Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 15

Anal Fucking

The car inched forward slowly, hardly moving a foot before the car in front stopped. The lights were green but the traffic just wasn’t moving. She strained her neck, trying to look beyond the cars in front to see what the holdup was caused by.

Stephanie sighed as she sat drumming her fingers impatiently on the steering wheel. She couldn’t see very far in front of her but from what she could see, there was really no reason for the traffic jam. “Traffic Jam,” she thought ruefully to herself. A bit of a misnomer really. Traffic should move and not be in a jam.

She sighed again. It was hot. The car air-conditioning helped but the heat of the summer sun just seemed to shine right through the windscreen and sear her skin. The back of her thin blouse was already getting slightly damp with her sweat.

Slowly she inched her car forward again, this time gaining a little space. The traffic seemed to be moving a little faster now and she was now at the traffic light that turned red almost as soon as she reached it.

It looked like it was going to be one of those days, she thought to herself as she sighed deeply again.

Her handphone beeped and she picked it up, frowning slightly as she didn’t recognize the number. Her eyes moved downward to read the text.

How are you sweets?

Stephanie’s brow frowned deeper as she looked at the text and the number, trying to decipher who it was calling her ‘sweets’. She typed out a reply and pressed the send button.

Who is this?

Steph wondered if perhaps it was a wrong number. The light turned green and she began to move forward slowly, crossing the junction. A few feet further on and she had to stop behind a row of cars. Slowly she inched forward. Traffic was slow but at least it was moving. Her phone buzzed again.

What you wearing today?

Stephanie decided to ignore the message, quite sure it was a wrong number. The car was moving faster now as traffic cleared a little. She was that the jam was caused by a minor accident ahead and as the two cars were pushed to the side of the road, traffic began to clear. She slowly merged right to avoid the cars and finally she saw clear road in front of her.

The phone beeped again but she couldn’t retrieve it until the next traffic light. She picked it up and her heart skipped a beat.

Don’t ignore me Stephanie…

It wasn’t a wrong number! It was someone who knew her, but who? It wasn’t anyone in her contact list or the name would have shown up. She scanned the number again but it didn’t ring a bell. She had no idea who it was.

Who is this??!!! She texted back. The reply took some time to come back .

Someone who knows you. Now what you wearing?

Stephanie had hit the expressway now and she was texting as she drove, trying to keep one eye on the road and the other on the mobile device.

No! Tell me who you are first. She texted back.

Your lover. Came the quick reply.

“Mathew?” She said out loud to herself, thinking of her father in law that had visited her bed so often in the last few months. “But his number is in my phone.” She thought to herself. Her phone beeped again.

Hmm…looks like I’m not the only one then. Who else you been fucking Steph?”

Stephanie’s heart was racing. It didn’t sound like Mathew and it couldn’t have been him since she had his number in her phone. She looked at the number again. It wasn’t’ Vincent, her brother in law, either as she had his number too. Had Mathew given her number to someone at the Pensioners Club? The beeping of her phone interrupted her thoughts. She looked at the new message and her heart started beating even faster.

I”ll put you out of your misery. It’s David. I’m Back! LOL

It wasn’t only her heart that was affected. She felt her stomach churn with excitement at the thought that David was back. He was the one that had excited her like no one ever had or could! She stared to text a reply but her phone beeped before she could start.

You pussy ready for some action?

YES! She quickly replied.

Where are you now?

Stephanie glanced up to locate a landmark. She typed furiously.

Eastern Expressway, near Rutlidge.

She waitied for the reply but it took a while to come.

There’s a McD three exits down. Go there and wait for instructions. Text me once you are there.

Stephanie nodded as if David could see her. There was a lump in her throat as she realised she was more excited than she had ever been in a while. She counted the exits and turned off at the third one. True enough, just past the turnoff was a McDonalds. She pulled into the parking lot and started texting. She sent just one word.


The reply came after a short delay.

Now that you are parked, tell me in detail what you are wearing.

Stephanie took a deep breath, trying to control her racing pulse. David always had a way to make her feel sexy and wanted and his flirtatious texts were doing the job. She knew he wanted details and she obliged.

Red Escort Bayan Gaziantep knitted top, flared grey skirt – kinda shortish, black bra and beige panties.

