Dream Lovers Ch. 02

Alexa Pearl

Chapter 2

Christine Moves In, Brings Her Roommate

Matt could not wait to give Christine long awaited good news. He entered her room and did not immediately see her. He noticed the open bathroom door and saw the woman of his dreams stark naked at the sink bushing her teeth. Her ass wiggled as she worked the brush. She saw Matt staring and wiggled it provocatively.

“See something you like?” she asked coyly.

He answered her question by locking the door. He approached her and knelt to the floor. He placed his strong hands firmly on her ass and slowly licked her crack, spreading her cheeks slightly with each lick. Finally reaching her rosebud, he licked repeatedly reaching further into her asshole.

Christine leaned against the sink pressing her ass to Matt’s face. Her cheeks felt soft and warm and smelled of bath soap. He held her cheeks open and inserted his forefinger far into her bowels. His arousal blossomed and his cock hardened.

Christine handed him a bottle of lotion, “Please fuck me darling!” she begged.

Matt applied the lotion to his cock and generously lathered her asshole. He stuck his crown to her opening. Her hole opened to accommodate the head. Christine exercised amazing muscle control and opened wide as Matt slowly thrust in a little at a time. After six inches remained, Christine suddenly threw her ass back taking his entire 9-inch cock in her asshole. “Fuck me deep! Keep up as I rock back and forth.” she instructed.

Christine rocked back and forth slowly. Matt moved out as she moved forward and in as she moved back. They established a perfect rhythm and Christine gradually moved faster. Their balls swung like a pendulum often slapping against each other.

Matt put lotion on his right hand and placed his left on her back. He reached around her and found her rock hard cock. He stroked it to the same rhythm of Christine’s movement.

Her rocking grew in intensity. Matt’s cock grew harder. His balls tightened. The feeling of impeding orgasm filled his cock. He held Christine still, thrust foreword and unloaded deep in her bowels. He withdrew and cum followed his cock. He lapped it as fast as it came.

Christine turned and fed her cock past Matt’s cum covered lips. He sucked her deep as her orgasm rocked her world. Her massive load filled his mouth and overflowed covering Christine’s face moving like a lava flow to her breasts.

Matt retrieved every drop and dribbled repeatedly to her open mouth. They shared Matt’s last mouth full in a sloppy kiss that grew to a passionate embrace. Each professed their love for each other over and over again.

Christine led Matt to the shower. He washed her body remaining longer then necessary on her breasts, ass and cock. She jolted each time his hand rubbed her sensitive nipples and cock. She washed Matt running soapy hand all over his muscular body.

As they toweled each other dry, he told Christine, “By the way, you are going home today.”

Christine excitedly embraced her lover. She held him tight thanking him for his kindness and love. “Come to our place tonight to celebrate. Jeri is a great cook. Her specialty is roast pork that melts in your mouth.”

“I’ll bring the wine.” Matt offered. “Call Jeri and I’ll wheel you to the door when she arrives.”

“Can’t was just walk arm and arm?”

“Sorry love. Rules demand patients leave in a wheelchair.”

She called Jeri and told her of her dinner offer. “It sounds great. It will give me the chance to give Matt the once over to make sure he is good enough for you.” she kidded.

“Play your cards right and you might find out just how good he is.” Christine jibbed back.

“Stop it! You are getting me so hot I may just jump your bones in the parking lot.” Jeri bluffed.

“I have missed you too.” Christine sincerely replied. Call my cell when you arrive.


Dinner with Christine and Jeri was as advertised. After a steady diet of bland hospital food, Christine ate ravenously of Jeri’s famous pork roast, yellow rice and a fresh spinach salad. Matt seldom cooked for himself; frequenting restaurants, and enjoyed his first home cooked meal in a long time. Lack or conversation at the dinner table gave fitting testimony to Jeri’s culinary talent.

Matt helped the two beauties clean the table in fill the dishwasher.

They adjourned to the living room. Jeri prepared a pot of hot Earl Grey tea and joined Matt and Christine. They plopped down on a soft sofa, Matt in the middle, Christine to his left and Jeri to his right, and sipped the tea. Matt and Christine raved about the meal, slightly embarrassing Jeri.

Jeri expressed her appreciation for his care shown Christine. “I am so happy that you have fallen in love.”

“She is the woman I have longed to meet ever since I discovered my appreciation for transsexuals” Matt told Jeri, wrapping his arm around Christine and drawing her closer.

Christine sighed and kissed Matt softly.

