Doctor or Master Ch. 2


I do not know how long, I was chained to the wall. I can only guess but it feels like two days and I need to go to the bathroom, bad. I will go and be in trouble later. I hear a door open and then close. I hear boots coming towards me .I feel hands on me; they are making me feel the same way the drug did. I feel a leather collar being put back on my neck. I feel the sharp pinch of needle again. I am drugged, again. I feel a tube being put in my ass and warm water is being pumped into me. I am unchained and taken to a bathroom. I am put in a tub of hot water. Whoever is washing me is gentle and taking their time with me. The tube is still in my ass while I am in the tub. It is pull out and I need to go. I get out and go to the toilet. I feel like everything inside me is gone.

The slave brushes my hair. I am powered with a honey-tasted power feel my nibbles being painted with something cold and wet. The inside of my clit receives the same treatment. A pair socks as shoes are on my feet. No make-up is what Master said. I am led to a hallway and down some stairs. When I reach the bottom of the stairs, I am led to a wall Ümraniye Esmer Escort and chained back up again. The next thing I hear is the door closing. I know someone is in the room. I hear they are breathing and I smell a cigar. I smell pipe tobacco too. That means there two in this room with me.

Turning me around and rechaining me means, my ass is facing them. I feel a whip rubbed on my ass. The string of the whip makes me jump. They say the chains need to be tighter. This is done at the snap of a finger. My chains are pulled tighter and a chain is placed around my waist. Moving is out of the question. I am treated to ten lashes of the whip. The next thing to be felt is another shot. The drug is in my body again. My body needs SEX, now.

My gag stops my begging. A large dick is pushed into my throbbing pussy but I do not think it is human. “Gentlemen, the machine is the only thing which has had a taste of this WHORE`S Cherry.”

“Gentlemen, who will start the bigging.”

“$100 dollars.”

“$200 dollars.”

“$500 dollars.”

“$800 dollars.” $1000 dollars.”

“$1000dollars Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort going, going, gone!”

” She will be waiting in one of our playroom for you.”

Released from the wall, I am led by a lease to this playroom. The slaves in this room dress me in what feel like a harem girl costume. In a spread eagle position, I am tied down to the floor. There is a pad with a fur pillow under my head. The slave gift-wraps lay a fur and me cover over me. The cover is ripped from me. My costume is being torn off. He wishes to taste his purchases. My pussy feels his dick being rammed into it. This forces me to stop breathing. Letting me catch my breath, he pulls this large throbbing monsterback out.

In what seem like a minute, he rams it back. Being flower was not the way I wish to have sex for the first time. Blood is coming out. He is enjoying hurting me. My body wants its first orgasm. CUMMING IS THE LAST THING HE WISH ME TO DO. Please let me have my first orgasm before you kill something or me. OOOHHH! “OH, God.”

“Give it to me BWITCH.” My body cums so Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort hard; I pass out. The blindfold comes off. It is Louis. “That son of a bwitch!”

“I won, Bwitch.”

“I will keep you for a while.”

“You will be at my call, night and day.”

Louis leaves me laying there in shame. A slave comes in the room and gets me another shot. I will be the gift to another; she tells Master Louis; his guest is outside and wishes to come.

“How is the machine coming, Louis?”

” I will give a preview, now!” The slaves reacted to his voice. The machine was rolled into the room. The machine feel me and began to do its master orders.” The SEX has been program to begin the training of the new slaves.” Each suck cup is with a tongue and has a needle for piercing.”

“This needle is only programmed once.”

” There is a needle on the tentacle and the same goes for it.”

“It reads a code, which is branded on the slave at the time of training.”

“To be safe another code is place on the coin in her clit.”

” This slave has been pierced and branded.”

“So at this time, SEX will only tease her or do anything else which is programmed.”

“We have to run more test but as of now SEX is running all right.”

“When do you think we can market the SEX?”

“Maybe in a month or two is my guess.”

“I will leave you now to your work, doctor. I see myself out.