Encounter In The Woods


It was hard to resist the pull of the outdoors that evening. I tried to follow my usual routine of cleaning house and lazing around watching mindless TV, but the spring air drew me out. I drove to a local pond and was surprised to find it nearly void of people. Normally the place was packed whenever people were off work. I walked slowly around the mile loop. Pausing here and there to look at various trees, or creature footprints, as was my habit when no one was watching me. Somehow it felt stupid to appreciate nature when others were around, but I was alone. I hiked off the trail a mile or two to a rock outcropping that faced the setting sun. I sprawled out and zoned out, heated by the direct rays.

I started when I opened my eyes a few minutes later and found a man sitting near me on the rock watching me. I gave him a friendly smile, he didn’t look threatening, and I wasn’t about to be chased from my view of the sunset. I closed my eyes again when he said nothing and when he didn’t return my greeting, I rolled to my stomach and nestled my face in my arms.

I felt a hand gently brush down my spine. I shivered as I tried to decide what to do. My quick glance had revealed a man who was completely capable of taking me. He was broad shouldered and had a dark tan to his skin. He had been wearing a sleeveless shirt and his biceps bulged. His flat abs had shown through the shirt. He was probably late forty’s in age with a bit of gray creeping in at the temples of his black hair.

He touched me again and I stilled. Maybe if I just didn’t respond at all he would go away. And maybe I didn’t want him to go away. It had been weeks since I had had sex, and months since I’d had anything hot and passionate. I arched my back slightly in response to his next touch, and let a low purr escape my throat when his wandering hand cupped my ass as it dipped lower. I spread my legs a bit wider as his hand rubbed light circles on my ass and as I shifted his hand slid between my legs and cupped my pussy mound feeling the heat already radiating from my lust. He let out a soft chuckle or maybe it was a growl as he pressed the palm of his hand firmly against my jeans. He almost slid me up the rock with the pressure as if he wanted to break through my jeans with his bare hands and feel my pussy juices on his fingers right then,

He shifted slightly and his hand left my body. I felt him straddle me just below my ass and then he lay his weight down on top of me. I could already feel his cock hardening against me thru his loose hiker shorts. He reached under me and pulled my wrists out straight over my head. He held me pinned like that for a few moments. I sighed softly and began to gently arch my ass into his hard cock in a slow rhythm that had him panting in my ear within a few seconds. He let go of one wrist and pushed his free hand under my neck, bending it backwards and giving him better access to the sensitive spot right below my ear. His lips brushed my ear and his tongue beat a light tattoo on my pulse, which was racing close to the surface of my neck.

His body stiffened and his grip tightened on my neck as he sank his teeth into me. I cried out softly as he stopped just short of real pain, he seemed to know exactly where the edge was. And he was bite down harder, just across the threshold and then lightened up, causing waves of pain and pleasure to course through me. I couldn’t move even if I had wanted to fight him. I wasn’t a small woman, but he had a good 6 inches and 100lbs on me. It felt so good to be taken. To have a man in control. To be able to relax into him and let him have me.

Apparently biting me raised his lust for he sat up to his knees quickly and panting as if surprised at himself. I wedged my way over onto my back again as he still straddled me. As I stared quietly up into his eyes his hands lowered themselves to my body, caressing my breasts softly. One hand made its way around my neck, pinning me to the rock, and causing me to go a bit lightheaded at the pressure. I sighed lustily as his other hand made busy with the buttons on my shirt. He pushed the cotton away from my chest and licked his lips as he looked down at my black lacy bra and large creamy soft breasts spilling out over it.

He lowered his lips to my flesh again and took mobil porno a bit of the soft skin of my breast that was showing above the bra in his teeth. He nipped me quickly causing a stinging pain to radiate down my core and nestle throbbing in my cunt. As I bucked under him I saw him smile. “You wouldn’t say no to anything would you little girl?”

I was embarrassed and looked away, staring off into the trees, as I felt a heated flush rise into my cheeks. He was right. I wouldn’t say no to anything. There was really no limit he could cross with me. That inability to say no in bed had gotten me into trouble before with men. But, in general I found that most guys were so afraid of crossing that line that most women have, and getting cut off, that they err on the safe side and never even come near too much, for me at least.

One of the joys (or pains) of being a control freak in life meant that there was nothing more of a turn on in bed then to be in someone else’s control. To push that envelope, to make myself uncomfortable, to be stripped of any say and control felt actually more safe then having a say in what happened to me. I didn’t understand this aspect of me and had long since stopped trying to explain it to others.

