Eliza’s Game Ch. 03


Eliza woke the next morning to the sound of her alarm ringing out. She turned her head and saw the blue LED display showing 10:00. Reaching across she found the cancellation button and clicked it off. The sheets clung to her body, as eager to hold on to her as any of her lovers. A quick look out the window showed that it was a lovely day. The rain had washed away the filth on the streets and provided a blank canvas for the city to dirty. Reluctantly Eliza slipped from beneath her white silk sheets and her feet found the deep pile cream carpet. She sat naked on the edge of the bed stretching and yawning the last of her sleepiness away. The prickle of morning’s cold spread over her body. She stood up, and stretched to full height; the streaking sunlight from the unmasked window bathed her soft, tanned skin with the relief of warmth. She headed to the bathroom rubbing her head. Her hair was ruffled up but her fingers ran smoothly through it. She had showered the night before and the raking of her fingers through the tresses unsheathed the chestnut glow from if dull prison.

A while later she emerged from the bathroom; her hair was now brushed and tied in a low loose pony tail secured with a white handkerchief covered in blue spots. Her nails shined a deep rose red to match the shade she had chosen for her full pouting lips. Her eyes looked deep and mysterious thanks to the skill of applied eyeliner, mascara and eye-shadow. Still naked she approached the gift box, delivered last night by way of the frustrated hotelier’s son. Once again she removed the black glossed stiff card lid and looked down at the champagne coloured lingerie. Eliza let her fingers play across the delicate silk of the corset which lay on top and felt the soft lace of the bust line. She removed it slowly from the box in an almost reverent manner cradling it in her soft, nimble hands.

Gently she loosened the lacing on the back and stepped into the delicate bodice. She pulled it up her legs allowing it to caress them and up to her perfect rounded butt. She pulled it tightly over it and the corset came to rest almost naturally on her flared and sensual hips. She lined it up against herself and held it with her hands around her waist. As she had suspected, a perfect fit. Reaching round to her back she pulled the cords tight, the fish-boning seemed to clip into place around her flawless figure hugging her into the sensual garment. Standing back she looked at herself, the corset sat comfortably on her hips and accentuating the curve of her body. It pulled in tight to her waist though it did not squeeze her and smoothly flared out to hold in and push her breasts pleasingly. The outline was flawless. This was a piece of lingerie designed with love, care and a desire to show beauty. Coupled with Eliza’s stunning figure and natural grace, it did not seem fair on the rest of the world.

Next the matching suspender belt clipped round her, hugging her hips without adjustment, again as if made for her. She had to un-wrap the stockings from soft tissue paper. They were so soft she could barely feel them in her delicate hands as she ran the silken material through her fingers. Eliza ran her hand down her leg to be sure they were still smooth and would not snag them. Her hands glided across the skin on her legs and found no trace of interruption so she sank on to the bed once more. Rolling up one stocking she placed it over her right foot and pulled it up her calf. The silk caressed her skin and passed effortlessly over her knee. She stretched the gently weaving out and it held her leg perfectly. As the top approached her thigh she slowed down the pull, slowly she straightened her leg and lend back to remove any hint of wrinkle. This sight could have been lifted from a 1920s Paris boudoir. She pulled the stocking tight and met the dangling suspender strap. Expertly she threaded the strap and snapped it closed at the stocking top. Her hands reached again for her toe, she smoothed the length of her leg pushing the stocking into her skin all the way to her soft thigh. She rubbed her stocking foot against her other leg and felt how the softness of the material felt against her own skin.

Slowly and with as much care she repeated this action with her other leg till both were covered with the fine silk sheathes. Again she looked into the mirror and smiled at the effect of her most recently acquired underwear. Finally she reached into the box and pulled out the matching thong. Like the rest of the items it was silk with a lacy and soft trim. She took great pleasure in pulling it up and against her pussy. As it made contact she could not help but be further aroused by the sensation of such soft material pushing into the most delicate parts of her.

