Flogging the Wife

Big Tits

At 35 I had been successful in life, in most areas of my life at least. I owned a successful business; I had money, good friends, two fantastic children and a big old house in private grounds. The one area of my life that needed work was my wife Lisa. For the last five years she has been getting more depressing to be around. My previously peppy little wife became a fat cynical bitch, our family life became a bit of a war zone and our sex life became almost nonexistent.

My sister, Sally, had a similar disappointment in her marriage; her husband just couldn’t compete with her. Sally always had a high sex drive and a very active and varied sex life before she got married. She is a very attractive woman and in very good shape, she takes great pride in her appearance and loves to dress to show it off. When her marriage finally failed she brought her family back to our home town to come and live with us. Our house was big enough to house all seven of us comfortably and I felt it would help Lisa with the work load and ease the pressure on our kids.

Sally and I were always close and having her staying with us was a help in a lot of ways. She had trained as an art teacher and loved kids, she was hard working but pretty relaxed and the children just loved her breezy nature. The house became a friendly home again, even Lisa put on a good face for a while. After the first ten days she reverted to type, though, and steadily got even worse. Sally and I had several heart to heart chats about the problem deep into the night.

One night I was working late in my study when Sally returned home from an evening out. She had been complaining for the past six weeks about her lack of sex life and was hoping to end up in bed with the guy that night. I was surprised to see her; I couldn’t imagine a sane single man not trying to bed her looking the way she did. She flopped down on the couch and sat and chatted with me. I poured us both some Jim Beam and we sat and put our worlds to rights for an hour. She looked drop-dead gorgeous and my eyes kept wondering down the length of her beautiful body, dressed in a black corset style top that showed off her ample breasts and black mini skirt, stockings and heels that made the best of her legs too. She was truly a vision and I was struggling to keep my mind on track.

We kept coming back to my problem, now our problem: my depressed cynical wife. Sally’s suggestions started to become more bizarre and funny as she drank more and I played along as I got drunk too, creating and laughing about all kinds of weird scenarios from giving her a horse whipping to tying her to the railway tracks.

Three refills of our glasses and hour later, Sally jumped up. “Let’s go and have some fun with The Sourpuss!”

“Whoa!” I said, seeing her pick up an old riding crop that sat in an umbrella stand near the door. “What are you going to do with that?”

“Just a prop! You really have no sense of theatre!” And with that she picked up the dogs choker chain and an old photo off the wall and headed for the door of the den. I followed along, bottle in hand, admiring the curve of her ass, wishing she wasn’t my sister. At the door she turned suddenly.

“I do appreciate your roaming eyes by the way, don’t ever stop it.” She said with a dirty grin. “You have always been my favorite admirer.” She stood on tiptoe and kissed me softly on the nose.

“Always happy to oblige.” I said with a nod and a wave of the bottle.

We went into the den, closing and locking the big oak door behind us, and stood in front of the TV. Slumped in an easy chair was Lisa in an ill-fitting shabby nightdress. She was out cold, an empty wine glass and bottle on the side table. The TV still played. Sally switched it off. Lisa didn’t move. Sally coughed. Lisa still didn’t move. I joined in with the fun and dropped an ice cube from my drink down her cleavage. That did the trick.

“Wakey, Wakey.” Said Sally with a cheeky grin.

Lisa looked surprised and shocked but couldn’t get any words out. She tried to extract the ice from her cleavage but was fumbling terribly. Sally reached out, grabbing the lacy scooped neckline of her night dress, and tore it violently away. A huge strip of material came away in her hand and sally reached forward and pulled out what was left of the rapidly melting ice cube. She popped it into Lisa’s open mouth.

“Fuck!, You are huge!” Sally said in disgust. “You look like Jabba the Hutt wallowing in your chair.”

Lisa tried to push her away but Sally grabbed her hands and slipped the loop of the chain over them. “Hold that!” She said, handing me the chain. I grabbed it, managing to look ferocious, although I’m not as good an actor as Sally.

“Cry out and I’ll punish you so hard you will have marks for a month. This is wake up time.” Sally grinned menacingly at Lisa, flicking her flabby tits gently with the crop. “For six weeks I’ve been sympathetically sitting by while I watch you wallowing in self pity. For fucks sake, Jamie Ataşehir Escort has put up with it in increasing degrees for five years! Time to step up or get out! We’re going to help you with the ‘step up’ option, so that you won’t have to face the ‘get out’ one. Why? Because, deep, deep inside your fat ass is this little cutie who melted my big bothers heart and made me not just a little bi-curious!” Sally held the photo in front of Lisa’s face. It was one that Lisa had given me when we were engaged; she was lying by a pool in a bikini looking very fresh and sexy. She opened her mouth to speak.

