Dormant Sub


I stood in the warm shower and cleansed myself with a scented soap I knew he would enjoy – the same fragrance I wore the night we met. I touched all the spots that belonged to him: my breasts, nipples, ass and clit and though of how it felt to be claimed.

I dressed in what I had been instructed. Panties he could keep (I decided on a silky thong) and black high heels. I wore my hair up to give him easy access to my neck and wore a neckace of satin-covered chain that tied in a black bow. I lit the candles and then lay back on my bed to masturbate as I waited.

He talked me through my first orgasm while still in the car and I barely had time to gag myself before he walked through the bedroom door with his riding crop. My master had arrived to give me my Christmas gift. 24 strokes with the crop.

My body trembled with fear and desire. I had not been dominated by my owner or anyone else in so long. He looked over my body approvingly and acknowledged the candlelight as he smiled at the though of having his camera. He tied my hands bayrampaşa escort behind my back with his scarf and belt as I leaned into his hardening cock and rubbed my bound hands against it. He kissed my neck,bit my ear, and twisted my small, pink nipples in his fingers before instructing me to lie on the bed. He pulled off my panties to keep as his own and retrieved the crop.

The crop beat down mercilessly on my ass and I screamed and began to break free. My body was racked with trembling sobs as I freed one hand from the restraints and grabbed the crop from him. He twisted my hair in his hands and pulled my off the bed by it. I begged him to stop as the tears ran down my face. He was silent and then gave me my options. He could leave, or we could continue. I was beginning to calm down as he gently rubbed the mark he had made.I relaxed into him as he suddenly smacked my ass with his hand. My gift continued with deep red stripes beginning to form on my ass and thighs, one right after the other. In between, my Prince escort bayan istanbul would lovingly explore what he had done and found my wetness with his fingers. Until that moment I had forgotten the exquisite pleasure an experienced dom could give his sub in exchange for willing punishment.

He brought me to my feet and positioned the crop above my breasts. The pain of this strike radiated through them, but, to my surprise came the greatest surge of love and submission for this man. Before I could enjoy it, he struck again, this time on the nipples as I leaned back in his arms. It was the most intense pain I had felt since the first one was delivered and I once again began to sob and shake uncontrollably.

We were nearing the end as I once again was on my knees leaned over the bed. He found my dripping wetness and placed his fingers to my nose so I could smell my own scent. He began to finger me furiously, drawing out more juice and rubbing my clit in between his violent blows. I came against him, my orgasm a culmination taksim vip escort of a year of need to do what I was made for. He then delivered number 24.

I turned to him, hair disheveled, tears dried to my cheeks. He asked me to wait in that position until he returned from the bathroom. To my surprise, he brought a warm washcloth and began to gently wash my face and swollen breasts. He told me that he was very proud and whispered that I was his; his love, his sweet baby. He kissed my hair as he untied my hands as I clung to his waist.

He left me on the floor, still gagged with a scarf and instructed me to stay there until I heard him leave and to come again.

When the door closed I un-gagged myself and went into the bathroom to see my body. My ass was red and hot, as were the front and back of my normally milky-white thighs. As I looked at the woman in the mirror I began to touch my clit and breasts simultaneously. I leaned against the bathroom wall and thought of him watching me as I was brought to orgasm for the 3rd time.

He asked me to write this. To chronicle the account of this evenings events with as much detail as I could remember. Sitting here now, aching and swollen I can see the candlight reflecting his eyes and feel his beard as his kissed my body and I inhaled his familiar scent.