From a Faithful Wife to a Cuck’s Sub

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I started chatting to a lass, called ‘Dawn’ on a website, she astounded me by her frankness, and explained her situation being both married to a cuck hubby (andy) and a sub to a master named Ray. She also has a smackable arse and a joy in light BDSM.

So I asked her of how she had come to be a sub to someone not her hubby and this is the true account of what she told me;

“So how did you get into BDSM and sub and cuck scenario?”

“Well Ed, I had, had only had one serious lover and cock prior to hubby, so was a bit naive and it all started as so many of these things do, when after a year or two of marriage my hubby in one of his adventurous moods, wanted, what I find now, seems to be quite a common fantasy amongst men, to watch me his wife, be fucked by one of his mates, but I wasn’t up for it at all.

Till then it had been what I think would be described as a ‘normal’ marriage, we had had vanilla sex in quantity, played at bondage, he had spanked me on one or two occasions, and we had tried anal and all the usual small perversions ordinary married couples do, but I thought this over the top and kept saying an emphatic ‘NO’ as the idea didn’t do anything for me.

Andy (my hubby) accepted that, but would still drop hints now and again and make comments which I just ignored.

His mate then split up with his girl friend and Andy and he went out to commiserate one night with a boy’s night out.

I was not expecting the friend to return with Andy, as his place was nearer the pub and I expected him to have dropped off on the way, thus I was sat on our sofa in my nightie with a coffee in front of the fire, watching television when they arrive home both well drunk.

I made them coffee in the vain hope of sobering them up, finally returning to the sofa, my mistake was not either going to bed or getting properly dressed.

Andy started on again and with his mate there this time he was more than a bit pumped up, saying that he had always wanted to watch one of his mates screwing “his lovely Dawn,” and that “she kept saying no”, but how he knew it was really in her mind to do it, and how the idea turned him on.

All their chat and the drink must have excited the situation and after a moment or two what had been a laugh turned to reality when Andy grabbed me and we wrestled a bit on the sofa as I attempted to fight him off.

The mate decided that it was a good game and joined in drunkenly holding me down. Somehow he ending up with my legs under one armpit, and I was well secured. At Andy’s suggestion with his other hand, he ran his hand up my leg and finding that I was not wearing panties was spurred on to roughly finger my sex.

Now despite my protests I was in no position to stop what was happening to me, and I must admit that being held unable to move at all was turning me on big time,

The nightie was soon up round my neck and first I was groped then taken forcefully by ‘the friend’, then they swapped and he held me down and my beloved hubby followed up on a sticky wicket. They each did it again before brewers droop took over and the “friend” decided they had better stop, perhaps he had a conscience.

He thanked Andy (not me you will note) and then staggered away leaving me ravaged on the sofa in a wet puddle, as Andy saw him to our spare room, while I straightened my poor nightie mopped my-self and silently went off to bed. We did not speak that night though I had found the whole thing, having been in fact raped, very unsettling. Thoughts about; the strength of our marriage, and had I secretly enjoyed it, though I didn’t get much from the sex itself the being secured and the feeling of being helpless and dominated was stimulating in the most exciting way and being used had been fantastic and had opened a new door for me though I did not admit it then…It made for a very sleepless night.

Anyway next morning his mate left and Andy with a hangover said nothing about the previous night, no apology nothing and I did think that was the end of it, which for a while it was.

However after a week or two the whole scenario must have got to Andy and he bought the subject up again, this time he suggested he wanted to watch me with a stranger and he promised not to be drunk, saying that my reaction might be different, it being a stranger and I might even enjoy it. I had wondered if he had even remembered what had happened but this proved to me that he had and I was a little Dikmen Escort miffed that he had not managed to talk of it, if not to apologise, to get my side of the picture

This I said, I was definitely not willing to do sex with someone else just like that and was not letting on how much I had enjoyed being held immobile and used by force.

However, his thoughts started a chain of fantasy that slowly decided me to see if being shared would turn me on and though it might get worse or perhaps better it would get the thing out of hubby’s system. The thought of being held secure perhaps even bound, was turning me on by then but wouldn’t admit it to Andy, me being bloody minded and thinking; if he was not ready to talk neither was I.

He mentioned it again one night, and I agreed (apparently reluctantly) to try it, the only condition being that he was to look into the chap first and that I could pull out at any time if I was not happy or didn’t feel safe.

He was like a dog with two dicks, he soon found someone in our part of the midlands on the internet that he thought suitable, and came to me that very night showing me a picture. The man was older but still fairly good looking and his profile looked ok, so I agreed and told hubby to set something up for that weekend, before I could change my mind about it.

He was out of the bed like a shot returning after a few moments and telling me it was on for Saturday night.