After a few indulgent moments she reached for a white dress she had lain out and pulled it over her head. From her waist down it flowed out full down to her ankles, from the waist up it clung tight to her body showing the curve of her hips, waist and chest. The top line of the dress just covered the corset top and Antep Bayan Escort provided the perfect stage for her ample cleavage; her arms and shoulders were left bare. A pair of 4 inch white stilettoes and some big sunglasses completed the picture and once again she looked in the mirror. Satisfied with what she saw she picked up a matching white bag and threw a white knit weave wrap across her shoulders. With that she unlocked her door and left the sanctuary of her apartment.

Walking down the stairs she saw through the banister a somewhat dishevelled looking Mikey. He was bent over the front desk, half asleep, his hair a mess and his clothes not quite straight. He yawned widely and looked decidedly pale.

“Good night was it?” she said as she approached the desk. Mikey stood up fast, startled by the sudden arrival of his number one fantasy. The rapid movement seemed to pain his head greatly and he winced even at the sight of her.

“Umm, Good morning Miss Dawson.” He feebly replied. “Yes thank you, it was great.” He said trying to smile but gave it up.

“Too much to drink? Your only 18, how come you have a hangover?”

“Oh it’s not a hangover; we were a bit close to the front which was very loud. That and Tony got into this fight which, somehow ended up with me getting hit in the head.”

“Awww poor Mikey. I hope you’re ok, did you go to the hospital?”

“Yes Miss.” He said, making her feel a little like a school mistress, not that she minded. “Apparently I’m fine; I’ll just have a bit of a sore head for a day or two.”

“That’s good. Any messages for me?” she smiled, changing the subject.

“Three.” He said immediately.

The hotel may well have been full of guests but Mikey took such a special interest in Eliza he was practically her stalker. She looked him over; he was about 6’6″, athletically built, mousey but thick hair that was cut to about face length and usually well styled. He had big hands and feet which was always a good sign but, most of all he had soft brown eyes and a gentle delicate smile. He was handsome, how could he not be involved with someone? She pondered. If it had not been for the way he drooled over her she would have suspected his friend Tony.

Mikey handed her two telephone messages and an envelope. Eliza glanced over the messages; one was from a friend in town telling her that the clothes she had been waiting for her would be in stock tomorrow. The second was from her nurse friend at today’s home, Julie informing her that their matron was going to be away today and that she was going to be in charge. That was a spot of luck Eliza thought, a free reign with a new client, no interruptions. Cracking open the envelope she peered inside and saw the handwriting, it belonged to Gino and she decided it could wait till later. She pushed the small pile into her bag and looked back up at Mikey.

“Thanks baby.” She said smiling up at his slightly pained face.

Feeling generous she placed her hand on his temples and softly massaged them. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of her soft hands on his head. Slowly she pulled his aching head downward so as he didn’t even notice and she placed a gently kiss on his forehead. The sudden contact with her lips shocked him and he opened his eyes as she let his head go and he found himself staring right into her eyes. She was already leaving and as she turned away he once again watched her go, his pants were twitching, all thought of his pain gone. That was until the next customer had to raise him from his gazing stupor by ringing the desk bell.

Thirty minutes later, Eliza pulled her Porsche up to the curb two blocks from the nursing home and got out. It was a lovely warm day but she pulled the wrap onto her shoulder to protect from sunburn. A big Audrey Hepburn style hat protected her face from the ravages of the sun’s heat, her skin needed to remain perfect; it was part of her appeal. She walked down the street attracting the usual glances of passing men and pushed her hand into her bag, pulling out the letter from Gino as she walked. This is what she read:

“Dearest Eliza.

For so long I have dreamt of you. Last night I thought was a dream also until I went down to the bar and discovered the mess I made under it. I hope you will forgive me for taking advantage of you and I hope you are not angry with me. Please come over soon so we can talk. If you get here for four it will still be quiet. I am quite busy though this weekend as my son, Marco is coming to stay. Please Eliza I beg you, come and see me. I am sure we can work this out.



Eliza smiled. He actually thought last night was his idea? She really had thought her plan would have been harder to execute than that. She folded the letter away and glanced at her watch, 11:43 perfect timing as she walked up the drive of Pine Acres.

The front door opened and Julie greeted her on the step, she was a pretty woman in her late 40s with curly blond hair and a matronly figure, clearly once she had been quite the knockout. She greeted Eliza, kissing her cheek and giving her a hug.

“It’s good to see you Eliza and so nice I can greet you at the front door for once!”

