Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 05


Chapter 5

Dick and Jane Go Boating with Friends

“Dick, I think we should go for a boat cruise,” Jane said, curling up to him in bed, slowly sliding her hand down and over his taut stomach and into his shorts.

Dick rolled over and looked at Jane.

“Really?” he said.

“Topless?” he asked hopefully.

“Don’t be so passé Dick,” Jane replied.

“I want to have fuck with another couple, outdoors, having it in the sun,” she winked.

“Sounds good to me,” Dick replied.

“How about we find some friends with a boat and go from there,” he added.

“OK,” Jane replied.

A few weeks later…

It was a fine day and Dick and Jane stood on the dock with their new friends, Phil and his wife, Susan.

“Phil won’t be long getting the boat,” said Susan.

“It’s a bit of a pain having a mooring away from the docks, but hopefully it won’t be long before we get a dockside pen,” she added.

“That’s fine,” said Jane.

“It’s such a great day, we can’t wait to be out on the boat and catching some sunshine,” Jane said.

“Bikini’s optional,” Susan winked.

“Of course,” said Jane.

“I’ve bought a special one with me, simply to ensure that I catch the most sun possible,” Jane winked, provocatively grabbing Dick’s board-short covered cock with her hand.

Shortly after they were aboard and heading out through the marina entrance. The sun was belting down at over thirty-five degrees, with a small swell and surrounding boats all heading out and up the coast to the secluded beaches which dotted the coastline.

“Drinks are up,” said Susan, handing round ice-cold champagne for the girls and beers for the boys.

“This is the life,” said Phil, as his hand snaked around his wife’s waist, creeping up to her bikini covered breasts.

“Later Phil,” said Susan.

“Plenty of time for that,” she said, winking at Jane.

“How about we lie down Jane?” Susan suggested.

“We’ve Bayan Escort Gaziantep a nice deck on the back here, and I’ve some comfy lounge cushions to lie on whilst we allow the boys to pilot the boat to the beach.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jane said, wriggling her skirt over her shapely hips and thighs, showing off her high-cut black bikini bottoms.

A low moan escaped Phil’s lips.

“Wow I love that look Jane,” he said.

“Thanks Phil,” she replied.

“Maybe you’ll get to see a bit more later on,” she added, wriggling her ass at him as she sashayed over to the cushions that Susan was laying on the deck.

Dick and Phil sat on the fly-bridge downing some cold beers whilst slowly motoring up the coast.

On the rear of the boat, the real action was starting to take shape.

“I love your breasts Jane,” Susan smiled at her looking appreciatively at Jane’s skimpy bikini.

“Thanks Susan. I love your legs,” Jane replied.

“Think we’ll be able to entertain the boy’s later?” Susan asked.

“I’m sure we will, but in the meantime it’s us I’m more concerned about,” Jane replied.

“Hey boys, where are our Champagne refills?” Jane shouted.

“Coming,” Dick answered.

“Not yet, Dick, but maybe later,” Susan retorted.

Drinks refilled the girls proceeded to lay out their mattresses and pillows.

“Care to rub in some sunscreen for me Susan?” Jane asked.

“Oooh yes,” Susan replied.

Susan proceeded to pour a generous measure of sun cream into her hands and, rubbing them together, warmed it up ready to apply to Jane’s taught, tight, body.

“How does this feel?” Susan asked, beginning to rub cream over Susan’s shoulders and down her upper arms.

“Lovely,” Jane replied.

“Love the feeling of your hands on my back Susan,” Jane added.

Susan began to slowly glide her hands down Jane’s back. Rubbing the cream in, Susan massaged Jane’s shoulder blades, running her hands down towards Jane’s taught arse, tight between the black g-string that Jane was wearing.

“mmm that feels good Susan,” Jane whispered.

“Roll over Jane, it’s time to do your front,” Susan commanded.

Susan rolled started at Jane’s stomach, rubbing the sun cream in a circular motion, inching her way up towards Jane’s breasts.

Rolling her nipples in her fingers, Susan felt Jane’s nipples begin to harden to her touch.

“I think you’re liking this Jane,” Susan said.

Jane just smiled and began to run her finger up and down her pussy, which was starting to rapidly flow with her juices.

Susan continued to roll one nipple in her fingers, and licking her lips lowered her head onto the other, lightly rolling it around her mouth, flicking it with her tongue.

“That feels so good Susan,” Jane whispered in her husky, come fuck me voice.

Susan began to kiss her way down Jane’s breast, over her stomach and towards Jane’s pussy.

“Move your fingers Jane,” Susan commanded.

“I’ve a tongue that will do a much better job than you.”

Susan licked upwards against the taught swim suit which Jane was wearing. Jane moaned in pleasure.

“Take it off Susan and lick me,” Jane said.

Susan proceeded to take off Jane’s swimwear.

“What a lovely pussy you have Jane. I love the way that you trim it,” Susan remarked, as she lowered her head and lightly flicked her tongue over Jane’s clit.

Jane moaned in response and grabbed Susan’s head, firmly keeping it in place while she rolled her tongue up her pussy and back down, darting it in and out between the labia.

Susan reached behind her, and from the storage compartment brought out a double-ended vibrator, all powered and ready to use.

“That’s handy,” said Jane.

“I keep it here for fun in the sun,” Susan winked in reply.

Rolling the vibrator up and down Jane’s sopping pussy Susan lubed it up before slowly sliding it in, teasing as she brought the vibrator in and out, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Susan reached down, removing her own bikini bottoms, and Jane whistled at her neatly trimmed, and glistening pussy.

“I’m horny too Jane,” Susan said.

“Care to help me out?” she added.

“I’d love to Susan, but I’ve never done anything like this before,” Jane replied.

“ooh a virgin!” Susan exclaimed.

“You’re going to love this, trust me,” she added.

Rolling onto her back, the two girls faced each other with their legs entwined. Susan slid the dildo into Jane’s pussy, making her bite down and moan as it filled her up.

Moving closer, Susan then spread apart her own labia, and smiling in anticipation, slipped the other end of the dildo deep inside herself.

Moving back and forwards, the girl’s animal instincts took over and they started to thrust towards each other, grabbing each other’s hands, while the other guided the now vibrating dildo in and out of their sopping pussies.

Jane leaned back on the deck of the boat.

“Fuck me Susan,” she screamed.

Susan jumped up and straddled Jane’s lower torso. She slammed the dildo into Jane’s pussy, inserting the other end into herself, then began fucking Jane.

Jane clawed at the boat deck, head rolling from side to side as waves of ectasy washed over her.

“This is so fucking good,” she moaned through clenched teeth.

“Go on, fuck me Susan,” Jane added, and Susan needed no encouragement.

“I’m going to cum Jane,” Susan moaned.

The girls made one final hard thrust towards each other, and grabbing hands and locking lips proceeded to push down on the dildo which was deeply buried in each other them.

Standing back, the men smiled in appreciation of the scene which had unfolded before them. The girls unfolded themselves, and walking to their respective partners suggested that it was time they anchored so the four of them could play.

But that is another story!