Hardcore Holiday Ch. 02

Big Tits

Mikey stood there with his finger working my male g-spot for at least twenty minutes until, without saying a word, he slowly pulled it out and walked back into my room and got his shorts back on.

“Will you be around later?” he asked as he headed to the door.

I turned to face him, my cock as hard as rock and pointing directly towards him.

“Surely you can’t be going,” I said.

“Afraid so I’ve got things to do,” he said. “And I’m already late.”

With that he opened the door, walked out and pulled it behind himself leaving me standing there, naked, and with a hard cock. The way he had fingered my ass, and g-spot, had left me on the verge of cumming again and now I was standing in my room alone, and horny as hell.

Spying the anal plug on the bed, where Mikey had dropped it, I walked over and picked it up. Checking that the batteries were working in the remote I grabbed the tube of lube Mikey had used and covered the toy completely.

I lay down on the bed with my legs apart and my knees bent up slightly and slowly eased the toy into my ass with one hand, wrapping my other one around my hard cock. Once the toy was fully inserted I turned it on, the slight vibration sending a shiver of excitement through my body, and began to stroke my hard cock slowly. Every couple of minutes I turned the remote up a little more, until it was on maximum and, as the vibrations in my ass brought me ever closer to yet another orgasm, I stroked my cock harder and faster.

Closing my eyes, as I felt my balls start to tighten, I pushed the toy as far into my ass as I could and wanked even faster. With my eyes closed and breathing coming faster and louder I never heard the door open, and someone walk in, and as I moaned out loudly my cock twitched violently as I released my second thick, white, stream of cum, this time all over my stomach.

Once the first initial stream of cum had erupted from my cock I continued to wank slowly, milking my body completely dry, and opened my eyes slowly as my ejaculating finally stopped, to see a figure of a man, in his late twenties to early thirties standing there, watching me, the bulge in his trousers all to obvious.

“Fuck me who the fuck are you?” I shouted sitting up, cum starting to run down my stomach.

“Sorry sir I was just making sure you had settled in alright and the door was open,” the man said.

“I wish you had fucking knocked,” I said realizing that my cock was still hard and that I was staring at his bulging crotch.

“I didn’t knock as I wasn’t sure if someone had broken in,” he said. “And I didn’t want to spook them into hiding somewhere.”

The two of us just stared at each other for a few seconds.

“Of course if I had known that you were in here,” he began. “And I had known what you were doing I wouldn’t have just walked in.”

“Okay apology accepted,” I said and reached for my shorts.

As I did the man stepped forward and grabbed my wrist, stopping me. Holding on to my wrist, tightly, with one hand he quickly unzipped his trousers with the other and took his hard cock out. Shocked I looked up at him, and saw he was smiling.

“What do you think you’re fucking doing?” I asked unable to believe his brazen attitude.

“Well after you got me in this state,” He said guiding my hand to his cock. “I think it’s only fair that you help me out.”

“What the fuck do you think I am?” I snapped.”Some cheap, easy fuck.”

He gripped my wrist even tighter and jerked my arm forward, even closer to his cock.

“Do you like this hotel?” He asked menacingly. “Or should I make a phone call to the police and tell them you are using this place to sell sex?”

“I’ll tell the manger the truth,” I said trying to pull my hand away.

“And who do you think he will believe?” he asked sneering at me. “Someone that has been seen being fucked on the balcony by everyone by the pool…or his son.”

I looked back at him and then his cock, the end glistening with pre-cum, and realized that if I wanted to stay at this hotel, near Mikey, I had no choice and reached forward.

Slowly wrapping my fingers around his hard shaft, which was shorter and thinner than both Mikey’s and my own, I started to stroke him slowly.

“I know you can do better than that,” he said. “Do it faster.”

Quickening my hand movements, to keep him happy, I turned my head away as I wanked him as fast as I could, hoping that he wouldn’t last very long. My arm started to ache and I began to think that he was never going to cum when, without warning he grabbed my head.

“That’s it I’m nearly there,” he said. “NOW FUCKING SUCK IT!”

