Teachers Pet

Group Sex

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I jumped wide awake, startled by the sound of her ruler smacking my desk. Ms. Jones stood in front of me, glaring down with a wide grin from ear to ear.

“Sleeping again, Mr. Thomson? How many times do I have to tell you; no sleeping in my class.”

I sighed, rubbing my blurry eyes and straightening myself up at the desk. “Sorry Mrs. Jones…”

“By the way,” she said, walking back towards the front of the class. “You’ll be staying with me after class today…we have somethings that are quite important, to discuss.”

I groaned, feeling rather annoyed now. The last thing I needed was another after school detention; my parents would be pissed. I just had to keep reminding myself, only two more months of this and I would be graduating high school. I was already eighteen years old and looking forward to leaving this god awful school.

I had a lot in mind for my future, and I couldn’t wait to just get the ball rolling. Plus, this summer was going to be a total blast. I planned on spending the entire summer, partying and having fun with my friends before heading off to college.

The bell rang, and I made my way towards the lunch room. I stopped briefly at my locker and ran into my friend Jim.

“What’s up dude,” Jim asked, leaning against a locker.

“Not much…I just can’t wait to get the hell out of this place.”

“I hear that. What the fuck does Jones want with you after school? You haven’t been doing anything wrong, lately.”

“I know,” I said, my voice flashing with anger.

“I think she just wants to fuck with me and drive me crazy!”

“Typical,” Jim laughed. “She use to give me lunch detentions twice a week back in freshmen year; never any good reason. Got to the point where my parents called her out on it and she stopped. I’m convinced, she really was just doing it to pick on me for whatever reason.”

“That’s probably because you threw spit balls at her, every single day for all of freshmen year.”

We both laughed, recalling the events of our first year of high school as we walked to the lunch room. As much as I hated the teachers here, I was definitely going to miss certain things.

The rest of the day seemed to drag by, further pissing me off since I really just wanted to get this detention thing over with. Finally, the last bell of the day rang and I was out the door, heading towards Ms. Jones room. I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked slowly down the hall; I wasn’t in much of a hurry. I knew if I were late, that would piss her off more…I didn’t care though. I was curious as to what these “important things” were, that we needed to discuss.

As far as I knew, I was doing pretty good these last couple of months.

I had even gotten the senior project wrapped up, in a pretty timely fashion according to my shop teacher. My grades were all looking good and my coach on the foot ball team, said I had never been better in the four years I had been on the team.

So what exactly, could be wrong?

I stopped right in front of the door to her class room and sighed, raising my hand to knock on the door. Before I even had a chance though, Ms. Jones opened the door and smiled down at me. She was a good inch or two taller then I was, making her around 6’3″ tall.

She normally kept her long, brown hair in a pony tail…oddly enough though, she had it hanging down over her shoulders now. She also wasn’t wearing her glasses, which was strange. She never took her glasses off at school.

“Come in, Mr. Thomson.”

Ms. Jones stepped aside and motioned for me to step into the room. I brushed past her and sat down at my usual desk, watching as she shut the class room door and walked towards me. She stood in front of my desk, hands on her hips and stared down at me.

“Do you know why you’re here right now, Billy?”

“Uh…to be honest? No, not really.”

“You’re here to discuss your grades in my class.”

“They aren’t good?”

“Absolutely not!” she yelled, folding her arms over her chest now. “You cannot expect to do good in my class, when you are constantly falling asleep the way that you do.”

Ms. Jones walked back towards her own desk, leaning against the side and staring at me.

“You jocks are all the same,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Up all night on a school night, partying and drinking…playing your damn video games and then falling asleep in the class room the next day. Then you act surprised, when your grades start sinking just two months before graduation.”

“How bad is it? I’m sure I can pull it up with some hard work.”

“Some VERY hard work,” she replied. “As it stands right now, you need about another 150 points in my class to graduate from this school.”

“150 points? Are you kidding me? I haven’t been slacking off that much!” I was shocked; there was no way in hell, that I could really be that bad off.

How was I doing so good in all my other classes, and hanging so far back in Ms. Jones room? It didn’t make any sense to beşiktaş escort me.

“Billy, I’m telling you…the partying every night has to stop. You’re way behind in my class and if you don’t pull yourself up fast…I’m afraid you won’t be graduating.”

