I do for you?”

“For starters you can redo all of the copy on the recent campaign,” she said tossing a file of paper work at me.

“Um,” I started taken aback, “I’m a graphic artist, not a copy writer.”

“So you don’t know how to write fucking English?” She insulted me. “You went to college, didn’t you? Surely your degree made you take writing classes.”

I didn’t really know what to say, “Well, I could try, but I still have to finish the graphics we decided on, and that will take me a while.”

“Jesus Christ,” she muttered, “Useless, all of you are fucking useless.”

It was the end of a long day so I said the first thing that came to mind, “So why don’t you just do it yourself then?” It was part frustration, part serious suggestion. I mean, what did she do all day?

She looked a little stunned. “You know what,” she said, “Just go home, and don’t bother coming back tomorrow.”

I shouted, “Are you fucking kidding me?” I needed this job, but I wasn’t about to beg for it. “You know what Sabrina, you don’t fucking deserve me or anyone else who works Ümraniye Grup Escort in this office.”

Her eyes went wide and then narrowed in anger, but I continued, “If you look good to the big boss it’s only because people like me work hard despite your so-called leadership. You soak up the praise and the paycheck, but don’t deserve shit. You’re like a spoiled child and you should be treated like one.”

She laughed at me and mocked, “What does that mean? Are you going to spank me?”

The frustration with her and this job took over as I stepped to her, my 6’0 frame dwarfing her own. I all but snarled, “Someone should.”

“Like you’re man enough,” she said sarcastically, but there was a kind of wide-eyed hunger inspired by my aggression. I took her roughly by the back of the neck and pushed her forward over her desk. She whimpered at the rough treatment as I made her bend at the waist.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She breathed huskily. The grey pencil skirt she was wearing accentuated her round ass as her torso rested against her desk. I made no attempt to hold her down as I reached to undo my belt, and she, surprisingly, made no effort to move.

“Sabrina,” I said, “I think you’ve needed someone to put you in your place for a long time, it might as well be me.” And I brought my belt down on her still clothed ass.

It wasn’t the first time I’d spanked a woman. A girlfriend in college loved it, but I was never truly disciplining her for bad behavior. This was different, my boss needed to learn a lesson.

When the belt smacked against her ass, Sabrina didn’t cry out in anger so much as moan a “fuck you, you son of a bitch.” I looked at her bent across the desk and her eyes were fixed on me through her glasses. I brought down the belt again, harder this time. She sucked in air through her teeth and then glared at me through the sensation.

“I’m not sure this belt is getting through to you, Sabrina,” I said calmly. “Stand up and remove your skirt so I can give you a proper lesson.”

She stood in front me, lowered her eyes and bit her lip. She undid the button on her skirt and the zipper. sliding it down her lean, bare legs past her heels, she stepped out of it. Under her skirt was a red lace thong.

“Remove everything, Sabrina,” I continued, taking in the site of her half naked body. “Blouse, bra, and thong too.”

“Fuck you,” she said, but immediately began unbuttoning her shirt, chin to her chest, she watched me closely over the top of her glasses as her fingers worked the buttons. When she slid it off, stood there in just her bra, panties and high heels, I had to swallow hard, but I was determined to keep my role as dominant.

I gave her a steely glance. “Everything.”

She hesitated and then reached behind her back undoing her bra. Her breasts were gorgeous, soft milk-white globes about the perfect size for my hands, with pink, erect nipples just waiting to be tweaked and twisted.

I kept myself from reaching out too eagerly, allowing her to finish her task. She slid her thong down her legs and revealed that she kept herself all but hairless, a thin strip of fine dark hair atop her now exposed cunt.

She went to remove her 4 inch heels, but I stopped her. “No,” I said, “those stay on.” She immediately stopped what she was doing and waited for a word from me. Standing there, arms at her sides, head slightly bowed. Wearing nothing but her glasses and her heels, accentuated with what I now saw as the sluttiest shade of red lipstick and fingernail polish, and an almost out of place string of pearls around her neck, giving her an air of dignity at odds with her present position.