No Escort Bayan Gaziantep I won’t,” I said and wanked even faster.

“YES YOU FUCKING WILL,” he screamed at me and rammed his cock against my lips.

Trying my hardest to stop him from entering my mouth I fought against his wild thrusting, only for him to slap me around the face hard.


Closing my eyes, a lone tear rolling down my cheek, I opened my mouth and felt his cock as it was rammed forcefully to the back of my throat causing my to gag. Pulling my head back as much as he would allow I began bobbing up and down his shaft as fast as I could and quickly felt his balls tighten.

“FUCK YES I’M GOING TO CUM,” he shouted, loud enough for the whole hotel to hear. “MAKE SURE YOU SWALLOW ALL OF IT BITCH.”

A couple of sucks later his cock twitched violently and he began to flood my mouth with his salty liquid. He held my head still as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, and I thought that he was never going to stop but, thankfully, after I had swallowed what seemed like a pint of cum he finally withdrew his cock from my mouth.

“Not too bad,” he said. “But I reckon you could do a lot better so I’ll be back later…and you better be ready.”

With that he put his cock back inside his trousers and left me on the floor, still naked, and with the taste of his cum still all over my lips and in my throat. Jumping up I rushed into my small bathroom and brushed my teeth vigorously, desperate to get rid of the taste.

Even once I had finished I still felt dirty so I switched the shower on and went back into my room to get a towel. Making sure my room door was locked I headed over to the balcony, closed and locked those doors as well and went and got in the shower.

As the water, which I had set to be as hot as I could stand, cascaded over my body I was in two minds as to whether to cut my holiday short, and lose out on any more time with Mikey, or stay and keep out of the manager’s son’s way for my whole stay, if I could.

After twenty minutes in the shower I finally felt clean enough, so I climbed out, dried myself and went to get some fresh clothes. Dressing in jeans and a shirt I left my room, making sure it was locked and no-one could get in, and went downstairs to get a drink. Ordering a double Jack Daniels, neat, I slung the whole drink down my throat in one swallow, and promptly ordered another, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Turning quickly I came face to face with Mikey, and another gorgeous male. This one was dark haired, like myself, and not as muscular as either Mikey or me.

“Hiya Dan,” Mikey said. “How are you settling in?”

“Don’t know whether to say now,” I said downing my drink in one, and ordering my third.

“Why what’s wrong?” Mikey asked. “I really did have something to do when I left you but I hope to make it up with you soon.”

“It ain’t you,” I said. “But when you left my room you didn’t close the door properly.”

“Don’t tell me one of the maids walked in and caught you naked, with a hard on.”

“Not a maid no,” I said. “The manager’s son.”

“Franco? He’s alright he is,” Mikey’s friend said.

“I’m glad you think so,” I snapped.

“Hey Dan calm down,” Mikey said. “What happened?”

“He caught me wanking that’s what,” I said angrily. “And threatened to have me arrested for selling sex if I didn’t wank him and suck his cock until he came.”

“The fucking bastard,” Mikey said ordering drinks for the three of us.

“I can’t believe that of him,” Mikey’s friend said. “He never seemed gay to me, always surrounded by women like he is.”

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” I said draining the glass yet again. “But that is why I don’t know if I can stay here any longer.”

“Leave him to us,” Mikey said. “Just don’t leave Dan, please.”

“I’ve got to think about that.”

Mikey leant into his friend, and whispered something in his ear, before ordering another round of drinks. Mikey’s friend, whose name was Jackson I finally found out, downed his and hurried off, leaving Mikey and me together.

The pair of us completely lost track of time as we sat drinking, Mikey doing his best to convince me to stay, but he eventually managed it and I agreed to see if Franco tried anything else on, or whether his threat was just that, nothing more than an idle threat. We were just about to get up and go when Jackson returned, and whispered into Mikey’s ear.

“That’s your little problem taken care of,” Mikey said to me once Jackson had finished whispering. “I don’t think you will have any more problems during your stay.”