I was now beginning to feel butterflies but knew the thing was rolling like a snowball on a hill. I managed to get him to stump up for new clothes and told him to book a double room in a hotel about 20 minutes away to maintain our neutrality and security just in case.

Andy said that the chap had already booked the room was keen and would be meeting us at eight pm on Saturday.

That Saturday was a long time coming, but by six that evening we were dressed and fed, and perhaps a little nervously setting off on our adventure.

I was dressed in a new set of sexy black matching undies and nylons nice short skirt and heels, with a button top to show some cleavage as I wanted to make sure he would fancy me.

At the appointed hour we were sat in the hotel bar in an alcove; me with a G&T, Andy a pint both excited and a little nervously waiting.

When he arrived we recognised him instantly from his photo, he looked very sexy and said His name was Ray. He first complimented me on my looks and then the outfit, scoring points straight away.

We had a couple more drinks sat in the bar, chatting and getting to know one another just enough. I was sat next to Ray and his hand strayed to my leg, perhaps as a test, at which hubby didn’t look as impressed as he had only a few minutes earlier!

Ray seeing the look on Andy’s face then asked if we still wanted to go ahead with it and that if we did then we would have to do exactly as he said or we could leave now and not look back.

I asked what he meant by ‘exactly’ and he replied that “he would not say as it would ruin the evening.”

That answer made my cunt twitch the thought of not knowing made me curious and had my mind doing cartwheels though a little worried at the same time.

I said “ok” but this time it was Andy that questioned it and was a bit more against the unknown. Ray went as far as saying he would “be lightly dominating both of us.” I felt my pussy contract and moisten at the thought and quickly said “that was ok by me”.

I could see a shadow of doubt flit across Andy’s face so I quickly told him that “this was all his idea if it didn’t happen that night I wouldn’t be even dreaming of doing it again for him and as we were here now, what’s there to lose, nothing ventured nothing gained.” He finally agreed we finished our drinks in silence, and we headed up to our modern swipe card room, not without an air of some excitement.

On arrival, as we walked in, Ray said to Andy that “his seat was in the corner”, pointing out a chair with padded seat and wooden arms. He had me stand in the centre of the room under the light and said not to speak or move.

Slowly he walked round me taking in every tiny detail of both me and the way I was dressed, this alone was unnerving but had a certain erotic tension that had my pussy moistening without lying on a finger.

Ray, I believe knew precisely the effect he was having on me. He said Eryaman Escort that he was going to dominate me mildly and if we wanted to back out, then this was the last chance before he took full control of both of us.

I agreed, before hubby had the chance to think about it, mainly as I had doubts about Andy’s commitment and partly because I was so turned on, I knew I liked being held down and I wanted to try this as I saw it as another step.

He sat down on the end of the bed a couple of feet away and unsmilingly told me to go and undress my hubby. This was a surprise to both me and Andy, but I did as commanded

I took off his shirt vest, socks and Andy compliantly stood as finally I slid off his trousers and underpants. His prick was stiff by then and he was told to sit down in silence. Andy and my own eyes met in a silent questioning gaze as we awaited the next command.

It came softly, Ray telling me to return to my position and as I did so I became unable to take my eyes from the man now firmly in charge as he pointed to a bedside cupboard, “fetch the bag” he said, I did as bade fetching a small but bulging canvas bag, from which Ray he took four large cable ties. Handing them to me, saying I was to secure Andy at ankles’ and wrists to the chair.

I could see Andy was not over happy at that and as I went over to him, Ray reassured him that it was just for the start and more as a token than real and that he would be freed in a short while.

I fitted them first the wrist’s, then the ankle’s and token or not I could see no help coming from that quarter even if my husband had wanted too, his tool standing stiffly to attention and his eyes fixed firmly on me.

With those in place I was told to return to my position and remove my top, again there was the scrutiny of my body. A steady gaze was giving nothing away from his seat on the bed end.

“Now the skirt” It dropped to the floor, I now felt I was powerless to refuse this man anything. “Stockings”, again the hold ups went in a second my eyes never leaving his, deep eyes piercing, hypnotic and controlling.

The next item I knew would be revealing my 32 b cup breasts to his gaze, my breasts have not been seen by many men, and this stranger who we had met but half an hour ago was about to see them at his single word command.

There was a pause, you could have heard a pin drop, the single word ‘BRA’ and my hands without hesitation went to the clasp, the small black item dropping from my shoulders and releasing the pale soft flesh to his gaze, I could feel my nipples stiffen under his stare, I straightened thrusting my now pert breasts out in a show of defiance. He took his time, Remove the last item and keep them in your hand,

Again as if under his control I realised the tiny knickers were descending my legs and that it was my hands doing the removal, one leg then the other stepped from the panties and they hung from my sweating paw as again I stood defiant legs slightly apart for him to peruse my most intimate area.