“Not now, sweetie. No need for excuses. We just want to see some change in attitude.” Sally said tapping Lisa’s lips with the crop. “See, now we have the first lesson. It is called showing your husband appreciation for all he provides for you. Otherwise known as Blowjob 101.”

Behind Lisa’s head, a little uncertain of whether I agreed with this approach, I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor, my cock had been half hard all evening with my beautiful sister to gawk at but now with her doing the Domme thing and a blowjob on the horizon, I soon became hard. It was a bit tricky with one hand while I tried to control Lisa with the other. Sally tore another piece off the nightdress leaving her naked at least at the front.

I managed to get my cock out and then grabbed Lisa’s head with my free hand. She didn’t take much coercing. She didn’t like giving blowjobs but she did unwillingly from time to time. Her style wasn’t ever great and being forced to do it, she was worse. I held her head until she got into a rhythm but it was a lousy one. I handed the chain to Sally who grinned wide when I took hold of Lisa’s head with both hands and began to fuck her face. I got all the way in a few times, which was a huge turn on, feeling her throat gag on my cock. Then I let her loose to try by herself again.

She tried harder this time, her hot little mouth working away on my cock did feel good but I was still a long way from cumming. Sally messed around, not wanting to be out of the action, stroking the crop across Lisa’s big tits and tapping the nipples, then tearing the last remnants of the nightdress off and in the process freeing Lisa’s arms. Lisa lifted her head from my cock, gasping for breath, her jaw obviously aching from the unexpected workout.

Sally groaned. “Well you show promise; there aren’t many girls who could take that big of a cock all the way! Not very impressive, though! That has to be one of the weakest blowjobs I’ve ever witnessed. He’s not even as hard now as when you started!”

Embarrassed, Lisa looked down.

“Well, the least you could do is apologize!” Sally snapped. “Come on! Apologize to Jamie for that crappy blow job!”

Lisa looked like she didn’t know what to do, she might fight back, she might apologize, but she did neither.

“You ungrateful bitch!” Sally barked.

Lisa opened her mouth to reply but was caught completely off guard by Sal who shoved the side of her hand into Lisa’s mouth and then struck down hard with the riding crop. The crop came down in a vicious arc, ending in a stinging blow on Lisa’s thigh. Lisa jerked furiously but Sal kept her hand in her mouth for a few moments.

“That is what punishment feels like!” She purred into Lisa’s ear. “Welcome to your new life. If you disobey either of us again you will be punished again. Two strokes next time.”

There were tears streaming down Lisa’s face. The shame and pain were written all over her. A large welt grew on her thigh. This had to be one of the horniest things I had ever witnessed: My very sexily dressed sister totally dominating my naked wife.

“Now let’s see if you can do any better with the fairer sex. Come over here and lick my pussy.” She slipped the choker over Lisa’s head and backed up. She stood in front the sofa, tugging on the leash.

Lisa, defiantly, and in a bit of a panic, didn’t move. Quick as a flash, Sally cracked the crop down on Lisa’s other thigh, twice. The strokes were harder this time; I could see Sally pour some effort into them.

Lisa squealed. Fuck! This was getting me hard.

Sally tugged the leash again. This time, Lisa responded to the tug. She turned and rose.

“No need to get up. You can crawl this short distance. Crawl to me and take my skirt off.”

Now, this was most definitely the horniest thing I had ever seen. Naked, on a leash, my wife crawled to her fully dressed mistress. Then uncertain whether Sally was serious, she hesitated. She watched mesmerized as Sally slowly slipped down her own black and red lace panties, wad them up and shove them into her mouth.

“Delayed obedience is disobedience!” Sally crowed. “Three!” She leaned over my slow wife and swung, and three raw red welts grew quickly on the rounded soft white flesh of my wife’s ass.

Lisa’s cries where muffled by the makeshift gag. Her body reeled with the sudden pain. Lisa spat Kadıköy Escort out the gag. “Please!” She wailed. “Please don’t do this!”

“Speak again and it will be four! Now do as you are told!” Sally ordered, seemingly indifferent to Lisa’s pleading.