“You can’t do that to me,” I said, practically shouting now. “I’m doing so good at everything else, I mean…”

“That is true,” she agreed.

“I’ve spoken with your other teachers and it goes without saying, you really have put a lot of effort into their work. More then you put into my class. As you know though…biology is an important class and if you fail it, you cannot graduate.”

I sighed, burying my face in my hands and tapping my foot anxiously; what the hell am I going to do…

“How can I fix this?” I asked, desperately.

Ms. Jones suddenly smiled at me; not your typical kind of smile though. This was…different. It was more seductive and with her hair hanging loose and not pulled into a pony tail, it added to her facial features. Suddenly, I noticed how attractive she actually was. I brushed that off though; this was my teacher.

Ms. Jones pushed herself away from her desk and started towards me again, leaning across the desk and showing off her cleavage.

“Well…I might have something in mind. Some extra credit, if you will.”


I won’t lie; I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. I could smell her perfume and the view of her cleavage…god, my cock was so hard and begging for release from my jeans.

“The thing is,” she continued.

“This would sort of be off the books. Meaning if you do what I want, I’ll pass you and you can graduate…but no one can know what you’re doing with me. As far as they are concerned, you’re just doing extra homework to catch up; is that clear?”

“I…I’m sorry, I’m not really sure I understand…what the assignment even is?”

I knew what she was getting at, but I was so shocked that this was happening…my teacher was making a move on me? Was I dreaming or something? I had to be dreaming, because this certainly was not something that would happen in reality.

Ms. Jones stepped back some and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, much to my surprise. She removed the blouse and then reached back and undid her bra, letting it fall to the class room floor. Her huge, luscious breasts hung right out in plain sight now and I was practically drooling over them. My cock was even harder then it was before at this point, and I couldn’t help reaching under my desk and touching myself through my jeans.

“You can start, by coming over here…and sucking on these tits.”

I wasn’t going to say no to that!

“Yes Ms. Jones!”

I practically leaped from my chair and Ms. Jones actually laughed, as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. I sat down on top of my desk, burying my face between her tits and breathing in her scent. I moaned softly…god, she smelled so fucking good.

Gently groping her tits, I loved the way they felt in my hands. So big and so soft and warm. My tongue darted out and flicked her nipples, earning a soft moan from my teacher. I started sucking on them, one at at a time and she leaned her head back and moaned in ecstasy.

“Good boy,” she sighed, running a hand through my hair.

“Do you like my titties?”

“God yes,” I replied, before continuing to suck on her nipples.

“Mmm, I know you do. I have something else for you to suck too. It’ll get you lot’s of extra credit, if you do it.”

She pushed me back and broke free from my arms, stepping back some and smiling at me. I watched, waiting as patiently as I could for whatever she had in store. Ms. Jones lifted her skirt slowly, and to my surprise…a massive cock sprang free.

“What the fuck!?”

“Watch your language in my classroom, Billy!”

“I…I’m s-sorry…you have a penis?”

“I do,” she replied, laughing. “You weren’t aware of this?”

“I mean, I heard rumors. Some of the students liked to joke about it, but I never thought it was true.”

“Well, nobody thought it was true. The rumor got out from another senior a few years ago, who found himself in a similar situation with me, as the one that you are in right now. Fortunately for me though…nobody believed him. And he was out the door at the end of the year, never to return.”

“That means, I’m the only one who knows it’s true now…”

“That’s correct,” she nodded. “And if you tell anyone, it won’t matter. I trust you won’t say anything though, right? Especially since we both know…you prefer women like me.”


Ms. Jones giggled, wrapping her fingers around her cock and stroking it as she started circling my desk like a shark circling it’s prey.

“Don’t play dumb, Billy. I know what you do at your computer, when you have free time in my class room. When no one is nearby or watching…the things you look up…your choice in porn. Shemales?”

I felt my face go hot, as I blushed furiously. I was an idiot for looking that sort istanbul escort of stuff up, at the school. I had gotten bored on a few occasions during free time, and my computer was in a spot where nobody could really see what I was doing. It was true that I had looked at certain things that differed from your typical porn…shemale porn was one of those things.