She kept looking at her phone, willing it to beep in reply but there was a long pause before the phone beeped again. This time it was a fairly long text message.

Nice. No going home to change or anything. Just sit there and wait till I text you again. Think about how you are going to get ravaged. And try not to go to the toilet. I don’t wantyour pussy smelling or tasting of pee. Or your panties smelling of pee either.

The mention of her pussy and panties sent a jolt of lust right into her pussy and she immediately felt herself shudder. She placed her hand underneath her skirt to the crotch of her panties and it was wet. Not damp but wet, soaking wet.

Grabbing her phone, she opened the door of her small white car and stepped out. She walked on slightly weak legs to the McDonalds. She stepped inside, ordered a coffee and then found a quiet booth at the back. She sat down, pressed her thighs together and started to wait.


Dave smiled to himself as he pulled out a small bag from the wardrobe. In his mind’s eye he had planned out everything. Now it was just a matter of putting his plan into execution. The first part had worked like a charm.

He placed a few items into the bag and made his way out the door. He glanced at his watch as he got into the car. “Perfect timing” he thought to himself as he gunned the engine and pulled out of the driveway.

It wasn’t too long after that he was on the Eastern freeway and very quickly after that drove pass the Rutlidge exit and then up the third exit after that. He drove past the McDonalds and smiled to himself as he saw Steph’s small white car parked there. Another few miles with a few turns and he was at a motel.

The Motel 8 was a small motel that was obviously trying to cash in on the more famous and well known Motel 6 chain. It wasn’t very classy nor was it pricey. Matter of fact, it was very basic. But it was exactly what David wanted.

He checked in and was given room number 216. He walked up the stairs and inserted his key into the door and opened it. It was as he expected, just a bed, an armchair and a small table. At least it was clean. There was a slight odour though, kind of a damp smell in the air. It reminded David of the smell of a spa. Not bad really for 45 bucks!

He placed his bag on the table and switched on the TV. Surprisingly, the TV was large and quite a recent model. He flicked through the channels till he came to the Pay TV option. He selected it and found that there were quite a few porn channels available. He selected one and let it play, not really watching it at all.

He glanced at the his watch and made his way out of the room, placing the key on top of the door rim. He jogged down the steps and back into his car, moving it so it was a little out of the way and where he had a clear view of the staircase and his room.

Dave pulled out a cigarette and inhaled deeply as he started to text again. Just five words ending in a question mark.

** **** **

Stephanie’s thumping heart had subsided and she waited patiently as she sipped her coffee. Her mind was abuzz at what David had in mind for her but she knew that whatever it was it would be good. She was looking forward to seeing David and it wasn’t just the fact that she was going to get fucked by him again. She missed him. He had always been decent to her and she felt a kind of bond as he was an in-law as well. She had never really liked her husband’s family and David had been the saving grace so to speak. To be fair though, Brenda was a good sort as well. She thought of Brenda’s well groomed pussy, and her own pussy started to flood again as she remembered how she had eaten her sister-in-laws juicy cunt.

The buzz of her phone shook her back to the present and she grabbed at it.

You finished your coffee yet?

Stephanie glanced into her cup, noticing it was still more than half full. She wasn’t sure if David was asking if she had drunk enough coffee or if there was still some coffee left in the cup. She knew he liked details.

Coffee half full but I’ve had enough, she texted back.

Bring the coffee with you. I might get thirsty. Came the reply, almost immediately.

Stephanie took the coffee to the counter. “Could I get this to go please?” she asked the sweet young girl behind the counter.

“Sure thing, Maam.” Said the girl as she took the coffee from Steph’s hand. “Why don’t I give you a refill instead? It’s free anyhow.”

Steph smiled and shook her head in acknowledgement as the waitress filled a cup with hot coffee and then placed a lid on it. “Here you go Maam. Some sachets of cream and sugar too. Have a nice day now.”

Stephanie walked quickly out of the McDonalds and into her car. As she got in and started the engine, she suddenly realised that she didn’t know where she was supposed to go to. She placed the coffee in the cup holder and picked up her phone again.

Where do I go?

Motel 8…. 2 miles down, turn left and then right. Cant miss it.

