Friends Reacquainted Ch. 1

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I had met her years ago. She was a dancer at a local strip club and it turned out that she was also a member at a sports club that I belonged to. When she danced, she made you think of a spider. A spider that would envelop you in her many legs and do deadly yet wonderful things to you. I stopped frequenting the dance club (it was just a phase I went through) but had heard through one of the instructors at the sports club, that she had had her breasts enhanced. She had a great body before, so I imagined she was probably even better after the “boob job”.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen her in over a year. I was in the bank doing business, and I heard someone calling my name. I turned and didn’t recognize her at first. She wore Levi’s and a long-sleeved plaid shirt that effectively his whatever was underneath it. I looked a second time and then it dawned on me who I was looking at. She walked over to me and gave me a big hug and asked what I had been doing with myself. I hugged her back and felt those firm store bought breasts mash against my chest. We chatted for a few minutes and she told me she had given up the dancing and was managing a large apartment building in town. I told her it was to bad that she had given up the dancing, as I had never gotten to view her new “assets”.

She laughed and told me she was doing well in the management field, and that I should stop by and she would give me a tour of her facility. I said ok, and we hugged again and went our separate ways. As I stood in line at the bank and reminisced about Vanessa’s lap dance routine, She would grind her pussy mound up and down my legs and mash her breasts (which I always thought were perfect for her build) into my face and let me suck and bite on her nipples. She would then back away and place her foot on the seat back over my shoulder and lean in until her crotch was inches from my face. She would then pull her g-string to the side and begin to play with the ring that pierced her clitoral hood. Sometimes she would get that thing so close to my face that I was tempted to lean forward slightly and take the ring into my mouth. She used to tug and pull on her nipples and the clit ring, giving me the indication that she like a certain amount of pain with her pleasure.

I confirmed this one time, by taking a set of nipple clamps to the dance club with me. I put them on myself under my shirt and revealed them to her in the middle of one of her lap dances. When she saw them and I let her pull on the chain that connected the 2 clamps, her breath caught and she hissed “yess” and really went to work humping my leg. She moved up my leg until her pussy was grinding against my growing erection. Before the song was over, we both had cum and fortunately for me, I was wearing dark pants so the wet spot was not obvious. She however, made a quick trip to the dressing room for a costume change. She came back and sat with me, asking all sorts of questions about whether I used the clamps during sex, how much did they hurt?, etc. All the while, her hand lay hidden in her lap and I could see her playing with the ring on her clit. My reverie was cut short as the teller called me forward to conduct my business. My mind moved on to other things and I soon forgot about our encounter.

Months passed and I didn’t see Vanessa at the bank again. Then one day I was kadıköy escort driving in the north side of town and I saw her walking with an older couple on the sidewalk in front of a large apartment complex. She stopped as the arrived at a parked car, shook hands with the couple and they procedded to get into their car. I pulled up to the curb behind the couples car and quickly got out. Vanessa recognized me and a big smile broke out on her face. I said that it looked like I just missed a tour, and she said yes but that she had planned on taking a break for lunch but would rather show me around. I jokingly told her I was interested in finding an apartment that I could fix up and use as a torture chamber for sweet young things. I watched her carefully to see her reaction, and it was just as I had hoped and expected. She wore a low-cut white T-shirt style top, that revealed just enough of her cleavage and form hugging Levis. Her nipples hardened at my remarks, and I swear I heard a sharp intake of her breath. She laughed and said she had just the unit to show me.

We walked back into the complex and made our way to the far end of it. It was well away from the swimming pool and parking lot, and as we walked she told me that this unit was her hardest to rent as it was 2 story and so far from all of the complexes’ amenities. On the other hand, she said it was also the quietest and most private, with trees and shrubs mature enough to keep prying eyes from chance looks in the windows. As she ushered me into the unit, she gave me a playful pinch on the butt, and I new right then that I would have her. As we entered the apartment, I noticed the layout and liked how it was designed. She or someone had obviously been cleaning the unit as an upright vacuum stood halfway up the staircase leading upstairs.

The power cord to the vacuum hung down through the banister of the stairs and was plugged into the wall socket underneath the stairs. She kept up her professional demeanor as she showed me the apartment and I let her do her thing until we arrived back in the kitchen which was adjacent to the staircase. At this point I moved, using my body to push her against the staircase and kissed her mouth. Her mouth opened to accept my tongue and a moan escaped her throat. I pushed her back against the staircase and reached for the cord to the vacuum, yanking it from the wall socket. Never letting her mouth escape mine, I pulled her hands together and swiftly wrapped the cord around them. After securing her hands together, I raised them over her head and secured them to the banister of the staircase. Then and only then did I release her mouth from mine.

I backed away slightly and looked into her eyes. Her eyes smoldered and her breasts rose and fell. I pulled her t-shirt up and revealed a floral print bra that barely contained her bulging breasts. I unhooked the clasp in the front of the bra and watched as her breast sprung free. I quickly bent and sucked on them, pulling one nipple then the other deep into my mouth before lightly biting each one and then releasing it. I them took her breasts in my hands and squeezed and pinched and pulled on them, savoring the experience of getting to truly know the feel of artificial bulk. Even through her Levis, üsküdar escort I caught her scent. As I tugged and pinched her hardened nipples, she moaned and squeezed her thighs together in an effort to slow the itch that I new was developing between her legs. Just before I moved down to explore what was in those Levis, I pinched her nipples so hard that she gave a huge groan and her head snapped from side to side. I yanked open her Levis and shoved my hand down the front of them. True to her nature she wore no panties, and her pussy was shaved clean.