“Why what’s he gone and done,” I said nodding towards Jackson.

“Let’s just say he has had a quiet word with Franco and leave it at that,” Mikey said. “Now what do you say about the three of us going into town and hitting the clubs.”

“Sounds like just what I need,” I replied.

The three of us stood up and walked away from the bar, Mikey and me slightly unsteady on our feet, left the hotel complex and headed towards the town centre.

By the time we reached the town centre Mikey and I were a lot steadier on our feet, most of the alcohol we had drunk having worn off. The three of us walked into the first pub we saw, finding it packed, and eventually managed to fight our way to the bar. Jackson ordered the first round, three beers, and we turned to look around at everyone. There were a few couples arm in arm, so they didn’t lose their partners in the crowd, but most of the pub seemed to be comprised of single people out on the prowl, looking for someone for either a quick fuck or grope.

After having a few drinks I was sick of seeing the same guys getting their faces slapped by girls they were craftily groping and suggested we left, and went to a club instead. Once we found one that was fairly busy we carried on where we had left off at the pub, but after only a couple Mikey grabbed my hand and started to drag me to the dance floor.

“Mikey I can’t dance,” I protested.

“Sorry can’t hear you,” he replied sarcastically. “Music’s too loud.”

Dragging me into the middle of everyone, Mikey started to dance, every so often telling me to copy his moves. After a few, awkward, minutes I began to enjoy myself and matching Mikey step for step we must have danced for at least as hour, when all of a sudden the music slowed right down.

I turned to walk off the dance floor, slow dancing was definitely not me, but Mikey pulled me back close to him. Mikey didn’t seem to care that everyone was staring at us, and soon I found myself not caring as well and began to move in time with his moves, when I suddenly felt a pair of hands grab me from behind as well.

As I went to turn around and see who the hands belonged to Mikey leant forward and kissed me, hard, on the lips. Unable to resist him I reached my hands around his neck, and responded to kiss forcefully. Whoever was holding my hips from behind moved closer, and I felt their warm breath on my neck. Tilting my head to the side, so they could brush their lips across my neck, I reached a hand up and behind my head.

As my fingers ran through short, soft hair I closed my eyes to their touch and they moved even closer to me, as did Mikey at the same time.

Letting the head behind me go I pulled Mikey as close as I could, and felt his hard cock press against my rapidly stiffening one. As I started to grind against him, the person behind me began to do the same to me, and I was shocked to feel another hard cock pressing against my ass.

I was getting so turned on that I alternated my grinding between Mikey and the owner of the cock against my ass, when Mikey deftly slid his hand down the front of my jeans, and wrapped his fingers around my hard shaft. I started to move in such a way that I was fucking his hand, and reached behind myself and started to massage the cock pressing against me. With the mixture of alcohol, the heat and my growing horniness I leant into Mikey and whispered in his ear.

“Let’s get out of here,” I said. “I need you so badly NOW.”

“What just him?” the person behind me said.

I was sure I knew the voice and turned my head, to see Jackson smiling back at me.

“No not just him,” I whispered kissing him on the lips lightly. “Both of you.”

“What are we waiting for then?” Mikey said pulling his hands out of my jeans.

The three of us left the dance floor, everyone staring at us open-mouthed, and headed out of the club and back to the hotel as fast as we could.

Once there the three of us split up, so none of the other guests worked out what was going on, and made our separate ways to my room. As soon as the three of us were inside I locked the door and, for extra security, put the chair out of my room against it.

While I was making the room secure Mikey and Jackson had started without me, and were ripping each other’s clothes off lustfully. I watched, massaging my rapidly hardening cock, admiring their firm, muscular, naked bodies when they turned and looked at me. Nodding to each other they pounced across the room naked, their hard cocks pointing directly at me, grabbed me, and proceeded to tear my clothes of as well.