“Do you mind sakarya escort telling how you came to love transsexual sex?” Jeri asked.

He looked at Christine. “We have no secrets here Matt. I would like to know as well.”

Matt revealed his encounter with a transsexual in Las Vegas. “The hot night with Sheila revealed the need missing in all my previous affairs. She taught me a new guiding principal of life.

“I refuse to label or judge people with stereotypes. Straight, gay, bi does not matter. The essential secrete is to enjoy life.”

Jeri and Christine listened to Matt with rapt attention. Christine snuggled closer. Jeri overcome with lust snuggled close to Matt. “You are amazing,” Jeri whispered, “I am so happy you and Christine found each other.”

The caffeine in the tea worked its magic. They were all alert and ready for anything.

“How would you love birds like to share some sex with a third party?” she boldly asked.

Christine promised Jeri such an opportunity and without a great deal of difficulty urged Matt to accept the promising offer.

Jeri and Christine undressed each other down to their damp thongs. They easily removed Matt’s shirt, shoes and pants leaving him in his jockey shorts displaying a prominent bulge.

They led Matt to their king size bed and nudged him to his back. Christine removed Jeri’s bra and kissed her passionately. She sucked her breasts and knelt down, removed Jeri’s soaked thong and buried her face in her wet pussy. Christine opened Jeri’s outer lips and gently tongued the bright pink flesh. She licked her open pussy fervently exposing her incredible clit. It was at least an inch long. Christine sucked it as if a cock and Jeri ecstatically poured juices all over her roommates beautiful 38″ breasts.

Matt jacked his cock hard, aroused by Christine’s oral skills. Jeri noticed Matt’s huge cock and forced Christine to stop. “I need that man,” she told Christine.

“Set on his face, “Christine told Jeri.

Matt eagerly lavished Jeri’s pussy. He sucked her extended clit and inserted two fingers into her vaginal opening. Jeri’s hot juices poured into Matt’s mouth. He drank greedily loving the sweet taste.

Christine removed Matt’s jockey shorts lowered her ass impaling his cock. Over the past few days, Christine grew to love Matt’s cock plowing her tight ass. She rocked up and down slowly at first than faster. She drove Matt crazy by lifting complexly off his cock then plunging down its entire length.

Jeri bent forward to suck Christine’s cock and caress her beautiful boobs. Matt puckered his lips and tongued Jeri’s clit. He inserted a finger in her ass probing deep.

Jeri and Christine’s eyes glazed over. Christine froze holding Matt deep in her ass. Her balls tingled and the ecstatic pre-orgasmic feeling engulfed her cock. She tried to hold back but lost control, feeding Jeri a prolonged stream of warm creamy cum. Jeri loved Christine’s cum and sucked harder on her cock draining every drop.

Christine kissed Jeri deeply sharing her cum. Matt located her G-spot and with just the right touch drove her ejaculate juices to the boiling point. Jeri gave way to the pressure and spurted hot clear liquid in Matt’s mouth, face and chest.

Jeri turned to kiss Matt deeply sharing the sweet taste. Christine joined her friend lapping her ejaculate juice and alternated feeding Matt and Jeri.

Christine badly wanted to give Matt his first anal fuck. Jeri wanted Matt to fuck her. They accomplished both desires at the same time.

Matt recuperated quickly allowing Jeri to lower her pussy to his hard cock, taking it slowly, moaning and grunting as it filled her pussy, stretching her vaginal walls.

“Oh my sweet, your lover’s cock is heavenly,” she whispered to Christine.

Christine told the two to relax for a moment and shoved a pillow under Matt’s ass giving her perfect access to his most private bodily opening.

She lapped at his virgin asshole and tongued deeply. Matt instinctively relaxed his sphincter muscle allowing Christine to tongue deeper. She withdrew replacing her tongue with her pointer finger and stuffed it as far as possible wiggling in small circles. Matt lurched and drove his cock deeper in Jeri’s hot cunt.

He relaxed allowing Christine to add another finger. Matt enjoyed her anal play more and more and welcomed her hand in his ass.

“Please take my virgin ass now,” he begged.

Christine lubricated her cock with a generous amount of Emotion Lotion that grew warmer with use. She spread more in his open hole and placed her cock at the entrance. She told Matt to push out the way he unloaded his bowels.

The feeling of Christine’s hard cock entering his ass for the first time and his cock in Jeri’s tight pussy filled Matt with immeasurable pleasure.