“Your wet” the voice echoed round the room like an accusation, “wipe yourself with those pants”. Again my hands betrayed me, quickly wiping deep into my sex, removing the tell tale evidence of my willingness.


Those traitorous hands did there automaton act once more, the knickers now wet with my juices. “Roll those up and use them as a gag for him,” again I was powerless to refuse and Andy obligingly opened his mouth for me to stuff the tiny black gag between his teeth.

Ray now stood and instructed me to strip him.

Shirt first revealing a manly chest, shoes, socks, trousers all fell to the floor, till finally I knelt and eager to see what was on offer I removed his underpants. His erect penis sprang into view, magnificent stiff and ready. He had me put our clothes neatly folded on the second chair, then return turn and present my wrists to be handcuffed behind me, I was now helpless.

By now my recently dried gash was again running with wetness my mind a seething mass of emotions and I knew this strange man could do just whatever he wished, even to the point of death and there was nothing I or anyone else could possibly do to save me from his actions. That feeling was overwhelmingly, the most powerfully erotic feeling I have ever experienced.

He again stood regarding me with a gentle but all powerful look, Esat Escort without being told, I knelt before him, as a sign of my acceptance of his mastery. He told me to take him into my mouth until he came and I eagerly did just that, savouring the phallus of this masterful man as no prick I had ever before had in my mouth.

He held my head still and fucked my willing mouth, till suddenly my throat filled with his discharge, desperately I tried to retain every drop of his precious fluid, which he told me to swallow and I did so with relish.

We remained with his prick in my mouth for some time, his erection subsiding, only a little. He removed himself with a smile had me stand and turn so he could remove the handcuffs their part now over, he knew I was his, body and soul. As I turned I saw Andy, forgotten strapped in his chair as witness to my complete worship of this masterful man his face told it all and the precum on his chair told of his fantasy being fulfilled. We exchanged glances and we both knew a door had opened and we had crossed that step.

While we were exchanging silent thoughts, the handcuffs were replaced by straps, presumably from the bag again I hardly noticed. Gentle but firm hands eased me back onto the bed and secured my wrists to the headboard wide apart, my legs were raised and a small lubricated butt plug introduced to my back passage.

I was told I was forbidden to come until instructed. My legs soon followed my arms by being secured to the legs of the foot of the bed, I was now totally unable to move spread out in the most vulnerable star shaped position, legs wide apart, naked before my master my sex open to his gaze.

He took from the bag a vibrator and with no more ado placed the buzzing head direct onto my clit, I was soon begging to cum. He shook his head, not yet.

Again from the bag came clamps, my nipples still erect soon found themselves crushed in the jaws of the finely adjusted clamps, exquisite pain ran from my nipples increasing my need to climax. Again he vibrator did its dreadful work , finally as I felt I would black out from the strain he nodded and I was allowed to cum, I gushed as I climaxed my first this evening and at my masters behest, it was divine, massive and ecstatic. Before I could come down from my high he was on me, that wonderful prick slipping inside my wet cavity, thrusting, urgent the need to cum driving him ever deeper till together we both climaxed his seed filling me like a tidal wave.

After a time he released me, my relieved nipples now red raw from the clamps, telling me to “go give your hubby a blow job but under no circumstances was I to swallow his seed but to hold it in my mouth.

I did as bid, shuffling to Andy still with my butt plug in place and it took Andy little time to fill my cheeks with a massive load that told of his excitement. I was told to remove his gag then spit his own come into his mouth. He eagerly received this precious gift. That done he was told to swallow it all, which he did, he was then freed and allowed to take me to the bed and fuck my used body in the missionary position, though I was forbidden to cum, he was to fuck till he came again which he promptly did hard and deep adding his load to Rays..

After he climaxed he was made to re-secure me as before, as a sign of total surrender, the he was given a dressing gown, told to leave his clothes where they were, given a key Ray produced, to a single room he had booked for him, he was going to spend the night on his own in this other room, he was told to think about what was being done to me during the next few hours.

He was told that he could return at eight next morning to collect both clothes and wife for breakfast as Ray wished to play with me for the rest of the night. Passively glancing at me before he left my husband accepted the situation leaving me as instructed, strapped to a bed naked with my master to use as he wished; it was not to be the last time this would happen though we did not know it at the time.

At eight sharp he returned, it didn’t feel as if we slept at all by the time we went for breakfast as we had spent the night playing and fucking all at the resourceful Ray’s command.

After breakfast we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. The drive home was strange, Andy hardly able to contain his curiosity as to what went on between Ray and me, and wanting to know if I would do it again, he said he had never been so turned on, so I knew it was on the cards to re-occur.

Unknown to me later that day Ray had put a note in my makeup bag with his mobile number saying that he would like to meet me again sometime to play more but preferably without hubby and that is how it all started.

So in a way the whole life change was Andy’s own fault.

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