I took her by her delicate shoulders and pushed her down over her desk. She caught herself and rested her upper body on her forearms, her naked ass presented high in the air, aided by her heels.

I stepped behind her, put my foot between hers and pushed her legs apart. For the first time I could see how wet she was and I couldn’t help but touch her. I pressed my palm against her sex and ground its flat surface against her cunt, feeling my hand slicken with her ample juices.

Sabrina moaned Ümraniye Manken Escort and gyrated her hips. This made me chuckle slightly as I watched her wanton transformation to bitch in heat from just plain bitch. “Jesus Sabrina, you’re quite the submissive slut under all that show of authority, aren’t you?”

She simply moaned in reply, which inspired me to remove my hand from her cunt and leave her wantonly pushing back against emptiness. I brought the belt down hard on the now bare flesh of her ass. “Answer me, slut.”

She whined from the dual stings of pain and humiliation. “I…” she hesitated, “I… don’t know.”

I brought the belt down hard again and the sharp sound of smacked flesh sounded in the air, followed shortly by her cry.

“Yu don’t know if you’re a submissive slut?” I taunted. “You certainly look like a submissive slut from where I’m standing.”

Two more quick slaps with the leather from my belt and she fell forward on the desk, her arms giving way and her cheek pressed flat against the top. She reached one hand behind her, whether in an effort to shield her ass or soothe it, I didn’t know, but I wasn’t having any of it.

“Oh no, slut,” I said. “Your ass is to remain exposed to me as long as I want it to be, and you will take whatever punishment I say you deserve for abusing your employees.”

“No,” she whimpered, “no, I’ll be good.” Her eyes were shut and completely unprompted she whispered, “I’ll be your good girl.”

“You’re right, you will be.” I grabbed her slender wrist and pulled it away from her reddening ass. Walking to the front of the desk, I removed my silk tie, held her wrists together in one of my hands and wrapped the tie around them, binding her wrists together above her head. She offered little resistance, as I finished the knot. It seemed that part of her wanted to stop this, but some other part, some deeper part wanted, or needed me to continue.

With her hands bound I was free to return working over the soft flesh of her ass which I did, repeatedly bringing my belt down as a stern punishment for her poor management of me and my colleagues. Reddening the white skin as her howls filled the air. I could see the marks from the strap of my belt crisscross her delicate flesh.

I paused, panting, as she lay writhing across the desk, moaning almost inconsolably.

“Please…” she whimpered, “Please, I’m so close…”

I was dumb struck by her comment, but I noticed for the first times her thighs were damp with the overflow of her cunt. Intrigued as if I could get her to orgasm with the belt I smacked her again, harder this time and she shook violently as she cried out into the room. Again, the belt came down, this time focused to graze her pussy lips which she increasingly exposed and presented to my discipline.

This was enough to send her over as her body violently began to shake and she called out amid the non verbal shrieks, “Oh my god… that’s it… oh god you bastard… I’m going to…” At that point I smacked her as hard as I had, and she finished her sentence by screaming “Cuuuuuuummmmmm.”

I watched in awe as my submissive slut of a boss melted into a pool of pleasure and pain as her body shook violently into orgasm from the mere fact of a spanking. Her face was agony and ecstasy, tears smeared the mascara from her closed eyes while her ruby red lips hung open gasping for air and crying out her divine anguish.

I sat back in her chair, leaving her splayed in front of me a heaving pile of broken and satisfied flesh. My cock was hard, of course, at the display, but fucking her exposed cunt seemed almost anticlimactic compared to the show I had just witnessed inspired by a whipping.

I stared at her body. From my angle I could see her spread legs leading up to her red ass and still quivering cunt. But I could also see her torso across the desk. Her breast smashed against the cold wood and her face with tear stained cheeks and panting mouth.

