Helping Aunt Min Jee Move Ch. 01


We had just finished packing all of the boxes from my Aunt Min Jee’s old apartment into the car. My parents and I had decided to help her move into her new apartment since her car had recently broken down and was being fixed by a mechanic. As we were about to leave, we realized there was not enough room in the car for everyone to sit. The back seats were fully stacked with boxes with the exception of a single seat. My parents and Aunt Min Jee decided that the only way we could all fit into the car was for my aunt to sit on my lap while my parents sat up front.

If I had known that the seating arrangements would turn out like this I would never have worn grey sweat shorts. I’m a 23 year old guy who was still shy around women due to how little experience I’ve had around them. How was I supposed to handle having my 31 year old slim and curvy aunt sit on my lap for the whole car ride? It didn’t help that she was wearing a thin short cotton dress that hugged her frame tightly. I had never thought about her in that way before, she had always just been my aunt who I respected immensely. Why was I so nervous around her all of a sudden?

I took a deep breath as I climbed into the car, my heart beating rapidly as I waited for her to finish checking if she left anything behind. I watched as she slowly came out of the house, “Let me know if it gets too uncomfortable for you Daniel”, she says smiling before sitting down on my lap gently and closing the door. When she sat down on my lap, I realised my groin was pressed against her ass. I was hoping she wouldn’t back up into me and feel me poking her from behind. As my dad backed the car up and turned onto the street, I realized how much of a nightmare this situation would turn out to be.

We weren’t able to pull the seat belt on over the two of us which caused the bumps and mersin escort swerves on the road to shake us in the back Every bump along the road made her grind her butt into my lap. I could feel my loins begin to stir, spurred on by her accidental grinding. The car came to a screeching halt, my dad slamming the brakes due to a car running a red light. My aunt slipped off my lap from the sudden stop, “Be more careful Seo Joon!” my aunt exclaimed to my dad as she got up. When she sat back on my lap, she made sure to back up all the way onto me so as not to fall off again. My half hard member was trapped under her, pressed directly under her dress.

I thought she must be able to feel me poking through my shorts into her from below, but if she did, she didn’t say anything. She continued to make small talk with my parents. I decided I had to adjust my cock to make the poking less obvious to her but I couldn’t use my hands while she was on top of me. I tried to think of work or old men in a locker room, anything to make my erection go away but it proved unsuccessful. Every bump and turn on the road was working against me. Every thrust of her butt on my lap was making me harder. There was no way that she could not feel my erection pressing against the thin fabric of her short dress.

My cock hardened almost immediately as I realized that I was directly under the entrance to her mound. I was praying very hard that she did not realise I was having a full blown erection because of her, I would die of shame if she were to find out. As we drove over a speed bump, almost as if she read my mind, she lifted herself a little and allowed my erect cock to spring back towards my stomach. When she sat back down again, my cock was trapped between her rear. The feeling of my cock pressed up against mersin escort bayan her was unmistakable now, the two of us became very silent as my parents continued to talk with one another.

When I looked down, I saw the outline of my erection extremely noticeable through my thin grey sweat shorts. This would be very hard to explain later, I don’t think they would believe me if I said it wasn’t because of my aunt. As the drive continued, her ass continued to almost massage my cock through my shorts with every small bump the car made. I needed to get rid of this erection as soon as possible. Her ass was making it very hard for me to think straight, I decided to take a risk.

Hoping that my aunt wouldn’t take notice, I pulled back the waistband of my shorts and briefs, exposing the head of my cock to try to and make myself come. I thought that if I came, my erection would subside and I wouldn’t have to explain why I was hard. If my parents saw what I was doing right now they would almost certainly kill me. I grabbed a towel from one of the boxes and was ready to proceed with my plan. There was another speed bump and this time, my aunt was lifted up by the force and unintentionally sat back down once more on my very erect cock.

This time, my shorts were pulled down slightly from around my waist as her weight dropped down on my cock. The friction of her ass against my exposed cock was too much for me to handle. I groaned out causing her to turn around to check on me. I saw her concerned face, red from embarrassment, there was something else mixed in with it however. She was biting her lower lip and her eyes were glazed and half closed.

The look on her face caught me by surprise and she could tell from my expression. She quickly turned away from me and escort mersin pretended that nothing had happened. I was harder than ever now, very sure she could feel my erect cock poking up into her from below. The only thing stopping me from entering her was the thin fabric of her dress and panties. I wasn’t sure what to do now, If she got up from my lap, my very erect cock would spring into full view of everyone in the car. I was so fucked.

Her hands moving caught my eye and I watched as they dipped down between her thighs, feeling her adjust her position on my lap. I felt her fidgeting slightly and a few seconds later saw as her hands reappeared. My eyes widening as I noticed my aunt’s right hand, her fingers glistening with wetness. I tilted my head and saw her panties had been pulled halfway down her thighs. Her thin and sweat-soaked dress was the only barrier between my erection and her pussy. The dress had ridden up her thighs from all the movement. Just an inch higher, and our bare privates would have come into full contact. I had to keep reminding myself that it was my Aunt Min Jee who was on my lap so as not to lose control.

I was contemplating what I should do now. She knew my cock was rubbing near the entrance to her mound and she still chose to pull down her panties, it was obvious she was willing to go all the way with me. The car continued over the bumpy road, making us grind against each other. Her hands were gripping very tightly on the front seat shoulders. I looked at her from the rear-view mirror, her flushed face was deep in concentration, her sultry eyes staring back at my own. My cock was now rubbing against her mound through the thin cotton of her dress.

Minutes felt like hours as my erection continued to slide against her, threatening to slip past the fabric. I watched as she bit her lip, Suddenly she lifted herself up about an inch, tugging on the back of her dress. It was over. I felt her hot nether lips pressed against the length of my bare cock. If I hadn’t bitten my tongue, I would have came on the spot, revealing the forbidden act happening behind my parents. Being killed by them would be an understatement…