Girlfriend’s Mother

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“Come on baby,” I said to my gf, Terri, as we sat in my car in her mother’s driveway. “I just want a blowjob or maybe a handjob? I do love when you squeeze my balls.” I smiled, seeing if I can talk her into one.

“You know I don’t have time for that,” She said, looking at the radio clock, 11:08pm. “It’s late and I know mom is waiting up for me.”

“You’re 18, why wait up?” I asked, little concerned her mom might be watching out the window at this point. “We’ve been dating for some time now and it’s not like you haven’t sucked me off before.” I winked at her.

She shook her head and laughed, “I think it’s because you’re 22 years old, so she thinks you’re more a man than a teenager and I’m only been 18 for a few months.”

“Please, we haven’t done anything in a while now,” I ask, rubbing her arm.

“Give me a moment, let me run inside,” Terri says, looking at the window. “I’ll make sure my mom isn’t up waiting or if she is maybe I can tell her I need to talk to you for a moment.” She leans over kissing me and grabs my balls before hoping out of my car.

I decide that when she comes back, I’ll give her more incentive to help. I unzip my jeans and pull them all the way down to my ankles, letting my growing member and balls hangout.

Terri went inside her house and found her mother sitting in the recliner with her feet propped up. Now, Terri is a beautiful girl, with big tits, wide hips and a nice round ass, but is more on the chubby side. Terri’s mother, Sandra, on the other hand is a woman that looked like she was once a smoking hot woman, but has been through some rough times. Sandra is bigger all around and the biggest difference is how tan she is, an almost bronze type look to her skin.

Sandra puts her cigarette out in the ash tray and looks at Terri, “Have fun?”

“Yeah, good movie,” Terri says, “I’m going to go back out and talk to Henry for a moment. I just wanted to come in and let you know before you worried where I was at.”

“Why do you got to talk to him, weren’t you just out there?” Sandra asked, putting her feet down.

“Just some school stuff,” Terri said, realizing too late that was a really terrible answer.

“Right…you think I was born yesterday?” Sandra replies. “You just want to go out there and make out or something, don’t you?”

Sandra’s attitude also set her apart from Terri with an attitude that it’s in your face, star trek strange new worlds izle much like her tits. Terri was more laid back with a friendly personality.

“Mom, come on, that’s not…we just need to talk,” Terri stammered out.

“Ok, you tell me exactly what you need to talk about or I’ll go out there and make sure he doesn’t come back,” Sandra said, standing up at this point and grabbing her shoes.

“It’s nothing, just needed to do something,” Terri said, her face turning red.

“You gonna have sex with him, ain’t you?” Sandra said, sliding her shoes on. “Tell me the truth right now or so help me.”

“Blowjob…geez mom,” Terri said, looking away not wanting to look at her mother’s face.

“He wanted you to suck his dick?” Sandra said, shaking her head. “Terri, go to your room and I’ll have a talk with him. I promise I won’t hurt him, just want to talk to the boy.”

“Mom-” Terri began.

“I said go,” Sandra interrupted and pointed to the back of the house. Terri turned around and shuffled to her room while Sandra opened the front door.

I sat waiting for Terri to return while slowly stroking my dick. I wanted to be hard and waiting for that soft hand Terri or that wet mouth she used very well. It was very dark out with no street light nearby to shine a light on the area. Their front porch light was out as well making it difficult to see anyone coming or going to the house. The only time I could see someone was when the door opened and I could see inside the house for a brief second. Finally, the door opened and someone came out.

“Alright,” I said, stroking my dick a little harder and faster making sure I was at my full hardness, a good 8 inches.

My car door opened blasting a light on me and my naked lower half. I smiled as I expected Terri to slide into my car only to see Terri’s mother, Sandra drop into the seat and close my door. I sat there with my mother wide open and stunned. My dick lost all hardness in an instant as I knew I was caught. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was looking at me, although I could barely see her.

“Ok, Henry, turn the car on so I get a little light in here,” Sandra said.

I slowly reached up and started the car, letting light from the dashboard to illuminate enough to see each other. My heartbeat was the only star wars andor izle thing I could hear for a few moments as she just sat there staring at me then glanced down at my now limp dick and rather good size balls. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her pack of cigarettes, took one out and lit it up. I started to protest smoking in my car, but she blew smoke at me causing me to cough.