“You’re a naughty boy Billy, you know that? Shemale is a derogatory term, women like myself don’t appreciate that sort of language.”

“I…I’m sorry…”

“Are you now? Why don’t you show me, how sorry you are.”

She pointed down, towards her cock and I knew what she meant. I wanted it, too…I couldn’t admit that to anyone else in the world except Ms. Jones. But I really, REALLY wanted this. I had been curious for quite sometime and now was my chance, to finally experience the one thing that I had always wanted.

Ms. Jones moved around my desk and pushed her crotch against my face. She rubbed her cock against my lips, smacking me on the face a few times with it and then shoving it down my throat. I gagged, choking a bit but quickly adjusted and started sucking. She smelled good…tasted good…felt incredible, in my mouth. I suddenly felt just like one of those guys, that I had watched in my many favorite porn videos.

The guys who loved to be dominated by beautiful transsexual women, fucked in the mouth and in the ass.

“Oh, that’s nice Billy…just like that…”

Ms. Jones was clearly enjoying my oral skills, and I was surprised at myself to be honest. I had never sucked dick before that moment and somehow, I was doing a pretty good job. I just did what I knew I enjoyed having done to me; it made sense and obviously I was right.

My tongue flicked the underside of her head, swirling around the tip and teasing her. She groaned and pushed my head down further, until her cock slid right into my throat. The loud wet, sucking sound echoed through the classroom. I gagged and my eyes watered, but I was loving every second of it. God, if the coach could see me doing shit like this…I’d be off the foot ball team in a fucking flash.

I could only imagine what my friends would all think. I didn’t think any of them were homophobic, but there was no way to tell for sure. I gagged and choked, slurping and groaning for the next few minutes. Ms. Jones suddenly pulled my head up and I gasped for air, as her cock slipped out of my mouth and made a loud and wet popping sound.

“God, you are such a good little cock sucker Billy.”

“Thank you Ms. Jones…”

“You like sucking my cock?”

“Yes,” I replied, eager for more.



“Ms. Jones,” she said, in a stern voice. “You always refer to me as Ms. Jones, when I ask you a question. I am your teacher, remember?”

“I’m sorry Ms. Jones,” I answered, understanding what she wanted.

“It’s okay,” she smiled. “Now, keep sucking…and don’t stop until I cum, if you want a good grade.”

I quickly resumed sucking her cock, massaging her balls as I gave her the best deep throat action that I could manage. It didn’t take much longer, before she was moaning and forcing my head down as far as it would go, holding it in place.

I gagged once again and Ms. Jones pinched my nose, stopping me from breathing through my mouth or nose. I felt my cheeks burning and my head spinning, as I started running out of oxygen; she was going to suffocate me. Her cock began to throb and pulsate and Ms. Jones cried out in ecstasy, as she erupted like a volcano that had not gone off in centuries.

She let go of my nose and I took in a deep breath of air, then felt the warmth of her cum, as it filled my mouth. Her cum splashed across my tongue, against my cheeks and sprayed the back of my throat. It was warm and a bit salty, but I couldn’t deny…it tasted so damn good. Ms. Jones kept cumming and cumming, filling my mouth to it’s capacity with her sticky load. I thought she would never stop and when she finally did, she pulled her cock from my mouth and smacked me across the face with it.

“Good boy,” she sighed. “Open your mouth and show me.”

I opened my mouth, doing as she commanded and showing her the huge load of cum still resting on my tongue.

“Mmm, that’s sexy…now swallow it all for me.”

Obediently, I tilted my head back and swallowed her cum. After I had taken it all, the taste still lingered in my mouth and I never wanted it to go away. Who would have guessed that actually doing the things that I had fantasized about all this time, would be so enjoyable?

“That was great Billy…now, I expect you to keep this a secret like I said earlier…understood?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. I want you here again tomorrow after school, same time.”

I stood up and thanked my teacher, before slipping out of her classroom and heading towards the bathroom. As fun as it had been to suck her cock, Ms. Jones had done nothing to help me get off myself. I was so fucking horny and my cock was dripping pre-cum when I got to the bathroom. bakırköy escort I stood over the toilet in one of the stalls and jerked myself off furiously, until I blew the biggest load of my life right into the water.

I cleaned up and pulled my pants back on, splashing my face with some cold water at the sink and then heading back home.