The three lovers developed a nice rhythm. Christine timed her thrusts with Jeri. As she moved up, she thrust in and moved out as Jeri moved down. The emotion lotion sakarya escort bayan filled his bowels with lovely warmth.

The ecstasy of sharing his body with two beautiful women seemed unworldly and magical.

The spell was broken as creamy cum filled his ass. Christine emptied her balls filling Matt to overflowing. She gobbled and swallowed her cum as is poured out his asshole until just a trickle remained. She shared it with Matt in a deep kiss. It was light brown, smelled musty. It tasted unusual but tolerable.

Christine rested in Matt’s arms loving the pleasure she saw in his eyes. She kissed him deeply igniting his orgasm. Matt and Jeri came at the same time and a sweet mixture of cum and pussy juice covered Matt’s legs and belly. Christine joined Jeri in the long process of cleaning his body stopping often to kiss long and hard sharing the sweet mixture.

Matt lay back and relaxed as the two women continued to erase all traces of his cum and Jeri’s juices. He could hardly believe his luck at finding Christine and falling so deeply in love in such a short time. He thought about Christine strong relationship with Jeri and worried about fracturing their love for each other when Christine moved to his spacious home. He hatched a plan he hoped they would accept.

The following weekend Christine and Jeri packed their belongings and moved in with Matt.


Janet, Christine’s mom grew increasingly lonely from the moment she left and moved in with Jeri. She and Christine enjoyed a trusting open relationship. She accepted their relationship and thought often of their obvious deep love for each other. Naturally, she thought about entering a lesbian relationship and was surprised the thought was so arousing. She thought only of beautiful lesbians when she masturbated

She ate well, attended yoga classes and jogged five miles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She developed the appearance and body of a woman half her 40 years. Like Christine, she has auburn hair and a slim and trim body. She has blue eyes and figured her ex husbands brown eyes gave Christine her lovely green. Her breasts are a smaller but a full 36″. Her waist is 23″ and her hips 37″.

She met Lucy at yoga and often joined her at a local park to jog. They connected and began to spend a lot of time together. At the beginning, Janet did not know that Lucy is a confirmed lesbian and suffered a traumatic breakup with her long time partner. Lucy wanted to have a child. Vehemently opposed to motherhood, her lover eventually found another woman of like mind and moved out.

Lucy, 28, is a rather short 5 ft tall with a beautifully proportioned 35-22-36″ body. Her hair and eyes are a matching deep brown.

One day they were resting after jogging and noticed a pack of children near by.

“I always wanted a baby,” Lucy wistfully remarked. “Do you have children, Janet?”

“I have a son,” she started to reply and caught herself blurting, “I mean daughter.”

She noticed Lucy looking at her strangely and decided to fess up. “You seem confused, so I better explain,” she continued.

Lucy touched her arm softly. “If you want to talk, know that you can trust me, as I have grown to trust you.”

Janet took Lucy’s hand and told her the whole story of how her son Chris became her daughter Christine. She revealed how lonely she grew after Christine moved in with her bisexual girl friend a year ago and how good she felt finally meeting a good friend.

Lucy told Janet she was happy with their friendship and had also been lonely lately. “You should know that I am a lesbian.” Lucy admitted. She looked into Janet’s eyes for her reaction and saw nothing but love. She then told Janet about all the great times they had before they parted over the childhood issue.

Janet told herself it was now or never and admitted she was looking for a lesbian relationship. “Would you consider women 15 years older than you?” Janet asked.

“If I did not know you have a 19 year old daughter I would guess you were no older than 30,” Lucy praised. “You are incredibly beautiful and I would be overjoyed to become your lover.”

Within a week, Lucy left her apartment and bad memories and moved in with Janet.

The experienced Lucy patiently taught the novice Janet the best way to eat pussy, suck and tweak nipples and perform clean anal sex. Janet learned the basics quickly. They became insatiable lovers. They purchased a nice assortment of toys and enema bags. They bought sexy clothing and spent every Friday night at the finest lesbian night club in town, Women’s Cave.

Waiting to enter the club one night, Janet heard the unmistakable sounds of a Harley Motorcycle. She looked at Lucy and told her she was about to meet Christine and her lover Jeri.

Christine and Jeri were happy to see Janet and exchanged hugs and pecks on the cheek. “Allow me to introduce my lover, Lucy, ladies.”

Christine and Lucy bowed escort sakarya and told her how pleased they were to meet her. “You both look lovely. Set with us inside and we can swap fibs about each other,” Jeri offered.

