Getting Her Out of Her Lingerie

I got your message indicating that your husband was away and it was a good time to stop over. We’d been flirting for weeks at work and I’d become obsessed with you. The office is full of men and older women so when you showed up, curvy and delicious in your fine outfits, I found myself battling erections.

Everything got much more intense at the office party celebrating the big new contract. I’ll admit I was nervous and drank a little too much. How else can I explain that I confessed my own love of wearing lingerie to you? I was mortified later but when you continued to flirt with me, even teasing me about what color panties I would wear each day, I was yours.

I broke a few traffic laws driving to your house and parking on the street a little ways down. We’d never really discussed your husband so I didn’t know what the deal was. I walked up the sidewalk feeling my garters tug deliciously on my thigh-high stockings. My mesh and satin panties were tight on my ass. My torso was held trim by a black satin bustier that you’d been looking at on your computer during break time a few weeks back. (I’d hunted it down and bought it for myself).

I rang the doorbell before Cami Halısı spotting the little note. “Cum on inside”. My heart raced more and I could feel my cock getting slick inside my panties. I walked in, calling “hello?” and heard you answer from further inside the house.

Following your voice, I finally found your family room with its big screen television and soft brown leather couch. I nearly fell over the two step step-down as I looked at you reclined and waiting for me.

Firstly, you were more beautiful than even in your office dresses. I could see the rise of your wonderful breasts enhancing your pretty eyes and warm, inviting smile.

“Hi there,” I finally got out. You grinned. “Hi there, yourself. You okay if we have a little playtime?”

To answer your rhetorical question, I began to disrobe. I peeled off my shoes and socks, then shirt, pants, and finally t-shirt. I was left standing there in a perfect matching outfit to your own.

“Oh my! You really bought it?” When I looked confused you continued. “I was teasing you with the catalog, seeing if you’d buy the panties or something.”

You rose up and came up to me. Cami Halıları “You look awful pretty in that, honey. You still interested in a girl like me?”

I slid my arms to cradle your body as I kissed you. You responded after a moment and soon our kisses were molten hot. My hands couldn’t help roaming and enjoying your bottom, your back, your pretty hair. After awhile your hands roamed too, bottom, back, and front of my panties.

You moaned as your hand grasped my cock through the satin and began to stroke it a little.

“Peel down my panties,” I stated. A bemused look in your eye, you did as I asked, giving my freed cock a quick lick as you stood back up.

I took you into my arms again, my freed cock pressing against the satin front panel of your panties, my roaring lust emerging as hot pre-cum.

“I want you so much,” I whispered, kissing your neck and your lips. “Let me inside you…”

After only a few moments hesitation, you moved back to the couch and laid down on your back. Splitting your legs with my body, I slipped the panties down far enough to hang off one of your ankles.

I leaned over your body close and kissed you, letting my cock head rub softly and naturally against your labia. Our hands found each other and our fingers inter-twined as I pushed my hips and my cock pushed into you.

You gasped at first as your pussy adjusted to me, but you were so hot and wet that my movements were easy. Hands clasped and looking in your eyes, I began to thrust in and out.

“I’ve been dreaming of this ever since you started at the office,” I breathed.

“Me too,” you moaned. You moved our hands until I could pull the bustier straps down and free your breasts. I pushed your hands back up by your head but leaned down to lick and suck your lovely nipples as we fucked.

Once I was stimulating your breasts, you got moving fast. I could feel your pussy stretching inside as your pleasure began to build. I was so close that I gave up your breast to thrust as hard as I could, pushing deep inside you, burying myself in you until my own balls began to clench up in intense pleasure.

You came, your pussy clamping down on my hard cock. That set me off and my balls pumped load after load of cum inside you. We hold our positions as we ride our orgasms before gently sliding into a pile together on the couch, our privates free to the cool air of the house.

“I never got you out of your outfit,” I noted with a grin. You smiled back. “It’s more fun play dress-up.”