I stepped behind her and unzipped my pants, releasing my already hard cock. I kicked her legs apart, opening her wet pussy, took my cock in my hand and ran the head up and down her exposed Ümraniye Masöz Escort slit.

“You’re good at telling people what to do, Sabrina,” I mocked, “So why don’t you tell me to fuck you.”

She whimpered but otherwise remained silent. I brought the belt, still in my hand, down hard on her ass. Her legs quaked and a cry filled the room.

“You’re not being a very good boss, Sabrina,” I said, “You have a willing employee, but you’re not making full use of his talents.”

She mumbled something I couldn’t hear, her whisper a combination of desire and exhaustion. I smacked her with the belt again. “Speak up, slut.”

Tears filled her eyes, her face strained to get through the sting, but I could feel her cunt lips quiver and moisten. Dutifully she said, “Please fuck me.”

I continued to wet the head of my cock just inside the lips of her cunt. “You can do better than that.” I said, and I smacked her ass again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she babbled, “please, fuck me, take me cunt, please just shove it inside me, I’ll be a good girl.”

With that I pressed into her, shoving my already aching cock into the tight folds of her wet flesh. She was tighter than expected, whether by nature or abstinence, I couldn’t say, but she reacted as though she had been branded, lifting her head and arching her back, almost howling as I drove myself home.

Pressed deep inside her, every inch of my thick cock was gripped by her flesh. I held myself there, wanting to revel in the feeling of it. I couldn’t resist the idea of leaning forward and taking a firm hold of her hair, which had fallen out of its tie. Wrapping my hand in it I pulled back, making her arch her back even more. Holding her hair like a bridle with one hand, I brought the belt down on her ass with the other, as though I was a jockey whipping his mount.

She cried out again and I felt her inner muscles contract around my cock. The feeling was so divine I whipped her again, keeping firm hold of her hair. Her cries filled the room. Only then did I begin to fuck her in earnest, sliding out and pressing hard back into her, each thrust slow and deliberate and deep.

Occasionally I would bring the belt down again and she would sing out in that wonderful mix of pleasure and pain that would accompany a tension in her body that milked my ever invading cock.

Her vocals, became and incoherent mixture of pleas and commands. “Fuck me, yes, harder, harder, please, whatever you want, hurts so good, hurt me, fuck me, use me.”

My own timing was getting better. And finally I brought the belt down hard on her backside, causing her to tighten just before I pressed into her, making my thrust rougher and more invasive. And this treatment proved to be all she needed as her body spasmed and collapsed into another orgasm as she all but screamed, “Fuuucckkkk Hurts so good!!”

I was pressing myself to the limit, but I had plans for this abusive slut. As she still shuddered from her orgasm, I pulled out, leaving her cunt obscenely fucking back against thin air. I pulled her by her hair to her feet, spun her toward me and then pushed her down to her knees.

Still holding her hair, she was panting with unfocused eyes as she looked up at me. Her makeup had smeared and her mouth hung open, and I took the opportunity to push my cock into it. Her eyes shot wide at first, but then closed as she sucked my cock as though it were a pacifier.

Her ordeal had left her exhausted, so it was up to me to control the action. I used both hands to hold her head as I proceeded to fuck her mouth. Her moans vibrated through me as I could feel my cock swell against her tongue.

Finally I pulled out, letting my cock erupt onto her face. The first spurt splashed across her nose and glasses, the second more directly on her lips. I shoved back into her mouth for the remaining amount. Whether happy to be used or just oblivious, she sucked and swallowed the rest.

I fell back into her desk chair as I released her, my own legs giving out. She fell back on her haunches, resting against the drawers of her oak desk. Cum covered her face and dripped down to her breasts. She looked past me with a vacant, satisfied expression.

I reached forward and ran a finger over a glob of cum on her cheek and shoved it into her mouth. Without thinking, she sucked my finger clean.

“Good girl, Sabrina,” I said as I fed her my cum from my finger, “Now get to work rewriting that copy. I’m going home.”