Emily and Steve Ch. 07


On our drive back to the city, Emily and I stopped for dinner at a Chinese restaurant about half an hour outside of the city. Emily was a little concerned about entering the restaurant, still unsure that she was “passable” as a woman, despite all my reassurances that she always is. The hostess seated us without raising an eyebrow. As we walked along, I noticed a good looking guy discretely checking out Emily. I was sure that the guy had no idea Emily wasn’t a genetic woman, but Emily was uncertain.

“Did you see that guy looking at me when we walked in. I’m sure he could tell,” she said.

“No, don’t be silly. He was just looking at you because your a hot chick,” I replied. “He’s got no idea. You really are completely and totally feminine looking. I tell you, you should think about living full time as a woman. I was checking out the company’s intranet site, and there is a thing there on diversity. Did you know that there is a manager in our Portland office who is transgendered?”

Emily didn’t reply, just looked at me sceptically for a moment before picking up the menu.

After dinner, I asked Emily what her plans for the night were. “Did you want to come back to my place? You could stay over.”

“I don’t know about staying over. Either you take me home tonight, or we’d have to get up early so I can get home and change.”

“You know, it’s sort of ridiculous that we do this. Every night we get together at your place or my place, and then split up and go to separate places. Emily, would you like to move in with me?”

Emily laughed, but then she could see on my face that I was serious, and her face took on a look of surprise. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, completely. Ever minute I am with you I am truly happy. I think that is true for you as well. Having you live in my place would give us more opportunities to be happy. Doesn’t that make sense.”

“Oh come on. You just want me around so you don’t have to travel the 10 minutes to my place to get laid,” she said, laughing.

“Well, that too,” I joked. I grabbed Emily’s hand, and looked deep into her beautiful blue eyes. “I know I haven’t konya escort said this yet, but I have fallen in love with you, and want to share my life with you.”

Emily gasped, then leaned over the table and kissed me. “Steve, I love you too. Okay, let’s do it. Let us move in together.”

Both Emily and I were on a high. I loved seeing her smile, and she had a twinkle in her eye. I couldn’t stop giggling – god, that sounds so girly, but it was true. I had never been happier.

Before heading out on the road, I went to the toilet. After finishing my business, I was washing my hands and whistling when the guy who had checked out Emily strolled in.

“Whoa, someone’s happy,” he said.

“I just told my girlfriend that I loved her, and asked her to move in with me,” I replied, no doubt with a silly grin on my face.

“Dude, you are going to get so laid tonight,” he said. I laughed. I hadn’t thought about it, but I was going to get laid tonight, for the first time with my soon to be live-in girlfriend.

When I returned to the table, Emily was ready to go. She stood up and hugged me, kissing me fully on the lips. As we walked out of the restaurant, I had my arm around her, and Emily had her head cradled against my chest.

As we drove the final half-hour back to my place, we discussed the details of Emily moving in with me. She had to give 60 days notice on her lease, but she would start moving in right away. She wanted to add some female touches to my place. “It’s too bachelor pad,” she said.

We got back to my place with a plan in place, which included a celebration tonight. We got upstairs and I opened a bottle of champagne I had chilling in the fridge. Emily went into the bedroom and to change into “something sexy.”

I poured two glasses of champagne and moved to the living room. I put the glasses down on the coffee table and anxiously waited for Emily to come out of the bedroom. The bedroom door opened, and I saw that the wait was worth it.

Emily was wearing a sexy black teddy that was just a little bit see-through. Beneath escort konya the teddy, I could see a sexy black thong. Her blond, shoulder length hair was teased up, and she was wearing a natural look on her makeup. She sauntered over to the coffee table and picked up the champagne glass.

“So, this is our first night in ‘our’ place. What do you want to do to celebrate?” she said, as she straddled my lap and sat down.

I kissed her on the lips, and could taste the champagne. “I want to make love to you,” I said.

Emily smiled, and started to slowly gyrate her hips on my lap. My cock was rock hard, and I was enjoying the feeling. Emily reached down and put her hands down the front of my pants. She grabbed my cock with her right hand, and started to stroke it. I put my hands on her ass, and started to rub it. I grunted and Emily moaned.

Emily slide off my lap and knelt down in front of me. She undid my fly, and pulled down my pants, revealing my hard cock. She licked the head of my cock, slurping up the pre-cum that was on the tip. She opened her mouth, and slid her mouth down the shaft. I shuttered with pleasure, closing my eyes and leaning my head back. Emily slowly worked her mouth up and down the shaft. I ran my hand through her hair and massaged her head. Emily purred like a kitten.

Emily’s mouth felt so good, so I started to push my cock deeper into her mouth. I was pumping furiously into Emily’s mouth. Emily took the whole length of my cock in her mouth. It was warm and wet and felt amazing.

Emily’s hand moved down between my legs and started tickling my asshole. I raised my ass up to give her better access, and soon my asshole was opening up for her. Her finger was soon plunging into my butt. The feeling was amazing, and I could feel an orgasm rising up in me.

“I’m going to come,” I moaned. Emily pushed her face all the way down on my cock, and plunged three fingers into my butt. The cum shot out of me and into Emily’s mouth. Emily stood up and kissed me. My cum was still in her mouth, and she released it into mine. It was sweet konya escort bayan tasting with a touch of saltiness. We kissed each other, my cum passing back and forth between our mouths.

I was still sitting on the couch. Emily put her hands under my legs and lifted them into the air. She reached under her teddy and pulled her thong aside, revealing a rock hard cock. She put the tip of her cock against my asshole, still open from her digital probing. She pushed herself into me, sending the full length of her dick into my ass. She started pumping in and out of my butt while leaning over and kissing me on the mouth, the cum still passing between our mouths.

Having Emily inside me felt amazing. My entire body was tingling, and it felt somewhat like the feeling after doing a really hard workout – tired, maybe a little sore but also feeling really good. The first couple times we had done it in the country this past weekend, it felt a little uncomfortable, but now it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, just a feeling of pleasure.

Emily quickened her pace. I started moving my ass up and down, deepening her thrusts. Emily kissed me passionately on the lips, and then threw her head back and groaned loudly. Her thrusting became erratic, and her body began to shake. Her cock was buried deep in my ass, so while I couldn’t feel the cum, I knew she was coming.

Emily pulled out of me, and collapsed on the couch beside me. I bent over, and started sucking on her cock, licking off the last remnants of her cum that wasn’t in my ass. After cleaning off her unit, I moved up and started kissing her on the mouth. We embraced and lay on the couch, kissing each other softly.

“That was a very special experience,” I said. “I love you, Emily.”

“I love you too, Steve,” she said, kissing me on the lips. After a few more passionate rounds of sex, we finally made it to the bedroom and feel asleep.

The next day, I dropped Emily off at her place, and went into work. I arrived and sat at my desk. About 30 minutes later Mike showed up. He nodded at me before heading to his cubicle. A few minutes later I got an IM from Emily69. “Hey roomie, kisses and hugs. Love Emily.”

“Kisses and hugs back,” I wrote. “I love you, Emily.”

“I am looking forward to packing up my stuff and moving in. I hope your ready for wet pantyhose hanging from the shower curtain rod,” she wrote back.

There was nothing I was looking forward to more.