“Good to see you Julie, how’s that son of yours?”

“He’s very well, just got accepted to NYU on a football scholarship and you just keep your hands off him!” Julie laughed knowing full well her friend’s desire for forbidden fruit.

“Why, does he not have a girlfriend?” she asked almost innocently.

“He does, three if truth be told.” Julie replied with sly warning.

“Oh well I’ll defiantly have to pay him a visit!”

The two women broke out laughing and walked nearly arm in arm to the open reception hall. It was a grand, old building with plush carpets and lavish furnishings. Rows and rows of fine ornaments and polished glassware shone about the place, the sort of establishment only the incredibly wealthy could afford to die in.

“Now, Miss ‘Price’ your ‘uncle’ is up on the second floor, room 204 at the end. Just turn right as you get to the top of the stairs.” Julie said in a business-like manner. “Have fun!” she added in a much more mischievous tone.

As Eliza climbed the stairs she turned onto the corridor as instructed and walked slowly toward room 204. She passed Michael, a gentleman who she would occasionally call on, walking with his wife as they made their way toward the elevator. Eliza smiled at him and winked, he had given her name to the mysterious Mr Tom Larson, the man who she had come to see. Michael longingly looked at her and mouthed ‘Tuesday’ at her. Eliza nodded in acknowledgement and walked on past them. She stopped outside room 204 to draw out her diary and write, ‘Michael’ in her appointments for Tuesday afternoon at 14:00, his usual time. She removed her hat and held it in her hand the sunglasses and wrap she put into her bag and knocked smartly on the door.

“It’s open.” Said a slightly nervous voice from behind the door.

Eliza twisted the knob and pushed it open. She had never been inside one of the end residences before; it was large and finely decorated. Residents bought their own furniture and possessions and she could tell from a glance around that this was not cheap flat pack creations. This glance round the sitting room of the suite made her think she was charging this guy too little. Any lingering guilt she may have had over keeping the lingerie faded and she slowly spun round looking at the finery. Tom Larson was nowhere in sight but there were several rooms off this one so she decided to wait for him to reveal himself. Eliza was used to men trying to make an impression with a dramatic entrance, she had long since learnt it was by far the best policy to flatter their plans with the reaction they were after.

After about a minute the door to what was obviously the bathroom opened and out stepped Mr Larson. Eliza estimated he was about 6’4″ and in his early 80s from his had grey but it was quite thick hair which was combed neatly. He was a fairly thin man with glass blue eyes and a nice set of teeth and he stood still smiling nervously at her. He was not exactly in the pique of fitness but for his age he seemed solid on his feet and moved with a gently grace. Tom stood framed in the doorway of the bathroom and stared at her, his breath taken away by what he had ‘bought’. Eliza struggled to suppress a wry smile and after giving him ample time to admire her, she stepped forward to meet him.

“Mr Larson, I’m Eliza, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She said holding out her hand at a turned down angle as if offering it up for a kiss.

“Tom. Call me Tom.” He said nervously swallowing, taking her gentle hand. “I’ve never done anything like this before, you are quite lovely.”

“Thank you.” She said “Compliments are always welcome Tom. I trust you will not be disappointed by this experience. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask, you won’t offend me and I just want you to be comfortable and of course, satisfied.”

Tom seemed to visibly relax at this reassurance and he let out a long breath.

“Can I offer you a cup of tea or coffee?” Tom asked, moving into a more comfortable hosting mind set.

“Tea sounds nice Tom. Can I have seat?”

“Oh, of course, where are my manners, please sit wherever you want.”

Tom scuttled into the kitchen and Eliza put her bag down as she sat herself on the sofa crossing her legs seductively. She felt the soft silk of the stockings sliding against each other as her shapely legs moved across each other smoothly under her dress. She adjusted the hem to ensure he would see her ankle when he came back into the room. This glimpse would betray that she had complied with the request to wear his gift.

“Lovely place you have here Tom.” She said loud enough so he could hear her from the kitchen.

“Yes” he said making his way back into the lounge. As he entered his eyes instinctively fell onto her body, he swallowed hard seeing the glimpse of silk on her legs. “It suits me fine.” He managed to say weakly, a lump in his throat betrayed his excitement.