Once the three of us were naked our hands eagerly began to explore each other’s bodies. I quickly reached forward and wrapped my fingers around Jackson’s cock, which was both longer and thicker than either Mikey’s or mine, and began stroking him slowly. As I did so Mikey ran his hand down over Jackson’s back and gripped his taut, firm ass, before Jackson took both Mikey’s and my cocks in each of his hands, and began to wank us both at the same time.

I looked at Mikey and smiled, before dropping to my knees in front of Jackson. Ever so slowly I leant forward and began to run my tongue up and down his full length. Seeing me eagerly working the whole of Jackson’s cock Mikey dropped to his knees next to me, and began to do the same. As the two of us took it in turns to lick and suck Jackson’s cock, he ran his hands through our hair, and moaned softly, saying that we should get on the bed.

We stopped what we were doing and moved over to the bed, like he said, and as he lay down Mikey and I went back to work on his cock. After a few minutes of licking and kissing his cock and balls Mikey moved in between his legs and took his full length into his mouth. As I watched Mikey take Jackson’s full length into his mouth, and his head start bobbing up and down, I parted his legs and slid on my back underneath him.

Bringing one of my hands between his legs as well I took hold of his cock and guided it into my mouth, while I wrapped my free hand around my own cock and slowly started to wank myself off. As Mikey’s head continued to bob up and down along the whole length of Jackson’s cock he began to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth.

Letting go of my cock I greedily sucked Mikey’s, when he let Jackson’s cock fall from his mouth.

“Fuck me Dan,” he gasped before wrapping his lips around Jackson’s cock again.

Quickly grabbing the lube Mikey used on me earlier that day I smothered my cock before moving into position behind him, and squeezing a large dollop onto his ass. Slowly massaging the lube over his tight ass I stroked my cock, keeping it hard, before deciding that he was ready for me. As I watched his head continue to bob up and down on Jackson’s cock, amazed that Jackson still hadn’t cum, I gripped his hips and started to push the swollen purple head of my cock against his tight little hole.

It didn’t take much probing, as Mikey relaxed himself to help me, and my cock was soon sliding deep into his ass. Gently I began to thrust into him, and he soon had to stop sucking, as he lifted his head and began to moan and gasp to each thrust of my cock. Jackson lifted his legs over Mikey’s head and got off the bed, and I wondered where he was going, not that I was wondering for long.

As I continued to thrust my cock into Mikey’s ass, getting harder and faster with each thrust, I felt Jackson’s hands separate my ass cheeks, and braced myself for the cold lube, only to be surprised by his warm breath and wet tongue. As Jackson ran his tongue all over my ass, occasionally probing my tight hole, I continued to fuck Mikey.

Jackson stopped rimming me after a few minutes, turned my head, and kissed me full on the lips before kneeling between my legs. I stopped thrusting into Mikey as Jackson pushed his large cock against me, only starting again once Jackson was nestled firmly inside me. Every thrust from Jackson’s cock pushed me deeper into Mikey and soon the three of us were moaning, gasping and panting.

Jackson suddenly groaned out loudly, and I felt his cock twitch in my ass.

“Oh fuck yes,” he gasped breathlessly. “I’m going to fucking cum.”

No sooner had he said it than his cock twitched again, violently, in my ass and he moaned as he began to fill my ass with his thick, white, milky liquid. The feel of his cock twitching inside me was all it took to, finally, push me over the edge. Ramming my cock deep into Mikey’s ass it twitched once and I felt my own cum flooding into Mikey as Jackson, somehow, continued to cum in me. Finally though his cock twitched for the last time and he slowly withdrew from my ass.

As soon as his cock was out of me Jackson flopped onto the bed, and I pulled mine slowly out of Mikey.

“Hey you pair,” Mikey said turning to look at us. “You can’t leave me like this.”

Jackson and I looked at each other, and then at Mikey’s still hard cock, pre-cum oozing from the slit in the end. Lowering our heads Jackson and I began to lick and wank him, Mikey only lasting a couple of minutes before cum erupted from the end of his cock, all over our faces. Once he had finished he helped us to clean up and the three of us collapsed on my bed, wrapping our arms and legs around each other before drifting off to sleep.