Fetish Meeting in the Office


There’s a knock at your office door and you invite the lady in. She’s a tall lady with dark brown hair, sexy outline of her extremely attractive body outline, hidden under a black mack coat, high heels, with her face covered by huge sunglasses! You ask this mysterious lady what you can help her?

She turns her back on you, closes the door and locks it, she turns back around. The mack falls wide open, and you study her from bottom to top. You notice her skin tight PVC boots ending just under her tight round arse, PVC suspenders clipped onto PVC stockings and a large thick 15″ black strap on dildo hanging to the font just hiding the crotch-less PVC hot pants. A black PVC peek a boo bra with a silver chain running across her pert nipples is the last thing you see as she replies, “of course u can help me”! She drops the mack with a dull thud to the floor and removes her glasses, you recognise her, but wonder who she might be today! She removes and unrolls the whip that she had clipped to her side and points at you whist walking over to you.

She slams the whip down making you jump, she commands “you will help by doing everything I command you to” again slamming the desk with the whip. Your only reply is “OK”. She commands you to strip, which you hastily do and as you finish, she clears your desk with one swoop and tells you to come stand facing away from her bending over, belly down. You do this as she starts to frisk you up and down! You are naked, bent over the desk, a quiver running down the length of your spine, you hear the PVC squeak as she walks up behind you! You start relaxing when she smacks the desk again Antep Escort Bayan with her whip! She’s so close behind you now, that u can hear her gentle breathing, smelling her fresh smell as if she just stepped out of a shower. You are so horny, imagining tasting her, running your tongue up and down and inside her, making her wetter and wetter. You’re brought back to reality as u feel the soft leather end of her whip slide up and down your spine, over your arse spreading your thighs. You shiver again! You suddenly feel a tug on your balls, you look down to see they’re being massaged with a PVC gloved hand.

You have the hardest erection since you can’t remember straight. The hand wraps around you like she was reading your mind, starting to stroke you up, down up, down. You feel the whip sliding up down your legs then a sudden wetness of a tongue on your balls. You’re still being stroked as you feel the warmth of her mouth as she licks and sucks on you. Her mouth is so warm and moist over your balls. She is gently, lightly licking, sucking on your balls, her hand wrapped around your long hard cock stroking you up and down. You’re getting harder, wishing you could just turn her over the desk and fuck her hard. You want to pound into her wet pussy hard and fast, making her cum and then sticking your tongue into her, taking her pussy into your mouth and feeling her quiver as you taste her cum! You’re just drifting into fantasy again when you feel a wet light flick at the tip of your cock. You feel her tongue flicking and running its way down the length of you, your balls still being massaged when she takes all of you in her mouth!

As she sucks, massaging your balls you feel a light stroking around the rim of your arse. Something cold and wet gets rubbed in. Your excitement grows as you feel the rubbing getting firmer and nearer to your hole. She starts to deep throat you, as you gasp at the sensation she slips a PVC covered finger into you hitting your G-Spot. She slides her fingers in out whilst stroking your cock, you gently rock back and forth, you start imagining fucking her pussy as you feel the warmth of her mouth. You fuck her mouth getting closer and closer to bursting as she fingers you, hitting your prostate. You feel like you’re going to explode, having her suck you dry. Suddenly, she stops and commands you to lie on your back on the table. You do this as she blindfolds you! You hear her climbing onto the table, then lowering her pussy onto your mouth commanding you “SUCK, I want an orgasm, otherwise you don’t get to fuck me”

You gently lick, flick and suck on her labia, parting her lips with your tongue. She lowers further onto your face, you take hint of this and open your mouth taking her pussy fully into your mouth. You suck harder knowing she won’t last long. She starts to moan as you suck harder, playing on her clit with your tongue. She starts to shake and pushes hard into your face as she cums hard, you suck her juices into your mouth. You lick up every drop of her sweet juices making sure not to waste any drop of taste

She climbs off you and it all goes silent. You feel her lips against yours, kissing you passionately! She kisses down your body, sucking on your nipples, teasing you kissing down your abs, finally wrapping her lips around your rock hard cock. You’re desperate to fuck her now! You want her pussy as she sucks on you. She pulls your legs up and pushes your knees to your chest as your arse hangs slightly off the desk. You feel coldness against your arse, hearing a buzz then feeling it entering you. The dildo starts to fill you up hitting your prostate and still pushing further into you, you can’t take it no more, you want to cum. She starts to fuck you with the dildo. She slams into you bringing you closer to orgasm. You gasp as she briefly stops and hear a popping noise but you remain filled with the full size buried inside of you. You hear her moving and suddenly feel her warm pussy over your cock.

She slides your rock hard cock into her pussy whilst also sliding the dildo in and out of your arse, bringing you faster and faster to orgasm. She gets harder, faster squeezing on your cock, going all the way down taking you in completely, fucking the dildo in and out of you. You moan and gasp, you want to cum inside her and over her pussy, her tits. She orders you to remove the blindfold and as you do this, your eyes meet with her sexy arse whilst she’s fucking you, riding you backwards working you with her hands and the dildo. She commands you to slide the pink vibrating dildo next to you into her arse whilst she’s fucking you. You spank her as she gets faster and harder, fucking you on both ends. You see her starting to shake and quiver again, your cock start to swell, she feels this as she fucks you deeper pushing the dildo fully into you, fucking you harder and faster.

Both of you start to cum finally finishing the fuck fest and collapsing in the moment. Meeting adjourned.