“How long have you been here?” She asked trying to keep the conversation normal and light.

“About 2 years.” He said “I have always kept myself to myself. I don’t really mix with the other residents much but, Michael found out it was my 84th last month and convinced the home to throw me a party.”

“So, we have been a mystery to each other then.” She smiled coyly at him “Did Michael betray my existence to you as a birthday surprise?”

Tom laughed weakly seemingly nervous again.

“You will have to forgive me Tom, I tease rather a lot and I am afraid I have made you uneasy.”

Tom smiled again at her apology and relaxed a little feeling once again in control.

“Could I ask you,” he began but stopped nervously before restarting with more commitment “Could I ask you? When… How…”

Eliza knew what he was trying to ask, everyone asked the same question the first time.

“When, is up to you, I prefer to settle terms and then you just leave a cheque or cash somewhere obvious and I will collect it on the way out. How much is dependent on what you want. Eliza handed him a small, folded piece of paper which he opened and read. He did not seem fazed by the amount she had written on the paper.

Tom stood thinking for a moment and seemed to be quite scared, he looked up at Eliza and she smiled a soft loving smile at him. Most of him then melted at the affection in her soft eyes, one part of him however was afflicted with the opposite effect.

“Will the side board be ok?” He said indicating a place on the piece of furniture near the door.

“Perfect.” She said again smiling back at him. They stared at each other and the moment was only broken by the click of the kettle giving Tom the excuse to retreat back to the kitchen to retain his composure and fix the drinks.

A short while later the mismatched couple sat on the sofa, drank tea and talked about current affairs, fashion, television, films anything but sex. Tom relaxed and soon they were laughing and enjoying each other’s company. An hour passed which put Tom finally at his ease and gave him the confidence to bring the conversation back to reason for her visit.

“I want you to know, I have only ever been with my wife; and she said I wasn’t any good. It became a birthday treat for me mostly, and she obviously took little pleasure in that.”

“Was she a virgin when you met?” Eliza enquired.

“No, she had had three previous lovers and she once told me when we were struggling with our physical relationship that I was the most disappointing.” Eliza extended her hand and squeezed Tom’s arm reassuringly.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m sure you’ll be fine. What didn’t she like?”

Tom looked nervous again but he seemed determined to get his sentence out and apprise her of the horrible truth.

“She said, my cock was, weird. She said it was peculiar and uncomfortable. I just don’t want you to do something you wouldn’t like, so please, tell me if you would sooner we, didn’t.” Again he looked nervous desperately hoping that he had not frightened off the 24 year old beauty.

“Don’t worry Tom; I won’t let you hurt me. But I am sure it will be fine, I will help you get the pleasure you have always dreamt about. Thank you for your warning though Tom, it’s very sweet of you.” She smiled at him and he relaxed, her words comforting him as did the acknowledgement of his chivalry.

“Thank you.” He said, taking a long out breath again.

Sensing that all had been said that needed to be, Eliza took the initiative. She leant across toward him and kissed his lips softly, he responded naturally pressing against hers. Eliza sucked his lower lip gently as she completed the kiss and fluttered open her eyes fixing his. Tom stared nervously back at her with an ever growing look of lust and desire crossing his face. Eliza waited. It was his turn to kiss her and she did not have to have great patience. Tom leaned in and kissed her hard, not with any great skill but with a great sense of urgency. Having not been hired as a teacher she accepted his unskilled advances and moved her lips on his to follow the movement and enhance the sensation. He slowly began to follow her guiding lips and after a couple of minutes they were making out nicely. Tom allowed his hands to reach her shoulders and with great reluctance broke the kiss. He breathed heavily trying to recover from the intense stimulation of this beautiful young woman. Eliza once again fixed his eyes her chest moving slowly up and down in time with her breaths before slowly she stood up. She walked away from him without a word allowing the natural swing of her hips to lead his gaze losing sight of her only as she entered his bedroom. Tom stood up and followed her like a zombie, still lost in the pleasure of their kiss, hypnotized by the swing of her hips and the click of her heels. He stopped off briefly and wrote a cheque leaving it in the pre-arranged location. Then he continued the entranced walk to his bedroom, following the temptress with no further fear.