Lisa stared up at her new mistress, unbelieving, but then seeing the crop twitch in Sally’s hand she darted into action. Kneeling before Sally, she unzipped and dropped the pretty black suede mini skirt to the floor allowing Sally to step out of it. Sally towered above her in high heels and stockings and a basque, perfect hair and sexy makeup, her almost perfectly shaved pussy framed nicely by the straps holding up the stockings. She was an amazing sight: the perfect dominatrix.

“Make this good sweetheart and all may be forgiven.” Sally purred. Then she reclined, with her legs spread, guiding Lisa to her pussy with a tug on the leash and a hand behind her head.

Lisa seemed to offer no resistance. Sally smiled as Lisa’s head bent forward. I just had a glimpse of her tongue lapping before she buried her face in Sally’s crotch. Sally moaned a deep groan of satisfaction. She guided Lisa’s head a little, and then gave a little gasp.

“OH! fuck!” She moaned, her eyes making contact with mine. “This is going to be good.”

I watched her writhe with increasing passion under Lisa’s ministrations. Her eyes closed and she began to moan and give directions and encouragement. Her hips were moving over Lisa’s face and she was beginning to gasp. She held Lisa firmly to her as she rode her face in pleasure. The whole scene was incredibly erotic; Sally looked so fabulously sexy, so absorbed in the moment, her face a torment of need and desire. I watched; consumed by the sight in front of me, my cock in my hand, rock hard.

Sally’s eyes opened and looked at me as she began to groan in orgasm. She took me in with lust filled greedy eyes. “Fuck her!” She hissed “Let me see you fuck her!”

I stood and walked towards her big fat upturned ass. My cock was rock hard and I ran it up and down the crease of her ass before using it to spread her pussy lips before slipping it back up the crease for Sally to see. Making a show of it for Sally.

“Yeah! Baby. In her ass!” Sally hissed in wild lust. “Fuck her fat ass for me. Fuck her stinky asshole so I can watch!”

I pulled back, a smug grin on my face. It had been an awfully long time since my cock had been in my wife’s ass. There was butter on the side table that she’d been eating with something. I greased my cock with some of it and smeared some more around her puckered little hole. Then I leaned forward again, pressed my cock against it and pushed. I heard Lisa whimper into Sally’s crotch, but a few years ago she used to enjoy a bit of anal. I just held her ass tight and kept up a steady pressure; there was plenty of grease to ease my way in. I slid in slow and deep, up to the hilt. It felt amazing, hot and tight and so fucking nasty. I looked at Sally all the way in. She started cumming watching me push and was gasping and panting wildly in orgasm, pulling at Lisa’s hair, out of control by the time I was buried deep.

“Oh yeah, Fuck her ass! Fuck her fat ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssss, yesssssssssss yessssssssss!”

She grabbed Lisa with renewed heat. “Don’t stop licking me until he cums inside you, bitch!” She panted.

I pulled out partway then sank back in, the friction felt great. My sister’s dirty eyes on me felt pretty good too. I started a rhythm going fucking her in long deep strokes. Holding her tight by the hips I pushed in deep, time and time again, as deep as I could, pulling out until the tip of my cock was barely inside. I felt the muscles of her sphincter grab at me every time I pushed through their gates. Lisa started to grind back onto me.

Sally noticed and panted. “You like this don’t you, bitch?”

I heard Lisa’s muffled groan, then joined in. “You like my cock in your ass? You like it in deep like this? You like being fucked on your knees?” Each time I drove in with a stroke deep and hard, each time she bucked back to meet me. I slapped her big white ass hard each time, peppering it with big red hand prints.

I started fucking her faster and faster. Losing all self control, gripping her flabby love handles and pounding my cock into her over and over. Sally’s eyes widened and she began to moan again, rocking against Lisa’s face. Lisa slipped one hand down between her legs.

“Yes. Touch yourself bitch!” Sally hissed. “Cum with your hubby! Cum on his big hard cock!”

Fucking into the tight little hole I couldn’t hold off for long. I ploughed wildly in and out between her tightly clawing flesh, driving myself closer to my release. I watched Sally spiral over the edge again, her face contorted in a charge of sexual frenzy, clawing and grasping at Lisa as she bucked and shuddered her blissful release. Lisa cried out as her orgasm hit her almost perfectly in time with my own. I Bostancı Escort felt her begin to buck below me, her ass clenching tighter with each wave of her orgasm. It was all I could bear, I blew deep inside her, the jets of cum burning through my cock, the release so much more than I had had for years. White light in my mind, I just fucked in deep over and over, groaning and panting until the pleasure subsided.