She started the engine and pushed the car into gear. Slowly, she pulled out of the parking lot and made her way down the main road.

** **** **

David smiled as he saw her car turn into the road leading to the Motel car park. From his vantage point, he had a clear view of her but she couldn’t see him. He sent her the message he had already pretyped in his phone.

Go up to room 216. Key is on the door rim. Go in and wait.

Steph’s phone beeped and after she read the message, she started looking around, trying to see where Dave was. She wondered if he was somewhere watching her or if it was just a coincidence that the message had reached her just as she had arrived at the motel. She parked her car just outside the staircase leading to the second floor and got out, remembering to take the coffee with her. She reached room 216 and felt around the rim of the door for the key. She unlocked the door and stepped inside.

She thought the motel was a little seedy and certainly not of the same standard as the ones he had taken her too before. Her eyes shifted to the TV screen as she heard the moaning and she saw a pretty woman on her fours, getting a cock stuffed up her pussy as she sucked another man’s cock. Her pussy throbbed in anticipation of what Dave was going to do to her. She began to text him that she had made it to the room when another message came in.

Leave the door ajar. Get on the bed on all fours. Face in the pillow. Clothes on.

A soft moan escaped Steph’s lips as she opened the door and then turned the lock so that the door wouldn’t close and lock itself. She moved to the bed and taking one last look at the porno movie playing, she positioned herself on the bed. She buried her face into the pillow as her ass stuck up in the air. She waited.

David drove his car and parked it next to Stephanie’s. His cock was already hard and straining against his pants. He got out and quickly made his way up the stairs. He gently opened the door and peered inside. His cock throbbed hotly at the sight of his Sister-in-law positioned on the bed with her ass in the air.

He closed the door and locked it. Stephanie heard the turning of the lock and almost turned to look at Dave or at the very least greet him. She thought better of it though and just stayed in her position. She heard some noises and wondered what it was that Dave was doing.

He made his way to the foot of the bed and pulled up his back. He unzipped it and placed the objects on the bed.

Slowly he lifted her skirt and looked at her green panties. Not terribly pretty panties but probably rather functional. He lowered his head and noticed how wet her panties were. His hands softly caressed her ass, causing her to moan softly. With his left hand, he pulled her panties to one side while his other hand picked up a vibrator – one of the objects he had brought in his bag.

He moved the vibrator to her pussy and slowly pushed it in. She groaned softly at the sudden invasion. David pushed it all the way in and then out, noticing that the vibrator became coated very quickly with her thick white cream. He turned on the vibrator and then pulled her panty over it, keeping it in place.

Stephanie’s body lurched as the vibrator started to hum deep inside her. She felt the panty slide back over her pussy and then Dave started to use his palm to fuck the vibrator deep into her.

“Ohhhh….yesss… Ohhhh,” she moaned into the pillow. Dave pressed the vibrator harder into her, not being gentle at all.

“Oh God, I need more! Please…..” Steph moaned.

David pulled her panties down to her knees and then using his fingers, he pulled the buzzing vibrator out to its tip and then fucked it into her again slowly. He kept fucking he slowly with the vibrator as her moans became faster and louder.

He pushed the vibrator deeper into her and held it in place as his hand reached for the second object – another vibrator, but thicker and with round beads on it. He pulled the pussy cream coated vibrator out of her cunt and slowly worked it into her ass. Stephanie groaned in pain but the pain soon lessoned. Once the vibrator was stuffed in her, he pushed the thicker vibrator into her pussy. The thickness spread her and she started to shake as Dave switched it on.

“Oh God! What are you doing?! She cried out as the vibrator in her pussy began to pulse and rotate within her. Dave started to fuck her ass with the other vibrator and Stephanie clutched at the bedsheet as both her orifices were stimulated. Guttural moans were coming out of her as she felt her insides tremble.

Heer body broke out into convulsions. She buried her head deep in the pillow as she screamed out an orgasm. Pussy cream seeped out of her and she thrust her ass back and forth as both vibrators drove her to peaks of ecstasy.

Dave smiled as he watched her thighs and ass tighten and convulse. He slowly pulled out the vibrators and Stephanie slumped forward, her thighs still twitching. She kept moaning softly as her hands still clutched the bedsheets tightly. Dave looked at her quivering thighs. The parts of her thighs that joined to the vee of her pussy were coated in pussy cream. Her panties were still around her knees. His own cock was rigid and his face was twisted with lust.