I sighed, somewhat sadly this time, and looked back in his eyes. He had remained still throughout my reverie, and now seeing the confused angst in my eyes, he laughed. It annoyed me and I pushed at him, trying to upset his balance and grip. “No” he commanded me sharply as he once again switched his hands to both my wrists and pinned them harshly to the rock above my head. Almost against my will I felt the lust rise again in my body and my pussy went wet at his roughness. I felt the rock scrape the backs of my wrists as he pressed them into it. I felt my ass begin to go numb as it was pinned between the hard rock and his still hard cock.

I turned my face away from him when he leaned in to kiss me again. Quickly I nuzzled my lips into his neck and bit him hard and deep. He stiffened and groaned but didn’t pull away from my teeth. His grip on my wrists relaxed and I maneuvered my hands around his waist and slid them slowly up his back underneath his shirt. I enjoyed the feel of his skin under my light fingers. I tilted my nails towards his flesh and dug in as I scraped my way back down to his waistband. He let out a loud sigh and his hips thrust his hard cock into my tummy involuntarily.

All of a sudden he stiffened and stood up. “You are not in charge here,” he said coldly as he reached down and grabbed my wrists, yanking me to my feet. Without so much as meeting my eyes he drug me (albeit willingly) thru the woods. I had lost my breath by the time he pulled me onto the front porch of a rustic cabin and slowed his pace. He turned me around and pushed me till I was bent over the railing of the porch. “Stay” he commanded and disappeared inside the cabin. I trembled in the night air, dusk was falling and I decided to stay still as he ordered.

He reappeared and stretched my wrists out and using a couple neckties to strap my wrists to the railing tightly. I fidgeted but the ties were tight and I was trapped there with my bra and breasts hanging over the railing; my button up shirt had been lost in the few moments of passion back on the rock. I realized as he walked around behind me that my ass available to the man behind me. His hand caressed my butt cheeks thru my jeans and he slowly reached around my waist and undid the button and zipper. With one fluid motion he slid pants and underwear down my legs and I shivered as the evening breeze blew against my wet pussy.

Again he disappeared from view and when he reappeared he laid a switch against my ass. It was about a half inch thick from what I could see and made of a fresh cut branch. My breathing quickened as I twisted my head to meet his steady gaze. He gave me a gentle smile and ran a hand down my cheek. “You can stop me,” he said softly. I held his eyes and slowly deliberately shook my head no. Then I hung my head back down; it was the most comfortable position due to the lashes on my wrists. The switch slid back and forth on my ass, up and down, never leaving my skin. Then I tensed as it was pulled away from my bareness.

My breathing was quick and alman porno I remained tense as I waited for the pain. It didn’t come quickly. I relaxed. As soon as I did the branch bit into my soft flesh causing a sharp cry of pain to exit my lips? As if he was trying to not give me time to brace myself, the switch beat into my ass over and over I could feel soreness spreading even as my cries continued to slip past my resolve to remain silent. He paused for a moment rubbing his bare hand over my ass cheeks and then leaning in over me to put his hand lightly around my neck.

Even as I turned to look at him the switch stung its way into my ass again. And again. Somehow it was making my pussy throb more with each stroke of the branch. I was shocked to find that I was very close to cumming from his abuse. I shifted my ass hoping that a blow would fall closer to my clit and would set off the orgasm that shimmered almost within reach of my aching body.

It didn’t work. The feeling mounted stronger and stronger inside me but I could quite tip over that edge. He stopped with the switch and tossed it out in the yard so I could see he was done with it. I sagged against the railing. It had become dark in the last ten minutes and the only light was from the still open doorway behind me.

He untied the ties from my wrists and I stayed still not knowing what he expected of me now. I ventured a glance backwards and could make out a large bulge in his pants, that he was stroking lightly as his gaze wandered over my ass. I wondered what it looked like now. It wouldn’t surprise me if the red lash marks were raised into welts that would cause me to be sore for days. That was the best thing about rough sex. The physical leftovers that lasted for days, where a slight bend, or sitting the wrong way besought flashbacks of whatever had been done to me. I moaned slightly already anticipating the soreness.

He pulled me up gently. I straightened and gasped slightly as my ass was on fire. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and I leaned into him. His hands rubbed my back gently and he leaned his lips close to mine. “You’re a good little girl aren’t you?” He whispered into my mouth as his lips pressed against mine softly. I relaxed into the kiss and brushed my tongue along his lower lip. I felt him stiffen against me as I suckled his lower lip into my mouth and bit it lightly between my teeth. His hands clawed my back as my lips made their way to the spot below his ear. He shivered.

My hands were drawing lazy circles on his chest and I dipped them lower and played with his waistband. I could feel his hard cock pressed between us and I was yearning to touch it. To pull it free of his pants and to stoke him. To give him pleasure. When he made no move to stop my hands I played with the button on his shorts and undid it. I slid the zipper down. He was still under my hands and my lips were still busy at his neck making him gasp and sigh in turn.