My hand slid into the crotch of the Levis and immediately was wet. I pushed 2 fingers up into her soaked pussy, withdrew them and smeared her juices all over her mouth, telling her to lick my fingers and suck off her pussy juices. When she had licked her fingers clean, I pulled her Levi’s off and dropped to my knees. I buried my face in her pussy and the moment my tongue touched her clit, she began to thrash about and hump my face. She couldn’t use her hands to pull my face to her so I teased her unmercifully. Licking her pussy lips, running my tongue up and down her slit, flicking it across her clit ring (yes it was still there), then without warning sucking her entire clit into my mouth and lashing it with my tongue until she began to shake and quiver. Then I would stop and slid my finger into her gushing hole until it was slippery with her cream and then slipping the tip into her puckered little asshole. Every time I did this she would squeal and hump onto my finger.

At that moment I would resume licking her pussy lips and she would not know whether to hump my face or my hand, as she would begin to quiver and shake again, I would slide my finger into her butt a little farther each time until it was buried deep into her ass. Just about the time I sensed she was going to cum, I stopped everything and stood up. I cupped both her tits in my hands and sucked her nipples together into my mouth, sucking and biting them until she tried to pull away. My cock was hard as a rock and pushing against the front of my pants. I reached above her and freed her hands and she dropped to her knees and tore my zipper down and yanked my pants and underwear down in one pull. Her hot mouth literally swallowed my cock whole.

Without any subtleties, she sucked me all the way into her throat. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair and my balls were jammed into her chin. I had never been sucked like that before. Her throat worked as she swallowed rapidly, milking my cock with the muscles in her throat and neck. She continued this sucking pressure as she slowly pulled away from me. My cock slipped centimeter by centimeter from her mouth, but the suction never ceased. It felt like she was drawing my insides out through my cock. I had never been so hard. Her fingernails played with my butt crack and when she slipped a finger into my anus, I groaned and buried my cock back deep into her throat. She maintained the suction once again and slowly pulled away again.

This time she continued until my cock snapped out of her mouth with a slurping pop noise and stood waving like an angry snake in the air before her face. I pulled her to her feet and moved us to the staircase, where I sat on the third step and leaned back, my cock standing straight tuzla escort up in the air like a flag pole. Vanessa stepped on to the first step, turned her back to me and squatted down until the tip of my cock was nestled between her flared pussy lips. She rocked back and forth, letting the head of my cock slide between them, moaning each time the head slide across her clit. After a half dozen of these sliding movements my cock was coated with the juices that literally ran from her pussy. Just as I began to notice the tickling sensation of those juices beginning to run down my balls, she slammed herself down on the full length of my cock.

She let out a stifled scream and froze with my cock imbedded in the roof of her pussy. I could feel her cervix pushing on the head of my cock and as she slowly began to thrust her hips back and forth, I felt her cervix rubbing across the tip of my dick. That quickly became too intense and I shifted slightly until the head slipped from its direct contact with the opening to her womb. I then began to concentrate on the sensations of her well-toned cunt muscles as they milked my cock and threatened to pull it off my body by its roots. Soon her back and forth thrusting changed to an up and down thrusting, and before long, she was bouncing and whimpering for me to fuck her harder. I decided to change positions and moved us off the steps, putting her on her back on the deep piled carpet. I moved over her, lifting her knees up and back with my arms and drove my cock back into her clasping hole. I plunged into her so hard that we began to move across the carpet.

I “steered” us to a wall and when we stopped moving across the floor, she began to thrust back up into me, all the while talking dirty. Telling me to fill her with my hot cum, fuck her brains out, and more. She was cumming continuously now and almost incoherent. Her pussy was locked around my cock and when I looked down at where we were joined together, I could see her pussy cling to my cock each time I withdrew, it looked like I was pulling a sock inside out. I turned my attention back to her chest and watched as those big beautiful tits moved up and down as I fucked her. All of a sudden, as if remembering something from the past, she reached for my nipples and began pinching and twisting them. It didn’t take long for that to have its’ effect, and my cock began to expand to its’ pre-cum state.

When I could stand it no longer, I pulled my cock from Vanessa’s pussy, straddled her chest, pulled her tits up around my pulsing cock and came huge strings of cum up her neck, onto her face and into her mouth. She held her mouth open trying to catch as much as she could and scooped up what she couldn’t catch in her mouth with her hands and licked her fingers, all the while looking straight into my eyes. I moved down her body and slid my softening cock back into her pussy. She was warm and wet and even though I was going soft, I was still hard enough to get up inside her. She wrapped her long legs around my back and we hugged and kissed. I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue and the thought of her eating my cum made my cock twitch inside her. As we hugged and kissed she giggled and asked me how I liked the apartment. I told her I liked it but I thought it needed some additional amenities. She said I could come over and help her fix it up just the way I wanted it, because she didn’t think she would be able to rent it, based on its location in the complex.

Needless to say, I’m planning a trip to the hardware store to pick up eye-bolts, some chain, a spool of rope and a package of clothespins. Tomorrow I am scheduled to help her “customize” the apartment.

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