Stephanie heard the rustle of David removing his clothes. As he removed his pants, he pulled of his belt. He passed the belt under her hips and buckled it around her, just above her skirt. He pulled her knitted top above her tits and unclasped her bra, letting her tits sway free. Dave loved the sight of her with her clothes still on but with all the right bits exposed and accessible to his ministrations.

Dave tugged at her panties and moved her legs to get the panties out. They were still damp at the crotch and he inhaled deeply of her womanly scent. He pressed the dampness to his mouth and licked it slowly, tasting her secretions. His cock throbbed and lurched.

“Your panties still smell great as always.” He said softly. Stephanie moaned and she wished she could turn to see him smelling her soiled panties. It gave her such a rush to know that that small piece of fabric that absorbed her secretions had such an effect on men.

Dave’s hands moved under her and started toying with her breasts. Her nipples were already hard and the caress of his fingers on them caused her pussy to flame with desire. She swore there was a direct connection between her nipples and her cunt. Any titillation of her nipples caused her pussy to start creaming and this was no exception.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned hotly. “lick me, please.”

“Why don’t you suck me instead.” Dave responded as he tugged on her hair, pulling her head up. Still holding her hair, he moved beside her, offering her his thick hard piece of meat. Steph looked at his cock and opened her mouth, using her tongue to lick along the shaft before swallowing his turgid purple cock head. She inhaled deeply of his manly scent and hollowing her cheeks, she began to suck his cock, moving her lips and and down his shaft.

Without warning, Dave suddenly removed his cock and stuffed her wet panties into her mouth. “why don’t you suck yourself as well!” he laughed at her. Stephanie could taste her own juices on her panties and her own smell seemed to permeate up her nose. Dave moved around to the back of the bed once again and pressed the head of his cock against her gaping slit.

Grabbing her hips for leverage, he trhust in hard and deep, forcing Steph forward on the bed. The invasion of his hard cock meat into her pussy forced her breath out of her and she bit down on her own panties in her mouth.

“I’m gonna fuck you hard baby.” Dave announced. “Gonna fuck you good and proper. You want that?”

Steph just nodded her head. She felt Dave flex his cock inside her before he pulled out slowly and then worked it back inside of her. Dave grabbed hold of the belt around her waste and with one hard action, he pulled her ass back swiftly against his cock. Steph grunted aloud as his cock speared hard into her and right against her cervix.

Dave started to hammer his cock deep into Steph. His balls slapped tightly against her ass as he ploughed into her. The smells of sex were thick in the air. Dave looked down at his cock sawing in and out of Steph’s tight pussy and he got even hornier as he saw his cock covered in her white pussy cream.

Relentlessly he fucked hard into her. He felt her pussy tighten on his cock and he stopped for a little while as he felt her pussy spasm and squeeze his love muscles. Steph’s hands clenched the bedsheet tightly as she groaned loudly against the panties still in her mouth. Her body shook in orgasm and no sooner had her pussy stopped spasming than Dave started to fuck her hard again.

Almost immediately, she began to cum again. Hard. She screamed and bit hard into her panties, sucking her own juices out of them. Dave could feel his own orgasm starting to build inside of him. He didn’t want to cum in her seething pussy though, he had other plans. He fucked her hard and just as he was about to cum, he pulled out of her. His cock throbbed hotly as he controlled his cum from spurting out. He moved over to the table and picked up the cup of coffee that Steph had brought along. He opened the lid and jacked himself off into the coffee. He groaned as the spunk flew out of his cock and into the coffee, leaving a white mass of cream in it. He quickly stirred it around, mixing it well with the coffee.

Smiling, he took the coffee cup to Steph. He pulled the panties from her mouth.

“Turn over,” he said to her and as she did, he offered her the coffee. “Drink this.”

Steph was panting heavily and she eyed the coffee. She remembered that she had brought along black coffee and she wondered why it was whitish now. Not thinking too much, she gulped the coffee greedily down. As she finished it, she noticed some thick goo at the bottom. Before she could answer, Dave smiled wickedly at her.