I pushed at his shorts and boxers and they fell to the ground at once. I leaned back to gaze down at his huge cock. It was a decent length, but what was impressive was its girth. I’d yet to meet a man that I couldn’t handle but he was promising to be a challenge. I closed my hand around the head of his hardness and stroked him. His lust rose instantly and his relaxed body became hard with need. His hands wound into my hair and forced me to my knees in front of him.

Without a bit of slowness or gentleness now he crammed as much of his cock as would fit into my mouth. When he reached the back of my throat I shuddered and gagged but he didn’t pull away. Slowly bit-by-bit he wedged his cock down my throat. Besides fighting my gag reflex I was becoming lightheaded from not being able to breath. I fought at him. My hands grabbed at his thighs and ass and my nails scraped the skin raw as I felt thought slipping away from me. My eyes closed and the last sensation I had was of my hair being pulled as I sagged against his hands and slid limply to the floor.

I woke a moment later to him scooping me up into his arms and carrying me into the cabin. My brain was fuzzy but I could tell that I was completely naked now against his hairy arms and chest. I nuzzled into his chest and yawned. He dropped alexis texas porno me onto a king sized bed against one wall of the small cabin. My body came back to full alert and arousal when he slid two fingers into my already wet pussy without warning. My back arched to give him deep access to my throbbing cunt. His two fingers were replaced with three and then four. Sliding noisily and wetly in and out of my pussy.

Finally his thumb began flicking at my clit as the rest of his hand disappeared into my body. A rhythm started. He would completely pull his hand completely out of me, then slam all four fingers back deep into me as his thumb would flick rapidly at my clit. I was on the edge of cumming within a couple pounds of his hand. His hand slid away and was replaced by his warm tongue lapping at me and tickling my clit and quickly pushing me over. I bucked and squirmed and moaned as my pussy spasmed. His fingers slid into me again and he lay between my legs smileing up at me looking incredibly pleased with himself. I lay there gasping for breath as afterwave after afterwave of orgasm shuddered thru me.

As my breathing slowed he slid his body up mine. I felt the head of his hard cock press against my still wet pussy. After the intense round of feelings I’d just experienced I didnt know if I could take even more of this mans brand of loving. I gave a suddering sigh and tilted my hips lightly inviting his body into mine, and hoping he’d be slower and gentler about it then he’d been about throwing me off the cliff into my own orgasm. With one hard thrust he buried himself deep inside my cunt and lay still again as I moaned.

Every nerve in my body was tingling and every movement of his body relit the fire inside me. Slowly he moved just his hips and ground his hugeness into me. Every motion drove the head of his cock against the deepest place inside me. I shuddered and cried out softly everytime he touched the far reaches of my pussy. The slow grinding motion he used rubbed his pelvic bone against my clit and slowly another orgasm welled up in me. As he felt my breathing speed up his motions increased in speed, until I couldnt focus on anything other then the warmth growing inside my pussy and spreading thru my body.

If my last orgasm was like being thrown off a cliff then this one was like sliding into a hot tub. Warmth and pleasure flooded my body and it spasmed tight and deep and long and slow right at the place where his cock reached up and pressed against the back of my pussy. I finally fluttered my eyes open and saw him smilely gently down at me again. I reached up and took his lower lip in mine and suckled it lightly before collapsing back to the bed.

He slid himself noisily out of me. “Turn over” he commanded softly. It took all the effort I had to roll to my tummy, my body had turned to jello. His strong hands lifted my hips til I was in a half kneeling position. He laid his body over mine again and pressed his hands into my wrists and into the bed. The he slid them off my wrist and around my neck. With one hard pull he began to work his cock into my ass using my neck as leverage. I struggled for breath against his tight grip and tilted my hips to try and make his entry easier. He was wet from my pussy juices but his cock was so large that it still hurt as he slowly forced his way into my body. Finally after an eternity of pain I felt his balls slap lightly against my clit and I relaxed my body; he was in.

The moment he felt me relax he slid half way out of my ass and slammed himself deep into me again, I almost passed out between his grip on my throat and the shock to my system of his cock tearing its way into my body. Over and over he abused my ass. I gave up fighting him and slid flat to my tummy on the bed. His hands left my neck again and moved back to my wrists. He pulled them up over my head and used just his hips to work his was in and out of me. I remained relaxed. Giving myself to him completely to be used as he wanted til he came. Even thru the physical pain I felt nothing but pleasure at knowing that he was getting pleasure from my body, my ass, me.

His rhythem sped up and his breathing matched it. Quickly now the hard pounds came. Until he shuddered long and hard and cried out as his cock throbbed in my ass with his orgasm. I felt my ass warm with his cum filling it. His body dropped like dead weight over mine and his cock twitched inside me and his lips found my neck and nuzzled me gentley. I slept like that. With him in me and on me. I was never more comfortable