Fifteen Games Adults Play


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Copyright Oggbashan January 2007

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

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The following are fifty-word stories. The title isn’t counted.

1. Silk and Satin

He preferred her dressed in silk and satin.

She wanted him bound helpless in silk.

Sighing, she dressed in a silk nightdress under a satin wrap.

Sated, he went to sleep.

She went into action.

He woke, tightly trussed with silk scarves, gagged with her nightdress: victim of her passion.

2. Foot worship

He loves to kiss her sweaty nylon sheathed feet.

She hates stockings on hot feet.

They compromised.

While she jogged he would clean at least one room.

If the room passed inspection he could kiss her feet. She showered while he cooked their dinner.

He likes washing her smelly stockings.

3. Face Sitting

He likes to be facesat with his head buried under her pussy.

It does nothing for her.

He hates TV soaps.

She loves them.

She sits on his head wrapping her legs around so that he can’t hear while she watches Escort Bayan Gaziantep hours of her favourite programmes.

Both experience extended bliss.

4. Cocoon

She loves to be encased in a lycra cocoon, entombed in clinging darkness and struggling helplessly to be free.

It does nothing for him. He has to play the cruel master, consigning her to black nothingness.

Except that he can play his favourite computer game undisturbed by her complaints.


5. Damsel in Distress

She plays the damsel in distress, her gown revealing passionately heaving bosoms, as the villain secures her blindfolded and gagged across the rails.

He is the villain, then the hero who is rewarded with her embrace.

He has a few beers, playing with the toy trains, while she struggles helplessly.

6. Panties

I love large waist high shiny satin panties in deep colours. I like the look and feel of them.

She prefers smaller cotton ones in white or pastel.

We compromised. She wears large satin panties on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I wear the satin panties.

7. Adult Baby

I love being treated like a baby, dressed in diapers and bottle or preferably breastfed.

She tolerates my obsession. She encourages me to play baby. Sometimes she lets me suckle.

Each hour she treats me as a baby has its price. Two hours housework. Most weeks I do it all.

8. Topping from the bottom

She loves being tied to the bed with her stockings, gagged with her clean panties, stroked with fur mittens and gently tickled with feathers.

I enjoy seeing her so helpless and exposed.

I must get it exactly right, follow her script perfectly, or be tortured mercilessly when it’s my turn.

9. Costume Drama

Our bedroom games start with dressing up as characters from plays.

I’m Othello to her Desdemona; Anthony to her Cleopatra; Romeo to her Juliet.

I think she has the better parts. She lifts her skirt: she’s ready.

I have to shed pantyhose before I can make love. Not easy. Inelegant.

10. Bra Wars

She likes comfortable supportive cotton bras. I enjoy her breasts enhanced by uplifting satin and lace.

I buy her the bras I like. She takes them back and changes them for her style.

I buy her bustiers and laced corsets. She wears vests.

Bare breasts against my back? Peace declared.

11. Tiger Skin

“Would you sin

With Elinor Glyn

On a tiger skin?

Or would you prefer

To err,

With her,

On some other fur?”

Tiger skin

Is a sin.

Tiger in

It’s own skin

I much prefer.

To err,

With her

Use fake fur.

Elinor’s dead.

Us in bed

Will do instead.

12. Armpit

The attraction of a woman’s sweaty armpit?

Is it just me, than I cannot see, any arousal by she?

Sheen of sweat on naked skin after coition? Yes.

The damp patch on a dress or blouse? Take a shower, please.

Sweetly perfumed, hairless, that I can kiss.

Sweat? I’ll pass.

13. Bridal Rite

Bride in virginal white may not be as pure as she appears to be.

Does it matter?

But why the ritual with the garter?

Is it her symbol of witchcraft that the groom must remove?

Does her garter have power?

Or is it just an opportunity to show her legs?

14. Ring Price

Is the engagement ring the sign of a commitment that the two have made?

Is it the triumphant trophy she has extracted from him and his bank balance to be paraded before her friends for their admiration?

Does true commitment need an expensive symbol?

Did he buy?

Did she sell?

15. My Card

The Valentine Card is a Victorian invention.

Why do we continue the tradition from that period of sentimental romantic nonsense? The reality of sex in those times was exploitation of poor women, frequent childbirth, high infant mortality and a high moral tone covering real shame.

Enjoy the charade.

With love.