I pulled out and patted her ass, the girl had done well!

Sally was on a roll. “Don’t go all weak now!” She said to me. “If we are going to get any real change, she has to step up all the way, herself!”

She pulled Lisa up on the chain. She was sweating and crying a little; panting and out of breath. She looked up with a little sad hope in her eyes.

“Clean him, slut. With your tongue!”

My heart could have broken for her at that moment. She looked astonished, not disgusted, just disbelief. She was stalled, not sure she could go on.

Sally leaned sideways and cracked the crop down hard on the side of Lisa’s big white fleshy ass in four hard strokes. Lisa let out a tremendous shriek. She heaved huge sobs of pain, then to my utter surprise she took my cock back into her mouth and suckled gently, lapping all over the length of it. That felt good; to have her so submissively cleaning me, to see her so subservient and ready to please. My cock began to harden as I looked down on her, watching her unkempt overweight form doing something she would never have dreamed of doing.

Sally watched, a smirk on her face, then when she saw my cock rising again she tugged at the chain. “Well done, slut! We have had enough of you for today! My brother and I have things to discuss.” Sally said sharply, dragging her off me by the chain. “Time for you to drag your sorry fat ass up to bed! But, tomorrow morning I am going to have a lie in. You will feed the children breakfast and pack them off to school. When they are gone you will either bring me a cup of coffee to my bedroom, naked, or you will prepare for an onslaught that you cannot begin to imagine. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, it is your choice, you have until tomorrow morning to decide….. Go!”

She left us, naked, carrying the tattered remains of her nightdress, the leash hanging down her back. We both watched her go and started smirking at each other, trying to contain our laughter, as she disappeared from view. We heard her climb the stairs and walk along the hall, gently she closed the door to her room.

“Fuck! That was fun!” Sally said, with a huge grin.

I poured us each a glass of Jim Beam, draining the bottle.

“Oh, the way she moaned into my pussy as you slid into her ass! Fuck, I’ll remember that ’til the day I die!” Sal giggled with glee. She was really buzzing with the power trip this had given her. “Then feeling every thrust you made transferred through her! Fuck, we have to do that again!”

“Have a drink to celebrate our success!” I said with a grin.

“God it was sooo easy. She barely resisted!” Sal said, clinking her glass against mine.

“The way she just crawled across the floor to you was so hot. She was completely beaten. You hot little dominatrix with your sub! Very, very hot!” I said with a catch in my voice. My cock was beginning to harden again at the thought.

“Mmmmmm!” She said, reveling in the memory, then catching sight of my hardening cock, she reached out and stroked the length of it. “Damn, you have a nice cock!” She purred, fondling it softly.

I felt her touch like a surge of electricity through me. Her caress was soft and gentle but the power of it coursed through me. My cock immediately soared to full length, my body aching for more.

“You want to celebrate properly?” I asked, running my fingers up her stocking clad thigh.

“Are you going to fuck me? You want to fuck your little sister?” She asked coyly over the top of her glass, still stroking the length of my hard cock.

“You are incredibly sexy, of course I want to fuck my sexy little sister.”

“Fuck, yeah! It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been fantasizing about you for years! Ever since I watched you jack off into my panties when we were 18! I wanted you to fuck me back then and I NEED you to fuck me now!”

She leaned back on the couch, still holding my cock, drawing me forwards. I moved over her as she lay down. She spread her legs and lifted her hips to meet mine. She guided my cock to her pussy, sliding it along the lips, she was wet and I slipped in easily. The guttural groan she gave as my hard cock sank into her was the sexiest sound in the world. She clutched at me urging me on, her eyes riveted to mine, her look drenched in desire and lust. In one sweep I sank in deep and rested there for a moment reveling in the feeling of her tight hot sex before I began to fuck her in long slow strokes.

Her eyes were locked on mine; she was moaning a continuous outpouring of pleasure. She kept whimpering “Yesssss, Ohhhhh Yessssss.” She pulled my face down to hers and lifted her lips to mine. Her tongue darted into my mouth and sought out mine toying and playing with me. Her hips lifted to my every stroke, her hands were all over me, clawing and pulling me down into and over her.