The next day in school, I couldn’t stop thinking about Ms. Jones and what happened the day before. More then that…I was obsessing over what she would have in store for me, later that afternoon. On more then one occasion that day, I had to shift uncomfortably at my desk and try to hide the out line of my erection from my classmates and teachers. I think Ms. Jones must have known, because she kept shooting my sexy grins and bending over at certain points in front of me, to show off her ass.

It was like she was teasing me, and she knew it.

The last bell rang at the end of the day, and I quickly gathered my stuff and made my way to Ms. Jones classroom. I knocked on the door and she yelled for me to come in. When I stepped into the room, I was surprised to find her sitting at her desk…naked. Her cock was already standing at full attention, and I watched as her hand glided up and down the length of her shaft. “Good afternoon Billy. Lock the door, please.”

I reached back and flipped the lock on the classroom door, before setting my bag down next to my desk and walking over to Ms. Jones. She smiled at me as I approached, kneeling down in front of her, the second that I reached her desk.

“You seem eager today,” she said, seductively.

“I am…”

“Good; you know what to do.”

I did…and I did exactly what I knew she wanted. I opened my mouth and swallowed her cock whole, deep throating and gagging on her like I had done the day before. I had only been sucking her cock for about a minute, when Ms. Jones pushed me away and I looked up at her confused. “What’s the matter?”

“Mm, absolutely nothing,” she replied.

“I want you to stand up and take your pants off for me; now.”

Obeying her command, I jumped to my feet and quickly undid my belt. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and stood before her, with my cock hanging out in plain sight now.

“Good,” she said, stroking her cock nice and slow. “Now turn around and bend over the desk…I wanna see that ass.”

I was getting an idea of where she was going with this and if I was right, then I was totally fine with what was about to happen. I turned around and bent over the side of her desk, just like she told me to do. Ms. Jones groaned, sliding her chair forward until her face was right next to my ass. She spread my cheeks and buried her face between them, shoving her tongue into my tight hole and tasting my cherry.

“Whoa,” I yelped, surprised by the feeling of her warm, wet tongue against me.

“Mmm, so good!” She smacked my ass and I jumped, the sound of her hand connecting with my flesh quite loud.

“God, you have the sexiest ass, you know that? I can’t wait to stick this big cock inside of you. I love breaking in virgin boys.”

My cock was becoming very hard, listening to her tell me about how she wanted to break my cherry. I was starting to get very anxious, desperately wanting to feel her inside of me.

“Please Ms. Jones…”

“Hmm? Please what, Mr. Thomson?”

“Please…I want you to fuck my ass!”

“Is that so,” she asked, smacking my ass once again.

“Yes ma’am!”

“Well…I want to fuck your ass too.”

I heard her chair creaking, as she stood up and moved right behind me. Her hands moved to my hips and she pushed me forward, until I was bent further over her desk. I felt something thick and very hot, probing against my hole…it was her cock. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and I waited anxiously, for her to enter me. She didn’t do it right away, though. Ms. Jones was having fun teasing me, clearly enjoying my desperation and how horny she had managed to get me.

She just stood there, gently probing my ass for a few moments and massaging my back as she did. Finally, I heard her opening one of the drawers in her desk and moving stuff around. She grabbed a bottle of lotion and stepped back just slightly, applying some lube to her thick member.

It dawned on me at that point, that Ms. Jones cock was extremely large…would I even be able to take all ten inches? It was a very good thing that she had thought to use lube.

Once she had finished lubing herself up, Ms. Jones applied an extra bit to my asshole and then I felt the hot tip of her cock against my hole once again. She sat the bottle of lube down on the desk and leaned in close, to whisper softly in my ear.

“I’m going to love this…”

“FUCK!!” I cried out.

Ms. Jones hand immediately moved, to cover my mouth and muffle my scream as her cock slammed balls deep into my tight, virgin asshole. She hadn’t hesitated or even attempted, to take it easy on me; just straight in she went. No mercy…no compassion…she wanted to use and abuse my hole.

She pulled back slightly, then slammed forward and bottomed out once again. As her cock pushed deep into me, I slumped forward some and cried out even louder. Her hand remained over my mouth, muffling my voice. “Quiet down boy,” she said, smacking my ass hard.