They shared a table and several carafes of wine, talked, and danced until closing time.

Lucy danced with Christine often. Christine told Lucy how happy she was her mom had found such an attractive and caring friend. Lucy told her she and Janet was very much in love and may eventually marry.

“What’s up with you and Jeri? She seems nice.”

“We are friends and lovers and will remain so. We have different futures in mind. I am looking for a good man who can fall in love with a transsexual. Jeri is bi for now and eventually wants to settle down with a lesbian. So far we are still looking,”

“My ex partner and I ran into many transsexuals in our day most seeking a good man or women. Most eventually found that special person. None is as beautiful as you are, dear. I suspect the man you seek is right around the corner. As for Jeri, just look around. One here has to be for her,” Lucy said encouragingly.

The following Monday, Christine found herself in the hospital.

Three weeks later Janet and Lucy helped Christine and Jeri move to Matt’s home.

Matt bought his ranch style split level home after his first year of residency. Modest compared to the luxurious accommodations of staff doctors, it is a mansion compared to Janet and Lucy’s home, not to mention Christine and Jeri’s duplex.

Lucy told Matt she has a knack for interior design and asked if she could rearrange the furniture. Matt agreed. Her woman’s touch with three helpers assisting preformed a minor miracle and turned Matt’s house into comfortable home. They finished late so Matt invited Janet and Lucy to stay the night. They agreed and by morning had enjoyed a different kind of house warming.

It took little effort for Jeri to convenience Janet and Lucy to share her bed for the night. Janet knew Jeri since she was a baby and loved her for no other reason than she was her daughter’s soul mate. Jeri lusted for Christine’s mother for years and always stole quick glances when visiting Chris during his transformation to Christine. Janet knew her lover wanted Jeri since their chance meeting at Woman’s Cave.

The three sexy women entered the bedroom, closed the door and engaged in a group hug, groping and fondling each other. Lucy undressed Jeri while Janet undressed Lucy. The now naked younger woman kissed and hugged passionately. Janet undressed and fondled Jeri from behind, caressing her 36″ breasts and kissing her ear lobes.

Lucy and Janet fell to their knees. Lucy licked Jeri’s pussy opening her outer lips and kissing the pink flesh. Janet licked palmed Jeri’s ass cheeks and licked up and down her crack gently separating them more and more with each lick.

Jeri swooned and grew increasingly excited from her first threesome with lesbians. It was just as hot but more tender than sex with Christine and her boyfriend Greg. She held Lucy’s head and raked her deep brown hair.

Janet eyed Jeri’s beautiful brown hole and opened wide kissing hard and lapping her asshole aggressively. Lucy licked far into Jeri’s pussy and swallowed her sweet juices. She inserted her pointer finger in her vaginal opening and easily found the tiny nub of her G-spot.

Janet probed Jeri’s tight asshole. Her slick tongue tasted her tart cavity and wished she had her enema bag. She decided her fingers would suffice and drove two fingers far in her ass. Jeri developed extraordinary muscle control and relaxed her anal muscles allowing Janet to force fore fingers in and out of her ass.

Jeri reached cosmic heights as the two lesbians probed her erogenous zones. She squealed in delight as she felt Janet’s fist plow by her anal ring and deep into her bowels. She leaned back, arched her back and spurted a long steady clear stream of ejaculate juices repeatedly, drowning her and Lucy’s bodies in a sticky sweet shower.

Janet quickly removed her fist from the quaking Jeri and caught her last stream in her mouth. Lucy caught a mouth full and fed it to Jeri in a not open mouth kiss. Janet fed Lucy her mouth full.

They quickly showered, cuddled on the bed and fell soundly asleep.


This night was not only their first time together in Matt’s home, it was the fist time alone since Christine and Matt made love with Jeri over a week ago.

As if reading each other’s minds they wanted the first night to be special giving them sweet memories lasting a lifetime,

Matt pampered Christine, brushing her long beautiful auburn hair and applying skin-rejuvenating lotion to her entire naked body including her cock. Christine breathed heavily in the pleasure of Matt’s gently touch.

She gave Matt a full body massage using masculine scented oil. She knew a relaxed Matt to be an incredibly gentle lover. .

Christine and Matt never grew bored seeing each other in the nude. Christine thought Matt was the most beautiful man she had ever seen and could not avoid complimenting his looks frequently. His humble nature kept his ego under control. He felt very fortunate to keep company with the most beautiful woman in his world. Christine felt the same way and never took anything for granted.