Finally, she broke the silence, “So here is how this is going to go, stud. I can’t have you getting my girl pregnant, I know she’ll end up having me take care of the kid. I’m too damn old to be having babies, I’m in my 40s and don’t need this. Lucky for you I think you are a hot, I mean really hot young man, so this is what I’ll do for you. I’ll suck your dick, jerk you off, even let you fuck my pussy anytime you get the need to ask my daughter, but there will be a price for it.”

“Price?” I managed to ask, still trying to comprehend what she said.

“We’ll get to that after I make you empty those balls,” Sandra said, taking a drag from her cigarette. “Now, slide the seat back and lean back, so I can get a good mouthful of that dick.”

As if in a daze, I followed her orders by slowly sliding my seat back then leaning back. I watched, still in shock, as she kept the cigarette in one hand while lowering her head. I hadn’t realized it, but my dick was growing back to full length by the time her mouth even engulfed my prick. She went straight to the base of my dick and encased my dick in that very warm, wet mouth. I gasped at how amazing it felt, her mouth was so wet I felt some spit already rolling down to my balls.

“Holy shit,” was the only thing I could say as she began to pump my dick with her mouth. She started slowly by sliding her mouth up to the tip of my dick and let her tongue lick all around the head of my dick.

She moaned as my dick was at a full 8 inches now, she brought her cigarette to her lips, taking a drag then blowing the smoke onto my dick. She stared at my now raging hard dick, “You do have a nice dick, I’ll give you that stud.” Then quickly dropped her mouth down over my dick again.

I leaned my head back as I heard her slurping sounds. I was numb now, but I could still feel the amazing blowjob I was getting from Terri’s mother. Her cigarette hand went down to my balls and used only two fingers to poke star wars visions izle and push on my sack. That made me groan as I loved my balls played with.

She was so messy as I felt spit covering my balls, thighs, and was now covering my ass cheeks. I put one hand on her back and rubbed as I felt her other hand start to jerk the base of my dick. I hadn’t realized it until now, but those hands were amazing even if they had a leathery feel them. She started to speed up her sucking and was bobbing her head up to the tip of my dick then down to meet her hand. Each time she traveled up my dick she sucked harder then went she slide down my shaft.

Her fingers were pressing, stroking, and poking my balls more now. I knew I was getting close and being in this situation only made it better or worse depending on how you look at it. She must have felt I was getting close because she took her mouth off my dick and began to jerk me off in one hand while using her cigarette hand to probe my balls more.

“Oh Sandra…about to…” I moaned right as I started blowing my load. I think I cummed more than I had ever in my 22 years. I gave up a big amount of cum as it felt like I had shot around 10 times. Cum was now on my seat, steering wheel, chest, all over my thighs, dick and balls. Sandra removed her hand once I stopped shooting then wiped her hand on stomach, only place left that managed to not get cum.

“Wow, full balls I would definitely say,” Sandra said, taking the last drag of her cigarette before tossing it out my car window. I sat there, both still feeling an immense pleasure and shock to what just happened. She smiled then tapped my thighs, “Now for the price.”

Without warning, she slapped my dick and balls hard with an open hand. The pain took a second to reach my brain, but when it did it felt like I had been hit with a wet towel to the junk.

“Ah!” I managed to say, doubling over in pain.

“That is the price, not money, I get to bust your balls or in this case dick and balls,” Sandra said, rubbing his back. “So if you want my daughter, you can have me, but to have me I get to bust those balls…after I make you cum of course. I’m not completely mean and it’s harder to run away after I make you bust a nut.” Sandra laughs at that pun. “So think about that before wanting to ask my daughter to suck that nice dick of yours. I’ll be waiting and if I have to, I’ll come with you to the movies or wherever you go to keep an eye on you. I can make house calls too.” She leans over and kisses my lips.

After Sandra gets out of the car the pain finally manages to subside. I slowly pull my jeans up over my cummed and spit soaked body. On the way home I think to myself, I think I’ll ask Terri to let me fuck her this weekend. I only wonder if my balls can handle it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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